Strongest and Weakest elements?

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What are your strongest and weakest elements in your chart? I have a predominance of air signs in my chart, and no earth signs at all. Included among those air signs is my moon and ascendant in Gemini. I'm surprised I haven't been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I certainly have strong schizoid tendencies with the strong Gemini influence and lack of earth signs to keep me grounded. It's very easy for me to get lost in my head.
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    fire and earth are both weak in my chart. I have 0 planets in fire, and the only earth comes from a Saturn-Uranus-Neptune stellium in Capricorn, and the Virgo Rising, but I don't feel "earthy" by nature. I can, however, become earthy when it comes to my material interests.
  • I have 2 planets each (and all of them conjunct) in air, earth, and fire (the sun and mercury in air, uranus and saturn in fire, mars and neptune in earth) and 4 planets (2 in Scorpio, 1 in Cancer and 1 in Pisces) in water.

    While I like that my chart has all of the elements in it, there are a few placements that I'd change if I could
  • I have water most predominant in my chart. The the second most is earth. I'm torn most of the time between what I feel and what is set in stone. Moon in scorpy though.
    • my strongest is fire 5 placements (sun, moon, mercury, and venus in aries, and uranus in sag) weakest i guess is a close tie between the other three but 2 in air (chiron in gemini and jupiter in aqua) 3 in earth (taurus mars, cap neptune and virgo rising) and 2 in water (saturn and pluto in scorpio).
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    strongest: water (no contest)
    weakest: earth (by number of planets whether I include angles and asteroids or not)
    but overall pretty balanced

    water: sun, moon, vertex and a GWT

    fire: mercury chart ruler and heavily aspected neptune

    air: ascendant, MC, POF, and venus

    earth: with Nnode(partile opposing sun) in virgo, strongly aspected saturn in virgo, and taurus chiron opposing vertex I am still pretty good at handling day-to-day physical details and I can be very practical. (Although this is something I have learned - my natural tendency is to sort of live in my head and I have to work at being practical very hard and determinedly. It takes constant vigilance and effort.)

    But my water is quite strong. What ends up happening is that it just sort of infuses everything else. My thoughts, actions, and energy are all highly tied up in and infused with emotionality.
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      I don't know enough about schizoid tendencies to say whether I have them. I hope not!

      I certainly have an active imagination and don't understand all the stuff flying around in my head all the time.
      But I know how to ignore these things and it doesn't affect my ability to function day-to-day.
      It may introduce a bit of instability and weirdness now and then but I seem to be able to "surf the waves" pretty well with a strong friendship network, strong family connections and a satisfying job and all.
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    I must confess the first time I saw this thread title, I was sure it was about which element is strongest and which is weakest in general.

    I was just about to type strongest-water and weakest-air, and then I read the rest of ur post, and...disappointment.LOL.
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      I thought the same, my answer is a bit different from yours though, strongest- fire water air earth, weakest- fire water air earth. in no particular order.
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        well, I guess when judgin weak and strong, u need some criteria. And my criteria is the degree by which they can be influenced by their outside environment.

        So air is definitely weakest. It's dependent on people and society. I feel this very strongly because my personal planets are almost equally divided between air and water influences(Sun, Mercury, Venus in Pisces and Moon, Mars, Jupiter in Gemini), and it is the Gemini need of "socializing" and being totally in the world that's keeping me from really giving into my Pisces path of "enlightenment"
        Well, I could give tons of examples, but by this criteria they are definitely the weakest.

        What would a Gemini be without CNN and the latest make-up trends? What would a Libra be without a spouse, candle-lit dinner, and Venice?
        What would an Aquarius be without friends to help, and a confused society to guide?

        Water signs can just live in a cave for the rest of their lives, talking to God, counting the sunrises and painting the sunsets.
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          You'll end up giving yourself the finger, if you cut it off from the rest of the hand. Look at the bigger picture, if you lack an element ,aren't you seeking that, work, home, love, self. ..if you have an over abundance in an element, is that not also your weakness? Is everyone counting in the elements to the MC, IC, DC, AC? as an element in ones chart? This is why, I think all are weakness's and strengths. No one element is greater then the next.
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    My strongest elements are definitely water and air, in fact they're close to equal in predominance in my chart. The weakest elements are earth and fire, but there's a little of both there.
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      The only planets in my chart that are not in Earth signs are my Mars-(Gemini), Jupiter-(Leo), and Pluto-(Scorpio)
      My Scorpio Ascendant brings the Water to the table.....
  • Although I am a Taurus, and my Venus and Chiron are in Taurus, I have no other earth activity (barring asteroids, etc.). Although I have a huge stellium in Libra, I have no other air activity. I have a grand trine amongst the fire signs, plus one extra in Leo, and my south node in Aries. And two lonely planets in water (Neptune in Sag and Jupiter in Cancer at my mid-heaven).
    You tell me.
    If you weight the planets for importance, the answer is dramatically different than if you simply count the planets in my chart.
    • Water: (8) Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron, Midheavan, Descendant
      Earth: (5) Sun, Uranus, Pluto, Ascendant, IC
      Air: (3) Mercury, Saturn, South node
      Fire: (1) North node

      I'm definitely an emotional creature! LOL! Funny thing is, though, I cannot say that I lack inspiration, enthusiasm, the ability to initiate activity, creativity, or foresight into the future. These are all "fire" attributes. I think this may be because I have planets in the "fire" houses.
      2 planets are in the 1st house, one of which is the ruler of my Ascendant, and 3 planets in the 9th house, one of which is ruling the 9th and the other rules the 5th.

      The North node is also in Leo.

      • I would say my chart is fairly well balanced, with air being the weakest.

        Earth: Sun/(Desc), Moon, Saturn and Pluto

        Water: Neptune/(Asc), Mars, and Jupiter

        Fire: Uranus/(MH), Mercury

        Air: Venus, Chiron, and North Node

        The Sun, Neptune, and Uranus are heavily aspected, conjunct different angles, and in fixed signs which adds to their strength. Saturn is also strengthened by being in its ruling sign and heavily aspected as well.
        Neptune seems to be the most dominant planet though. Glad I have enough earth to keep me evenly grounded so I don't get lost in space ; )
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    offline 23
    Air - 5 planets
    Fire - 3 planets + ac
    earth - venus, chiron
    water - jupiter + north node

    Everyone gets lost in their heads easily but the things each one gets lost in is a another interesting realm. Having only 1 planet in water (jupiter in scorp rx 0*) and a north node in cancer, i am drawn and in turn attract water heavy people.

    Having a well placed and strong venus slows down my otherwise quick and passionate nature - i get mistaken as a taurus (sometimes cancer) often enough. The air and fire comes out best in conversations, work environments and crisis situations. But the passionate nature often over takes the calmer me when it comes to dealing with personal relationships.

    I have little earth but have learnt to become grounded and stable over the years and thus feel i've been integrating my venus well into my chart. Now I'm working on my emotions. Even less water, but learning to own up to my emotions and communicating them is what im doing now. drama aside, it is not so easy for a airy person.

    Having strong air placements doesn't necessarily point to schizoid tendencies or lack of groundedness. Though I do agree with the airier types often depicting a personality like the wind. And wind, when harness, generates great power, breezes relieve heat, when pressured - again churns out a great gust of power. Each element in overabundance can be negative too..

    When considering the elements, it seems better to just think of the elements and imagine how they behave. Then apply it to your modes of behaviour and see if it corresponds. Sometimes it seems we are able to grow strong into the element that we lack and the one element we have the least of, the stronger it becomes as you integrate and balance it into your chart.

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    Fire: Sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus
    Water: Ascendant, Moon, Pluto
    Air: Venus, Jupiter
    Earth: Neptune

    I have a lot of fire, but it doesn't usually seem to express itself in a fiery way. That's maybe due to aspects or something though; maybe because of Neptune square Mars and quincunx Sun and Mercury.
  • water is the strongest element in my chart, with fire being the next strongest. actually I have an equal amount of water and fire signs, but I think the water is the strongest because my sun, moon and ascendent are all water signs. I have a bit of air and only one earth sign, my venus is in virgo. All the activity in my chart is in the lower hemisphere, except for the sun and mars in cancer in the 12th house.

    I noticed simone said that she has mostly water but her emotions are hidden because of her scorpio moon. my moon is also in scorpio but my emotions are defintely not hidden. I prefer to speak out and let others know what i;m feeling. The cancer in me gets sensitive, but it's the scorpio in me that expresses it. I have a capricorn friend who sometimes gets angry and snaps at people. she has a cancer boyfriend who reacts very patiently and would rather step around the issue then confront the issue. for me I just stright up tell her to chill the fuck out! lol, that;s the scorpio *hiisssss*

    I tend to be attracted to fire and air signs, but they never work out because of all my water. I don't understand people who can;t express their emotions. I also love to travel and philosophize a lot...i have 3 planets in sagittarius...jupiter, uranus and neptune.

    maybe it's my lack of earth that makes me feel so unsettled and scatterbrained. i feel like i'm all over the place, and want to do everything and be everywhere. sounds like all that cancer mixed with all that sag, yeah? :)
  • tarryn s comment was the best that i noted on this subject.don t be so negative man, gem is great! keep communicating!!
    • I am still learning all of this.. I am

      Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius • Ascendant in Leo, Sun in the Eleventh House • Moon in the Fifth House • Jupiter Opposition Ascendant • Sun in the Eleventh House • Saturn in the Eleventh House • Venus in the Twelfth House
      Does this mean air and fire.
      My husband is May 20 .. earthy. So hopefully he balances me out!
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    Air, balance of Fire and Water, only 1 Earth sign.

    Intellectual air with a balance of fire and water intuition... or you could call it Air with Fire Water... philosophy + alcohol/gasoline....

    no reality

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