Scorpio sun, Pisces moon combo

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What is it like? (male or female nativity - any differences?)
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  • "What is it like?"

    In short, emotional. Typically Pisces trines Scorpio so the sun-moon balance should be harmonious.
    • Yeah, but what kind of emotionality? which one would prevail - the neptunian or the plutonian? simply put : in need of power and all in the ego and compassionate and easily-infulenced in the id or what? (just guessing)
      In a female the neptunian component would be more prominent?
      • If you're just saying I have a Scorpio Sun and Pisces Moon, then the simple answer would be I don't know.
        You have a whole chart. For all I know you have Neptune conjunct that Scorpio Sun and Pisces Rising and Lots of planets in the 12H.

        In general though the moon represents our emotional needs and 'baggage' and the sun is more our egos and what the potential is for us to develop toward.
        • Well, you realize I don't have any idea about the whole chart, that's why I'm asking this crap. I know the moon reveals our emotional needs (and potential, I would add). So bluntly put such a scorpio sun actually needs kindness, aesthetic (not raw) stuff and just some possibility to idealize partners and self? or some 'merging'? sounds quasi-ridiculous.

          I hope you weren't referring to me with the neptune conj. sun and stuck 12th house ;).
          • One more thing: which one do you generally consider prevailing, the moon/sun/... sign or strong, definig aspects?
            • "One more thing: which one do you generally consider prevailing, the moon/sun/... sign or strong, definig aspects? "

              You sun is your sun, the moon is the moon. Nothing takes away from that. However if you have a powerful T-square going on, and you have powerful aspects from the sun/moon to some other planet, well all that's going to have to be included.

              A pisces moon is always going to have an emotional outlook to it, but if its opposition Saturn with capricorn rising and occurs in the 2nd house, you might expect that pisces moon to be more 'earthy' and maybe even less accessible.
          • "I hope you weren't referring to me with the neptune conj. sun and stuck 12th house ;). "

            No I was trying to make a point. You asked which would be the 'stronger' of the two.
            My point was that, without seeing a chart, you really cannot tell.

            Imagine someone who has a scorpio sun but that scorpio sun is tempered by lots of pisces influences such as being in the 12th House conjunct Neptune conjunct Pisces ascenant. Whilst you may hav ea scorpio sun, its heavily influenced by pisces energy. Thereofre in that person's chart, the moon in pisces is likely to have more of an influence.
            I hope that makes more sense.

            It would unfair to make 'guesses' on which would take more precedence. You cannot tell without more information.
            however neither one is less 'important' than the other. Neither one describes the 'real you'.
            • I don't like making guesses myself, but I have no other information for the moment. The person likes drinking and 'having fun' and finds it very easy to go from one relationship to another. To my mind that souns more piscean. I know scorpios stick to an old relationship until it's dead and burried manu propria, so to speak. They may even turn the resistance part into a game. Or even if / when there are 'centrifugal tendencies', they don't easily choose to change the old setting for some 'greener pastures'. They're pretty fixed. But of course, one cannot generalize.
              • "They're pretty fixed. But of course, one cannot generalize. "

                Yup and that's the problem. Chances are there's a whole lot of other stuff going on.
                Scorpios can quite easily flit from one relationship to another like any Libra or Gemini could. Especially so if they've had their little hearts broken in the past and have 'given up' on finding 'real love'. Undoubtedly these are normally always temporary things though. It's not unlike a Piscean moon to go from sheets to sheets though. I forget who said it, but someone once said that with the Moon in Pisces you just can't pin these people down, the only place you CAN pin them down is to the bed sheets!

                There may also be a touch of the Sagittarian/Gemini to this person too. A Sag/Gem rising maybe?
                Is this someone you're interested in?
                • Yes, but not in the way that you imagine.

                  Most scorpios I know are pretty stable and consistent, though (of course, more so after 30-35 years old ;). And they invest a lot of energy in varoius areas of their lives, so to speak - they are just as persistent and 'dedicated to the cause' in career and family, not only in a specific area that many people reduce them to. Anyway, it was the moon is pisces I was trying to make clear, as you figured.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    Not sure exactly what you're looking for, but I'll give you what I have

                    A friend of mine is a Scorpio sun, Pisces moon. they form a trine. Sun is conjunct Saturn and the ascendant in Sagittarius. The Moon is square a Mercury-Uranus conjunction in Sag, trine Sun-Saturn and square Neptune. Venus conjunct Pluto in Scorpio, venus and pluto are square Jupiter in Aquarius.

                    She's had her ups and downs in her coming on 24 years. The Pisces is there, but a casual observer wouldn't see it. She keeps her fragile inner nature to herself and those closest to her. She is a catalyst in the lives of those close to her. An enemy to be feared by those that cross her or her loved ones. She is ruled by her emotions and she tries monumentally to conceal this. It almost always works. She is a comedy of errors and rare force of sincerity and virtue. No matter how wreckless and accident prone she is, her single most powerful trait is sincerity. Through this she is vindicated.

                    She struggles with an opposition of self-doubt and over-confidence and depression as a result thereof, but she has a resilient constitution that assures she will always rise above
                    • Unsu...

                      I can relate to that

                      I have Sun in 5'20 Scorpio trine Moon in 3'11 Pisces.

                      according to page 353 of ASTROLOGY AND THE EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS by Maurice Fernandez

                      Orientation: Seeking a sense of wholeness through personally identifying with every living aspect of life,often at the expense of setting personal emotional needs aside, while striving to powerfully impact others's through one's creative efforts with the aim of fostering important changes both inwardly and outwardly.

                      Outcome: A mystifying,perceptive,and intricate personality that strives to transcend emotional limitations in order to touch and heal the core essence of pain.

                      Famous figure: Marie Curie

                      the themes of my Sun in Scorpio seem to be enhanced by the contraparallel to the transneptunians/plutinos, Pluto and Orcus as well as the cazimi (in the heart of the Sun) to the transeptunian,plutino, Ixion.

                      the themes of my Moon in Pisces seem to be enhanced by the square to Neptune. My Neptune is in 4th,and so shares a theme with Moon in Pisces,Moon-Neptune aspects.
                      My Moon is also sextile Sedna and square Varuna. Both are transneptunian dwarf planet candidates named after deities of the waters.
                      • Don't you feel your neptunean side is going against the plutonian one? do they harmonize?
                        • Don't you feel your neptunean side is going against the plutonian one? do they harmonize?

                          This was for Raymond.
                          • Unsu...

                            yeah, can be complicated at times

                            the Neptunian part of me doesn't want to control others and can sometimes lead me to be controlled by others ,being manipulated by others, especially my mother.

                            the Neptunian in me tends me to get picked on by others for while until I can take it no more, and the Plutonian gets into self defense mode

                            when I was in special education class with my Dyslexia and Dyspraxia, I got bullied a lot. I would cry a lot, being so very sensitive,emotional like many neuro-divergent,special education kids are any way. I was the crybaby type.
                            my stepfather told me that if somebody hit me, hit him back. I listened to him.
                            I got picked on a lot because I didn't fit in well with others,and a lot of times, I would take it because I didn't want to get in trouble. I would end up blowing up,lashing out out of revenge,vindictiveness. I got suspended 5 times from school for fighting. the last time when I was in 11th grade. I got tired of rumors and people talking sh-t to me because they thought I was gay because of my voice/looks, calling me "faggot" One day, I got fed up and confronted some guys and I ended up getting jumped. Even though,they were hitting me, I wasn't afraid and didn't feel hurt. It only made me angrier and angrier, and got me full of rage. I just went nuts on them, my arms and legs going all over the place. I even hit a teacher unknowingly. I was in a complete emotional meltdown (that tends to happen to many neuro-divergents too,especially autistics). there were 4 guys too,and most of the people that saw what happened thought I was beating them up. I couldn't calm down, and so I had to be taken away from handcuffs too.

                            Not only is my Sun in Scorpio trine Moon in Pisces, but my Neptune in Sagittarius in 4th sextile Pluto in Libra in 2nd.

                            any ways the combo can be good for the healing arts,intuition stuff like I how I use it for astrology.

                            it can also help me with neuro-diversity advocacy with the combination of compassion,empathy and intensity and wanting bring about change to help my fellow neuro-divergents.
                    • ****Not sure exactly what you're looking for, but I'll give you what I have ****

                      Yeah, comic. I guess a bit of brain- and personal experience-storming like this is ok.

                      Your friend's pisces is definitely emphasized by the neptune square. You mean the pisces moon increases the sensitivity of the scorp sun (more than a scorpio moon, for instance)? moon neptune is 'the most sensitive'?
                    • zayne,,,,,

                      this sounds like me... but of course, slight differences. i am not very good at describing myself in astrological terms, at times, this is why i feel confused about using it.. like discerning my emotional nature vs ego, especially with slight tinges in the differences between pisces/scorpio and the multiple ways they overlap in my chart. so i am relieved to see another version of myself out there, and someone who can see how it works :)
                      my sun is in pisces, with an ariesness to it, i do feel like i am aiming towards an assertive dreamer/sincereness, but moon in libra is in the 8th house, and i am not so good at taking care of my own emotional needs, i often feel like hiding from them, down playing them, feeling embarrassed about the darker shades, feeling like the scorpio 8th house needs to be in some kind of balance that makes sense, like the right place and time and knowing who and where to let them out to, i am so apprehensive that they come out very very sporadic which is me just relying on the perfect sextile between moon and uranus, my uranus also trines mercury, which opposes moon, with jupiter in capricorn squaring this conundrum is nothing new, my attention is always brought back to this polarity between emotions and reason, i too hope i have that resilient constitution, but at this point i feel so lost to find hope and meaning outside myself, which ive always relied on (aquarius rising) maybe its the crazy sun transits?? i have transiting saturn opposite, and transiting pluto square sun. i know what they say, in order to help others you have to help yourself first... iah... tuff right now....... very very very very........... eeeh

    The Neptunian feelings and awareness of right brain intuitive sensing fuel the deepest aspects of Scorpio's needs for depth, control and ego projection. An ultimate balance between aspects of the feeling nature that drive one between the 12th and 8th house drama. A truely fine balance between the mystic and the occultist. The ability to capture the imagination and come back fighting.

    Hilary Clinton
    Grace Kelly
    Bela Lugosi
    Martin Scorsese
    Robert Louis Stevenson
    • Probably Grace Kelly or Wynona Ryder could be the prototype of this combo. I guess I cannot make a rule starting from this, but it's a very attractive combination.
      • Unsu...
        "Probably Grace Kelly or Wynona Ryder could be the prototype of this combo. I guess I cannot make a rule starting from this, but it's a very attractive combination. "

        I was going to mention Winona Ryder earlier.
        Both she and I were born on October 29, 1971.
        Therefore,she and I are birthdate twins.
        • Grace Kelly

          This is a very compelling life and birthchart. There are extremely few mortals of common birth who become a Princess.
          A rare occurance and a compelling lifestory. Certainly not a bed or roses either. It is interesting to watch her in films once you get a sense of her deeper character. Made her first real impact in High Noon with Gary Cooper I believe.
    • Wow the guy who wrote Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde (stevenson). The guy who created the iconic Count Dracula persona (lugosi). One of the most important filmmakers of our time (Scorsese).

      What a powerful combination! Also taking into account Raymond's childhood, the theme seems to be the ability to transmute tremendous pain or horror into something constructive, transcendant. Look at Martin Scorsese's protagonists from Casino to Mean Streets to Goodfellas...they're 'bad people' but they have a certain code of ethics, they are principled. They follow their principles, even if it means prison or violent death. Raging Bull is one of my favorite movies ever.

      Also Scorsese grew up plagued by asthma, and so he would watch movies instead of playing outside with his peers. What was a crippling and painful childhood became a source of genius and creativity. His fascination with movies led him not only to writing/directing, but he's a walking encyclopedia of film history. He's probably the Rain Man of all film buffs.

      And lets not get into Dr. Jekyl-Mr Hyde...that has Pisces-Scorpio written all over it.
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    offline 13
    I'm not one myself but my 2 best friends, ex , and another friend all have it.

    they are all very strong people. they have an urge to control but an urge to let go simultaneously. they love music, and are quite dreamy. Their emotions are very close to the surface, they feel everything intensly but get caught up in paranoia and illusions sometimes and cant take fact from what they feel is going on. They are very strong willed and stubborn but wear agreable faces. They are also quite compassionate and caring but have an unforgiving and very jealous side. in relationships they can get in and out very quickly but when they fall in love it is for a very long time, they need closeness, need affection and find it extremely hard if not impossible to let go. they are very kind hearted people with a soft spot for the underdog. the girls are all attracted to stoner types, those who are "broken". They open up easily when they feel like they can trust you and are very emotional, but they all have awful tempers and they never let people who they have not let in see the vulnerable crazy side.
    easily influenced. nearly impossible to bend.

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    not necessarily a trine though - could be anything between 120 and 150.

    The water would be a common element/language/medium of interaction.

    neptune tends to dissolve/blend etc.

    pluto tends to be contrary and transforming (lots of pressure)

    but ... this is sun and moon not pluto and neptune ... it's hard to say too much more with only pisces moon/ scorpio sun
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    I used to know a guy who had Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Pisces. "Emotional" is right... he actually committed suicide a few years ago because he couldn't handle the inner turmoil anymore (many stressful aspects in his chart, including a grand cross).

    We tried to help him, but there's only so much you can do in situations like that.
    • Unsu...
      >grand cross

      I meant T-square.
      • My moon is in pisces in the 8th house so it does have some scorpio influence and my sun is in cancer...I am definitely ruled by my emotions. I can intuitively feel people's energy even if someone is just "talking" about the other person. I have so much water in me that I hide my emotions. I can be so easily hurt that I would rather hurt others first or not allow myself to ever be touched by another human being unless its safe like my children. It is a defense mechanism.

        BUT with that being said I will defend the people I care about to the very end. I do dream of true love, that fantasy that we always want to believe exists but we are scared that its acutally just a fairy tale. That I will never be touched by a one true love, soul depth connection. I think that is all pisces for you. I think I am a complicated person, I even stress myself out. I am just so scared to be hurt. I don't know if everyone with a pisces moon is like this but there you go that is me lol.
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    My son has this combination, that along with scorpio rising. He's a unique character even at his young age, incredibly perceptive and truly gifted, I wont say much more as he is still a child but he really is a fascinating little character who continues to evolve and amaze us everyday.

    I do have to work much harder with him than I do his brother and sister.
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    I think the Pisces moon gives me more empathy than the Scorp sun does on it's own. Compared to my scorp friends, I think I'm bit more empathy and ability to step in others' shoes. And compared to them I have like no temper at all. As a kid I was way more judgmental but honestly I think that was all facade, like I felt I had to create some kind of judgment just to fit in with all these other people judging one-sided. At some point in college and after graduation I began to solidify an identity.

    I am pretty sensitive, more than alot of people. People probably sense my sensitivity but I think they also sense the stinger in a way and so usually avoid anything of the sorts. The stinger is something I have focused on controlling. I am very proud to say that I put much effort to walk away from confrontation, unless someone needs help. I do not like confrontation. More than the urge to retaliate, I've realized at this point that truly the most powerful way I can change things is via my thoughts and energy. And good or bad, you know us Scorps love power =)

    I'm not going to create bad thoughts, that is counterproductive to my development. So when I catch myself I do what I need to turn my thoughts and actions positive.

    I am definitely a dreamer, probably more than anybody else I know. And I put my dreams into action. I've fulfilled many crazy dreams I had, like running a strip club from home.

    I have been a pretty consistent meditator for maybe 5 years now. I cannot communicate how invaluable a tool this is in all of my life and challenges. It helps with centering myself, dissolving negative thought patterns, the art of letting go, mental focus and output, and that so under-appreciated skill of CONTROL that is so often needed.
    They say control is needed by the Scorpio but I don't understand how some other people go on through life without it. To me having lack of control is like skipping through a field of snapping mice traps, all while gazing and whistling up at the clouds.

    I get along with basically everyone I know, and am very good at just disappearing when environment turns poison. I can spend cash like it's funny money. That's prob the Pisces moon. I often sense vulnerabilities in people when others don't, but I'm a pretty understanding guy cause I know we all have issues, so mum's the word, ha.
  • dark lakes above the riddled sky
    eyes deep in electric ether
    I twist my feet
    towering energy
    my inner heat
    fleeting seas
    a cosmic dance party
    I continue to fall farther
    in the lucid dream.

    • anyway, to reply to this topic.

      I believe the theory goes that women identify more with their Moon than their Sun, although this may be an obsolete idea, steming from the time(not too long ago) when it was unthinkable for a woman to have an independent position in the world.
      Although nowadays maybe we should stick to the Sun showing your general path in life, the lesson one must learn in this "incarnation" and the Moon showing the skills you already "own".

      Personally, I gree with that vedic/sidereal theory that says the Sun's position by sign and house shows an area of perpetual dissatisfaction and pain(but, then, I'm a masochist), in line with the whole daedalus and icarus myth, that you chase the sun your whole life, but can't reach it.

      So, basically, to answer the question, I'd say that you do probably act more like a Pisces than a Scorp, simply because Pisces is familiar ground, but you are striving to learn to be a Scorp.
      You also need to look at aspects to each planet, obviously, and their positions in houses.
      But overall, more Pisces than Scorp.

      Hey, I know this is true for me, at least, because I'm a Pisces that doesn't believe in God(although I keep trying, every day. I'm always looking for God, but haven't found him yet) and doesn't know the first thing about self-abandonment or forgiveness(although I have had vague attempts, again. I did drink a bottle of white wine and a few glasses of vodka to try to loosen up, once, and it didn't do anything except give me a headache for several days, and make me throw, yeah)
      • Moon traits represent the inner. The journey of soul that is being exalted through passage of the sun. The soul that formulated on the day your parents did the big bang represents the sun's light going through the moon which symbolizes the womb. That's when the actual soul was in the process of creation,, meaning you were born once light reached the soil, the egg of life see? Though I've always existed inside my father a scorpio sun and moon. Maybe I was a pisces first when I was swimming around dads family jewels, and then when I entered the egg I began my transformation into the psychical body, the sun into scorpio. Do any of you realize how awesome that is? There's basically a whole cosmic adventure we vaguely remember that were coming back into.

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