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Does anyone use Draconic charts for Draconic to Natal or synastry comparison?

Noel Tyl says draconic charts can shed light on where energy should be focused. It illuminates developmental themes of greatest importance, and it confirms the ‘big bells’ in the natal horoscope.

I am clueless about Draconic charts, is it valuable or just another astrological "toy"?

In the Draco chart, there is no “sitting on the fence” or hesitating about “what to do” if we want to seek our destiny and any aspects to the natal chart can be quite instructional. Remember, the ONLY thing different in the Draco chart is the signs of the house cusps and the planets. This tells us about an underlying orientation that we otherwise have, but may not always see.

There are two main ways to consider the Draconic Natal Chart. It can be read as a stand alone, considering the difference between the orientation of the signs in the original natal chart, and it can be read in aspect to the tropical natal chart. The fist technique is most instructional if you compare the two Zodiacs planet by planet, cusp by cusp. For example if the Natal chart has the sun at 2 degrees of Gemini in the 10th house, we might say there is a need to communicate widely and knowledgeable in ones chosen profession--to feel distinct, this person needs to shine before the public in a sharp, dynamic, witty way. If the Draconic sun is there (it will always have the same house position and aspects) in the sign of Capricorn, there may be an underlying need for that public recognition to reap tangible results--something Gemini alone is not too concerned with. Going through all the planets and angles in this way brings quick insights.

The second technique is a way of comparing aspects between planets and points otherwise not revealed. The measurment, remember, is the distance of any planet from the North Lunar Node. If, for example, the original natal chart has the Moon 32 degrees ahead of the North Node and the Draconic Chart has Saturn at 2 degrees of Taurus (32 degrees ahead of the Draconic North Lunar Node or 0 Aries) there is a conjunction between the Moon and Saturn that otherwise would not have been seen. This can explain much in charts were there is no original aspect between planets but a powerful conjunction in the Draco to Tropical comparison.

There are several ways of using the Draconic zodiac in relationship comparisons. You can look at Draconic to Draconic or Draconic to Tropical natal or progressed charts. In this way, there may be connections under the surface that aren't obvious in the Tropical Zodiac charts but make a lot of sense when they show up in the Draco.
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    I ran across this video a while back on YouTube. This is the intro, but she has several more.
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      so funny you should ask about it. I was just hovering over my draconic chart yesterday and wondering about what the heck it meant.

      Well, I must say, it seems a lot more relevant than the sidereal chart in my case. But still pretty off.

      According to this my Sun and Venus are in Aries. Just makes no sense to me. I'm no Aries. And Ac in Libra-another nonsense. Probably just another embrio phase of the modern tropical chart.

      I said it once, and I'll say it again: why would you complicate your learning process with other chart variations if the western tropical works for you?
      I don't think any other chart is needed. I mean there's loads to explore in tropical:midpoints, progressions, transits, persona and harmonic charts, tons of asteroids and minor aspects.

      I mean, can you honestly say, after considering all of these, that there still is one very strong energy of yours that doesn't turn up anywhere? I don't think so.

      And as for that woman's video...gimme a break. Very little logic. She says she cant understand her Virgo, and yet she has a Virgo North Node with Neptune(South Node's ruler) in the 6th house.
      And that's without considering any possible midpoints or declinations.
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    Ah ha.....


    Just giving the my draconic chart a quick glance without preforming any real analysis, I feel a lot of resonance with the planetary placements. The draconic chart puts my Sun, Moon, and Venus, in Pisces, all in the 9th house my Mars, Mercury and Uranus in Aquarius, in the 8th

    Jupiter in Gemini, in the 1st and Saturn in scorpio in the 5th

    I do want to look more deeply into this. I think there is something to be learned...
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      by the way one of those sites explains how all draconic charts have their north node set in 0 degree Aries, and the other that talks about synastry says almost all successful long lasting relationships have his north node conjunct her draconic/natal sun or something like that..doesn't make sense.
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        <<Very little logic>>


        Do you find most astrological analysis to be logical??

        The process of calculating a chart is very logical but what about the analysis??

        I see the analysis as a collection of observations based on intuition and collective experience...
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          ok, correction "very little logic even for astrology"

          I mean that stuff about the natal chart being the body and the draconic being the soul?

          In my case, I'd say it's the other way around.-natal Sun in Pisces and draconic Sun in Aries...I'm more of an aries body with a Pisces soul.
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            <I mean that stuff about the natal chart being the body and the draconic being the soul? In my case, I'd say it's the other way around.-natal Sun in Pisces and draconic Sun in Aries...I'm more of an aries body with a Pisces soul.>

            I think that is one of the strengths and weakness of astrology. What you stated above is why there are so many different techniques and ways of exploring astrology. It is not a perfect map of who we are, but such a map is not possible in my opinion. A map is only a shadow or incomplete representation of the territory. We have topographical maps, political maps, maps showing population density etc..... Each map gives us a small focused glimpse of the incredible ever changing landscape of the territory..
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            it's not about body and soul ... draconic chart seems to color / modify the natal planet/angle energies; makes a lot of sense to me
            Keeping in mind that draconic planets and points tend to feel intrinsic or natural, we can blend the energies of the natal Sun with the draconic Sun, the reigning need of the natal Moon with the draconic Moon, and the identity projection of the natal Ascendant with the draconic Ascendant. The natal and draconic work together.

            For example, our client has draconic Sun in Virgo with natal Sun in Aquarius. We can say to our client, “The horoscope suggests that energies are working intrinsically to refine and discriminate, and intellectualizing with others in an insightful way that probably feels quite natural to you.”

            Draconic Moon in Capricorn with natal Moon in Gemini: “There is a major need to be bright, clever and witty, and at the same time, getting things done probably feels second nature to you.”

            Draconic Sagittarius Ascendant with natal Taurus Ascendant: “The horoscope suggests that your identity feels comfortable approaching the world in a self-assertive way and simultaneously seeking to build something of value.
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        they say you can look at draconic to draconic and draconic to tropical for synastry ...he probably meant his tropical NN conj her draconic Sun
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      from how I perceive you there really is something very Piscean about you, Isaac : )
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        Thanks !!


        The more I learn about astrology and the layered meanings of what makes up the natal chart, I have found myself identifying more with the energy of Pisces than Scorpio... I can pack a powerful sting when strongly provoked, but I also forgive and let go easily given time and space, but I never forget..... ;)
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      I have been thinking about my Draconic chart since this topic came up yesterday.....
      Natal IC in Gemini
      Draconic ascendant in Gemini

      Another them that this chart makes wonder about is how I express gemini energey.... I can be very extreme in polarity.... Going from one end or the other.... A wise freind once asked me if I had multiple personalities, because I was always answering questions by prefacing them with....... Part of me think's.............. I don't feel like I have multiple personalities that I am aware of, but I do often struggle with decisiveness, because I see a multitude of possibilities and I often over think the possible outcomes of all the choices and paths I see before me. Sometimes this immobilizes me and sometimes, when I listen to my gut, I KNOW which path and choice is ultimately right for me.

      My need to qualify my feedback with "Part of me thinks/feels........." is necessary for me because reality is very complex and subjective, and exploring/acknowledging the different angles of a situation/feeling/thought is important to me.
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    My chart semi-squares itself! Since NN is in the middle of Taurus.....Moving back to Aries, I get Venus at 29 Pisces square Jupiter at 29 Sagittarius in the Draconic chart.

    I wonder what that might mean.

    Also I find it interesting that my natal Sun/Neptune opposition in the Draconic chart falls on my Venus/NN in Taurus - Saturn/NN/POF in Scorpio opposition.

    It would also make sense why I seem to be relating with allot of people with Pluto in Virgo, and Neptune in Scorpio.

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      my Draconic chart makes sense to me too, it explains lots things that could not be explained by my tropical placements; interesting, my tropical NN is conj my Draco Sun : )
  • Hey Gogolesque, great post...

    These three excerpts are paragraphs from an article called: Secrets of the Zodiac by Robert Blaschke, a very innovative astrologer:

    In this article he not only goes into the technique and different ways of interpreting the Draconic Chart but also the Sidereal and Heliocentric chart. I don't have a lot of experience with this mode of interpretation - but a brief application in synastry astrology yielded results that can only be called astounding...

    "The Draconic Zodiac transfers the North Node of the Moon (the point in the lunar orbit where it intersects the plane of the Ecliptic) to 00˚ 00′ Aries. A chart cast with this zodiac then computes the differential arc between this Aries point and one’s Tropical North Node, and adds this arc to the Luminaries, planets and angles in any nativity. The result is a chart that retains the identical gestalt, or pattern, of the Tropical horoscope, yet now has different Zodiac degrees for everything. The Draconic Zodiac is thus lunar based, whereas the Heliocentric Zodiac is a solar based calculation."

    "In his fourth book, Astrology: A Language of Life, Volume IV - Relationship Analysis, this author outlined these four Zodiacs and linked them with the karma of the space-time continuum as they pertain to human relationships. His research found that when comparing the nativities of family members, there were exact conjunctions between the Tropical Zodiac planets in one chart with the Draconic Zodiac positions in the second chart. The premise here is that an ongoing soul contract exists between parents, children and siblings who reincarnate into the same family system from lifetime to lifetime. This Zodiac is lunar based, thus relating to the karma of ancestral blood lines."

    "When employing the Draconic Zodiac, the astrologer can understand the individual’s experience at a family or hereditary level. An astrologer using the Tropical Zodiac is ideally suited to delineate the individual’s experience at a personality level, and to be able to perceive the life purpose of the present incarnation."
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      hey Partha : ) good to see you, thanks for the link!

      I'm off to read it 8-)
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        I can relate to Draconic synastry too; I checked my Draconic-to-Tropocal synastry with someone and I was amazed to see their Draconic Chiron on my tropical DSC and my tropical Chiron on their Draconic DSC; it was a very, very Chironian relationship, I had synastry Chiron on my planets and vice versa before (never on our angles though) but neither me nor those people felt so much wounded as we felt this time...

        This description pretty much sums up how it felt:

        Chiron in your 7th House – As a child you suffered psychological pain because you weren’t able to identify exactly who you were as a person, particularly within relationships. You tended to mirror what others expected you to be, rather than being yourself. This was largely due to your need to be liked or loved by others. The truth is that you have a powerful effect on others, and if you can come to realize that you are just who you should be, your true talents will shine forth. Others will respond to you depending upon how you project yourself. Through this relationship they can help you focus on just being who you are, and to utilize your abundant gifts.

        I also checked my parents and some other couples' Draconic synastry and found lots of interesting 'coincidences' there so I believe Draconic charts is a very power tool to get in-depth insights into our selves and our relationships with others.
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    i find the draconic synastry with my father's natal chart interesting

    my draconic sun, moon, and mercury are all in aquarius, the
    same sign as my father's natal moon and venus

    my draconic venus is in pisces, the same sign as my father's
    natal sun and mercury

    my draconic mars is in leo, conjunct my father's natal pluto
    which is conjunct my natal ascendant

    those are definitely the strongest draconic connections with
    any immediate family member
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      Kim Falconer says the draconic chart represents the subtle energies at work underneath the tropical chart, like the silk lining under a coat. Seems your dad has a great influence on you and your life, much greater than you might think.

      my mom's Draco Sun conj Draco asteroid DNA is conj my dad's Draco Moon conj Draco DNA by the same degree! and they gave birth to me when transiting Ceres moved on this conjunction : )

      "...The Ceres asteroid represents the rhythms in a woman's procreation cycles. In her role as mother, the Ceres woman treasures family heirlooms. The biology of life cycles and female passages are within Ceres' domain.The asteroid, in charge of mothering and the family tree...."

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        "my mom's Draco Sun conj Draco asteroid DNA is conj my dad's
        Draco Moon conj Draco DNA by the same degree! and they gave
        birth to me when transiting Ceres moved on this conjunction : )

        "...The Ceres asteroid represents the rhythms in a woman's
        procreation cycles. In her role as mother, the Ceres woman
        treasures family heirlooms. The biology of life cycles and female
        passages are within Ceres' domain.The asteroid, in charge of
        mothering and the family tree...."


        very cool, Gogolesque, such detailed insight : )

        and thank you for looking at the draco connections with my father
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          and thank you for looking at the draco connections with my father

          you are welcome but it is just screamingly obvious how connected you both are
  • I've studied the draconic zodiac off and on for quite awhile. I even spent a day about 15 years ago visiting with Pamela Crane at her home in England: Pamela's book is "Draconic Astrology" and I recommend it to anyone interested in the draconic zodiac. She points out in the book that in trances where Edgar Cayce discussed astrology, it has become more and more obvious that he was using the draconic zodiac rather than the tropical or sidereal.

    Pam says, among other things, that "people appear always to do the best of which they are capable with their Draconic pattern (p. 51). "And the tropical zodiac is that which we are in the process of perfecting, the Dragon's Head acting as our guide." Her book is likely to be available on

    I have the North Node at 00 Leo, which means that it is in trine to 00 Aries, which further means that my draconic chart contains placements that are trine my natal placements, with most being in Aquarius, appropriate for an astrologer. I would recommend your study be of the draconic chart in and of itself, as well as placing the draco planet placements around your natal chart.

    Most astrology software will allow you to cast a chart using the Draconic zodiac. The option is usually where you choose to do tropical, sidereal, etc.

    Michele Adler
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 has a Draconic chart option in the extended charts selection...

    My Sun would be Aquarius, Moon in Capricorn... interesting as I've always gotten along especially well with those signs.

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