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I get it i get it i get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't exactly know what's going on, but i know exactly what's going on!!!!I was going to say the pennys just dropped today, will say the atom bomb has hit. I'm so stupid and manipulative!!!!!! Just wawnted to say thank you and apologise-something which i've been doing alot of today, especially with my parents. don't know if this makes any sense to anyone, but it does to me!!! I had my angel all along, the thing with the guy was fated, i'm meant to guide him, not abuse him (for want of a better word) i'm a mother figure to him and it's a gift i've had to accept and take responsibility for, for that and for myself. Today's been incredible, must have seemed so obvious to other people. I feel everyone's been trying to tell me something and i've been trying to work out what that was. it all fits, i lost my watch, my cars 16v started working again, my relationships have taken a turn, i've taken a turn and it's been the most beautiful and memorable sunset i've ever seen. it's all too weird, but am definitely looking into this further. You know when you feel like something's coming,but you weren't quite sure what, but you've carried yourself through (with a little help!) it all links up-also i'm starting my LLB Law at the end of September, which is when my birthday is-that's got to be something.


-But not a rebelation! realise i've been so self possessed, i knew but couldn't see the effect i was having, just want to say a big thank you and hope you know how much i appreciate your help..............hope this makes sense chibx
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    Mon, July 30, 2007 - 3:53 PM
    Hi Chibby!!

    You sound just like me about...oh...3 days ago hehe :)
    Congratz on the revelation! Don't let it die...put it into practice :) don't happen to have any moon transits going on that might deal with this revelation do you?
    Just curious to see if there is a pattern...
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      Tue, July 31, 2007 - 4:19 AM
      and also if you've seen things, that can be used for good or evil.....if you choose you can spread the evil, if you choose the good you can spread the awareness of it-or is that evil to? Don't want to be a succubus anymore!!! Does anyone have any idea about this?
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        Tue, July 31, 2007 - 4:32 AM
        in theory, if lilith had subjected herself to adam, there would be unrest in the world at large, if she chose her lot, then she'd stay that way, if she found a gabriel type he would help her?

        found this as well.....

        The Victorian poet Robert Browning re-envisioned Lilith in his poem "Adam, Lilith, and Eve". First published in 1883, the poem uses the traditional myths surrounding the triad of Adam, Eve, and Lilith. Browning depicts Lilith and Eve as being friendly and complicitous with each other, as they sit together on either side of Adam. Under the threat of death, Eve admits that she never loved Adam, while Lilith confesses that she always loved him:
        As the worst of the venom left my lips,
        I thought, 'If, despite this lie, he strips
        The mask from my soul with a kiss — I crawl
        His slave, — soul, body, and all!
        —Browning 1098
        Browning focussed on Lilith's emotional attributes, rather than that of her ancient demon predecessors.[65] Such contemporary representations of Lilith continue to be popular among modern Pagans and feminists alike

 it's saying that 'lilith' always loved 'adam', but she didn't know or learn or admit to express she had to learn how to express that in a positive way otherwise she would have always had a negative effect. and is it basically that you have to use female power and intuition responsibly and for good, or be damned or somemat? because she (woman, the mother) does have the power to destroy men.

        or would it have been adam that would have helped her????

        Any help appreciated, goin round in circles abit!
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          Tue, July 31, 2007 - 4:45 AM
 try and fulfil this, she would have to choose adam and then learn and make that work, to choose the earth and reality and acceptance.....rather than choose gabriel and remain in the 'ether' he would protect her, but she would not learn her lesson and progress.....???

          sorry about all this, i'm not fucking nuts or anything! talking on a purely philosophical level, just trying to learn my lesson......

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      Tue, July 31, 2007 - 8:07 AM
      Hi, sorry i haven't got back to you sooner!

      I normally hate being so transparent, but thanks for the congratz........feels like such an immense thing-what ever it is! something to do with saturn/venus/parents/self/others......well the whole bag really!

      can't tell you much about moon transits and the like.....if you haven't noticed i'm totally over my head here!!!!!! :).....erm....i'll get back to you.....