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topic posted Mon, July 16, 2007 - 3:29 PM by  Still Shiney
My son was born a week ago. He has Neptune in the first house. I believe his mother was taking Xanax through most of the pregnancy, also he has hemophilia. Sun is in the 6th, what is the archetype of Nep. Rising?
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Still Shiney
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    Mon, July 16, 2007 - 7:58 PM
    Well, Still Shiney, Neptune was retrograde in Aquarius when your son was born. Any planet in the natal first house can indicate health issues. In this case, ironically, Aquarius rules "the circulation" and Neptune retrograde seems to be weakening this system of the body.
    Neptune's influence can be for good or bad, as with any planet. Here, it seem to be a malefic. Look to see what other aspects this planet is making to other planets. Also, look to see what aspects the sun has. The sun is in the house of "health" and so if the sun is receiving good aspects from other planets then maybe there is a hidden blessing in the mix.
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    Mon, July 16, 2007 - 11:10 PM
    I have Neptune conjunct the ascendant, however it's just about 1 degree into the 12th House and nt the 1st. They say that a planet conjunct a house-cusp qualifies as being in the house the cusp belongs by that rule I am Neptune in the 1st. Some astrologers would refer to my Neptune as being in the "dark side of the 12th House" - that is, having overwhelming tendencies from the next house in sequence which combine with the general tendencies of the preceding house.

    Well, my mother has never had any interest in drugs or alcohol, although she did say that she was doped up on pain-killer when she had me. It was just a routine administration of anaesthesia prior to child-birth. As many mothers undergo the same routine, I would not expect that my Neptune conjunct the Acendant bears on this much.

    I did read some time ago (as apparently you have, Still), that Neptune in the First indicates that the mother is somehow "out of it", and this could relate to drug use, whether illicit...or actually medically justified. My mother does tend to be quite dreamy and spacey, and at times exhibits very neurotic emotions, enough to raise the eyebrows of people who don't know her. I am an only child, a testament to my mother's lack of true mothering ability, and the fact that she was too self-absorbed to accept the emotional responsibility of raising a child. She was somewhat emotionally incapable of being a strong (inspiring) figure in my life, and I suspect she was not emotionally ready to have a child and secretly realizes it.
    This is the second time I have seen Neptune in the First referred to as an indicator of an intoxicated mother-to-be. I don't know what to make of it. I know my mother is quite against drugs, and is repulsed by alcohol except for an occasional glass of wine. However, she does have a tendency to be extremely disoriented in the morning when she wakes up, basically incoherent sometimes, and sometimes incapable of really talking or having a conversation. Recently (2 years ago) she had an episode which required about a week's stay in a medical hospital: One day upon waking up, she was incapable of talking in sentences and could only manage uttering one or two words. My step-father took her to the hospital, and it was suggested that she had a mini-stroke in the speech-center of her brain. This was never confirmed by any report that was ever shared with me. In a week she was back to normal (normally she comes off as a normal person, just a bit slow and/or shy and reclusive).

    As I said, I don't know what to make of Neptune in the First, but there does seem to be something to it as far having a mother who is emotionally or mentally confused, and incapable of providing healthy emotional nourishment and nurturing to her offspring.

    Sometime ago I noticed a young guy in a Tribe which is excluisively devoted to Neptune conjunct Ascendant. He didn't mention anything about his mother, but there was something very disturbing about him (I hesitate to say "disturbed"). There is a thing about being a "psychic sponge", of absorbing EVERYTHING to the point that one becomes so saturated with the psychic energy of others that he/she temporarily loses their identity.

    I have also heard that Neptune conjunct the Ascendant indicates a person who doesn't recognize boundaries, particularly the psychic boundaries between people. Thus, such a person can become very confused about what emotions are coming from where...yet used constructively such a person may have uncanny mediumistic abilities (invoking disincarnate beings and being able to converse with them, etc.). Such people can suck inspiration out of the air, making for excellent composers an musicians (some of the early Classical composers had Neptune conjunct Ascendant...particularly imressionistic composers who captured moods and emotions as if they are an elusive "living" part of the environment). Neptune in the First may indicate an "empath", one who intensely feels the emotional currents around him and reflects it as if a pebble has incurred ripples on a lake.

    Another archetype for First House Neptune is "fog". Such a person perceives life as a stream of impressions coming at him through an elusive fog. It sounds like delusion or illusion, but this could be a person who simply is able to make BETTER sense of a vague impression than the average person...especially if Mercury or Saturn is in favorable aspect. My Mercury is sextile my Neptune/Ascendant. Supposedly this is a great position for improv music (especially rhythm), mediumistic ability, anticipating actions and intentions with accuracy, and making sense of things which might seem vague or meaningless to others.

    Hey, Still: What made you bring up the issue of drugs, and what else have you read?
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      Re: Neptune rising

      Mon, July 16, 2007 - 11:17 PM
      For the record, my Neptune is in Saggitarius and sextile both Mercury and Pluto.
      It is semi-sextile the Moon, and opposite Saturn. It is also disposited by Jupiter, which is also in the first.
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      Fri, January 4, 2008 - 5:48 AM
      Wow thanks for the insight! I picked up a few things about Neptune Rising I didn't know, especially the uses mediumistic part. And thanks for mentioning some of the positve attributes of it, in most books and websites I have mostly only heard of the negative. I have Neptune in Sagittarius conjunct my ascendant as well, its seperating from ascendant by only 21 minutes.

      Oh and as to the use of drugs during labor, my mom actually didn't use any, and was only in labor for an hour or so. I was late so, I came out in a hurry. I heard my birth was easy and I was at ease when I came out.

      I do photography, I think the influence of that planet has definitely enhanced my abilites to capture that moment.

      As to the question of drugs, I have heard that your ascendant says a lot about your birth, ie Scorpio Rising must have had trauma, or something of violence was surrounding the birth, so I guess you can make similar assumptions about planets in close conjunction to the ascendant.
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    Re: Neptune rising

    Tue, July 17, 2007 - 3:34 AM
    Congratualtions! cyber cigars all round.
    I have neptune in the first house -also .
    My mother was unconscious when I was delivered .
    Neptune first house -tricky to say much about Aquarius neptune RX as for drugs or intoxications it represents the generational RX perscribed medications or drug use of the time . Xanax is a familar medication of his time -xanax is quick acting and leaves the body rather than being accumalitive type medication but (((do your own research))) I could be wrong about that. If mother takes it today and not tomorrow it would be okay because it leaves the body rather than building up -I don't know for sure though and every situation and person is different. I do know some who take it as needed and they do not use it daily . The hemophillia is this unusual for these times? The sun being in the sixth house made this condition out there so the doctors would know about it right away. Neptune rising is brings forth intuitiveness -sensitivity to things -as for myself I always had to have lower doses of tylanol and any kind of medications or nutritional suppliments too -be very wary of any baby vitamines with iron and such always find out which things could cause a toxic build up and use under the MD advisory and descretion. Neptune makes one sensitive to their surroundings and others . His Neptune is benenfited by Uranus so he has the advantage to make finer use of these planets it is as if he has each planet home in sign so focus more on the positive attibutes of those planets verses the fog , haze kind of descriptions of neptune - again he has opportunity to utilze the higher expression of those two planets -you could read up on both Uranus Pisces and Nepune Aquarius as well as Uranus in aquarius and Pisces in Neptune .
    I am thankful for having neptune in the first house it has given me inspiration and helps me see the higher good in all kinds of situations and experiences.
    With that placement of neptune you just get things and have a sense of what is going on around you.
    Although some good sound advise never hurted me any.
    I used to baffle my elders with comments I would make they would say I didn't speak that aloud how in the world did a small child like you know that.
    All the best !
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    Sun, December 16, 2007 - 2:23 PM
    My mom had a very high blood pressure when carrying me. She was on some medication to lower this (magnesium-something). All in all I came out a very tiny but also very healthy. It took quite long before I started gaining weight however. I'm very curious about the neptune-asc conjunction..

    FJ, who was this guy on tribe you're talking about?
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      Re: Neptune rising

      Tue, December 18, 2007 - 5:32 PM
      I don't remember exactly, but I think he had his own Tribe about Neptune Rising...or maybe Neptune in the 12th.
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    Sun, December 16, 2007 - 3:27 PM
    i have neptune conjunct my ascendant, and although i do not have problems with drugs - i am _very, very_ sensitive to them. some small attempts at recreational use has shown that i am very easily affect and usually have the stronger experiences that most other people in the group. this applies as well to medicine. i rarely take pills to cure sickness. there is a strong tendency to become addicted, and dependent on substances because they are so effective and powerful, so i stay away from them.
    neptune ascendants shouldnt need substances though, their experience of life tends to be powerful, sensitive to all things, subtle things. wish your son the best!
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      Wed, January 2, 2008 - 9:33 AM
      Yea yea, the drugs man. I'm a recreational pot smoker - and usually I'm already far gone when most of my friends still seem completely sober. Especially if some booze is involved. This is also true for many other substances. When I underwent surgery (this is years ago I admit) they gave me a slight dosage of something to make me sleepy/reduce anxiety before putting me into full narcosis. But I literally fell asleep 15 seconds after the injection, when my mom was still reading me a story by my bed.

      Interesting though: are we 1st house neptunians more vulnerable to addiction? or less? for if we need much less of the substance to produce the desired effect, wouldn't the risk of physical addiction be lower?
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    Re: Neptune rising

    Tue, December 18, 2007 - 5:31 PM
    Since my last post under this topic, I have actually taken up a NEW RESIDENCE directly under my Neptune rising line (using the formulae of Astro*Carto*Graphy). Some sources say that you will find confusion and fog in this location (one's Neptne rising line in general). On the contrary, although this not the most exciting place in the world...I actually feel very close to cold hard reality in this place and life ain't half bad here!

    So maybe living here will tell me just what Neptune's lesson is.
    Since I moved here:
    I found a very strong relationship which gets slowly better instead of slowly worse. I temporarily resurrected an old vocation which is currently earning my daily bread and I rather enjoy it. I was also on TV for a weather-segment and half the city recognizes me now! I love the food here. Rent is cheap. Music is fair. I have no great expectations (Neptune in Saggitarius?)... but I get by...and to tell the truth, I'm kind of happy. Maybe because I don't have any clouded (Neptune) expectations (Sagg). One thing...also since I came here, I have become a much less superstitious person...not that I really was that bad before. But now certain cryptic "omens" that used to make me paranoid DON'T anymore.

    It could be that being here now, in the place of Neptune's rising moment on February 6, 1972...has put me face-to-face with it's lesson and it's energy...and maybe increasd my ability to penetrate the veil of reality.
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      Wed, June 11, 2008 - 1:30 PM
      You're so sensitive and impressionable that you have to develop some of Virgo's discrimination so that you can choose to whom and to what you will be open. You have a difficult time seeing yourself clearly, and identify very easily with other people's feelings or ideas, or with experiences in general. You'll probably vacillate between idealistic and deluded views of yourself until you become more conscious or spiritually oriented. Theater, music, dance, art and the ocean attract you, and you may find self-expression in more than one of these. Many with this aspect need to be near the sea, at least periodically.

      You have a strong need to pierce through the veil of matter and appearances and to get to the universal essence of everything in a feeling way. Alcohol and drugs are tempting in this regard, and you probably love their expansion and apparent freedom; but only the more demanding and longer road of spiritual discipline will reward you with your true self. Discrimination in this arena of your life is particularly important, for there are more charlatans in the spiritual world than there are in the world of business. You have chosen to surrender your personality and a lot of your ego in this incarnation to serve mankind and the universal force of evolution. You have a powerful imagination, but unless you have a strong Sun or Mars as well you will need to act as well as to dream.
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        Re: Neptune rising

        Wed, June 11, 2008 - 1:39 PM
        I had a student in a beginner astrology class who had Neptune rising - not the first, I might add. I found somethng a bit creepy about her - somehow indirect and manipulative, covering a steely interior. She had been a dancer when younger but hadsustained injuries that damged her mobility as an older person.

        Then again, someone else I got to know more recently got talking to me after reading my CV, knowing I was into all this stuff - well, she certainly proved to be interested in all things nebulous, including astrology and tarot. She seemed a very direct person to me though, because she also had Mars on the IC.

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