Grant Lewi and Heliocentric Planetary Nodes

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I checked out the Heliocentric Nodes in the chart of Grant Lewi who re-discovered them did extensive mathematic studies on the validity of them throughout the 1930's, and use the Node studies in Astrological consultations,research,and writings beginning in the 1940's.

For him to be such a spokesperson for the Heliocentric Planetary, it would make sense for him to have strong connections to the Heliocentric Nodes involving personal planets/points for him to be so involved in the use of them in Astrology.

Does he?

Well....lets see..

June 8, 1902
Albany NY, USA
8:30 AM

Using no more than 2 degree orb
major aspects only

Heliocentric Mercury Nodes in 17'10 Taurus/Scorpio - collective mental activity,thoughts,communications,media
square Jupiter in 17'14 Aquarius - in friction with expansion,judgment,beliefs,optimism

Heliocentric Venus Nodes in 15'48 Gemini/Sagittarius - collective love,relationships,values,aesthetics
conjunct/oppose Sun in 16'48 Gemini - merge/odds with ego,self expression,vitality,masculine
trine/sextile Jupiter in 17'14 Aquarius - in harmony/support with expansion,judgment,beliefs

Heliocentric Mars Nodes in 18'48 Taurus/Scorpio - collective assertion,action,passion,physical drive
sextile/trine Moon in 19'28 Cancer - in support/in harmony with emotional nature,feelings,instincts,feminine
square Jupiter in 17'14 Aquarius - in friction with expansion,judgment,beliefs,optimism

Heliocentric Neptune Nodes in 10'42 Leo/Aquarius - collective dissolution,idealism,imagination,inspiration
conjunct/oppose Ascendant/Descendant in 9'34 Leo/Aquarius - merge/odds with persona/relationships

Heliocentric Pluto Nodes in 18'59 Cancer/Capricorn - collective transformation,regeneration,intensity
conjunct/oppose Moon in 19'28 Cancer - merge with/at odds ith emotional nature,feelings,instincts,feminine

Heliocentric Eris Nodes in 4'38 Taurus/Scorpio - collective diversity,equality,discord, ideology that unites/divides leading to inclusion/exclusion
conjunct/oppose Venus in 5'07 Taurus - love,relationships,values,aesthetics

Grant Lewi has all of his big 3 (Sun,Moon,and Ascendant) in conjunct/opposition to Heliocentric Planetary Nodes. He was pretty much Heliocentric Planetary Node Man! There is no wonder that he was the big advocate of the Heliocentric Planetary Nodes. He was strongly connected to collective planetary energy, and he was a spokesperson for the collective planetary energy which the Heliocentric Planetary Nodes are.

His Sun conjunct/oppose Heliocentric Venus Nodes is the same as Earth oppose/conjunct Heliocentric Venus Nodes.
Earth in Heliocentric Chart is always exactly opposite the Sun in Geocentric Chart.

Cosmobiologist Pamela Rowe wrote the following:

If the theory holds water we can expect, when glancing down the list of dates when the Geocentric Sun is conjunct the individual Heliocentric Planetary Nodes, that the dates are close to pivotal world events. Also the birthdays of famous and infamous people, who made or continue to make, an impact on the group consciousness of society. The type of impact made is described by the interpretation of the particular Planetary Node."

Grant Lewi knew all about his heliocentric node aspects except for the heliocentric Eris Nodes. Grant Lewi died in 1951 which was 54 years before the discovery of Pluto's fellow transneptunian dwarf planet Eris, and so he had no way of knowing he had aspects to the Eris Nodes. Of course, he didn't know about Pluto's fellow transneptunians with the first being discovered in 1992.

I believe when Astrologers are heavily interested in certain subjects, it's often because they have strong personal astrological connection to them just like Grant Lewi's case with the Heliocentric Planetary Nodes.

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