Eris - Co-ruler of Astrology?

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Eris - Co-ruler of Astrology

I believe that Eris could be co-ruler of Astrology. Eris is a very distant object,and with it well beyond Uranus,Neptune,and Pluto, it can be seen as a highly metaphysical planet. With it's high degree of metaphysical energy, it can be hard to handle on the physical plane and can manifest into serious disorders. I believe that Eris relates to thinking outside the box which can be mistakened for being disordered. After all, Astrology and metaphysical subjects are not recognized by Science. Many skeptics of Astrology think that people who believe and practice Astrology and other metaphysical subjects are disordered in their thinking. Another reason that I believe that Eris rules Astrology is that many astrologers disagree on what methods work in Astrology. Orbs are hotly debated among astrologers. What aspects to use are debated among astrology. Some astrologers use the outerplanets,and some don't. Some use tropical zodiac,and some use sidereal zodiac. Some believe that Asteroid Astrology is meaningful,but many astrologers believe that Asteroids are meaningless. Some astrologers use Placidus house system,and others use Koch house system or other house systems. There are astrologers who want to progress and embrace change,but there are many other astrologers who want things to stay how they are like Pluto's planetary status being downgraded to minor planet. It's not only astronomers who disagree with each other - Astrologers do too! Even Astrologer,Steven Forrest compared the discord among astrologers to the Tower of Babel(the story in the Bible how God made people speak all kinds of different languages that generated communications problems and confusion) and said that the idea of "The One True Astrology" is a myth and that its destructive.

I looked at asteroids that can pertain to Astrology and Astronomy
I used 313 Chaldaea because Chaldean has been synonymous with Astrologer in ancient times because Chaldaeans aka Babylonians were pioneers of Astrology.
I used 6630 Skepticus because of the skepticism that Astrology has to deal with by many in scientific community..also there are astrologers that are skeptical of other astrological methods.
I used 6465 Zvezdotchet because it is Russian for Stargazer.
I used 30 Urania because asteroid astrologers believe that asteroid is pertained to astrology and not just astronomy....the asteroid named after the Muse of Astronomy
1134 Kepler was both an astronomer and astrologer. Astrology software is named after him too.
I used 11518 Jung because Carl Jung used Astrology for psychological insights and influenced astrologers to have a psychological approach to Astrology.
1154 Astronomia
24626 Astrowizard
5808 Babel

The Discovery of Eris was January 5, 2005
Pasadena, California
11:20 AM

Eris in 19'45 Aries
313 Chaldaea in 19'37 Aquarius

6630 Skepticus in 12'19 Sagittarius
Ascendant in 11'16 Aries

Moon in 10'56 Scorpio
5808 Babel in 9'30 Leo
30 Urania in 9'16 Cancer Retrograde

24626 Astrowizard in 7'52 Virgo
Mars in 7'39 Sagittarius
Midheaven in 6'43 Capricorn
1134 Kepler in 6'05 Gemini
Uranus in 4'06 Pisces
(Astrowizard,Mars,Uranus,Kepler Grand Cross)
(Astrowizard trine Midheaven)

11518 Jung in 25'23 Aquarius
Venus in 25'06 Sagittarius
Saturn in 24'32 Cancer Retrograde
8958 Stargazer in 24'19 Aries
Mercury in 24'11 Sagittarius
(minor grand trine of Mercury-Venus,Jung,and Stargazer)

6465 Zvezdotchet in 29'50 Sagittarius
Lunar Nodes in 28'48 Aries/Libra
1154 Astronomia in 28'46 Capricorn


Vertex 1'56 South
24626 Astrowizard 1'56 North

Venus 22'48 South
1154 Astronomia 22'36 South
Sun 22'31 South
Mercury 22'21 South

Mars 21'29 South
6630 Skepticus 21'59 South

Jupiter 5'44 South
Eris 5'50 South

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