Anyone had an interview during Mercury Retrograde

topic posted Thu, June 29, 2006 - 2:49 PM by  Tara
I have already started the interview process, but I have some in-person interviews scheduled for the end of July which involves travel. Has anyone had an interview during that time? Any snags? I don't want to have my worst fears manifested and overthink things. This is the best time for the interviews as my parents will be in that area as well and I can visit them. If I already applied for the jobs before mercury retrograde and sign any offers after mercury goes direct, will that be okay. The job I am applying for most likely will be a life-long career. Thanks ahead.
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  • It's time to REpair the REsume and do anything else that begins with RE ..go back over whatever it is and you will get it right when Mercury goes direct in 3 weeks . Also no interviews during a void of course Moon .
    • So, should postpone them until mid-August?
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        something on merc retro
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          If the appointment for the interview was made during a new moon don't worry about it.
          I have even gone to appointments void of course when the date was orignally set on a new moon.
          All was fine, the interviewer just walked aimlessly through the office until the moon settled and then began the interview.
          Now you do want to take down names of who interviewed you and make copies of paper work to have an extra copy .
          Whatever they write up or copy of your's request a copy of too.
          You may fair fine but the interviewer may misplace things.
          Ask them when you should expect an answer and that you will call back if you have not heard or recieved anything in the mail.
          As for retrogrades, once my clearnace got misplaced in limbo and there was a few giggles about the mix up getting filed somewhere else.
          Another time was for a payment for a medical bill, the receptionist left it in a drawer in the intake department dept.and then went on vaccation .

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            I guess I should clarify.
            When the orginal ball got rolling not this part of the interview back to the very beginning.
            Sounds as though because of the succession of interviews it would seem that if something was going to snag it would have already taken place.
            Like I said, i have had interviews duringodd times but the orginal starting time was a good one .
      • Do the interviews whenever you feel the time is right, it just might take a little longer than you had hoped to get where you are trying to go
        • Thanks, both places I am interested in called this week to schedule and in-person interview with the department head, do drug testing etc. I told them that I want to do that August 14/15th since I will have definitely graduated by then and could also look for a place to move into for September. My mom, a nurse who has hired people, said that once you get to that level, they are ready to hire you. So, I'll just wait the mercury retrograde out and RE-visit my family instead during that trip to San Diego.
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            Tara ,
            Again, it all has to do with the lunar timing you first set out to job hunt.
            Rx -usually just misplaces things and causes a few delays .
            It is not going to stop the ball from rolling if they are serious about hiring you .
            • Kate said, "Again, it all has to do with the lunar timing you first set out to job hunt."
              Yes I've heard of this theory. For one, I read to look at where the new moon is in your natal chart. For me, on Sunday June 25 the new moon (3° 58' Cancer) was in my 10th house of career (square my natal Mercury by a 2° orb). New moons set up two weeks of energy (after which it becomes a full moon) and what we do in those two weeks will affect us for a year to come. I've been job hunting like crazy for the past three weeks. Since the 25th I've been seeing more and more jobs that I'd like to work at and I've been sending my resume out, but no bites. I know I have to be patient. Luckily I've saved up enough to be able to hold out for about 2 months (and assuming that my unemployment benefits application is accepted). I just don't ever want to have to "settle" for a job again. If it's something that I have to do everyday, then it needs to be something that I am happy and passionate about doing.

              Are there other observations related to the moon that would be helpful?
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    I've have interviewed during a Mercury Retrograde successfully with extra prep work. The problem for me is if I actually am hired during that time. For me, the jobs have usually been short lived either I was unhappy or they were unhappy with me. Last year in November 2005 when Saturn retrograded thru Cancer opposing my Capricorn Sun and Mercury retrograded too, I was fired from a temp job I was excelling in at the beginning and then suddenly couldn't put two and two together towards the end.....I wasn't supposed to be there (at that job) I know that now , But I was devistated and embarrassed at the time.

    I went for a job interview the week of June 18 but the company won't be making there decision until
    after the July 4 holiday...if the offer it to me....well....I'm not sure....I really need the money.