Intercepted houses

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whats your take on such a thing?

My rising sign is aquarius, pisces should be the 2nd house ruler (right?) but its intercepted. I have my sun and venus in pisces, would you say they are in the 2nd house or 1st? maybe this is a no brainer..i am still so new to this though

also i am curious if interceptions are contingent on a certain number of degrees. i have a 2nd group of intercepted houses with my 11th and 5th houses but barely by 2 degrees or something. this area of my chart seems to be a point that is "heavy" with meaning, including my T-square points. also having capricorn ruler of my 11th house with jupiter and neptune there seems an extra part of the equation creating tensions enough to balance out these things.

part of me doesn't want to mess with this subject yet, because i still don't know too much about astrology, but i've noticed the connections with this very strongly. The issues closest to my heart have always been associated with these imbalanced houses (11th and 5th) issues involving my social situations and my personal expression and confidence of myself.
the idea here i've read is to get support from the neighboring houses. does this mean other people with heavy influence of those signs and or learning and practicing characteristics of those signs and houses? IF pisces is ruler of my first house and aquarius ruler of my 12th, I read that aqarius ruling the 12th house will make a person constantly seek others assistance for emotional support and be let down over and over because they are trying to learn to be wholly self sufficient which is a lot of the backbone involving the myths of aquarius, really when you think about accept new ideas and idosyncrasies and such is mostly a very personal thing, and aquarius is always off on their own sort of, i think it must really test ones sense of self in a way. (and they are the other side to the same coin of leo) I just don't know if I have the ruling houses right to explore this idea. If this was the case, it seems very sad to me and not very wise. I know i get into all sorts of trouble with my friends when I try to stand alone and resist help, though my advice for others has always been the opposite, I am a woman and one with moon in libra which would make sense for that. Maybe it comes down to my core being very lazy with sun in pisces and not admitting to myself that I am alice in wonderland.
sorry i spewed so much, I am curious to put it out there and get feedback and relate to anyone who might feel similar and have similar aspects.
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    Sat, September 29, 2007 - 8:30 PM
    Hi Christmas...
    What is your birth data? Or please post a birth chart here or in your profile.
    I too have an intercpeted 5th/11th - Libra/Aries, with Pluto in 5th opposite Moon in 11th being intercepted planets. The most common take on intercepted signs is that the sign's energy is 'boxed in' within the house arena. The energies don't get a chance to develop in childhood. Having an intercepted sign means you will a double signs, in my case, leo/aquarius 3rd/9th, 4th/10th. These two houses work together, and will be a big part of the life.
    Zane, Sherpa, please correct me if I'm wrong!
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      Re: Intercepted houses

      Sat, September 29, 2007 - 8:54 PM
      oh so you have 2 houses being intercepted too. at first i didnt get it till i looked at your chart. so you look at only one side, the house/sign that is actually intercepting, not both neighboring sides. glad i got that simplified! so aqarius and leo are intercepting. 1st/5th houses. in my chart.
      I am still confused, do i say my sun is in my first house or 2nd?
      astrology is WAY over my head i think.
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        Sat, October 6, 2007 - 8:40 PM
        Hi Chris...No, the 2 double sign X 2 are NOT Intercepted; that's just what happens mathmatically. For you, these signs are Gemini on 4th & 5th and Sag on your MC/10th & 11th. The general interpretation is that these houses work together under the signs energies. So, You might be creative (5th) in your house/home (4th) in a Gemini sort of way; you might join a club (11th) that helps your Saggian career (10th).
        And like me with my intercepted Moon opp Pluto, you have intercepted Sun and Venus in your 1st.
        If you read google astrology groups, type in interceptions in the search box. Also might try googling/or other search engine (Astrology+Interceptions). I have a couple of word docs of collected info for my own use; if you want I's send you the files, just ask. I found a specific site, but for some reason didn't copy the url. The author is Marianne E. Payton. Might try google/search engine that name. Hope that helps for now!
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          Re: Intercepted houses

          Sun, October 7, 2007 - 5:37 PM
          thank you soooo much!!
          weird..i still need to learn more about this, my mind does not grasp math very well at all.
          I will read more into this.

          so just to recap. i only have one house interception with the 4th/5th and 10th/11th and i have a planet interception with sun and venus? that part is most confusing?
          also i would love any documents you might have on the subject :) thanks again!
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    Re: Intercepted houses

    Sun, September 30, 2007 - 9:36 PM
    I have a similar situation to yours, christmas

    For me it is taurus-scorpio getting "swallowed whole" by the 12th-6th houses and cancer ruling 2nd and 3rd/capricorn ruling 8th and 9th.

    I guess I always have focused in more on the signs that were "swallowed up" by a house.
    I always looked at the sign coming before the swallowed up sign as essential to unlocking the energy of that sign in my life.

    To exert any influence on others around me (scorpio manifestation) I absolutely must at all times first interact diplomatically (libran gateway to scorpionic activity) I still have not unlocked an ability to trust others...I think that is another scorpionic issue.
    To be able to enjoy myself and all the good things I have (especially physical) I have had to learn to take an arian "I'm going to go do exactly what I feel like righ now don't try to stop me" stance because otherwise it is just one thing after another demanding my attention, time and energy.
    If I want to take a stand, it has seemed that I have had to always be ready to stand on my own to feet first to be able to stand firm. If help/support ever does show up it isn't until I have stood on my own two feet first. It is just always that way.
    Maybe there is something analogous I must learn to do with libran energy to be able to trust? I haven't learned it yet.

    You said something about the intercepted-house issues being close to your heart. I never thought of it that way, but I do seem to have an unusual closeness to my siblings/friends I had growing up and an unusual draw towards philosophical/spiritual/higher education energy.
    I have tended towards viewing houses that are ruled by the same sign as getting somehow joined or linked together more closely. At least that is how it has played out in my experience.

    For me, I have always shared what I have had almost in a communal sense with siblings and close friends. I also cannot unlink the spiritual/philosophical from the sexual/intimate on almost any level.
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      Mon, October 1, 2007 - 7:59 PM
      I have (on Placidus) Taurus 11th and Scorpio 5th intercepted as well. I have yet to discover what that means, however. I've got Pluto near the cusp of 5th, near Scorpio so I have wondered if there's significance with that. If I need to "transform" or make changes to enter into Scorp. My Taurus 11th, well I've always struggled with inherent shyness that started in childhood. I figure Aries nature is the cure for any shyness. However, on Koch, the intercepted houses switch to Aries 10th and Libra 4th, which also makes sense to me considering my struggles with planting myself in a career and grounding myself in family.

      Someone once told me that intercepted houses mean the subject won't come to an understanding of the house until later in life. Have you heard that as well? What do you think of it?
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        Re: Intercepted houses

        Mon, October 1, 2007 - 10:02 PM
        "Someone once told me that intercepted houses mean the subject won't come to an understanding of the house until later in life. Have you heard that as well? What do you think of it? "

        That would make a lot of sense. I think that definitely fits what I was thinking about trust issues that I associate with scorpio currently.

        "I've always struggled with inherent shyness that started in childhood."
        Me too wow! I was not shy until about the age of 8 or so...but then I got soooo shy....that one time another student came up to me and said "!...TALK!!" and I couldn't say anything.

        Maybe planets in the sign preceding the intercepted sign hold some keys to unlocking those houses. I am thinking this because I had mercury in aries and I am thinking about that whole "TALK" episode. I also have always thought that the sextile I have between that mercury and my 9th house aquarian venus symbolized my "coming out of my shell" when I got away to college and got involved in two major shell-opening influences:
        (1) International House (a cross-cultural dorm designed to house international students with american students for cultural exchange)
        (2) IVCF (Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship) especially with their focus on evangelism, outreach, and discipleship-all of which opened me up more to other people and ideas and placed a greater importance on communication with others

        Similar to you, I have 5th libra pluto preceding my hidden scorpio. Since pluto rules scorpio, I was wondering about how significant that could be (probably just at the same time you were writing this hehe!!)
        For right now, it does not feel like that pluto is representing anything helpful. As I have been learning about my trust issues I am coming to realize it has a lot to do with control issues. That pluto is squaring my grand water trine and acting to control it right now..."letting go of control" is simply not something I have permitted my pluto energy to do for a LOONNNNGGGGG time let me tell you! I doubt trust will come until I am willing to let go of that control! But at the same time, the thought of what that could mean on an emotional level is quite frightening. I probably need to be willing to make myself emotionally vulnerable to others but I guess part of me doubts that there are many out there who could handle me when I am like that. When they ask me to let my guard down and relax, I don't think they know what they are asking for!!! uranus/sun/moon water kite squared by pluto-when it is not tightly under pluto's control it is likely exploding thanks to pluto! pluto does not go away just because i release control, it just takes a different form....think atom bomb.
        When that pluto lets my emotional grand trine loose it is devastating, scary, overwhelming, unpredictable, unconsolable...not very good. Pluto controls it and channels all that energy for artistic creative activity and problem solving of all kinds(especially relational problem solving).
        Letting go....hmmm.....I guess I have to learn how to do that is beyond me for right now though!!
        Just in writing this, it occured to me that the grand water trine is in fact a grand water kite and I do have saturn opposing it (and saturn also opposes mars-the other ruler of scorpio). Maybe saturn could hold me together if I let pluto go then?
        I will have to think about that. I certainly DO NOT have it figured out AT ALL at the moment! Maybe it is just not the right time like you said.
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        Mon, October 1, 2007 - 10:03 PM
        I think you can look at sign energies as flavors of perception. So with this thought in mind, a sign totally in a house has that energy out side or perceptions. Yes until later in life we are able to learn it, I think from an outside source, or just source's...

        derrick- my son has the Same intercepts you have, same houses. If you can find your parents birth data and see what they have in those signs??

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          Re: Intercepted houses

          Tue, October 2, 2007 - 4:18 PM
          wow... I have Pi's... 6th/12th taurus and scorpio intercepted... 5th house libra... except pluto is the intercepted house of scoprio... if what you all say about intercepted houses is true it just makes Pluto even more prominant in my chart. Poot.

          I'm not sure what to make of intercepted houses either... if the preceding sign is an answer... I have a lot of libra friends, and I have a lot of trouble with them. Heh. Maybe I'm trying to find the "answer" outside myself, or projecting it onto other people, then. Not sure what insight I can give you two about it though... hm... letsee...

          And just for kicks and shits:

          "If your Taurus/Scorpio or second/eighth house axis is intercepted you will view money and possessions in a very compulsive manner which others may have difficulty fully understanding. You will begin earning money at an early age and acquire wealth in a variety of ways because you are not content to have just one source of income. You may also change your career at least once, and this is likely to profoundly change your standard of living. Many career changes are likely to bring about a loss of income, at least initially, so you may find yourself in a financial depression while you are working on establishing yourself in your new line of work.

          An inheritance or unsolicited gift will play an important role in your life because the money you receive will affect your lifestyle as you will be able to do things which had previously been beyond your means. Because nothing in this world is free and an exchange of energy must come with everything that you receive, it is essential to ensure that all unearned wealth is acquired honestly, otherwise any deceptive ventures will ultimately be uncovered to expose breeches of trust.

          A piece of property will take up many of your thoughts because you have a strong desire to own your own home. This wealth will carry with it responsibilities as it may be acquired through a marriage, partnership or inheritance.

          You will inevitably encounter individuals in your daily life who invoke those elements which are compulsive in your nature, and will have some rather extreme power struggles with these persons who you are for some reason unable to from break away from. There will be at least one person in particular who you will be totally obsessed with because he seems to have such a great influence on how you see yourself. Although you may dislike this person intensely for the feelings which are aroused in you whenever he is nearby, you will feel a great void when he does actually leave your life and moves on."


          "If your Virgo/Pisces or sixth/twelfth house axis is intercepted it may take you quite some time to find a line of work which you find to be fulfilling. This disillusionment you feel in your day-to-day routine is destined to force you to question your spirituality and seek answers of a rather esoteric nature to help you better understand the life role you were born into.

          You are an old soul who has experienced much in lives past and will find yourself bumping into people who you knew long ago. These rekindled friendships will add meaning to your life and keep you going during those times when you feel overwhelmed with trials.

          Unfortunately, you will learn from experience that you must continually question the motives of those you meet casually because many will have agendas which are at cross purposes to your own. While secret enemies abound, these encounters will help you learn to keep your own council and look beyond the veil of the outer persona when judging a person’s true character.

          You will in all probability have a part-time job or business in addition to your primary vocation which will bring you a little extra money as well as help to fulfill some of your self actualization needs.

          You may at times feel as if you have heavy burdens because you will find that you have many obligations and responsibilities that keep you firmly grounded to the earth. While it can be depressing to find that you must tend to your day-to-day duties while it seems that others around you have much more free time, you will be able to find solace in quiet mediation which will enable you to further develop your inner world. "


          "If your Leo/Aquarius or fifth/eleventh house axis is intercepted you will find that you develop some rather illusive friendships in an attempt to feel as if you belong. Because many of the persons you come into contact with are not quite compatible with you character, you may at times feel somewhat depressed as you seek a group of people who you feel comfortable with. This sequence of friendship building through trial and error is a valuable testing ground for you as you slowly gain confidence and begin to realize who your true friends are.

          Holidays will be very important to you as you have an innate desire to have fun and enjoy yourself in your free time. Even if you are unable to travel abroad, you will relish those day trips which help you to break free from day-to-day living which can be so confining to you. Much of your free time will be devoted to leisure activities such as sightseeing, walking the dog or lavishing affection on the one you adore. You are likely to have at least one rather torrid love affair in your life which will help you to clarify those attractive persons who you should get to know better and those who are better left alone.

          Pets are paramount figures in your life. Even if you personally don’t want the responsibility, your partner may convince you that he or she won’t be happy until these loving souls are able to enter the home. If your partner is unable to sway you into getting a family pet, then you may alternatively have an addition to the family in the form of a child. "
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            Tue, October 2, 2007 - 7:53 PM
            Q's Dad

            I've tried. Unfortunately, my dad ran out on my mom before I was born and it's been a real bugger getting my mom to find her birth cert so she can tell me the time of birth. the odd thing, however, is that she's a total Libra and my 4th house is Libra. As a very, very young child some of my only memories are of me being "mommy's little baby boy." I think, perhaps, she had more influence on me (and my roots-based personality) during my most prominent formative years than I previously have thought. I'm still working on her for that time of birth though. I am guessin that , like me, she's a total Cancer ASC as well.

            b, someone once told me on this tribe that intercepted houses might mean that the energy has to be brought out of you be it by a person, people, event or a natural inclination that moves you at your foundation (for example: an artist who really gets in touch with his 5th Libra only when he's painting). I'm unsure about the "use the planets before it" theory because with my intercepted Aries H10 (Koch) I have no planets before it. I do, however, have Pluto before intercepted Scorpio H5.

            Also, you guys that have intercepted houses must also have intercepted signs like i do. for example, my H8 and H9 cusps both hit Aquarius (Koch). Now that, I really don't understand how to interpret.
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              Tue, October 2, 2007 - 9:55 PM
              w/ date and place you can get all the planets, and unless the moon is about to change signs, that 2..
              I use noon for time. I have a bunch I look at from time to time, play w/ the time to see if I can guess the acs, and then houses. I just got the time of a lover, and was 1 min off.. That was cool..

              Intersting though My son's.. 5th scorpio int. I'm Scorpio Acs. he has Rx Pluto in the 5th also..Rough placement..He has Taurus Moon int in 11th. Taurus is his Moms Asc. Though I'm still around, Just about when he was born was the downfall of his mothers and my relationship..
              I wasn't suprized to hear Dad gone early. What was his sun sigh??
              The other sycronisity w/ My Son and me. Gemini- his Sun, my Moon, Cancer-his Asc my Sun..There's a riddle in there somewere.. We both have Cancer Venus and Mercury..
              family stuff is really interesting...
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            Re: Intercepted houses

            Tue, October 2, 2007 - 10:01 PM
            Thanks b!

            I love long posts...especially if they have lots of good stuff like that one.
            Where did you find that anyway? Lots to think about for sure.

            "I have a lot of libra friends, and I have a lot of trouble with them. Heh. Maybe I'm trying to find the "answer" outside myself, or projecting it onto other people, then. "

            Ahhh...the projection thing...yes. Maybe that is where I ought to look, too. Ditto on the libra friends for me except it actually would be libra family in my case. I love em but ... not always easy.
            I do wonder, though, if maybe finding an answer outside onesself isn't neccessarily a bad idea sometimes.

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