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How long do Uranus transits generally last?
Anybody have a time frame?
What kind of orb will make an aspect to Uranus?

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  • There are two scenarios with Uranian transits. The first is Uranus transiting to your natal Uranus, by square, opposition or trine. The second is Uranus transiting by conjunction, square, opposition or trine to one of the personal planets or lights, such as the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury or Mars, as well as its transit to Saturn.

    Because Uranus is a slow-moving planet, and because of retrograde motion, it can be going back and forth over a point in your chart for up to a year or so (or more). I'd give it a 2-3 degree orb.

    The entire Uranian cycle takes 84 years. The key points are when Uranus makes its first square to your natal Uranus; when it opposes your natal Uranus (which it does for everybody in their early 40s, an astrological signature for mid-life crisis); when it squares the natal position again following the opposition; and when it eventually returns, when you're 84, to its own place.

    What's important to remember is how rare a transiting Uranian aspect is. Which is why transits FROM Uranus and transits TO your natal Uranus can usher in major change, most of the time unexpectedly.

    Uranus also represents genius (and Mercury/Uranus aspects can uncover this); technology; astrology; anything to do with electricity.

    One of the best books written about transits of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) is Howard Sasportas' "The Gods of Change."

    • My Uranus is currently opposite natal Pluto and I know there must be profound changes going on. The thing is, the distant planets move so slowly that their effect is hard for me to gauge while they're happening sometimes. I only realize what happened in hindsight. I'm sure with more practice with transits I'll get the hang of it...

      • Uranus opposite Pluto is a generational aspect. It's being felt by everyone born around the time you were. You have to focus on houses and rulerships even more with these generational aspects. There was a conjunction of Pluto and Virgo back in 1963-64 or thereabout. People born then have the conjunction in their natal chart, and may have a more profound experience with the opposition of Uranus to natal Pluto.

    • Thanks Michele your post was very helpful. I currently have Uranus opposition Mars and Uranus trine Mercury transits. How should I look at a sextile transit to my Ascendant? Is that something that should be looked at as a major transit?
      • Even though my own chart is loaded with sextiles, I hardly use them any more, except to notice them in natal charts. Sextiles are a very "mental" aspect. The conventional wisdom on them has been they are like trines, but require work. In other words, opportunties appear under sextiles, but they don't fall into your lap. If, for example, you have Uranus in the 11th house sextiling your Ascendant, you probably ought to be joining groups, learning new technologies, or exploring astrology more.

        Uranus trine Mercury can be excellent for anything involving communication or originality. It's a wonderful aspect for a student. As with all of these things, consider what house Uranus rules in your natal chart, what house Uranus is transiting, where Mercury resides and what house Mercury rules. Then check the natal aspect between Uranus and Mercury. Mercury also rules siblings.
        • Michele

          Sorry to hijack the thread for a moment, but on the subject of aspects, do you ever use the inconjuncts/quincunxes at all? (not just with uranus)

          I just thought I'd pick your brain on that, I notice that the quincunx is actually really relevant, but I know that it is only a minor aspect so I keep relegating it to a minor role but then find it really being 'important' in peoples' charts in the same style as an opposition or square to the point where I wonder if it should in fact be on par with the Ptolemaic aspects. Certainly I've seen more quincunx stuff being more relevant than many sextiles in the chart. It's like the two planets are immiscable or something, they seem to really be at odds and it seems to really play out in the chart. Any ideas? What has your experience been?
          • They can be a finality aspect--in other words, things end under them. But I use them to support more obvious aspects. E.g., if there is a Saturn/Moon conjunction in the 4th house, and Uranus or Mars is transiting it, and there is an eclipse on the Sun, I usually find myself wondering if there's a quincunx lurking somewhere.

            Most "events" happen under conjunctions, oppositions and squares. The quincunx and, remarkably, the septile aspect (51.5 degrees) have a way of bringing things to fruition. Of course, transiting Mars on the angles (natal, progressed, or solar arc directed) has a way of doing that too.

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              "Of course, transiting Mars on the angles (natal, progressed, or solar arc directed) has a way of doing that too. "

              Transiting Mars over a composite is also something to behold. It's quite the timer.

            • <<The quincunx and, remarkably, the septile aspect (51.5 degrees) have a way of bringing things to fruition. >>

              That makes a lot of sense, as the quincunx is a twelfth harmonic and the septile a seventh harmonic aspect. Both numbers form the very foundation of the manifestation of life. We measure the day in twelve hours, as we do the months. The number twelve returns in many guises in our civilization, as does the number seven.

              When you divide the zodiac in seven parts, you end up with the fundamental critical degrees. You get this division by projecting the lunar cycle (28 days) on the zodiacal wheel, divide them by each quarter moonphase and you get the fundamental critical degrees, associated with the Saturnal and Uranian cycles (28-29 years) that deal with completion and renewal.

              The septile is seen by many as an aspect of 'destiny' and spiritual transformation, having a very synchronicitous feel to it: bridging two separate realms of experience. The quincunx seem more problematic in the sense that these realms seem to be on the same plane of experience, yet unable to be related or merged consciously. The inconjunct seems to rely on our own motivation and ability, whereas the septile acts through us and the circumstances surrounding us, to introduce a new element, whether we want it or not.

              Michelle, do you think there is a difference in quality between the septile and conjunction in bringing cycles to fruition?
              • Partha:

                The conjunction, I think, gives a more obvious emphasis on either a new cycle, the ending of an old cycle, or both occurring at the same time.

                The septile is far more subtle. It can sometimes be felt as shifts that are significant only with hindsight, but I suppose that is true of all spiritual transformations. One thing that should always be watched in life is when the Secondary progressed Sun forms a septile aspect to the natal Sun. This occurs in one's early 50s (53-54). Of course, at that particular time, all of the solar arc directions would be forming septiles to the natal positions. If this time of life were studied more deeply, we'd probably have a better understanding of what the septile means. My attempts to study it more deeply have not been that successful. There are usually plenty of other things going on in the chart at the same time.

                I can relate to what you said about the septile, and destiny and spiritual transformation. I remember when I was 53, I suddenly felt like the townhouse I lived in was a cave--dark and narrow and stifling. I was VERY unhappy working, but didn't see any other alternative at the time. I bought a house that was filled with sunlight (and still is). It was very unlike me. I subscribed to my mother's theory: Don't Live, You May Die. Always lived well beneath my means. Suddenly I couldn't do it any more. Something in me had shifted, I felt hideously restricted, and the only way I knew to feel unrestricted was by buying a bigger house. The same year, my mother died. Not only was the progressed Sun septiling the natal Sun, but it was doing it under a progressed New Moon eclipse. Those years were turning points, which I can see clearly now, but not then. My attitude about work and many other things changed then too.

                It was amazing, because when I broke "free" and bought the new house, some other knots in my life suddenly loosened as well. People left my life. People came into my life.

                (If you follow the Destiny Cards by Robert Camp, you'll also note that the system considers the 52nd year to be the most important of one's life, and one's yearly cards divide the year in increments of 52 days. There's something connected with the septile to that system, I think.)

                I think your definitions of the quincunx and septile are very good. When I first studied astrology with Oscar Weber, in Boston, he taught the septile right along with the basic Ptolemaic aspects. Our class was struggling to understand squares and oppositions, so I didn't badger him about the septile, as I would now if he were still alive. He never explained it further, but he had studied astrology for over 40 years by the time I met him. In retrospect, it was interesting that he felt strongly enough about it to include it in a beginners class.

                If anyone on the list is over 53, I'd be curious as to what happened to them at ages 53-54. Or perhaps it needs a new thread.

                • Thanks Michelle, I think that's a great idea for a thread, maybe you could start it? I've never thought of this method, but it makes sense...the secondary progressed sun making that aspect should be very noticeable and a good touchstone to understand the septile energy more objectively. As you story shows, this energy is very elusive, but profound in it's effects.

                  Since I read an article by Lynn Wincott:, I've become fascinated with them. They seem to act as an intervening impersonal force, coming from very deep inside, that's so subtly powerful it could even 'arrange' circumstances in such a wayone is compelled to transform oneself. Maybe people could also look at transiting transsaturnals in septile aspect to their Suns, for life changing events and subsequent phases which transformed the way they view and express themselves?
        • I have natal Uranus in the 10th. How would you describe Uranus in the 10th sextile my Ascendant Michele?

          Uranus rules my 1st house transiting the 6th house. Mercury is in Cancer and Mercury rules my 5th house, Uranus trines Mercury in my natal chart. Would you be able to give me more insight on my Uranus trine Mercury transit?
          • Uranus in the 10th, by itself, can mean a number of things that could be further supported by its other aspects. Uranus in the 10th can mean erratic unpredictable parents who replicate themselves throughout one's life with unpredictable authority figures; it can mean a technology career, or working in a technology industry. Sometimes it can mean a parent who was very technology-oriented, maybe even a genius. It can mean many job changes (though this would probably have to be further supported by the 6th house placements). It can mean astrology as a career also. Trining Mercury, it can sometimes give genius capability; at the very least, it would give a lot of originality and creativity, which would probably come easily, and especially with the 5th house involved. The fact that Uranus sextiles your Ascendant means that your originality will require your developing it. Uranus trine Mercury is also excellent for students. If that is the natal aspect, and with 5th house involvement, a lot of this could also be manifested through a child, or through children.

            I may not be following your post correctly. If Uranus rules your 1st house, that would give Aquarius rising, and Uranus is currently transiting Pisces, so I assume it would be transiting your 1st/2nd house right now.

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    How long do Uranus transits generally last?
    >>7 yrs. avg house

    Anybody have a time frame?
    >>Yes,,7 yrs avg house

    What kind of orb will make an aspect to Uranus?
    >>4 degrees prior, 2 past.
    • Can someone tell me how their life was during a Uranus in the 7th transit? My partner will have Uranus in his Seventh soon...I wonder how our relationship will play out.
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    What happens when Uranus sits on a cusp between houses, say during an opposition? Wouldnt there be influence from two houses during the time frame involved?
    • When house cusps get involved, I find myself using the whole sign house system. Also, I use the Koch house system for everything else. But the whole sign house system can give you greater clarity when a transit hits a cusp, regardless of what house system you use.
      • i like that approach for transits, and will def try it out.
        i also began to use koch for most other purposes, primarily BECAUSE it puts my two tight natal oppositions (that form a loose grand cross) ON house cusps --which would fall near the ends of houses using placidus.
      • "When house cusps get involved, I find myself using the whole sign house system. Also, I use the Koch house system for everything else. But the whole sign house system can give you greater clarity when a transit hits a cusp, regardless of what house system you use."

        Something about this got me thinking. So obviously if you use the Whole system for transits, anything on the cusp effectively means anything at 29d or 0d of a sign. Of course, transits and house systems aside, those degrees are considered the critical degrees, going back to house system, perhaps the first and last degree of every house, even if that house is in Placidus or Koch or whatever, is also a critical degree? I tend to be less 'fussy' with which house a planet is in as it approaches a cusp, natally or by transit, but perhaps those degrees are actually quite important?
        • Paul -

          The case could certainly be made that the degree on the cusp of any house is a critical degree for you. One of the things about whole sign houses is that they show that, for example, if you have Saturn in 16 degrees of Libra, the entire transit of Saturn through Libra is important to you, not just when it nears that degree. I.e., if you have 16 degrees of Libra on the 6th house cusp, you may find 6th house matters prevailing when Saturn hits 00 Libra.

          I see the value of house cusps in diurnal charts, however, where the degrees on the cusp can be highly significant. (For those who don't know, a diurnal is a chart done for each day, using your time of birth, place of birth, and TIME ZONE of birth. The only thing that varies is the date, as it is always the date for which you're doing the chart. One method of predicting with the diurnal is to line it up with your progressions and directions for that time. You will have the same house cusps for a day each year--that is, if you have 25 degrees of Leo rising on July 10, 2009, you will also have 25 degrees rising on July 10, 2010 or any other year. BUT--one year, you may have a secondary progressed Moon at 25 Leo. Or there may be a long transit of Pluto that affects your natal chart, but an event connected with it occurs on the day that transiting Pluto is conj the 6th house cusp of your diurnal chart.) It was my use of the Koch system with diurnals that convinced me that the Koch system was the most revealing in all other charts.

          Back to whole sign houses: Do your natal chart in whole sign houses, and see where your natal planets fall. In some cases, they may be more revealing.
          • I use Koch and Equal most. I looked into whole a few years back and ended up using equal in favor of it. However since Mantis' recent threads I've relooked at it and actually am coming to agree with her about it. In this system I have moon and mars, being at 29d, on the house cusps of the 5th and 9th respectively.
            Koch is still my house system of choice but I think I need to re-examine whole house system.
            • Unsu...

              yeah.....the extreme latitude charts a headache

              most house systems just don't work with polar region charts at all. you're forced to use equal house,whole sign house systems
              • I have Uranus traniting my IC this year, whilst Saturn goes retro over my Midheaven again. That also means that Uranus will be making a transit semisquare to its own place.

                It will be a question, what kind of change to invite into my life.
                • >>Uranus traniting my IC<<

                  revise history? . . . at least, see it in a new light
                  question habits
                  rattle foundations
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    revise history? . . . at least, see it in a new light
                    question habits
                    rattle foundations

                    I do feel that my life has got incredibly narrow in some ways and would love to see a bit more change.
          • hi michele,
            how about when one has aries uranus 2010 conjuncting birth sun and but sun is in 12th?
            kinda confusing
            isnt 12th house death of something and uranus birth?
            • 12th house is that which is hidden. The Sun in Aries in the 12th can be like Jupiter in the 12th--a guardian angel position, if it's well aspected. It can also mean you feel that you have to keep your light under a rock, or that you aren't as "in" on things as you'd like to be.

              Uranus going over the Sun is one of the most important transits you can have, happening only once every 84 years, and anything connected with it will be on-again, off-again because of the transit retrogrades, at least over the next year. (I'm assuming your Sun is 00 Aries.) If you work in a 12th house environment--such as a hospital--this could be connected with your work.

              Repressed elements tend to awaken when Uranus goes through the 12th. Sometimes things that are secret become known. It can be a revolutionary time, when you want to throw off the traditional, and do something completely different. Whatever event occurs, know that the event is triggering something within you, and take note of that. If you have Aries on the 12th, I assume you have Cancer on the 3rd or 4th house, and you will have the eclipse of July 11 activating the house axis, so factor that in too. If it falls in the 4th, it could be a matter related to a home, or an authority figure (parent, boss, etc.). If it falls in the 3rd, it could mean an educational opportunity that you undertake to prepare you for something else.

              Also--if Uranus is making some good aspects while it conjoins the sun, it should mean a beneficial change. If the aspects are challenging, it can mean a change that requires some work on your part. If something ends, it needs to end, because your focus needs to shift to a different path, environment, person, etc.

              • thank you michele ;-)

                i am trying to figure out exactly what change that uranus might bring in detail per se...but i guess with uranus it's difficult to specify?

                not like jupiter..easy to predict ..alll goood ;-)
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        Thank you Michele.
        • Michele,

          I enjoyed reading this thread on uranus transits. I have a lot going on with this upcoming uranus, jupiter transit. In my natal, I have north node and chiron at 00 Aries in the 11th. Also my progressed sun just went to 29 pisces, will hit 00 Aries next year. (What's funny is that the solar return moon next year is going to be at 29 pisces, same as my progressed sun! All conjunct natal north node and chiron and conjunct transit uranus.)

          What do you make of the transit of uranus and jupiter making a conjunction to my natal north node and chiron in the 11th? Also, what does this 29 pisces issue mean? (It's in natal 11, progressed 10th.) I have read that 29 pisces means endings of some type. Obviously, something is going on here!
          • Soul, my apologies. I just saw your question today (May 20). A progressed Sun moving into a new sign is HIGHLY significant. I assume you're a natal Pisces Sun? Not every astrologer agrees with me, but I think progressions can be activated by transits in certain cases. It's significant that as your prog. Sun moves into 00 Aries, the cardinal cross in 00 degrees is going on this summer. A time of immense beginnings, of taking center stage. The Jupiter/Uranus activation in the 11th house indicates you might be in a leadership position of some sort. A lot depends on where your natal Mars is, what sign it is in, and where your prog. Mars is.
            • Thanks Michele, for responding.

              I'm a natal aquarian sun...there's just a lot going on with me around 00 Aries.

              Progressed sun - will be at 00 Aries next march

              Natal - north node and chiron at 00 Aries

              Upcoming transit uranus-jupiter, conjuncting all of this in p.10th and natal 11th. My natal mars is in scorpio in the 6th, progressed mars in sag in the p. 6th, natal 7th. I wonder if this could mean I might take a leadership role at work? Since all of this will be conjuncting my natal north node, I'm wondering if doors are going to open in some way? Saturn will be entering my natal 6th house in September this year...this probably has something to do with my employment....
  • For what it's worth, I use a 1-degree orb for outer planet transits, just like I would for a progression. Maybe it's just me. I just booked a Caribbean trip for my birthday and tNeptune is 1 degree from trining my Neptune and conjuncting my Mars. I want paradise. I've noticed a few other changes in myself this week. I'm becoming a peacenik.

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    I notice Uranus is getting closer to moving into Aries, would this mean that it would begin having effects related to Aries as well as the house placement during its transiting? Its also currently in opposition to Pluto, which reminds of change, change, change...

    Would some of its travels through Pisces relate at all to questioning, tentativeness, hesitation, and etc? Would the force of Aries begin to have a stronger pull even while still in Pisces?

    Yep, slowly getting closer to the Uranus opposition, bit by bit.
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      Transiting Uranus in my 7th House, has just started a Square with my Natal Mercury in my 4th.
      • Peter, do you have Virgo rising?
        • Unsu...
          Hi Michele
          Yes I do have Virgo Rising/. 19 Degree's Virgo Rising.
          • Then natal Mercury rules the Ascendant and probably the Midheaven if it's in Gemini. Uranus squaring Mercury's effects are operating on the angles, if that is so. I would use the energy of Uranus square Mercury. A lot of great ideas can come out of the square and the opposition. Many geniuses are born with a hard aspect between Uranus and Mercury.
    • Lilypad,

      What you describe (questioning, tentativeness, hesitation, and etc) sounds to me to be your Sun in late Aquarius is still 'under the influence' of T Neptune...I find it interesting, My Sun in early Aqua, I got the Uranus opposition in the middle of my 10 year Neptune 'spree' , in your chart the Neptune transits precede your Uranus opposition. Just interesting how these two (plus Jupiter) are working on Aquarius oriented people, all at the same time but with distinct or subtle differences, depending on the rest of the chart.
      • Unsu...

        Stepping out of the fog takes time, eh.

        Maybe I'm always under the influence of Neptune in some cases, since its conjunct with Jupiter in the natal chart. Perhaps as it moves about it takes different forms of water which create varying effects.

        I have a feeling things will be speeding up soon enough.
  • uranus is on 5th house cusp, opposing natal merc conjunct transiting saturn

    I am a late decan scorpio rising, so whole sign houses move everything a full house up. So uranus is either about to enter my 5th or my 6th

    I'm going to take a closer look at my natal using whole signs... it puts natal mercury in 12th house, first thing to spark my attn.

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