Why am I suddenly obsessed with Scorpio's?

topic posted Thu, February 16, 2006 - 12:16 AM by  kelly
I just can't get them out of my head. I just can't learn enough about them.

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    Because you live in Kentuky?
    • I don't see the connection.
      • I, too, obsess. Different times. Different signs. It can go for months or years. It always happens in pairs. Taurus/Scorp, Pisces/Virgo, etc. It's like, at these times all I can notice is the virgoness of a place or a person. Or, in idividuals, I feel I can intuit what house is being ruled by the particular sign that I'm fixating on. Or I try to guess. I figure its just the universe helping me get my astrology on. The Mountain Astrologer put out a year's worth of themed issues. One for each sign. Get your hands on the Scorpio one. I found the articles to be really enlightening. I'm assuming its possible to get your hands on back issues.

        • i, too, was once obsessed with scorpios. couldn't get enough of them. slept with a couple, its true - its fab.

          suddenly, i began to get nothing but bad energy from any and all scorpios. since then i have kept my distance. only recently have i been open to the idea of befriending scorpios.

          just another angle :)
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            That one is funny! I seem to attract them in all shapes and forms. I guess being a Cancer we just connect. 2 of my closest gf are Scorpios. I too have picked up some bad energy from some and I have to keep my distance, but you know what? They always come back as my friends. Damn water signs!:) But I love them all dearly. They are very sexual people by far!! Oh, and reserved to the T and like to keep to themselves. Men especially- very much like to be by themselves. My grandpa was one too. they are all good people.
  • Join the club honey baby, you can't visit an Astro tribe without Scorpio threads cropping up left and right.
    • "Join the club honey baby, you can't visit an Astro tribe without Scorpio threads cropping up left and right. "

      It is always interesting (and amusing) how this happens, but not especially suprising. The Scorpio archetype represents several things that we, as "civil" people are not supposed to think or talk about.

      Of course, when you tell a child not to open a box, whats the first thing the child will do after you leave the room? ;)
  • Aren't we all?
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      Does such a silly thread warrant a silly answer, hmmmm. Perhaps. I've noticed on many tribes and tribe threads devoted to all things Scorpio a preponderance of folks trying to use their 'Scorpioness', and its alleged 'hyper' sexuality, as a device to get laid, to cash in on the hype. Pretty simple. Boring, yawn....

      I have attracted, in my own life, a hugely disproportionate number of Plutonians and 8th house folk (only 1 actual 'Scorpio'--my mother). It has always been the case, since well before I knew a planet from a star. I think it would be unfair to ascribe the whole Pluto phenomenon to Scorpio, or vice versa. That seems too simplistic to me. Haha, the only Scorpio I ever 'had' was my first real boyfriend. He wasn't all that...
      • Hey D - have you been reading The Hard to Get Plutonian Playbook of something?

        ps - on this thread, mothers don't count as having had a scorpio. I believe that it would have been she who had you, dear :-)
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          Hi Steve, I thought we 'choose' our parents or something... That line of thinking. Yes, she had me alright! She just called, not 10 minutes ago. Too bad I was already on the phone with an ER doctor about a patient. Couldn't talk to her. I'll call her back tho, maybe...
        • Hey steve. Me mom scorpio. Yes she had me. but... I did between the age of 17-19 1/2 disapear off her radar. She thought I might be "Dead". Close. I was folowing them around.
          But all my life, except that time ,I have also HAD my Mom. tough sometimes. They talk about such a "high standard" for them.. Well hell yes. sorta imposible to live up to too. Shes learning though, now that I am me, she is she, & we can except each other for that. more equals now. WHEW!!...
          • Hi kelly,

            Maybe your horney, LOL Most Scorpio's can't get enough, LOL:)~
            • "Hi kelly,

              Maybe your horney, LOL Most Scorpio's can't get enough, LOL:)~ "

              This woman speaks the truth.
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                True Dat... My Scorpio is rising!!! hehehehe ;-)
                • LOL you got scorpians down there. I'm not complaining but I dislike them going thru my handbag, another scorpionic trait :(
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    I'm curious - whats going through a handbag have to do with scorpio's?
                    • > whats going through a handbag have to do with scorpio's?

                      heh, heh, stereotypes ..... and like we are the only ones that get horny, lol

                      • LOL Ozai I agree. Sadly my last tete-a-tete lacked much needed passion leaving me with the feeling that sex is overrated. It's not exactly number 1 on my list of things to do. In my spare time I surf the net looking for a beautiful town to move to, must have parks and water nearby....oh yes a bookstore too. Once found I use the zip code to find a home. I fall asleep fantacising about renovating and decorating my new home.

                        The handbag reference was jokingly directed to the rumor that Scorpions are by nature, detectives and want to know everything about they're lastest obcession.
                        • It’s funny that the interest in Scorpio energy is always seen as sexual.
                          I see the energy more in Mystery, intrigue, Strong fixed emotions. Power.
                          I see this relating to sex on a ethereal basis. The raw energy of the heart. Also the almost selfish determination to go strait for the Target.
                          This is more on many other levels than just sex.
                          Many of the Scorpio strong people I know are strong in Mind. I guess we all like a good (Mind Loving)
                          Is then the Be-ing good in bed, more in the Mind than the….other parts??LOL. Well YES!!
                          So what about Virgo’s energy, to be bright, Beautiful, visual,ect
                          Cancers energy to be caring, intuitive, creative.ect
                          Aqu. exciting ,inventive. Ect.
                          All have there attributes that make love a wonderful thing. Yes.. But I guess everybody gets fits of,, “Tall Dark & Mysterious” ..LOL.
                          Also maybe a little fear, to get the heart pumping, among other things. LOL
                          • To interpret the <strong mind> is too intense for the Sag to try and comprehend right now. I blew it. The sex is too good to leave behind. Damn you Scorps......
                            • So the pain stories folks have is heaven at the time, As high as you can get. The (Mind Love) you feel in your self. Then the (Mind F*!^) when its gone. Like the withdraw from a powerful drug.

                              The Scorpio DT's LOL.... thats funny..
                              Like I said before> If you put your hand in the fire & get burned, Is it the fires falt.
                              When handling fire have care for them, & your self.
                          • "This is more on many other levels than just sex. "

                            Good post Dragon.
                            The sex is a a logical consequence of Scorpio's driven determination to hit the critical targets in every game s/he plays.
                            • <<Scorpio's driven determination to hit the critical targets in every game s/he plays. >>

                              This is exactly what I'm talkn' about. Accomplished in a passive manner. I have learned the Scorp values patience. They take the time to evaluate and think before reacting.. This I find, counter balances the Sags... spontaneous actions and reactions. The question is.. Is the Scorp worth slowing down for.
                              • Scorpio in a vacuum or in and of itself might take time to brood over things. How any sign expresses itself in real life will primarily depend upon the planets involved and the houses that they play in. Scorpio Mars on my ascendant in the 1st house (like I have) doesn't play out in the same way that it would in the 12th or the way that Saturn in the same position would. I've never heard any complaints about my Mars being a slow poke.
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                                  If Pluto symbolizes an overtone of Mars (Mars as the physical passion of intercourse), then it may represent the invisible processes of conception. Plutonic sex erupts whenever the genetic conduits, or the DNA matrix, between lovers are engaged. In its most literal expression, these lovers are overwhelmed by a strong mutual desire to procreate. Beyond the procreation contracts between lovers, less literal modes of plutonic sex do not reproduce offspring yet contribute significantly to furthering the evolutionary goals of DNA.

                                  Under some Pluto transits involving conjunctions and oppositions-especially to the Moon, Venus, Mars, and Sun-powerful transformative sexual encounters can be triggered that have little or nothing to do with falling in love, getting married, having babies or buying furniture. These experiences may also defy the usual categories of "hot, casual sex," "one-night stands," "affairs" and any other concept our mind struggles to pigeonhole the event.

                                  Sometimes, the planet (yes, our planet Earth) arranges for meetings between certain individuals for purposes of its own. These lovers may feel a pull of fate towards each other. Or, a kind of "persona meltdown" where personal pretenses dissolve and leave the lovers in a terribly vulnerable, essence-to-essence fusion experience. Without any apparent choice in the matter, the heat and light of bio-psychic energies rapidly escalate between them. Many images surface to consciousness, as their minds grapple with categories and behaviors to match the immediately confounding reality. No image fits; many explode, as if into thin air.

                                  Realizing all this, the lovers either run from each other or stay together and surrender to the experience. If they surrender, new information emerges about why they met and what they must do with these intense transformative energies. With continual surrender, the lovers dawn on the solemn revelation that the Earth Herself has arranged their meeting and that the energies evoked are not for personal gratification but for feeding Her.

                                  They may still make love, but do so as part of a larger cosmic ceremony involving a third partner, who happens to be planet Earth; a planetary menage-a-trois. Each ceremony differs depending on the personal resistance and excitements, culturally-conditioned programs and intuitive sensibilities of the lovers.
                                  • Speaking from the perspective of a scorpio female, my "encounters" are exactly as you described and sometimes seem as if, a desire is fueled by a cosmic purpose. > part of a larger cosmic ceremony involving a third partner, who happens to be planet Earth; a planetary menage-a-trois.< This doesn't happen every year or even every other year, but when it does, you go with the flow.
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    You said that you have Jupiter and Pluto in Scorpio in your 2/3 houses.

    Right now transiting Jupiter is in Scorpio and will be until November 23. This could explain some of your interest in Scorpio.
    • ok, I am new to the group and you sucked me in... so can you please help answer my question too?
      i know why i am obsessed with a scorpio... he is freiken hot.. a stud.. he would challenge me mentally, physically and spiritually... Oh how i would melt if he would slip into my mind and reveal his passionate side... yet... i can not have him... and must silently suffer while letting my fingers run away with my anonimous thoughts....

      soooo.... my question being... How do i stop dreaming about him?

      Oh i swear, if i was not hot and bothered already this thread would have done it... but noooo all it did was add fule to the fire! I mean, all i have to do is let his face pop into my mind for a breif moment and i am tormented by his mear exsistance till i have spent hours tossing and turning in my cold and lonely bed. please help... is there any hope of me getting him out of my mind. i mean, not that i do not want him and all... but i do not have much hope of actually getting him... soo please help me stop thinking about him.
      • Jamie:
        Are by any chance a cancer??

        Other than that. Like any drug you are trying to kick. Stay busy, Physicly & mentaly.
        Get out and socalize w/ friends. The body forgets if you replace the empty space in you w/ something else. A good friend/lover that knows whats up, can help too.
        • Drag.... i am aquarious not cancer.... though i have a freind who is a cancer... and i have tried to stay busy.. in fact i have all but avoided him and gone out of my way to date other men who did not even come half way up to the par that he represents, all in an effort to move on to someone else... that does not get him out of my mind. and the body can not forget? the body has never tasted cuz he is a gentlman of the utmost moral fiber.... all i know is it has been almost three months since he said something over the phone that about made my heart stop as i swallowed my own breath..... and i can still hear his vioce when he noted how silent i had become. I am still silent... and crying myself to sleep for it.
          • I think I've figured out what it is. If the MC is opposite the IC, then my IC is in Scorpio. I have solved the mystery!
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              Kelly --

              With Scorpio at your IC, your obsessions may be tied into the sense of home and belonging you feel in the presence of Scorpio sun people who have only to show up to warm up and illuminate the innermost recesses of your soul. You feel at home around Scorpio energy and that can also warm up your DNA (your biological clock) and the feelings for bonding towards a future together.

              On the other hand, if you rely too much on the Scorpio person as a "ground" for your life, it may result in a slowing down of your own emotional maturity for grounding yourself in yourself (your own Scorpio inner nature). I have Pisces at my IC and for fifteen years, I was obsessed with Pisces women until I woke up to my deeper need for claiming the IC as my own, ie., grounding myself in myself (my own Piscean inner nature). As soon as I did this, the obsession went away and so did all the Piscean women.

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