North node retrograde.

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I looked at my chart at and noticed my north node in scorpio was retrograde,does anybody know what this would mean?It's conjunct my ascendant and uranus in scorpio.Thanks.
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    Wed, May 11, 2005 - 3:59 PM
    Hi, Dawn,

    If it is the True North Node, it is retrograde most of the time, only going direct for brief passages. Basically, the nodes move backwards through the it is more common to have them retrograde than direct.

    North Node conjunct the Ascendant....I have the same thing, although mine is in Pisces. Is it in your 12th or 1st house?

    North Node shows a point of growth, where you can focus in order to evolve, a point to take in new experiences. So your Uranus (individuality, breaking with the past) and your own way of seeing things are assets to help you grow; you need to work to develop and make use of your own unique way of looking at things, rather than falling back on what other people try to tell you to do.

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      Wed, May 11, 2005 - 4:55 PM
      Hi,Zane.My north node is in my first house.What you wrote makes alot of sense; since that has always been a problem in my life being conflicted about following what other people always wanted and just doing what my gut instinct said(I've learned the hard way one too many times,hindsight is always 20/20.)That and it's been difficult to figure out what I really feel verses what I'd think would please the other person,and other times I'd get uncompromisingly stubborn and deffinitly stuck in a rut.Thanks. Dawn.
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      Thu, May 12, 2005 - 2:19 PM

      I was taught that Moon Nodes are always retrograde. Do you have any examples of when they are not?
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        Thu, May 12, 2005 - 2:37 PM
        Aleksonder, the ancients did not have the ability to measure the nodal path to enough accuracy to see the direct periods. So they came up with an estimate....which is approximately the same movement every day....and this is called the Mean Node. Most older astrology books use the Mean Node, and many people are still not aware that that was what they have been using.

        But with refinement of measuring devices, the actual nodal movements have been calculated. These are called the True Node.

        Some ephemerides...such as The American Ephemeris for the 21st Century, list both.

        As for examples, the ephemeris I have, set for Midnight Universal Time, shows the True Node retrograde on May 15, direct on May 16, retrograde again on May 20, direct on May 30, and retrograde on June 2.

        If you have an astrology program, there is usually a setting you can adjust in the defaults to use either the Mean Node or the True Node. This is because some people prefer to stick with what they have always used.
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          Thu, May 12, 2005 - 2:49 PM
          Very interesting, Zane, thank you for enhancing my understanding of this. Do you know the approximate date when true nodes became "state of the art" for astrology, and are the older texts now considered "off" and unreliable?
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            Thu, May 12, 2005 - 3:32 PM
            Aleksonder, it is not that the mean nodes are considered unreliable. The difference between the true and mean nodes is usually very slight.

            It's just that some people prefer one over the other, for various reasons, or even use both of them, as Sam mentioned.

            I've found that people born with their nodes direct tend to be more of a loose cannon in life than the average person. But this is an observation, not a scientific study.

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              Thu, May 12, 2005 - 3:47 PM
              So the astrology corellations haven't as of yet been determined for direct lunar nodes or is there a website you've heard of that discusses this in more detail? BTW, do they also refer to the lunar nodes as ever being stationary?
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                Thu, May 12, 2005 - 6:05 PM
                I have never seen the nodes described as stationary, because the shift happens so quickly back and forth.

                I also haven't seen much written on the correlations of direct vs. retrograde nodes but there may very well be some good stuff out there. I'd love to read it if you find anything.
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    Thu, May 12, 2005 - 2:46 PM
    Just to offer some clarification / ideas about the Nodes and what they are (astronomically)

    They are the eclipse points, where the shadow is created based on the relative positions between the Sun, Moon and Earth.

    The reason we do not have eclipses every month on New and full Moons is because these shadows do not always line up in 3 dimensional psace. However 2 times a year, they do.

    In the Month that Sun Joins either the South Node or the North Node is when we will have eclipses. On the full Moon that month we will have a lunar eclipse, because the Erarth is in between the Sun and Moon. On the New Moon we will have a Solar eclipse, because the Moon is in betwee the Sun and earth.

    Realtive to that - the MEan NOde and true node are calculation to determine exactly where this shadow is at any given time. The Mean node estimates its movement based on a consistent prgoress over time.. The True Node factors in a slight Wobble and variation in the moon's orbit which causes the point to go forward and backward in even intervals at different times.

    Most people use the True Node calculation - My personal opinion and what i have seen is that they are both valid. For mundane things I have seen Tru NOde work perhaps a little better that True NOde. But in overall long term Spiritual stuff 0 I think Mean node is more accurate.

    The ancient Rishis (sages) who wrote the Astrological texts (I am referring to the original Sanskruit, Vedic texts) also knew of the wobble and they did not calculate it. I think like many expressions of modernism, there is a touch of arrogance to the claim that we have discovered it, it is new so it must mean that they did not know.

    As an aside, and not be elitist. The NOdes are VERY evolved principlesin vedic Astrlogy and I reccommend reckining the Nodes using the Sidereal Zodiac, not the Tropical. This is my opinion. What Zane said about the first house stuff is right on though.. Houses are the same, but Signs are diferent.

    Here is something i have written about the NOdes on the 1st and 7th huose axis. (Rahu=North Node, Ketu=Saoth Node) BTW - i also ama North NOde 1st house guy!

    Rahu in the 1st house / Ketu in the 7th house – Ketu in the 7th house shows that in recent past lives there was an over reliance on partners and others in general, when defining the sense of Self. This will make for natives who are very critical of partners and partnerships. In this life the Self as an individual is being developed. Thus the native with Rahu in the 1st will see all of life’s situations as opportunities to learn about themselves. When un-evolved this will make for high levels of egocentricity, when evolved high levels of spirituality. These people may have had their individuality suppressed by others early in life. This suppression conditions the natives to react strongly and critically to others who seem to threaten their self-reliance. They need more compassion and less criticism of others. This will facilitate the deeper self-understanding they seek.

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