Lilith Conjunct North Node

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What would it mean?
His Liltih Conjunct my North Node in Sagittarius by about 2 degrees...any help
thank you
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    Lilith, as we know, is not the marrying kind and so wherever she lands, her influence goes against the grain of convention and often creates trouble and chaos for anyone seeking comfort, stability and security in the name of love. Lilith is the love of the wilderness in us, the feral creatures of humankind that buck tradition and are sometimes persecuted for rattling the rigid cages of family values. Lilith is no wife; she is mistress, the other woman, the witch, the seductress, the crone and the oracle. Lilith is ALIVE!

    Conjuncting your North Node, it is possible that you are drawn to his wild feral side with a yearning that feels like fate while scaring the living daylights back into you. Beware Lilith; she is ALIVE!
  • he is frightened by your spirituality ~ but drawn to it also ~ Lilith aspects in synastry often feel 'fated', offer much in terms of 'creative material' & often end badly (or at very least have some element of frustration/tragedy thrown in)

    love all-ways,
  • There are photos of Lilith observed. Lilithu is an observed object. See ephemeris for LILIT VERA or sometimes Cassini Lilith (Riccioli Lilith), mostly German interpolations by qualified faculty professors, mostly Berlin. Lilith also features as protecting ... entity .. as almost paired with A...s, in ritual. It is fully beneficent in this respect but her directions and delineations are most obscene. The material never crossed the Swiss border. Luckily.

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