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I have a simple question - i have ascendant in gemini trine midheaven in aquarius in natal chart. What does that mean, if anything?

One word comes to mind - politican?
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    self-image in harmony with public image
    • So however i view myself should fit with how people will view me, in short?
      But..isnt that actually how everyone works? If you are confident, people will view you as confident, etc?
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        re: "So however i view myself should fit with how people will view me, in short? But..isnt that actually how everyone works? If you are confident, people will view you as confident, etc?"

        Actually each person works it differently; some moreso than others. There are certain types of confidence, for example, that are bogus and can be seen through by those wise enough to not be duped by the hype, the con. There are other types of confidence that spring forth as a genuine expression of self without coersion of another.

        Astrology is a good language to begin seeing how we are all actually different -- each chart as unique as a snowflake -- and how we are all alike, as our humanity embodies itself in a myraid of forms and faces called people.
        • Good school of life, no doubt. Probably best is that it works with the thing's not everyone will tell you - and in astrology, almost nothing is taboo. I think it's very invigorating to be able to talk about all the thing's people usually shy from because we have astrology as middle-ground. Iam not ashamed to say i have violent emotional explosions here and there - perhaps because now i understand it was always natural part of myself which i can work with, instead of supress. Iam not sure if i would tell people that had no spiritual or healing development of their own though. People love to hate those who remind them of traits they supressed.

          Yeah i know what you mean, but i think there's only one self-confidence, really. Playing self-confidence isnt the same as really being self-confident - and yes, most people that look deeper will see the play. In my circle of friends its pretty usual to play self-confidence as an
          "shield" against the cruel world - we'll tell each other we are best, so we can face anything afterwards. It's play but it lift's some spirit.

          So if i get it right, that trine symbolizes that however iam feeling about myself at the moment, it will show very clearly to everyone? Well its true sometimes people guess what iam thinking without me really speaking :) mainly women, that is.
          • I have my Gemini sun sextile my Leo midheaven. What does that mean?
            • Sherpa might have more precise answer, but from astrology weekly its:

              Throughour your life, you will probably have a clear idea of where you are headed and what your objectives are. And in finding your way, you will get help from authority figures, such as parents and teachers. You are able to avoid serious confluct with others as you pursue your life goals, because you are willing to make compromises and to work with others so that all of you can achieve your goals. Although you are interested in getting ahead in life, you are not so caught up in yourself that you cannot help others. If necessary, you will even make real sacrifices for someone in whom you believe. Also, you are able to use other people's help in such a way that everyone benefits.

              You are able to be independent and get along with others at the same time. Although you are not a follower, you don't need to dominate over others either. Your objective is to make your life worthwhile, but you can feel successful without having great popular acclaim. You have your own standards and goals, and you have enough self-awareeness to know when you are on the right track.

              While you are young, you may not understand fully what you are doing with your life, but do not be impatient, for this understanding will come. You may have a number of different interests, but each of them will probably help you understand what you eventually should do.
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                And I have ascendant and moon quintile midheaven I wonder what this harmonic or minor aspect would mean...

                I know that quinties provide a creative relation between the planets,.. or points in a chart.

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