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topic posted Fri, January 16, 2009 - 6:50 AM by  Lawrence
What is your take on a solar eclipse opposing someone's sun as opposed to being conjunct someone's sun?

The eclipse of January 26 is on my sister's sun and opposite mine..
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    Sat, January 17, 2009 - 5:51 PM
    Eclipses have to be viewed in relation to what Saros Cycle they fall in. For example, on Jan. 26, the eclipse will be at 6 Aquarius and part of the 11 North Saros Cycle. On July 22, there will be an eclipse at 29 Cancer at 11 South, which is 6 degrees away from 6 Leo, the opposing degree to 6 Aquarius. So these two eclipses are mates to one another. Usually, if the first eclipse is in conjunction with your Sun, the following eclipse will probably form a close opposition, though it could exceed 4-5 degrees.

    So you view the Jan. 26 eclipse and its mate eclipse together. You also closely watch the New Moon that squares 6 Aquarius, which will occur on April 25 at 5 Taurus. Sometimes events related to the eclipse occur when the New Moon squares the eclipse point.

    I had an eclipse on a natal (2nd house) Sun/Uranus conjunction one year in May, found out near early September about a pending job loss, then lost the job in October. The "mate" eclipse occurred in Nov. at 1 Sagittarius, which opposed my Sun/Uranus conjunction as well as my natal Venus. The loss proved to be beneficial in the long run, however. (I should mention that there were plenty of other things going on at the time, so the eclipse was not the only thing in effect. I was experiencing a Saturn return, had Pluto opposing Saturn, Uranus opposing the Moon.)

    In some cases, such as eclipses on Mercury and Venus, the opposition may work through other people, or relationships may be affected.

    I have just posted a blog on my web site that goes into a lot of detail about this eclipse's axis of 6 Aquarius/6 Leo, and gives some observations based on events that have occurred with this degree (viewed as 7 Aquarius/7 Leo if rounded up) in the past. It's on my site in the Articles section.

    Michele Adler

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