Pregnancy on Solar return?

topic posted Mon, January 9, 2006 - 12:51 PM by  Rachel
Hi all, I just found out I'm pregnant!!!! I was wondering if pregnancy or higher chance of pregnancy will show up on your return chart and if so where?

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  • Hi Rachel,

    Congratulations! Yes but it isn't the only thing. There are a number of indications, there isn't something simple to watch out for. In the SR it could be:

    SR Asc conj natal 5th
    SR Asc conj natal 5th ruler, or planet in the 5th.
    Ruler of natal 5th or planet in the 5th highlighted in SR like being on an angle or conjunct some other planet.
    SR highlighting Jupiter, the natural significator of children by position or aspect (Moon applying to trine Jupiter for example).
    SR itself having a benefic or noticable 5th house.

    I woulnd't predict a pregnancy based on an SR alone but would factor this in with firdaria, profection, progressions, and transits to regular planets and their antiscia.

    For those looking to increase chances of pregnancy using astrology, I just wrote about this topic:

    • Hi, Jonathan,

      Have you ever worked with tying in a woman's lunar phase at birth, and her fertility cycles as an adult?

      In the 60's, I had connections with Art Rosenblum in Philadelphia, and his Aquarian Research Foundation. He published a pamphlet on the subject, which later became "The Natural Birth Control Book" in the 80's.

      This Lunar Phase Method predicts that if a woman is trying to become pregnant, she will most probably (85% probability) become pregnant if the actual lunar phase is identical to the lunar phase at the time of her own birth. So if for example a woman is born at new moon she has a 85% probability of becoming pregnant at any new moon.

      It would be interesting to study this, in relation to the solar return and other techniques you have mentioned.
      • good job Zane - -you beat me to it! -- Yes the exact lunar phase must be used. If the Woman is ovulating at that time, she will get pregnant

        I am not sure how Western Astrology deals with lunar Phases though. Is each phase (1-15) on the bright and dark half reckoned?

        In Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) it is very developed, each phase has a name, an intention, deity, etc.

        If anyone is interested in seeing this at work everyday you can look at my profile at my BLog/daily horoscope - it mentions the lunar phase also.
        • Hi, Sam,

          To answer your question, it totally depends upon the astrological source. In the book I mentioned, they refer to the exact phase. I have seen some texts that give names to each phase, and even zodiacal connections to each phase (my favorite being the Phases of The Moon book that has its origins in some writings of Wm. Butler Yeats.)

          I have yet to see a Western astrological text on the lunar phases which connects them with different deities, although there may be one connecting them with different angels.
      • Unsu...
        I have found a lot of women I know have gotten pregnant when transiting Jupiter went through their 5th house. Didn't happen for me though (thank goodness!)
      • Zane
        Ernst Wilhelm has integrated this theory into his vedic astrology program Kala, which will do a printout of these phases of the moon - as related to the natal phase- and uses this as a determinant for fertility.
        If a woman is infertile, it is interesting to note whether her phase of the moon corresponds with her ovulation; according to this theory, if it doesn't there's no way she could become pregnant.

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