born on a full moon

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does anyone know if there is any significance for someone who was born on the day of a full moon?
thanks in advance for any help
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  • I believe it means you are a rather evolved soul, full of depth and possibly a lot of past life experience, if there is such a thing as past lives..I would think it would add a lot of power to one's life blueprint.
  • it depends on many other things rick,

    sign -- aspects to the moon,, but in general the moon is strongest when bright - and it is brightest when full

    the moon in our inherent capacity for peace - the more capacity for peace we have the less likely we are to not get knocked around by the emotions..

    SO a bright moon shows a lot of capacity for peace,, but again aspects and sign/house position say A LOT
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      I've met people who are certifiable "lunatics" who were born on a full moon, and I've also met incredibly peaceful individuals born under that influence. Interestingly enough, of the latter type, both were Cancer sun/Capricorn moon, where the moon is far from being exalted... which leads me to question this idea that a bright moon has a capacity for peace.

      Sam, I'd be very curious to know how you've reached that conclusion about full moons? I mean 180 degrees can be full of tensions -- yes, depending on other factors-- but common experience alone indicates that this is a rather peculiar time... with great potential for clarity, certainly... but as a general rule, "peace"...?


      • How do I tell whether my moon was waning, waxing, or full?
        • look at its position in relation to the sun... 180 degrees (opposition) by definition is a full moon... a conjunction would be the new moon... quarter moons (when we see half of it, could they have chosen a more confusing way to name it?!) would be 90 degrees on either side of the sun (square). to see if it's waxing or waning, um, not sure how to describe it right, just look to see if the moon is ahead of the sun or approaching it? if that didn't make sense let me know and i'll try again :)
          to use myself as an example, sun at 18 gemini, moon at 23 gemini... moon had just been conjunct the sun and had moved past it, so there had just been a new moon and i was born under a waxing crescent moon.
          hope that helps!
          • hey Randi, i think i just found your chart in the photo album (sun in scorpio, moon in gemini?) it looks like you were born a few days after the full moon, so moon was waning (but still pretty big in the sky) (especially rising up over the horizon(your 12th house) there!)
      • The conclusion is from the original texts of Astrology that gives the general "Balas" (strengths) of each planet. The main book is Brihat Parashara Hora sastra - it is Indian. There are many ways to evaluate planetary strength, one is based on positional strength (dig bala) where it is in the chart by house. Another is motional strength (Chesta Bala) -- It measures the power of the planet based on its brightness. This is why planets are stronger when retrograde, for instance - (they are brighter at that time and closer to the earth) their influence is felt more, for good or ill. The moon is brightest when Full.

        with that in mind, you look at the natures of the planets - the Sun is planet of personal / individual power and the moon is the planet of connecting that power to the world - when we ar able to connect our inherent power, from within, to the world we have a higher CAPACITY for inner peace. Which means are less likely to seek our peace in the outside world. The Moon is the archetype of our inner neediness when she is weak. So a full moon has elevated capacity. Just look at the Moon when it is Full. It is totally bright and illminated. Yet a full tank of gas has more capacity than an empty one,, but if the full tank of gas is in a jalopy of a car, or the driver is impaired - or you have bad luck and run across another terrible driver, you can still have a wreck. The Full Moon is like a full tank of capacity for peace. Yet we all have karma, the strongest planet in the world is going to still wreak havoc with us sometimes. This is a very common mistake made in astrology. (thinking that a "strong" planet wuill never give problems)

        In fact it may give MORE problems. Here is why. Because we tend to lean on our strongest planets more and neglect the weaker ones. So they will be more noticeable in people. So the full moon person may appear more like a lunatic, because he is using that Moon more, yet through their lunacy, a greater self-contained peace is possible when the moon is bright. But it can be difficult in a world of action - since the moon is the Least positively charged (externalized) planet. The moon is the archetype of reflection, not action. In many ways the Moon is the part of all of us that is a lunatic, everchanging and fickle in our mind. It changes everyday. Astrology is about getting us to use all of our capaities equally, not just wear out the stronger ones and neglect the weaker ones. Yet as was said these stronger planets have more capacity to handle the difficulties. Such is the case with the bright Moon. So a strong Moon will still be the part of us that can be needy, but will more capacity.

        As i said tamara - the chart of the person must be looked at,, aspects, etc. modify everything.. that is why the general thread of "tell me about being born on a full moon" i am giving a general answer, trying to be postive - wothout seeing the chart or even knowing the sign - it is like saying, "tell me about being born during the day!" it is bound to confuse if someone is looking deeper or at specific examples.. (I am not knocking the questioner)

        I am sure that with the charts you mentioned, the sole reason the were "lunaticcs" was not JUST because of a Full Moon either,, so it goes both ways,, aspects and the chart says it all.


        the moon is waxing from 0-179.59 degrees from the Sun, the Moon is waning from 180-359.59 degrees from the Sun
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          What exactly is a "strong" planet. How is one to determine that in a chart? My other question... if one is born in the morning/day, before the moon rises, and has already set? should you instead look at the moon from the previous day. How does this work? what if there is no moon in the sky?
  • First, Rick, let me state that every single phase of the moon is significant, and each has it's own special vibrations.

    But the sun in opposition to the moon can be the worst....or best... thing to have in your chart. Negatively, it can be a constant war between your conscious wants and your subconscious needs; between your ego's focus and your inner demands for security. At its worst, it can be emotional instability, always being thrown off balance, becoming emotional at the drop of a hat. Positively, though, it offers the potential to truly put yourself in another's shoes; the seeds of true objectivity lie in this aspect; and an innate ability to work as the other half of an equal partnership without enmity.

    If you are born on the 'day' of the full moon, though, there are three possibilities. I will refer to "Phases Of The Moon" by Busteed, Tiffany & Wergin:

    1. Born before the moon reaches exact opposition to the sun. In this case, you have a moon in applying aspect to the sun....the aspect became exact in the days/weeks/months following your birth (by progression).

    The challenge here is to remain faithful to a personal discipline. When you are in-phase (in harmony with your real self), you seek...and can create...extreme human beauty; you have a personal destiny which is truly above the mundane. But you can be pulled out of phase...tempted, as it were, away from your personal purpose, by senseless, often violent stimulations from without. And once drawn out of phase, you can experience terror when dealing with the world, or sadness over having compromised your self.

    The focus here in many ways can be summed up by the positive qualities of the Aries decanate of Leo. Your concern, when in-phase, is not for self-gain but for self-expression for its own sake. You are prepared to drop everything at once if a vision or feeling directs you somewhere, with a very strong fidelity to an inner creativity. As a result of this fidelity, you are able to project your ideas upon people or society so strongly that others come to identify with your focus as their own deepeer desires.

    But beware of the temptation therein of trying to improve the world, for this will only snowball, with the world seemingly demanding more and more from you, pulling you further and further away from the need you have to express yourself....for its own sake.

    2. This phase begins at the exact moment of the opposition, and continues through the rest of the day.
    2a. Born at approximately the exact moment of the opposition. This is rare, but does happen occasionally. Here, the person is always trying to keep balance, and there can be great anxiety if the balance seems to tip one way or the other. But this is also the most intense possible expression of the positive aspects of the full moon as well.
    2b.. Born after the exact moon opposition sun. In this case, you have the moon separating from the aspect to the sun, become less intense in the days/weeks/months following your birth (again, by progression).

    Both 2a & 2b:
    The challenge is to find everything within yourself except unite inner and outer experience. When you are in-phase, to quote Yeats, "Every beloved image has bodily form, and every bodily form is loved." Your successes are tangible, and you are free from struggle. But the source of deception here is succumbing to seeming objectivity, and/or being pulled a 'social conscience.' This leads to being out-of-phase....where there is an inner-outer split which can at times seem irreconilable; intense touchiness; and increasing feelings of loneliness.

    This phase has more a flavor of the sign Virgo to it. When in-phase, you have an almost uncanny gift for sensing the whole of life at any instant, with all it's many parts, and recognizing this whole as yourself. You have keen sense perceptions which impress a highly discriminating mind. You recognize that if you become emotionally charged, or if you become too coldly analytical, you will not be experiencing a accurate impression of reality, so you learn to balance feeling and thought to perceive the truth of a situtation.

    But if you neglect your inner discipline and attempt to follow external standards of the society around you, you will pass rapidly out-of-phase. The world will seem to fragment into innumerable, unrelated, even irritating parts, each demanding your immediate attention. And in the midst of all this you are unaware that you are losing touch with your innate, subjective appreciation and wholeness. The more you get caught up in superficial details, the more everything in life will seem misplaced, imperfect.....and thus, unaccpetable.
    • Zane, that is an excellent explanation about full moon births, thanks!

      I also find it interesting to look at the Moon and Sun and their aspects to each other in a person's horoscope as representative of the Mother and Father and their relationship to each other at that point in time.

      It seems that very often people with this Sun-Moon opposition had parents who were often at odds with each other, rather than a unified front (ie Sun conjuct Moon), do you agree?
      • Yes, Lawrence....I'd say the majority of people I've met with Sun opposition Moon had parents at odds with each other.....but often they stayed together anyway, or sometimes, they stayed together BECAUSE they relished the battles.
        • Zane, interesting characterization, that often the parents stayed together to play out that dynamic, sort of the George and Martha dynamic. Would you say that Sun SQUARE Moon parents were more likely to just be disconnected, through divorce or leading separate lives?
          • I haven't done a scientific study, but in my experience, Sun square Moon people have had a larger number of parental breakups than the opposition, or yes, as you mentioned, living separate lives. With those that were together, I've found one parent tends to dominate the least as the child saw it growing up.
  • Hrmmm... My moon isn't quite in opposition with my sun, but according to the birthday calculator (link below) I was born on a full moon. Everything else on it is accurate, so I figured that would be too.

    I do know that I have a rather peaceful nature, but I also have a huge capacity for emotional upheaval... Which usually comes around the time of the full moon. And more often than not, the emotion bubbles over rather dramatically. But that could just be my Aries moon.

    It's also rather easy for me to get caught up in and whisked away by a desire. They tend to start out with a wonderful intensity that leaves no room for other thought.
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      Thanks for the explanation, Sam. I would definitely agree that a full moon indicates an "increased capacity" ... for all kinds of things! And in the best case scenario, it's about a greater sensitivity to the archetypal realm of the great mother, of course.

      ps. I like your new main photo.
      • you're welcome Tamara - thanks for asking and pushing the discussion - the explantion about the Moon is important. Most people don't understand the Moon at all. The moon is the trickiest planet to explain because it is so subtle yet so important. If you could take just one planet to say "who is this person" you would take the moon. It will tell you more than anything else about a person, because everything in this world originates from our psyche and consciousness and that is what the moon rules. The Moon shows our childhood and family connections and how they shape that evolving mind to process the world. The Sun is the inerent power of the ego, its assertion and the Moon is its capacity to reflect upon itself, to feel good about it, then to share and connect to others. Those are all VERY important things. True self confidence and self image actually have more to do with the moon than with the Sun - the Sun may project a large ego, but we can all "feel" a person in a much deeper way than that. That feeling we have is our moons speaking the language of the heart and its intuition, which can feel into a person much deeper than thier external behavior.

        The point is really that the person with a Full Moon will use that Moon alot, and be a person to whom connections to the world, etc is very important BECAUSE of that capacity. The person will be comfortable in a receptive role, have increased patience and tolerance of others, which may lead to having issues with boundaries until they work it out. As I said, with the Moon being the least practical and energized planet, it makes for some difficulties when the person relies very heavily on it. They may endure TOO MUCH diffiulty, because they are able. And if the Sun is weak, they may not be proactive enough to change things which are harmful. It is tricky.

        When the Moon is dark, the person may feel ungrounded or struggle with self esteem, may have problems with social interaction things or not feel as comfortable about them. If the dark Moon is joined anothe planet though (besides the Sun) that other planet will determine their mental state.
        Venus will shows excessive sensuality - Mercury excessive learning information - Mars excessive opinione - Saturn excessive self control, etc.

        I am not so sure about the idea of when the Sun and Moon are together in the same sign, the Mother and father got along well. When the Sun and moon are together, the moon is invisible and the person's capacity for patience and tolerance go way down; because the quality of nurturing and trust in waiting was not generally high as this may show that the mother was dominated by the father - or just invisible in the home, or perhaps the person just has no affinity for the mother.. it happens! -- the bond is just not strong. Also when a person loses the mother (death) or is separated from them I have seen it will be a dark Moon many times. One way or antoher with the dark moon many times the person had to fend for themselves and their independance and self-assuredness dominates / takes the place of their comfort in being recptive. There may not be a lot of trust or connection to family because of fear. This will lead to not generally being able to feel grounded and settled without "doing something" (the sun) This may cause them to look outside themselves for peace - rather than just felling contented with what comes their way, the good or the bad.

        It is in this seeking that the Moon generates our emotinal upheavals - but the inherent nature of the Moon is not the emotions, it is peace. It is through the limited emotions that we *lose* our peace. When the moon seeks peace in the external world, it results in the emotions. The emotions are our innate feeling wisdom, mixed with our desires. The emotions are not innate to us - Peace is innate to us. Peace is what we are truly seeking, enduring peace, not sensual and emotional gratification. We lose that peace when we seek it in the external. A Dark Moon will do this more.

        The moon is the very innocennt part of our psyche that is like a sponge and just wants to connect and feel safe in doing so - that is why the moon is the main relationship planet, not the Sun.. If we do not have a high capacity to take in our environment, then this will affect our relationsips with others and our capactiy for peace in general. The Moon has no defenses per se. it is where we are defenseless --

        Archetypically the Sun in the 10th house and the moon in the 4th house shows the planets in their best positions through directional and motional strength,, but wouldn't you know - in these scenarios, no matter how you look at it one of the 2 planet would always be in a difficult sign,, that is why we are here, to grow that which is more --
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          Very cool place to find out what moon cycle you where born on, enjoy.

          • whew.. missed the full moon by 8 days for my year.
            does anyone know of a site that I can see at the time I was born where the moon
            phase was at and in what sign?
            I'm May 16th, 1967 - New York City, 4:10am (according to birth certificate)
            I feel in my life that I have a difficult time getting things to I'm close
            to completing something and never quite finish or follow through to completion

            I was told that I have my moon in Pisces and my rising in Leo...
            Does that sound right or does anyone else feel/know otherwise based on my birth info.

            any thoughts??
            • Atcandela..

              I just sent you a private email, but anyhow, your Moon is in the 5th house Leo and your sun is in the first house Taurus (near the end). Your rising sign is Aries. You must be a playful Taurus. I am spacing out how to find the phase of the moon, but can tell you that Mars, Neptune and Pluto were retrograde. You can look everything up at, or if you want I can post your natal chart here. Good luck!
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              does anyone know of a site that I can see at the time I was born where the moon
              Yes Astro is ok for this but if you want easy.

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                Ok this topic has been done to death, Stop no more POSTING's they are getting to sound silly, If it gets anymore silly. We will know for sure your boring on a full moon.
                Thanks now go home.
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    Well, according to the medical field, more babies are born during the full moon and new moon than any other day. There's definitely something to it.

    With the full moon, the sun (ego) and moon (subconscious) are polar opposites, so the person is trying to find a balance between the two....balancing "where one shines" (ego) with "what one needs" (subconscious.

    During the new moon, the sun and moon are in the same signs...ego and subconscious are driven by the same energy.
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      Yikes - I am a Tuarus/Gemini cusp, the second day of Gemini, Virgo Rising, Taurus Moon, and the Sun and Moon were 5 degrees apart at my birth. No wonder I am an emotional basket case. LOL
      • Wow, and I thought I was a piece of work. :-S I feel for you, I really do.
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          Well heck no wonder
          After readin Sam('s post, I finally get it.
          Sun sign second day of Gemini, five degrees from the moon, making it almost a new moon, and the moon is is the same house as MERCURY, which thereby rules my emotions, born in a Mercury retrograde, and I am bipolar with more moodswings than Thelma & Louise.

          WHO KNEW????
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            What is uranus doing to your moon? Anything? That's a sure sign of "basket case" if uranus and the moon are opposite, conjunt, inconjunct or square (I speak from personal experience! ha ha ha!)
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              Mercury is in the same house as my moon, which was almost a new moon at birth, in the same house as my sun, so Mercury controls my emotions, not the moon. Uranus is square all three. My chart is in the photos section, you'll have to check it out.

              Oh - and Lola was my grandmother's name - a fellow Gemini 5/31/21.
              • "so Mercury controls my emotions, not the moon"

                another possible interpretation for moon-mercury conjunction (?) (read this somewhere and feel it applies for myself at least) not so much that mercury rules or controls the emotions, still feel all that through the moon (even if not realized, remember moon often works through subconscious and intuition) but that there is a deep need to analyze the emotions (through mercury) and to verbalize them, make them real by talking about them...
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                  "but that there is a deep need to analyze the emotions (through mercury) and to verbalize them, make them real by talking about them... "

                  Well alrighty then you know me better than I do. That is RIGHT on the money. You are so insightful - what would I do without you????
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    Gemini wrote: "Well alrighty then you know me better than I do. That is RIGHT on the money."

                    cool! :)

                    know what's funny? now that i'm thinking about it more, i can't remember if what i'd originally read was about moon in gemini or mercury-moon conjunction (or maybe both?) (if i ever come across it again i'll let ya know) but i definitely had one of those 'ah ha' moments when i first thought about it that way - glad you [note: was about to type 'you think so too' or something to that effect. then pause and think to myself 'damn.. i really am ruled by mercury, huh? how many times did i just use the verb 'to think' in this one post?!]
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                The moon still controls your emotions....your intellect and your emotions are tightly connected (mercury conj. moon). Means your thoughts and your feelings are somewhat in sync.
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                  I was born on a bad moon
                  Cowboys walked in to town doomed
                  my dad was shot that night in a saloon
                  Hell I like the sound of that tune
                  Moon Doomed Saloon

                  Come on and sing along
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                  My thoughts and feelings are in SYNC!

                  Hell, why do I torture myself with trying to analyze which one is correct?

                  What a MORON! I need to just RELAX.
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                    Gemini: I read what you are trying to write and call it country.
                    Ya gotta good line going with

                    My thoughts and feelings are in SYNC!
                    " You and mee gotta get arre feelins in a line"
                    Then ya start A great line then ya go and, well it don't make no never mind

                    Hell, why do I torture myself with trying to analyze which one is correct?
                    "Hell, why do ya torture me with a tryin (This heres the part ya need ta change) <to analyze which one is correct?> what the hell you thinkin boy.
                    " to hurt me so when She lied to me"
                    Now this ending line you drag the whole thing down.
                    What a MORON! I need to just RELAX. what?
                    "I'm a jackass! She needs to get me a beer"
                    But keep up the good work, but think about it for ya write it down.
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                      I was praying that I left all that country music in Texas LOL

                      All those broken hearts - God Bless 'em -

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                        I was praying that I left all that country music
                        in Texas LOL (But ya need more of them) LOL LOL LOL
                        All those broken hearts - God Bless 'em -

                        Now that rocks boy, you do have it in you. Keep on a rightin.
                        Oh I'm sorry you wanted to Relax, from what?
                        Hell boy make that free time into money, keep a rightin them songs about the Heartland.

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