Interracial Relationships

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Hi all,

There was a thread about astrological indicators for homosexuality, and so I decided to start a thread about astrological indicators for interracial relationships. Somebody said that homosexual relationships are unconventional,and so it would be a good idea to check out Uranus and Neptune. I feel that Uranus and Neptune could be involved in interracial relationships in some way too. I believe it can be hard to distinguish interracial relationship indicators from homosexual relationship indicators. Sagittarius and 9th house could be.

Just like I believe that there are no definite astrological indicators for homosexuality,I believe that there are no definite indicate astrological indicators for interracial relationships.

I am curious what do you think about interracial relationship indicators in Astrology. I wonder what you think would indicator interracial relationships. Do you think that they are similar to indicators for homosexuality?

Here are just a few examples

Loving v. Virginia, 388 U.S. 1 (1967), was a landmark civil rights case in which the United States Supreme Court declared Virginia's anti-miscegenation statute, the "Racial Integrity Act of 1924", unconstitutional, thereby overturning Pace v. Alabama (1883) and ending all race-based legal restrictions on marriage in the United States.
Sun square Uranus-Pluto conjunction
Venus conjunct Sun/Uranus midpoint
June 12,1967

Mildred Loving believes that gay marriage bans are a civil rights issue just like interracial marriage bans were

I was born from an interracial relationship (white mother,black
father) with history of interracial romances with white women and in
interracial relationship with white woman
TSquare of 5th house ruler(Saturn) in 9th oppose the conjunction of 7th house ruler(Neptune) and 4th/7th house ruler Jupiter(traditional ruler of Pisces)in Sagittarius in 3rd , Moon in Pisces squaring that opposition
Venus parallel Neptune
9th house ruler (Saturn) contraparallel Venus and 7th house ruler(Neptune)
Uranus in Libra quincunx Descendant
October 29, 1971
3:20 AM
San Francisco,California

My mother's interracial relationship/romance indicator including child
from interracial relationship(me) and interracial marriage with a black man(my stepfather),relationships with other black men....she's never been involved with a white guy
Neptune in 5th square the conjunction of 9th house ruler (Uranus) and Venus
Venus parallel Uranus
June 13, 1954
6:26 AM

My father
Venus in Sagittarius
Moon in Pisces
Jan 2, 1941
New Orleans,Louisiana
unknown birthtime

My girlfriend's interracial relationship indicators:
7th house ruler(Mercury) trine Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius in 9th
Jupiter-Uranus in Sagittarius in 9th square Pisces Ascendant
Sun trine Jupiter-Uranus in Sagittarius in 9th
Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune in Sagittarius
Moon-Saturn-Pluto in 7th sextile stationary Neptune in Sagittarius
Mars sesquiquadrate Jupiter-Uranus
Mars trine Neptune in Sagittarius
March 30, 1983
5:24 AM
Great Falls,Montana


Sidney Poitier, star of Guess Who's Coming To Dinner(movie about a
white woman engaged to black man,and they visit her parents and see
her fiance for first time), married a white Lithuanian-Canadian woman
and has 2 daughters with her
Venus conj 5th house ruler Uranus in Pisces
9th house ruler (Mercury) conjunct Venus in Pisces
February 20, 1927
9:00 PM

Sammy Davis Jr, black entertainer who dated white actress Kim
Novak,married Swedish actress May Britt(marriage caused
controversy,there were deaththreats) and had a daughter with her
Neptune in 5th trine Sun-Mercury conjunction in 9th
Venus in Aquarius in 11th
December 8, 1925
1:20 PM
New York,New York

Tiger Woods (Asian,Black,with some white) married a Swedish woman and
has a child with her
Moon conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius
9th house ruler(Venus) square 5th house ruler(Saturn)
Dec 30, 1975
10:50 PM

OJ Simpson had a white wife,and had children by her. He has been
romantically involved with other white women. Come to think of it,it seems like he is into only white women since being with Nicole
Venus conjunct/parallel Uranus, Moon in Pisces in 8th square Uranus
July 9, 1947
8:08 AM
San Francisco,CA

Tina Turner had relationships with white men
Venus in Sagittarius in 5th square the opposition of Jupiter in Pisces in 8th and Neptune in Virgo in 2nd
Nov 6, 1939
10:10 PM

Donna Summer, black female singer who married a German, Helmet Sommer
and had children with him
Venus in Sagittarius in 4th sextile 7th/8th house ruler Neptune
9th house ruler Mars in 5th quincunx Uranus
Dec 31, 1948
9:00 PM

John Lennon, a song artist who married Japanese woman,Yoko Ono,and had
a kid with her
9th house ruler(Jupiter) oppose Mercury in 7th
Moon in Aquarius in 11th oppose Pluto in 5th
October 9, 1940
6:30 PM

Bruce Lee, Chinese Martial Artist/Actor married a white woman,Linda
and had children(Brandon,Sharon) with her
9th house ruler (Sun) oppose Descendant,quincunx Jupiter in 5th
Nov 27, 1940
7:12 AM
San Francisco,California

Dennis Rodman, black basketball player married white woman,Carmen
Electra, married another white woman and had children with her, and
briefly dated Madonna
7th house ruler Moon square Jupiter in Aqaurius,oppose Neptune
Mercury in 5th square Pluto in 9th
May 13, 1961
12:10 AM
Trenton,New Jersey

Diana Ross,black singer publicly dated Ryan O'Neal and Gene
Simmons,married Norwegian Tycoon Arne Nasse and has children with
him ,married her manager,Robert Ellis Silberstein and had children
with him
Sun in 5th trine Pluto-North Node conjunction in 9th
7th house ruler Venus in Pisces in 5th square Uranus in Gemini in 7th
March 26, 1944
11:46 PM

Quincy Jones, black music producer who married a Swedish woman and had
son with her, married white actress Peggy Lipton(Mod Squad) and had
kids with her,and was in relationship with German actress,Natassja
Kinski and had a daughter with her
Venus in Pisces in 5th oppose Jupiter and Neptune
March 14, 1933
8:40 pm

Robert Deniro ,actor who married black actress Dianne Abbot and had a
son with her,long term relationship black model Toukie Smith and had
sons with her,married black woman Grace Hightower and had son with her
Moon in Pisces in 9th square Uranus
August 17, 1943
3:00 AM
New York,New York

Michael Jackson black singer who dated Tatum O'Neal, married Lisa
Marie Presley,and married Debbie Rowe and had 2 children with her
Moon in Pisces square 9th house ruler (Saturn) in Sagittarius in 7th
Venus trine 9th house ruler(Saturn in Sagittarius in 7th
Venus conj/parallel Uranus
7th house ruler Jupiter conj/parallel Neptune in 5th
Moon sesquiquadrate Neptune in 5th
August 29, 1958
11:53 PM (rectification,Basil Fearington)

David Bowie, English singer married to Somalian supermodel, Iman and
has a daughter with her
9th house ruler (Pluto) conjunct Moon in 7th
Venus in Sagittarius
9th house ruler quincunx Uranus in Gemini in 5th
Jan 8, 1947
9:00 AM
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    Re: Interracial Relationships

    Sun, March 9, 2008 - 11:58 PM
    I dunno what to say about this... but I'm a white woman from the U.S. who has had many relationships
    or flings with people of other races/cultures. (Turkish, Indian, Gambian, black American).

    Also, in general I'm just really interested in learning from other people about their differing cultures.

    My sun is in Sagittarius, which I have usually attributed this to, but I have other Sagittarian friends
    who haven't done so... so who knows?

    Sun: Sag
    Moon: Aquarius
    Mars: Capricorn
    Ascendant: Virgo
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    Re: Interracial Relationships

    Mon, March 10, 2008 - 8:49 AM
    I am in an interracial relationship of four years and counting.

    I have Rahu the North Node in the 7th house, which is supposed to make you marry a "foreigner".
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      Re: Interracial Relationships

      Mon, March 10, 2008 - 9:40 AM

      My mother's Vedic chart has Rahu conjunct Mars in Sagittarius in her 7th house.

      My Vedic Astrology chart has 12th house lord/Ketu's dispositor, Moon in Satabisha(nakshatra ruled by Rahu) in 7th house. I read that 12th house rules distant lands.....hmmmmmmmm......I have thought about what it would be like to marry a woman from Europe and Australia in the past.
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        Re: Interracial Relationships

        Mon, March 10, 2008 - 10:07 AM
        I haven't slept or been involved with someone born in the US in like 15 years or something like that.

        (oh wait, there was that creole girl in 2002...)

        Does this count?

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        Re: Interracial Relationships

        Mon, March 10, 2008 - 2:21 PM

        I have the THE RULERSHIP BOOK by Rex E. Bills

        according to the book:

        mixtures,mixing (Uranus,Neptune)
        Negroes (Saturn)
        mulattoes (Saturn,Neptune)
        half-caste (Uranus)
        darkness,darkplaces,dark persons: Saturn,Capricorn
        foreignness,foreigners: Uranus (Jupiter)

        these are just related to color: not sure if it relates to sub-races:
        white: Moon,Neptune,Pisces (Venus,Libra,Aries)
        black: Saturn,Capricorn (Pluto)
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          Re: Interracial Relationships

          Mon, March 10, 2008 - 2:49 PM
          Um I don't think this is correct. Just because pluto is a dark planet doesn't mean that it is an indicator of darker skinned people. I wonder what was the authors reason for assigning a planet to certain racial groups.
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            Re: Interracial Relationships

            Mon, March 10, 2008 - 7:59 PM

            the Pluto one was listed under the color black....but not actual sub-race.....that's why I said that I am not sure if it has to do with subrace

            well....the mulatto makes sense

            as a mulatto, I have been referred to as being "confused" and told that I don't know what I am. When there were racial categories, I was confused about which one should I pick because they told me only to pick one. I was confused about my identity and who I was for a long time...I even wondered if I was adopted because my mom being really affected me when it came to romantic relations with females

            on the positive side, being a mulatto was a factor in my belief in unity and universal love about how we can all get along. I wrote a poem called Unity before I knew about Astrology and finding out that I have Moon in Pisces square Neptune
            my mother's Neptune in 5th house square 5th house ruler,Venus seems to reflect having me .

            I also didn't feel like I was different and didn't fit in when I was growing up,and so I can see the Uranus. I believe that should all get along as brothers,sisters....I could relate to the brotherhood/sisterhood.......I believe in progression....

            I feel that my multiethnic background factors into my being very liberal
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              Re: Interracial Relationships

              Mon, March 10, 2008 - 8:08 PM
              "I also didn't feel like I was different""

              I made a dyslexic error.....

              I meant to say I also did feel like I was different
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    Re: Interracial Relationships

    Mon, March 10, 2008 - 10:55 AM
    I think races are included into the "foreign affairs" issues of the 9th house and its planet, Jupiter. And that is if the people of different race are indeed of foreign grounds and different environments. Otherwise, races aren't a special department of astro use. As far as the Universe is concerned, there are no races.
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      Re: Interracial Relationships

      Mon, March 10, 2008 - 2:01 PM

      I don't think Jupiter by itself is an unconventional planet ......I think it fits more with the mainsteam.....especially in Vedic Astrology too. Jupiter is considered the benefic in that system. In Vedic Astrology,Saturn is actually considered an unworldly planet because to them,it's the most outerplanet in their astrological system. It's considered a malefic in that system.

      I guess sub-race would be a more appropriate term. There is definitely a difference between black and white. relationships between the two still raise quite a few eyebrows. Heck.....interracial family for that mother and I definitely had unfriendly looks
    • Re: Interracial Relationships

      Mon, March 10, 2008 - 7:03 PM
      These are just some of my observations:

      1. Moon in Sagittarius 4th house - a comfort level with foreigners, especially if aspected by Uranus and/ or Venus. These people tend to be born outside their birth country. For instance a white girl in Nigeria.

      2. Sun/ Jupiter in Sagittarius 9th house - a want to explore, travel and be in different places. I have read exchange students who are into backpacking trips with their peers with this aspect. Sun conjunct Jupiter as well. Jupiter also means learning or teaching in other places - varsities, ashrams, and the like.

      3. Uranus in 11th house of friends and contacts and/ or 5th house. Aspecting Venus if romantic. Aspecting Mars if work- related. Hard aspects tend to mean tough relationships - lots of sudden moving about, not able to meet with girlfriend or family due to work commitments or some such thing. Soft aspects usually mean serendipitous meetings in odd places but also long- lasting relationships.

      4. Venus in Aquarius orSagittarius aspecting Uranus as above or Jupiter as in point 2.
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        Re: Interracial Relationships

        Mon, March 10, 2008 - 8:21 PM

        I don't have any of those placements.....I am born from an interracial relationship and in an interracial relationship
        My maternal uncle had a Filipino wife,and he doesn't have those placements either.

        also....I would think that the Sun,Mars(animus) and anima(Moon,Venus) could play a part

        Like my girlfriend has Sun trine Jupiter-Uranus in Sagittarius in 9th ,and that can fit with her relationship with me. Her Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus,Mars trine Neptune can too.
        but in the whole sign house system, her Jupiter-Uranus is not in 9th but the 10th

        I have Moon square Jupiter-Neptune in Sagittarius involving my mother, but also my interracial relationship with my girlfriend.

        in whole house sign house system,my Moon is in involves relationships
        in the whole sign house system, my Jupiter-Neptune in Sagittarius are in the 4th house instead of 3rd house.......that would reflect my multiethnic heritage but also the confusion involving my roots including my mom never knew her mother and I never my father.
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      Re: Interracial Relationships

      Mon, March 10, 2008 - 7:15 PM
      I have Taurus in the ninth house, and I've been involved with several foreign folks (of differing races/religions).
      as well as a couple of "domestic" folks of a different race than me.

      I agree... it's probably not about race so much as it is about an attraction to people of different cultures.
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    Re: Interracial Relationships

    Mon, March 10, 2008 - 11:14 AM
    Here's a planetary correspondence between the general racial groups (I know there are many more specific races than seven), according to my teacher's interpretation of Parasara's Graha Sutras, one of the ancient sources of Vedic astrology. It's arguable that the ancient world was much more "cosmopolitan" than modern scholars realize, with communication and trade between all the races on earth.

    There is a chapter in Graha Sutras that talks about the "complexions" of the planets. Most Vedic astrologers have interpreted this as meaning the colors of the planets. For example, Parasara states that Mercury is the complexion of dry grass, and Vedic astrologers interpret this as green for Mercury. But dry grass is really yellowish-brown, which would be an Asian complexion.

    Sun - East Indian (Parasara = "red brown")
    Moon - Caucasian/European (Parasara = "fair limbed")
    Mars - Native American (Parasara = "not very large bodied and red")
    Mercury - Asian (Parasara = "in the manner of brown grass")
    Jupiter - Middle Eastern/Persian (Parasara = "fair limbed")
    Venus - Polynesian (Parasara = "brown")
    Saturn - African (Parasara = "dark bodied")

    I don't know if this really works in determining the race of your partner. But in terms of my current relationship, which is the longest so far, you could see this technique working in my chart. My boyfriend is half-Filipino and half-black. Saturn rules my 7th house of relationship, and Saturn and Venus, the planet of love and relationships, are both in Mercury's sign. So you have Mercury (Asian) and Saturn (African) being the most dominant influences to my relationship indicators in the chart. But it seems like this probably wouldn't work in most people's charts. Maybe there has to already be an indication of interracial relationship, and once that is determined this technique can help predict the type of race. Something to consider.

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      Re: Interracial Relationships

      Mon, March 10, 2008 - 11:22 AM
      Well, I don't know where in heck I would hope to find such inclinations in my chart (or that it would ultimately matter), but I have a very high preference for "Other" and "New" and "Different" historically, being almost always involved with "foreigners" or "outsiders"

      I think this definitely applies to intimacies as it does to interests.

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        Re: Interracial Relationships

        Mon, March 10, 2008 - 11:57 AM
        Other and new and different - that's Rahu the North Node. That's why Rahu in the 7th or with the 7th lord can mean relating to foreigners. Rahu always brings something unfamiliar and strange into our consciousness.
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          Re: Interracial Relationships

          Mon, March 10, 2008 - 1:45 PM

          What about Ketu

          My Maternal Uncle Eddie has Rahu in 1st and so he has Ketu in 7th........his first wife was Filipino,and he has 2 children by her.
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            Re: Interracial Relationships

            Mon, March 10, 2008 - 1:55 PM
            in his regular chart

            He has Moon in Aquarius in 6th oppose Uranus-Ascendant
            if using whole sign house system, his Moon is in Aquarius(I am considering changing to whole sign house system)
            Moon widely square Neptune
            Jupiter in Sagittarius in 5th

            I am thinking Eris might be involved seems

            Eris is a body that orbits beyond Pluto,and so it's a very outerbody and is a scattered disk object,and it doesn't have an orbit like the planets up to Neptune. Therefore, it's a nonconformist energy like Pluto is. The discovery of Eris led to a lot of controversy and led to discord among the astronomers ..especially leading to redefining the planetary boundaries that led to the demotion of Pluto(it was assigned a minor planet number). Some astrologers agree with that,and other astrologers disagree.

            Like Eris' co-discoverer,Michael Brown said that the mythological goddess of Discord,Eris caused strife among men by making them think that their opinions are right and others are wrong.

            There is like a diversity,divergence about Eris that calls for the tolerance of others. Of course,many people are intolerant of others,and so there can be bigotry.

            The Jupiter Perihelion/Aphelion axis and the Eris Perihelion/Aphelion axis are aligned with each other regularly with the Heliocentric Uranus Nodes trine/sextile them. so the orbits of Jupiter,Uranus,and Eris are connected.
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              Re: Interracial Relationships

              Mon, March 10, 2008 - 7:20 PM
              I also have Moon in Aquarius in the sixth, which means he (like me) has Taurus
              in the ninth house. According to a random website I was looking at recently:

              The native is affectionately disposed toward travel, foreigners, foreign countries and products of foreign countries. Anything in sharp contrast to the native's own birth origins or background or original mode of thinking is foreign to him/her. The Taurus influence on this house suggests an approach to religious and philosophical issues that is steeped in traditional values. The native is happiest (and TAURUS PERSONALITIES NEED TO FEEL HAPPY) when associated with some cause, law, religion, educational pursuit or publishing enterprise. (from:
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    Re: Interracial Relationships

    Mon, March 10, 2008 - 2:46 PM
    I think you were wise to point out the 9th house influence. I was reading in one of my astrology books that if a person has Venus in the 9th house they will most likley marry a foriegner. I think this influence is more likley to indicate a partner from far away. You may want to read further into the 9th house.
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      Re: Interracial Relationships

      Mon, March 10, 2008 - 7:22 PM
      or if the ninth house is in taurus... (which is ruled by venus, right?)

      that's in my chart, and I've dated a rainbow of nationalities/races/religions.
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        Re: Interracial Relationships

        Mon, March 10, 2008 - 8:23 PM
        Venus rules my 9th house too for I am a Virgo Ascendant, and it conjuncts my 1st house ruler, it relates to my multiethnic self
    • Re: Interracial Relationships

      Mon, March 10, 2008 - 7:46 PM
      I agree that the 9th house can definitely point to relationships with "foreigners," or persons from a different ethnicity than the native's family of origin when Venus or the moon are placed there.

      However, I'm not sure if Venus or the moon in Sagitarius will necessarily translate the same, because house placement does tend to influence the expression of the planet as well. But if these planets are also aspecting the ruler of the 9th house, then possibly you will get a similar outcome as Venus or the moon in the 9th.

      I have Venus conj Neptune in Scorpio in the 9th; with Venus ruling the 4th and 9th and Neptune ruling the 2nd. I've always had an affinity with and attraction to foreigners and person's from a different ethnicity than myself. I'm pretty much "color-blind," and am fascinated with cultural differences. I also have Mercury in Libra in the 9th with Mercury ruling the 5th and 8th.

      I've only had one interracial lover, but many romantic interests that never materialized with the same. I'm currently very interested in someone who is different from me, ethnically.

      I have also always attracted foreigners and persons of different ethnicities who find me very attractive and asked me out as soon as they met me! Even in grocery stores, gas stations, drive-thrus, bars, festivals, in my yard, anywhere, everywhere! LOL! I'm a magnet for them.

      Venus is quintile to Uranus in Virgo in the 7th; Uranus co-ruling the 1st house. Sag rules the 11th. Jupiter in Pisces in the 1st.
      North node in Leo in the 7th.
      Capricorn rising with Saturn in the 1st in Aquarius. Saturn sq Venus-Neptune conjunction, (and parallel Venus/contraparallel the moon and Pluto).

      Good food for thought. Thanks for posting this!
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        Re: Interracial Relationships

        Mon, March 10, 2008 - 8:30 PM

        good thing father had Venus in Sagittarius, and he was a black man who got involved with my white mother.
        no aspects to Uranus

        I noticed that you listed minor aspect, Venus quintile you think that those can be significant

        I have Venus decile(semiquintile) Uranus,and so maybe that could factor.....especially when my Uranus is in Libra
        My girlfriend has Venus triseptile Uranus

        I also wonder about midpoints

        I have Uranus semisquare Venus/Jupiter - '16

        I am losing interest in zodiac sign,house placements I focus mainly on the geometry,harmonics
        • Re: Interracial Relationships

          Mon, March 10, 2008 - 9:26 PM
          Yeah, Raymond, I do think that the Venus quintile Uranus is a factor in my relationships because I have ALWAYS attracted relationships and friendships that are colored favorably by this aspect. I think it is augmented by the 7th house placement of Uranus as well.

          Quintiles are "creative" aspects. They are subtle, and speak of gifts that require activation by us or an outward stimulus that bring them to our awareness. They are "there" but don't drive us. When someone's planets are in aspect, especially by a tight conjunction to one of the planets involved in the quintile, (or a transit), then we are motivated to use this energy and unfold its mystery layer by layer as we allow the energy to flow in and through us. This is how a quintile gift or talent gets developed so that others recognize it.

          Quintile "gifts" are universal in nature and not personal. Their origin is not "in us;" we are only the steward, not the owner. They are meant to be shared.

          In my case, I have always been challenged to be "open-ended" in my relationship style, and never allowed to be discriminating, (in the negative sense), or possessive, (even if I want to be! LOL!) This is a true challenge to my Venus in Scorpio! But relationships always bloom and multiply when I open up and let my love and affection flow in and through me to others in my environment and life.

          Just my opinion and observation.

          --- Deb

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            Re: Interracial Relationships

            Mon, March 10, 2008 - 10:24 PM

            Being an asteroid
            I have looked at asteroids in relating ethnicities/subraces,nationalities in charts for some time

            1193 Africa,6391 Africano,11207 Black,8766 Niger for Blacks
            10730 White,4478 Blanco for Whites/Caucasians
            6000 United Nations for Multiethnic (My maternal grandfather looked at a picture that he took of our family during Christmas and he remarked to my mother, United Nations....that was back in mother and I laughed a little........therefore,I was always thought of myself as having a United Nations family background)

            blanco is Spanish and Portuguese for white
            Niger seems to work with the n'word.....I had a close Niger transit when I was first called the n'word on my 9th birthday.....there was a Mercury-Niger aspect when Michael Richards went on the rant using the n'word a lot)

            Nodes of the asteroids can be looked at too if you're into evolutionary astrology......Jeffrey Wolf Green uses planetary nodes in evolutionary....and so I extended that concept to asteroids......Zipporah Dobyns Node Book included not only the planets,but also Ceres,Juno,Pallas,and Vesta. I also saw articles where she used nodes of other asteroids. That's what sparked my idea

            United Nations in 15'15 Leo
            Antivertex in 14'59 Leo in 11th/12th
            (Antivertex is an auxilliary ascendant being multiethnic)

            Ascendant in 13'27 Virgo
            Niger in 13'47 Scorpio in 3rd
            Africano in 12'38 Aries in 8th
            Eris in 12'15 Aries in 8th
            Midheaven in 11'14 Gemini
            (my being part black,divergent,involving diversity,equal/civil rights issues,experiencing racism...Niger could relate to the n'word which I have been called in the past)

            Moon in 3'11 Pisces in 6th
            White in 2'49 Pisces in 6th
            (white mother, white girlfriend)

            4th/7th house ruler Jupiter in 3rd/4th
            Blanco in 9'40 Aquarius in 5th
            North Lunar Node in 10'29 Aquarius in 5th
            Chiron in 10'32 Aries in 8th
            (White roots...romance,living with,partnership with white woman,...child that is part white)

            Mars in 25'54 Aquarius in 6th
            Black in 27'41 Aquarius in 6th
            (fighting with blacks,working with blacks, angering activism)

            Sun in 21'59 Gemini in 12th
            Pluto in 22'54 Leo in 3rd
            Niger in 23'26 Leo in 3rd
            Neptune in 23'25 Libra in 5th
            (That reflects her getting involved with a black man and having a part black child)

            5th house ruler Venus in 25'04 Cancer
            Africa in 26'06 Aries in 11th
            Africano in 25'25 Aries in 11th
            Chiron in 27'45 Capricorn in 8th
            (that reflects painful love/relationships,friendships with blacks.....with Venus as 5th house ruler,part black children)

            Moon in 18'51 Scorpio in 5th
            Vertex in 19'03 Scorpio in 5th
            White in 19'25 Virgo in 4th
            (White family background,mother.....part white child)

            United Nations in 4'14 Gemini in 12th.............I choose United Nations for multiethnic,multicultural
            Blanco in 4'14 Capricorn in 7th
            Saturn in 3'04 Scorpio in 5th
            (White father,....part white,multiethnic child)

            Black in 7'32 Gemini in 12th
            Midheaven in 8'57 Pisces
            Eris in 8'46 Aries in 10th
            (strongly connected to blacks, a mixed black,diverse family......racism affecting the family)

            my girlfriend:

            Sun in 9'14 Aries in 1st
            White in 9'30 Scorpio in 8th
            (father,identity is white)

            United Nations in 22'48 Pisces in 1st
            Vertex in 23'47 Virgo in 7th
            Africano in 23'33 Capricorn in 11th
            Midheaven in 22'41 Sagittarius
            (strongly connected to multiethnic people, multiethnic relationship partner)

            Mars in 25'29 Aries
            Black in 25'42 Aries
            Africano in 23'22 Capricorn in 11th
            (Mars is the attracted to men that are friends)

            7th house ruler Mercury in 13'27 Aries
            Eris in 15'10 Aries
            Venus in 13'24 Taurus in 2nd
            Niger in 15'36 Capricorn in 11th
            (love,relationships,friendships with blacks.....divergent partner)

            Blanco in 19'07 Gemini in 3rd
            Midheaven in 22'41 Sagittarius
            (White heritage)

            5th house ruler Moon in 1'25 Scorpio in 7th/near 8th
            Saturn in 2'45 Scorpio in 7th/near 8th
            Africa in 2'23 Capricorn
            (romantic partners, children that are part black)

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              Re: Interracial Relationships

              Mon, March 10, 2008 - 10:37 PM

              I left out something

              my Africa is in 11'15 Aries in 8th
              so closely conjunct my Africano, Eris,and Chiron
              sextile my Midheaven almost exact
              and closely sextile/trine Lunar Nodes
              • Unsu...

                Re: Interracial Relationships

                Mon, March 10, 2008 - 11:29 PM

                I left out something else

                My 5th house ruler Saturn in 5'08 Gemini in 9th....10th house if using whole sign house system
                My 7th house ruler Neptune is in 1'47 Sagittarius in 3rd ......4th house if using whole sign house system
                Moon in 3'11 Pisces in 6th.....7th house if using whole sign house system
                White in 2'49 Pisces in 6th....7th house if using whole sign house system
                (That indicates my relationship partner(7th house) being a white woman, but also feeling confused,uncertain(Neptune) about my white when I was a kid,"Why is my mom white,and I am not" and feeling like maybe I was adopted.
                Of course,other people called me "confused" because I am mixed. I also felt misunderstood(Moon-Neptune) about my white heritage by others. Also mainstream society(Saturn) trying to force me to fit me in box(Saturn) based on what they believe(9th house) like "one drop rule(if you are part Black,you're Black) which I have never accepted that I was one of only 4.6 percent of the USA population that marked down multiple boxes for race in the 2000 US Census. I was given a hard time for being involved with white women by blacks even though they were the color of my mother as not being "black enough" like talking(3rd house) like I am white. I find that very ridiculous. I admit that I wondered what it would be like being white when I was a child.

                another thing too is that even though I had a stepfather who was part black(he was lightskinnned and his mother passed for white, I never knew my black father nor any of his family. I never knew my black side of my family from my father's side.

                who am I?....what am I? has been major themes in my life.
                Those aren't things that astrologers would pick up by just looking at my Moon square Neptune.......those issues have been the strongest multiethnic ancestry has been my greatest challenge except for my Dyslexia,Dyspraxia,ADD.......but they are also the factors in why I believe in unity,universal love,and being idealistic in that way as well as believing in treating others like I want to be treated. I grew up admiring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr who had Moon in Pisces like my father,my maternal grandfather,and myself.

                I definitely believe that everything happen for a reason because the whole Universe has purpose. That's why I am into Asteroid Astrology and not just Astrology. I definitely believe in karma as well as karmic astrology.

                I believe that maybe I was a racist in pastlives and maybe even was a Nazi in a pastlife, and so now I am learning lessons in tolerance and diversity in both negative and positive ways.

  • FJ
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    Re: Interracial Relationships

    Tue, March 11, 2008 - 4:11 PM
    I actually did some research once: I teamed up with a black gay Aries woman to test whether or not astrlogy plays a role in homosexuality. We found that among gay men the signs Cancer and Gemini seem to take the cake and Aries and Taurus follow a close second. People with strong Uranus aspects were very common too.

    It forces us to try things from very unusual angles.

    Anyway, we came up with dozens and dozens of unbiased examples. There it was, staring us right in the face. I also dated a Taurus woman with Venus in Aries who turned out to be more into women than men, and in the end I believed she really wished I was a woman. We shared alot of intellectual and aesthetic ineterests, but sex for us always just kind of beat around the bush...(um, no pun intended). We weren't really able to comfortably consummate our relationship, emotionally that is. Note that this ex-girlfriend of mine had her Venus (a planet which is very strong for women, next to the Moon) in a masculine sign. I think sometimes this can play a role, when a female has her planets which indicate sexuality or romance in a masculine sign...and the same for men with a predominance of "feminine" planet. I don't really know what to think of this, as I don't really believe feminizing or masculinizing planets...but the stats are right there.

    On the topic of interracial relationships, I am fully qualified to talk. I live with and love a Peruvian woman who lives with me in Pennsylvania. She left her home 4000 miles away to work here and be with me. I left my home 400 miles away to work here and be with her. We are going strong after knowing each other for 3-and-1/2 years; People think we are married sometimes. We are that close and enmeshed in each other that people can actuallly see it and realize this relationship is by no means superficial or materialistic. She has a strong accent but is very intelligent and literate (Gemini Rising, I guess). Her culture is extremely different form ours, although the Global Village has expanded everywhere and brought cultures together. Believe it or not they have Blockbuster Video, Pizza Hut and Payless Shoes in Peru...but in the Highlands Peru is loaded with very backward tribes which make the reservation Native Americans in North America sophisticated and modern by contrast. In my synastry with my GF, one thing we have between us is several strong Jupiter contacts. My Jupiter and Mars make a Grand Trine with her Sun and Moon, her Jupiter is conjunct my Moon, and our Jupiters are both sextile to each other. I think this powerful Jupiter-laced synastry we have might be the reason we are able to have this cross-cultural relationship and enjoy it. The funny thing is, she isn't especialluy attracted to Peruvian or hispanic men in general, and I am not especially attracted to Anglo-Saxon women in general. In my case, I have Jupiter on the Sagg/Cap cusp, and on my ascendant. I think this might be why I go for exotic women from other cultures. Her Jupiter is in her 5ht House and rules her 7th, and my Jupiter is also in her 7th.

    It expands across boundaries.

    No single astrological anomale can make someone homosexual or prefer interracial relationships, but I believe there is a list of maybe 4 or 5 or 6 different factors, that IF they come together in just the right way in a personal natal chart, then it may facilitate or ENABLE (one of my favorite words) these things to occur in a person.

    • Re: Interracial Relationships

      Tue, March 11, 2008 - 6:51 PM
      That was interesting, FJ. I agree that Jupiter definitely helps "enable" the cross-culture connection happen! Thanks for sharing your story.
      It really helps understand how this dynamic plays out.

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