Signs passed down through genetics?

topic posted Sun, May 29, 2005 - 1:18 AM by  Leah
My father has an Aries sun. My older sister has a Libra (air) sun, a Virgo moon, and Aries rising. I have a Virgo sun, Aries moon, and Gemini (air) rising.

A friend of mine has has a Sag sun and ascendant. Her ex-husband had a Gemini sun. Their daughter has a Sag rising and a Gemini moon. And their little boy has both a Gemini sun and moon.

Has anyone else noticed anything like this? Heard anything about it? I'm sure something like this would be very difficult to prove and would be sketchy at best. Am I paying to much attention to little details that are likely just coincidence? Which I would not be suprised by... If it were true though... That would be mighty interesting. Would put a whole new twist to it...
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    Sun, May 29, 2005 - 3:55 AM
    Hi, Leah,

    Yes, many times in the over 30 year of practicing astrology have I seen family astrological patterns.

    In my own family, I'm surrounded by Sun in Aquarius people (although I'm not one.)
    Also, my mother, sister, myself, and both of my daughters have Ceres rising.
    On a smaller scale....
    I have two daughters. One has 11 Leo rising, the other has 12 Leo rising, and I have Venus at 11 Leo. (Yes, I do have the most beautiful daughters in the world. Why do you ask? :)

    I've seen families pass down Sun-signs, Moon-signs, pairs of signs..... I started to think it was more common to have an astrological family signature than not to have one.

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      Sun, May 29, 2005 - 10:40 AM
      it's so interesting, family sign correspondance, so do all make an agreement to come back together.
      My family is loaded with aries sun signs, my father, oldest brother, brother in law, nephews, and i have aries rising. Some of my brothers and sisters have leo moons, i have the only aquarian moon, my oldest and youngest brothers have capricorn moons.
      oh, and we're all three of something, sun, mercury, mars in gemini, scorpio, sagitarius. i haven't looked at all my seven brothers and siters charts.
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    Re: Signs passed down through genetics?

    Sun, May 29, 2005 - 12:04 PM
    I've always wondered about that myself.Me,my sister,my mom and my paternal grandmother are all virgo sun signs.I have ascendant in scorpio and both my paternal uncle and my cousin are scorpio suns.My moon is in leo and my paternal grandfather, my other uncle and his wife are leo suns.It just goes on and on.
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      Re: Signs passed down through genetics?

      Sun, May 29, 2005 - 12:27 PM
      I am quite the novice where astrology is concerned, but I did notice similarities between my daughter's chart and mine.

      I'm a Scorpio Sun, Virgo Rising, Midheaven Gemini, Sag Moon.
      My daughter is a Cancer Sun, Virgo Rising, Midheaven Gemini, Cancer Moon. My eldest granddaughter (my daughter's first born)is a Virgo Sun and Gemini Rising.
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    Sun, May 29, 2005 - 12:50 PM
    You absolutely see similarities - AND differences - -

    Many times there will be one person who sticks out from the others - - their chart clearly shows this --

    Actually thereis nothingsketchy about it - it is clear.

    I have a recent experience where a client had me look at her son and daughters charts as well as the son's GFriend.. and the client's Bfriend and her deceased husband. (My client lost her husband in 2000)

    It is clear that since her husband died, that her new boyfriend has very strong Karma with this family - - His chart is like a composite of all of theirs, and yet he is not even part of their natural family - yet he has been a bridge of peace between all of them,, In particular her own natural Son. And it is as clear as day - - her son will only listen to this guy, who is her mothers bfriend, who entered their lives very shorlty after HIS Father died. You would think there would be some tension in their family, but not at all. This outsider has united them. I thnk he was their father in a previous life. There are very strong Nodal aspects and influences.. the NOdes are the main indicators of past life stuff.

    Interestingly, she initially became my client through a past client referral, whom i have made many accurate predictions for. SO she needed me to find court dates and generally help her navigate a lawsuit because her deceased husband's brother (her former brother-in-law) has been trying to screw her and her family out of their inheritance. mainly due to the animosity caused by her hooking up with this other man (the above mentioned) so soon after his brothers death.

    Sorry if this story has become convoluted,, but there are some real juicy stories that astrologers get to hear.. It is a good thing because i live such a boring Spiritual life -- but i get to live vicariously through my clients! Ahh, the lies and deceptions and passions run amok!
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      Sun, May 29, 2005 - 5:16 PM
      lol, sounds good to me, i like twisted stories. i have a question for you sam, what's the most bizarre or unusual thing you ever picked up on during a reading or ever heard someone ask?
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        Mon, May 30, 2005 - 8:26 AM
        Hi, leelee,

        I'm sure Sam will have some doozies in answer to your question.

        Thought I'd also share a story...about how astrology is much more than just an art and is also an opener to the higher senses.

        I was doing a reading over the telephone for a woman I had never met. Normally, I start off trying to find out what they want to talk about most, and go from there. But this woman is what I call a 'tester'.
        "Just tell me something that's going on in my life. I'm a skeptic...surprise me."
        I saw something in her chart about her husband....and death. But it didn't feel like her husband was dead. And then something flashed across my consciousness, and I said, "Someone tried to kill your husband, but they didn't succeed."
        There was absolute dead silence for a moment.
        Then, with a bit less bravado in her voice, she said, "Ok, now tell me where."
        So I told her I saw him at a barn or barnlike structure.
        More silence, then, "Tell me why."
        Another flash hit me. "They weren't after him. Your husband has a twin brother, involved with drugs. That's who they were trying to kill."
        To make a long story short, that woman took everything we talked about seriously from that moment on...and after the phone call, I was in a bit of shock myself for a bit.
        I looked at her chart again, and no matter how I did the derived houses, I couldn't find quite the events there that I had seen in my head. But on the other hand, I would not have seen them at all if I hadn't noticed something quite odd about the astrological events connected with her 7th house.
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          Re: Signs passed down through genetics?

          Mon, May 30, 2005 - 10:41 AM
          Wow Zane, what an experience...

          I am only a novice to astrology but in my own family I have noticed shared signs.

          My mother's sun sign is Pisces/Aquarius cusp and my father is a Cancer. I am a Scorpio sun, Aquarius moon and Sagittarius rising. My husband's parents are both Libra and, my husband is a Pisces/Aquarius cusp sun, Libra moon, Taurus rising. Our daughter is Virgo sun, Libra moon, Sagittarius rising.

          I have seen the same occurrence in my sister's family, my niece's sun & rising signs are both shared signs with her parents.
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        Mon, May 30, 2005 - 11:32 AM
        well there are many strange things that happen and that you hear -- twisted storires of passion and deception and the hand of karma guiding people's lives.. Many times these more twisted stories come from Indians (East iNdians) as they are more inclined to use Vedic astorlogy as a way to get out of a bad karmic situation with exact predictions,, at least i have found -

        one lady had been cheating on her husband with her 2nd cousin for 5 years, and she had 2 apartments and a couple of bank accounts in his name so her husband wouldn't find out - The cousin had disappeared and his visa was about to expire,, she wanted to know if he was going to rob her blind..

        One time i was a little afraid for my safety when this very big guy wanted predictions about something, and the prognosis was not good. And he became angry, it was really just about when to sell his house, etc. But see - him mom had just died and his GFriend had just left him.. he was starting a very bad phase, he was hurting and not facing it and just asking about when he was going to get another job, when to sell the huose. I tried to talk about the real issue but he became even angrier. So i refunded his money and just offered support - I said that i will do whatever he wants - told him that i just wanted to help him if i could... then he mellowed out and we went forward and got some good stuff done. He would up paying for the full reading after all.

        But the first thing that came to mind though when i read your question leelee - was One time i had a guy ask me - "Is there anything in this chart that shows I am actually a woman?" -- and that is all he said about it..

        Zane has a lot of guts making the statement about someone's husband almost getting killed - i admire that - I am always a little careful not to upset people. (not that zane isn't) although i have also had the temptation to say such things when a person says "I am skeptic - convince me." Because i know there is alot to say-- byt the end of the reading they are usually a believer. I usually find something very personal (yet not embarrasing) about them to say.
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          Mon, May 30, 2005 - 2:22 PM
          "Zane has a lot of guts making the statement about someone's husband almost getting killed -"

          It was one of the rare times when something was so strong I couldn't doubt it. Most of the time, I wouldn't have had quite that much confidence in what I saw to speak about something so scary quite like that.
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            Mon, May 30, 2005 - 6:56 PM
            I think astrologers are not psychic as well by nature. If one is always reading people's lives, one is bound to have visions...I think.
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              Mon, May 30, 2005 - 6:59 PM
              Probably true, Melanie. I've had smaller scale visions many times, looking at charts, or in the past, when I used to do a little reading of tarot cards. Just never anything quite so intense about a total stranger.
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                Mon, May 30, 2005 - 7:05 PM
                Hmmmm...get any when you were looking at mine? Though it's still a bit uncertain, I think 2:32AM seems to be the final word on my birth time...more on that soon.
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                  Mon, May 30, 2005 - 7:12 PM
                  no, only that Cancer and Leo are both coming your rising sign's got to be near the border of those two.
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                    Re: Signs passed down through genetics?

                    Tue, May 31, 2005 - 7:08 AM
                    I've been wondering about the similarities between my Mother, my StepFather and I, and what it could mean Karmically that all three of us have Stelliums in Cancer. It has been a wild ride, and now it's clear the transformations over our lifetimes has been extraordinary, and I wonder what an experienced astrologer would have to say... I posted the charts 3 in a row
                    to the photos section. Any feedback would be very interesting to hear.
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    Mon, May 30, 2005 - 1:39 PM
    Thank you all for sharing your lovely stories and observations! It's always good to hear that some passing thought of yours isn't as silly as you thought... And you're not the only one who has it. =)
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    Re: Signs passed down through genetics?

    Tue, May 31, 2005 - 9:52 AM
    My mother is Leo/Cancer cusp, Pisces Moon (don't know rising). My Dad was Virgo Sun/Moon, (don't know rising). I am Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon, Libra Rising. My brother is Leo Sun, Pisces Moon, Libra Rising cusp Virgo.

    So, yeah, there are definitely family astrological trends.
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      Wed, June 1, 2005 - 10:29 AM
      I am of the opinion that astrological information is basically the same thing as genetic information - just in this modern age more people believe in genetics than they do in astrology - yet very few really understand how either of these systems work. Both systems, in essence, describe probability fields for certain characteristics.
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        Thu, June 2, 2005 - 1:27 AM
        Aloha! Here are another series of confirmational thoughts and recollections regarding genetic or karmic patterns shared by family members.I was adopted at birth and my step parents just happened to be a male Leo with sag rising and a Scorpio Moon and a female Scorpio with Taurus rising and a Sag moon.I am a Scorp with Leo rising and a virgo moon with Mars in the last degree of Sag. My birth parents and my birth GreatGrandfather all were TRiple Pisces(Sun Moon ASc) born with mars in the last degree of Sag. exactly conjunct mine. My stepmothers rising is on my Asc. and my stepfathers Moon is on my Mars at 29 SAg. The pattern seems to actually transcend genetics and tends to imply more of a karmic pattern evolving. The key tieing all the points together appears to be the Mars in the last degree of Sag as an important point in all of the charts and this is my Vertex point . It all seems to follow a discernable pattern of congruence that is fairly obvious. When Saturn crossed my ASc,both my Father and my stepfather( who never met each other or spoke) died suddenly 300 miles apart and 3 hours of time between thier passages. I had no knowledge of my adoption until shortly after my Sat return 7 years later. PEACE!
  • Heard anything about it?

    Sat, November 26, 2005 - 4:16 PM
    parkers' astrology (Julian & Derek Parker) had an example of similarities in family charts.
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      Re: Heard anything about it?

      Sat, November 26, 2005 - 4:28 PM
      My mother went into labor with me on my father's birthday. Subsequently, my father (was) and I are both Virgos. My mother is a quadruple Scorpio, and I have Scorpio Moon in the 4th house (I sustained tremendous birth trauma to my haed and neck and required resuscitation) and was born to a mother in crisis. My son is also Virgo. His chart looks almost identical to my father's: Sun, Mercury and Venus in Virgo, 8th house, Moon in Aries, 3rd house and Capricorn Rising.
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      Sat, November 26, 2005 - 6:15 PM
      "parkers' astrology (Julian & Derek Parker) had an example of similarities in family charts."

      i was just thinking about that book as i was reading through the first part of this thread! cool that you mentioned it.
      if i recall, they had the charts (including birth times) for three generations of this one family (from scotland i think?) so they were able to show the connections not just between parents/children/siblings, but also with grandparents from both sides. very interesting!
      • astrology, genetics, karma

        Sat, November 26, 2005 - 6:35 PM
        oh yeah,
        i thought this was cool when i first realized it: when my mom gave birth to me (her first child) saturn was conjuncting her natal moon in cancer (i'd say it was time to get serious(saturn) about motherhood(moon) and nurturing(cancer)!) it was about a week before her birthday, so we're both gemini suns. we also both have mercury retrograde at 19degrees gemini (what are the chances of that?!).
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          Sat, November 26, 2005 - 10:31 PM
          I don't really have similarities to either of my parents' birth charts, as far as signs. My father was Aries sun and Leo moon and my mother is Taurus sun and Capricorn moon. I am Scorpio sun and Aries moon. I also have tons of Scorpio in my chart, and neither of my parents have/ had any. I also have a lot of Sagittarian influence, and I don't think either of them have/ had any of that sign. They also both had suns in the 10th house, and mine's in the 9th. The only similarity is the Aries connection between my father and I.

          However, I do think I inherited my father's intensity, extreme passion, and emotional nature. I also think, somehow, that I inherited the "difficulty" of his chart. He had a lot of nasty aspects, especially squares. I have a lot of nasty aspects, especially squares. It's like I've inherited his challenges, in order to try and overcome them. So, maybe you can inherit the unfinished karma of parents, astrologically? Ironically, my mother has hardly any difficult aspects in her chart--though she experienced the tragedy of her first daughter dying before I was born!

          My mother is also my best friend, and we understand eachother unbelievably well. She doesn't believe in astrology, though she can't deny that the Taurus sun/ Capricorn moon fits her to a tee. Since I have only one earth sign in my chart, her earthiness balances and stabilizes me. She has also told me that, if she had a daughter like herself, she would probably have a loving relationship, but very boring, and maybe not as deep. My intensity, sensitivity, and emotional depth give her life an added dimension. It would be difficult to have a mother more like myself too--too much intensity. My mother and I are perfect compliments to eachother. My mother is the perfect astrological "gift" to me (Maybe a child can sometimes inherit a parent's opposite astrological makeup, to be a compliment?). My father, on the other hand, represents pain, difficulty, and challenges.

          I feel like my mother and I balance and compliment eachother, while I carry the karma of my father's difficulty and challenges.

          Interesting idea, that genetics influence this...
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            Mon, November 28, 2005 - 1:44 AM
            I believe we do inherit our genetics and karma from our ancestors which find their way in our astrological mapping.

            In my own family there is big trine energy, on both sides.
            I (Taurus) have a grand earth trine; my father (Taurus) with grand water trine; his mother (my grandmother) also Taurus with a grand fire trine. My mother (Scorpio) has a grand water trine; my brother (Cancer w/Taurus moon) has a grand fire trine.

            Any thoughts?

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              Tue, November 29, 2005 - 11:09 AM

              It's no accident whom we choose as family members, we're all trying to work out variations of the same story. So in that case, the charts and energy patterns would be similar.

              In my (limited) experience I have found that besides carrying same signs, degree points, etc, as bd mentioned, we oftentimes bring forth the same aspects. My son's chart has many of the same planetary configurations,
              Mars/Neptune, Saturn/Moon, Jupiter/Venus as I. In some cases, they seem to be slightly "easier" aspects. For instance, I have a Saturn/Moon square, he has the opposition.

              Btw, the Sun Moon configuration in an individual charts oftentimes shows how the parents were relating to each other when you were conceived.
              With a Sun/Moon opposition, you can imagine how the parents were feeling about each other . . .

              In rare cases where someone has children over an extended period of time and they have evolved, the hard aspects can actually "disappear".
              It's just that the parent has worked out and finished up some family karma and doesn't have to pass it on to their child. So the youngest child may have a different chart from the rest of his/her siblings.

              In my case, I want to heal myself and in turn, my son, so that his children do not need to work through the same chart issues/life lessons.

              It'll just be new ones for a change!

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