Age of Marriage in Natal Chart

topic posted Fri, December 29, 2006 - 11:29 AM by  Coors
I had a question and wondered if anyone could help.

I have read that you can find in the natal chart at what age the individual will get married , or remarried or even let say have an signifigant relationship." My readings have shown that you look to the degree separation between the 4 "love planets" - Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars and that one of those relationships in degrees will be equal to the age an individual will be when they have this "marriage".

Does anyone have any ideas if this is true or not and or of a better way to find out this info?

Just in case anyone has any ideas for me personally:

Sun in Cap - 17 degrees 06
Moon in Scorpio - 26 degrees 46
Venus in Aquarius - 02 degrees 11
Mars in Sag - 10 degrees 01

And Asc Leo - 22 degrees 21 ) I also read Asc could have an affect.

Thanks alot in advance!!
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    Fri, December 29, 2006 - 2:07 PM
    there is a whole school of thought called something like "Magi astrology" that used Chiron & something they measure called the "cindarella period" to figure relationship/marriage timing for both men & women. I looked into it a few years ago (& didn't memorize all of their stuff or pay any $ to formally take any classes or stuff) but it did seem to have some interesting results ~ I just generally get turned off by somewhat "secret metaphysical clubs" where members are expected to formally "join up" before their techniques are fully explained..... from what I could tell as an "outsider" though, it seemed reasonable enough.....

    asteroid Juno
    the sign of Libra
    7th house

    are all traditional indicators

    for instance, I have my sun in the 7th house, which often indicates an early marriage ~ but my Saturn is conjunct Juno in Taurus, roughly opposite my sun ~ making it MUCH more likely that I will be married at a very "old" age (Saturn, Taurus & opposite all being "slow") & that does seem to be the way it's working out for me

    Since I figured out that I will most likely be waiting for a while, I lost interest in figuring the exact timing of a likely marriage & began to apply my research skills to other, more immediate topics.

    love all-ways,
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      Sat, December 30, 2006 - 10:00 PM
      Magi Astrology is Heliocentric...

      Most of the techniques in Magi astrology were passed down in secret societies that are descendants of the
      Pre Islamic religion of Persia (Zoroastrianism).
      Magi were the Priests of this religion and they took particular notice Astronomical events.
      They realized early on that the Earth circled the Sun .
      And they would always calculate the star charts they used to predict future event based on this assumption.
      Other groups would use the Geocentric systems and would see Magi star charts as gibberish.
      The Fall of the Persian empire splintered the practice of the religion is to many small sects.
      Some of them believe that the Successor to Zoroaster would appear on a particularly auspicious planetary
      configuration. The Grand Cross surmounting the Grand Sextile. Priests that represented these sects were allegedly the Magi that appeared to Jesus on Epiphany Jan 6. After the events following the Crucifixion of Jesus some of these Magi converted to Christianity but still passed on to thier original practices secretly. The people are called Christain Magi and they are still around today. Given the more religiously tolerant age we are in some have been more willing to pass on some of their techniques to anyone willing to learn. Others still want you to essentially join their cult so they can pass on their beleif to a new generation. The ones I have talked to are very pragmatic and they have added the position of Neptune and Pluto Chiron and the asteroids (and now likely Eris) to their charts. One of thier marks of pride is Uranus has always been in their charts. Their ephemeris was old and needed to be recalibrated but the positions were correct in 500 BC. Which means some of the Magi had pretty keen eyesight!! (Uranus is just barely visible to the unaided eye Magnitude 5.5)

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    Sat, December 30, 2006 - 11:40 PM
    There are at least four entirely different methods supposed to delineate when a person will be married, and how many marriages they will have....and unfortunately, they do not necessarily produce the same results.

    The Magi system is, of course, one of the methods.

    Another method is to look at the aspects to the Sun (in a woman's chart) and the applying aspects of the Moon (in a man's chart.)
    In this method, I should have two marriages, because my Moon first trines my Jupiter, and then trines my Venus. I've been married once, and my Jupiter in Aries opposition Neptune in Libra does describe my first wife, and the marriage, quite well. I'll let you know, if I ever marry again, if the second wife fits my Venus in Leo conjunct Pluto.
    Using this method, next the question is, 'when?'
    According to this method, in a man's chart, if the Moon is passing from new to first quarter, or from full to last quarter, it indicates that the first marriage will be at an early age. However, if other things in the chart deny this, then the person born during this period will marry a young woman after he passes his prime.
    If the Moon is passing from the last quarter to new, or from first quarter to full, a man is supposed to marry later in life, or to a woman much older ot himself.
    Here, this procedure fails in my case, because I was born with the moon between first quarter and full, married at age 19, and the woman was almost two years younger than me.
    Just in case you want to experiment, though, for the woman:
    If the Sun is in houses 4, 5, 6, 10, 11 or 12, the woman is supposed to marry at an early age, or a much younger man.
    If the Sun is in houses 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 or 9, the woman is supposed to marry later in life, or an older man while she is quite young.

    Another method: A marriage is to be expected with the cusp of the 7th house, or its ruler, come to a major aspect (by progression or direction) to the Moon, Venus, or ruler of the Ascendant.
    When I was married, the progressed 7th house cusp didn't make an exact aspect to any of those, but was exactly trine my natal Mars.
    Neither the progressed ruler of the 7th, nor the directed 7th, nor its ruler, made any aspect to my Moon, Venus or Ascendant.

    Another method.
    Men: marriage is shown when the MC, Asc. or Moon directs to a conjunction or favorable aspect to the Venus or Moon, or when the MC, Asc., Moon or Sun aspect the ruler of the 7th house, or a planet in the 7th house.
    Women: marriage is shown when the MC or Asc. directs to a conjunction or favorable aspect to the Sun or Mars, or the Sun directs to Mars or Jupiter.
    This worked for me. When I got married, the progressed Sun was exactly sextile my 7th house cusp.