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According to different sources as well as, I have a leo moon singleton in the tenth house(only planet in a fire sign) and a pluto singleton in scorpio( only planet in a cadent house). Can anyone interpret how this would affect someone? My chart is in my profile page.

Thanks everyone
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    That page will not work right now. I am still trying to sort out what is going on with singletons by defintion -I can define what one is but to further describe it in one's chart -others will come and do that.
    It appears the link is just temparily acting up -
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      Hey Kate, which of the singletons can you define? and also what page are you talking about doesn't work?
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        I got a few singletons myself B... Uranus in Sagittarius, my only fire planet.... and Jupiter in Aquarius, my only Air planet in mutual reception....

        Now my mother got an unaspected Sun, Moon, and Saturn.....

        I think it relates to being able to fluently express the energy, as the energy has no-one else to answer to.
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          Oh yeah.... and my Uranus is conjuct to both my parents Suns in Sagittarius... I say the best place to start is at the home front... it will teach you the whole world...
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          Sweet, what's up Allan, You've got two singletons two, with Uranus, you're probably one wild guy i'm guessing lol. I'm still kinda new at this astrology biz so.... I'm going to see what some of these other people have to say about it. How long have you been studying astrology?

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            14 Years....
            • wow. can one of you please check my chart and see if I have identified correctly my singletons?

              i think i have, for singletons:

              Do north nodes and south nodes count?

              I have studied astrology for... only a couple of months... hehe. I should get back to my free online BASIC astrology lessons... (i haven't memorized the meanings of all houses yet, hehe) sheesh
              • no, no, no... i have sorted em out...

                by elements - none.
                by qualities - Mercury in fixed sign, Leo
                by house types - Neptune (2nd), Moon (3rd), Mercury (10th), Venus (11th)

                Did i do it right, or are there any further actions needed, or what..?

                Please do correct me if I'm mistaken...

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                  What's up toink, thanks for your reply! So sorry I didn't get back with you, I was real busy, and actually, I still am. I'm going out of state for a few days, but from what I've seen, you're got a singleton mercury(fixed sign and by house type) as you said, and a singleton venus(only earth sign). That's the only ones I can see. I don't think you neptune or moon are singletons, because they're in the same house and sign. It's only if it's in the only element, quality, or house type that it's a singleton, or if a planet is the only one on a hemisphere of the natal chart. I honestly haven't been studying astrology very long either, and I'm still trying to figure out what it all means @_@ Lol.

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