Stelliums- where is yours??

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I have 5 planets in my fifth house and three, all within one degree of eachother, practically piled on top of one another, in capricorn. I have read that stelliums create a focus of energy in one particular area of a person's life. For the sake of concrete, as opposed to abstract understanding of this concept, it would be good to be able to compare my natal stellium with those of others. Note, a stellium is when three or more planets share the same sign or house.

By formal definition then, a person's sun, venus and mars all in the sign of venus-ruled tarus would concentrate a person's energy toward tarus themes like posession, pleasure, ect. For my capricorn stellium, I think that someone other than myself would be able to better articulate how capricorn energy has manifest in my life and through comparison, an even exchange of insight to how stelliums effect each person can be reached.

One challeng that I have faced in finding out how to interpret the planets in my stellium with any amount of depth because of their sign placement. A lot of the desciptions for planets in the sign of capricorn are short dry. And, hey, mabe that's how people see me with so many of my planets in the sign of capricorn, but this is not how I see myself. Then, on another level, mabe this is one of the manifestations of a stellium; it creates so much of a concentration of energy that I am living in my own little world.

The truth is, I am not clear on this topic. I have tried to read up on it, only to come out with a vague, round about understanding of what this thing is really about. But that's why I have you all for!
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  • I have Cancer Stellium Sun-Mercury 9th Venus 8th... I "FEEL" Very very Cancer..
    Moon Baby.. Being a Father is my greatest skill.. "I TEACH".
    • Hey! how to you see your moon play a part in your stellium- i am guessing it should be considered as one of the most important planets in your chart because of your CANCER stellium.
      • You welcome to look. Gemini moon. "Verbose"
        I remenber often one of my kids will ask a dificult question.
        The other would say "OH NO"..
        But it sticks. They run across some challend and my voice fiils there head.

        Moon in 7th house. I Love it there. I see it as my commitment to the earth to raise Dynamic kids. And Care for people were ever I go. This world is my family to some extent.
        My Sun and Moon midpoint is 27* Gemini.

        Sabian Says:
        YOUNG GYPSY EMERGING FROM THE WOODS GAZES AT FAR CITIES Growth of consciousness from the instinctual to the intellectual. Anticipation and mounting self-confidence. Deep longing.
        ___*When positive, the degree is self-release through a joy in the accomplishments of the moment , and when negative, complete disinclination to enter into the ordinary relationships of society.

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        I have capricorn stellium as well...... i have four planets in the first house.....three in conjucntion neptune conj. moon conj. mars.............all in capricorn in 1st house.....wat do u thnk??? can u tell me wat u thnk abt that??
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      Well, I have Pluto, Venus and Uranus in the 8th If we count things other than planets, I also my South Node, Ceres, Pallas and Juno in the 8th, I think all in Leo (Uranus is in Cancer). Pluto, Venus and Ceres are conjunct (and Ceres is also conjunct my Mars in Virgo in the 9th). Then I have Mercury, Saturn and Neptune in Libra in the 10th, with Mercury conjunct the MC.

      I'm a Virgo Sun, but I think these stelliums ensure that I don't normally come across that way. All the 8th house action gives me a certain Scorpionic depth and intensity that tends to vie with a hidden Leo desire to rock out and be center stage. I need and seek out volcanic intensity and I believe that sex and death are transformative. I follow the path of sacred sex, although the realization that this actually is my path has come a bit late in life. I also think this has to do with the fact that the Venus/Pluto/Ceres group opposes my Aquarius Moon in the second house and is also connected to Neptune through a kite formation - so my stelliums in the 8th and 10th are connected to each other and to my Moon.

      As to the Libra stuff happening in the 10th - I think it is really emphasizing a desire to be recognized as one who imparts some sort of mystical knowledge that serves harmony and the greater good. I am in fact a witch and ritual priestess, I teach at the Reclaiming-tradition intensives known as witchcamp, and I also teach workshops on magic and witchcraft. I'm dedicated to Dionysus (oh, I guess that could fall under the 8th house influence too...) and I strongly believe that the pursuit of ecstasy is healing on all levels.

      Brian, it must be intense having that Libra stellium in the 8th...

      - maenad
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    I have 4 planets smack-dab in the middle of Libra in the 8th House...

    So how do I feel? Like a Scorpio and I don't like it! I sometimes feel out of whack like my
    emotional pendulum is swinging extremely wide.

    Oh almost forgot...those four planets are Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Pluto.
  • Vesta 6.57 degrees Scorpio, 7th house
    Sun 7.01 degrees Scorpio, 7th house
    Mercury 9.14 degrees Scorpio, 7th house
    Moon 14.01 degrees Scorpio, 7th house
    Jupiter 14.25 degrees Scorpio, 7th, house
    Venus 23.09 degrees Scorpio, 8th house, retrograde
    Neptune 29.64 degrees Scorpio, 8th house

    I discovered astrology in my early 20's & suddenly the world made so much more sense!! "Oh! That's why I keep scaring people!" ;)

    love all-ways,
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      Holy Scorpio Batman! What sign is your Pluto in, mem?

      I have Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Sag. in the 8th (at 8 degrees), and then Neptune in Sag. in the 9th (at 28 degrees). I don't know if that really counts as a stellium, but I've always had an interest in other cultures and I'm open-minded....probably too open-minded for a lot of people, but I'm very live and let live in my philosophy and I try not to be preachy, but I'll go off on what's wrong with the world to people who know not to take me too seriously. I'm not sure what the conjunction in the 8th means....creativity when it comes to death, sex, and taxes? Lol. I HATE people trying to fence me in and I'm not great at conforming (probably doesn't help that I have Sun and Moon in Aquarius). I'd love to travel all over if I had the means (maybe I will someday). I like to think I'm kinda funny as well, but to each their own.

      I don't know if Sun, Mars, and Venus in the 12th count as a stellium, but I relate to Pisces a lot too and am very sensitive (like SOBBING at seeing some kids beat up a homeless man on the news or other cruelties of the world/people's and other creature's pain).

      I think sometimes Capricorns get a bad rap. Maybe with all that Capricorn in the 5th you're creative, but you apply your creativity to practical applications (Dave Matthews has a lot of Cap. stuff going on, and I wouldn't consider him a stodgy old finger-wagger like so many defnitions of Capricorn describe). If a Cardinal sign is gonna finish something, it's gonna be a Cappy. And they can be funny as hell too.

      • I have the Sun, Venus, Pluto and Uranus all in my second house.
        The three first is in Vigo and Uranus is in Libra.

        I have always had problems with the general description of Virgos - especially the neat -freak, tidy, always looking impeccable and never wanting to take center stage.
        I am VERY messy, famed in fact for my chaotic room growing up. I am a little bit better now but only because I force myself.
        I always spill stuff on my clothes, wipes my hands on my trousers (bad habit I know) and NEVER iron anything.
        I constantly say the wrong thing - I think the phrase brutally honest has been used more than once, and I can be quite a loudmouth.
        Never dreamed about a helping profession - in fact I have always dreaded it.
        I am critical and quite analytic – that fits well – but the rest of the Virgo description seems off.
        And yet I have a stellium in Virgo!

        My sister has a Virgo asc, and Virgo moon and she is much more like a Virgo than me - neat, tidy and a great eye for details.
        She is also rather quiet, prefers to observe and she is also very analytical – and not a hot-head like me.
        Her sun sign is Libra.

        As for the stellium beeing in the second house - I don't know what to make of that.
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          Virgo stellium in the 2nd House would tend to act like Pisces in the 8th House and thus, defy the stereotypical Virgo characteristics by persistent swings between order and chaos, a ravenous appetite for change (and sex) and a tendency to unexpectedly combust or explode (hotheaditis). More planets in Virgo won't make you more like a Virgin. Like the way excessive yang turns into yin a kind of conversion takes place, in this instance, from order into chaos or maybe more aptly, from virgin into whore (and back to virgin, again, the next morning only to repeat the cycle ad infinitum)
          • Sun, Mercury, Mars, North Node, Chiron, IC all in Gemini
            Moon, Saturn and Pluto in Libra and also in the 8th house
            Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus in Sagittarius

            I had my chart drawn up by a friend about 3 years ago. It really, really, truly explains a lot...

            Intensity of diffused energies
            Love of beauty, eloquence and word/number composition (written and read)
            Travel, philosophy, art, dance
            The 8th house occult connection
            Balanced with a healthy, logical scientific standpoint
            And a subtle, barbed sense of humour...
          • Oh my god - that is totally true! I always swing between extremes - I take things really far in one direction and then I suddenly decide that I have to "clean up" - my mess, my life, my everything, I tend to make somewhat ambitious plans for this, swing into action and make it happen. This makes me feel much better for a period of time until I suddenly feel that I just can't take it anymore.

            Everything that seemed so sensible, smart and right to do suddenly looks ridiculous and pointless to me – and thus I swing in the total opposite direction.

            This is hard work – any suggestions as how to stop this running back and forth? Or am I doomed to continue this dance?
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              re: "Everything that seemed so sensible, smart and right to do suddenly looks ridiculous and pointless to me – and thus I swing in the total opposite direction. This is hard work – any suggestions as how to stop this running back and forth? Or am I doomed to continue this dance?"

              Are you doomed to continue this dance? Time will tell. This swing between extremes generates a lot of energy, yes ? Unlike many people who struggfle through low-energy lives, you do not seem to have an "energy problem". Will these extremes remain there for the rest of your life ? Probably, yes; your chart doesn't change. However, you can change your perception and relationship to these extremes that you experience.

              The key for you would be one of directing all that energy into a meaningful purpose. The extremes are not the problem; lack of purpose is the problem. When you find a cause or purpose to serve that's bigger than you -- something beyond the self-serving ways of ego -- I think you will find that you have enough energy to make that change happen in your life. The extremes are not the problem; lack of purpose is the problem.


              PS: If you are concerned about sabotaging yourself, you may want to consider changing your tribe name in the process.
              • LOL! Energy is definitely high with me - especially the mental kind. I would love to find a meaningful purpose but I can't seem to find something that truly fits my skills and interests. Except self-expression but that is kinda ego driven I guess? I have tried at ton of aptitude test and self help career books but I end up with art and fiction writing as my only true interests. Although entertaining I don't think neither qualify as a purpose bigger than me.

                Adding to that I am not really a team player - I like doing stuff my own way, calling the shots and being in charge and I have no interest in leading other people that myself. I would love to use my skill for a better and grander purpose but I know myself well enough to realize that it must be in tune with who I am, work style, interests and all.
                I just can't see what that could be? My ideal work would be something that would both let me express myself and my creative vision but also serve a larger purpose. But unless I write some genius groundbreaking lifechanging book that will change peoples lives I don't see how I can do it.

                I am not holding my breath for the nobel prize in litterature so that idea is out.
                The worst thing is that I constantly have this feeling that there is something I am supposed to do - that I have a certain purpose and that it is right in front of me - but I just can't see it!
                The harder I try the more confused I get...
                Oh well - I guess everybody feels that they have some special purpose - most likely it's just my imagination.

                Jinx - or maybe I should change it to headless chicken? :)
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            I have a question: if virgo stellium in 2nd tends to act like pisces in 8th,

            does it somewhat mean like: libra stellium in 4th will give off tendencies of aries in 10th?

            Like your ying and yang explanation and that you can look at most stelliums in this manner?
      • pl - from definitions i have found, a stellium is 3 or more planets in a sign or house. i think, like with everything, different people define it differently for purposes that are practical to them.
  • I have a Libra stellium in the 12th House. I'm still slightly confussed how to interpret it, but I now know how the conjunctions within this stellium affect my life. For example, I have Sun conjunct Saturn at the tightest orb within my chart, and, although I have no planets in earth signs, I am still very earthy and serious which I should think stems from Saturn. Sun conjunct Pluto is the next tightest aspect within my chart. This conjunction certainly explains my interest and 'feeling at home' feeling towards the dark side which perhaps confuses my Libran side and gives me an extra nervousness when getting to know people. And with this stellium loitering within the 12th House, I do prefer to be behind the scenes.

    I can now understand the conjunctions within this stellium. However, within this stellium I sense frustration, perhaps Pluto is the culprit. With these planets being in Libra, I tend to be fair with people and hope they return the gesture. But this isn't always possible. If they ignore me, I can become dogmatic and arrogant, cutting right through them. Perhaps this is accentuated somewhat by Saturn because I tend to be very serious when I'm fair and passionate. People often receive mixed feelings regarding me. They see me as a generally nice and polite person who is quiet and withdrawn. I've noticed that they build their hopes up and judge every part of my life as being 'nice' or 'decent'. However, people often become confused over my interest in the mysterious, monsters, horror, etc. I have imported banned horror films into the UK,and many people are satisfied that Britain is heavily censored regarding violence in the media. A lot of people have began hating me after I provided evidence that suggested crimes in Holland, Denmark and Japan declined when they relaxed their censorship laws and that this explains why the UK is the most crime ridden country in Europe whilst being the most censored.They see me as a nice person, but also as a person with a dark core with dark intentions and rebellion against their morals. They see me as a trickster out to be liked, despite interests towards what most people deem taboo.

    But I don't see this. What's wrong with being a nice, fair, emotional person with an interest in all things dark? Perhaps other aspects within my chart goes further in explaining this, but this Libra stellium could also explain a lot why people receive differing opinions about me after getting to know me. I don't know, but as this part of my life is hidden from people upon first meeteing, I am guessing that the 12th House stellium is partly responsible.

    This is where I sense this frustrated energy. Now I have a question to ask one of the experts. This stellium is sextile Mars and Neptune in the 2nd House of money. Whenever I have felt down, depressed or angry over people's changing opinion of me or of things in general, I have written some of my best work. I had a horror DVD seized not long ago by customs and I was angered that I couldn't watch this film in a what a bastard Western politician would call a 'free country' (it's only free when people share the same morals as them- aka, manipulation). I then wrote an article about banned horror films and how sex crimes declined in real free countries such as Japan, Denamrk and Holland when they allowed a more liberal society to flourish. It got it published. Could this sextile towards Mars and neptune in the 2nd House suggest a creative outlet of frustrated energy? Perhaps I could even recieve money from doing it.
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      Baby, what are the planets that you have in your Capricorn stelium? And how closely conjunct are they? I would suspect that that one or two of the conjunctions would be more powerful than the rest and colour you personality more strongly. If you are young enough to have either Uranus or Neptune there, then that will also make you a whole lot more either other-worldy or unconventional than the textbooks would otherwise have you believe.

      Pryce - what an interesting conjunction that is - Mars conjunct Neptune in the 2nd sextile. There could certainly be the capacity there for getting wrapped on the knuckles for getting involved in activities that other people might well consider as being subversive and in that context I think your thoughts about the UK and censorship are especially interesting. One person's subversive could of course be another's righteous campaigner, but I would imagine that the capacity for being scapegoated could be an equal danger - whatever you do, I would suggest, don't try to smuggle substances through Customs anywhere....

      You have read one or two things of mine I beleive, but I have not read anything of yours, but it does not surprise me that the whole theme of betrayal sparks you off, with double Scorpio, Libra Sun conjunct Pluto as well as that conjunction with Mars and Neptune. All that would harm your sense of justice too. (Betrayal seems to inspire me to write, too.) But does the phrase 'it takes a long spoon to sup with the devil' resonate with you in any way yet?

      The Neptune Pluto sextile, which has been along for so long now, has optimistically been described as a saving grace for more recent generations against the craziness of the world, with all the potential for mass destruction that is around. And you already seem to be something of a campaigner.

      Did you ever see the film about Sade btw? In this context, what would you say to it?
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        And Pryce, as a Brit expat, it is good to hear from other people from that fair isle - have there been any new moves towards clamping down on things in the UK btw? One good thing about coming to Hungary was being able to watch Crash, which they did not want to show in good ole Blighty......
        • Hi Lynda. Like my shadow, you are always there.

          I assume you are talking about the David Cronenberg film version of Crash? A good film intended for adults, but politicians failed to see that when it caused so much controversy 10 years ago. Things in the UK are getting crazier, in my opinion. A Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs stage play had to change it's name because it was believed that 'little people' would be offended by the word 'dwarf.' The Christmas lights in London last Christmas became known as 'the winter lights' in order not to offend Muslims.

          The British government are attempting to legislate a law that would imprison people who are in possession of violent pornography. However, the British government's version of violent pornography is anything bondage or S&M. This was after a person killed a teacher 3 years ago after seeing pictures of S&M on the internet. The media deemed it violent porn, manipulated the country into believing that there were such things as snuff films, in order for the public to complete an online consultation form on the Home Office website to get violent porn (bondage and S&M) banned and anybody in possession of such material sent to jail for 3 years. It looks like they will fail, however.

          On the bright side, the British censors (the BBFC) relaxed their guidelines a few years ago after consulting the public. The public wanted to make up their own mind of what they want to watch and not be told what to watch. Dozens of previously banned films have been released uncut, including the Salo, an film interpretation of Sade's 120 Days of Sodom. This is why I believe the government have manipulated the country into believing that Graham Coutts (the guy who murdered a school teacher in 2003) into believing that bondage and S&M is violent pornography (rape) because the public told the British censors to f*ck off when they consulted the public. This way, the government will get away with failing their promise cracking down on crime. Margaret Thatcher did it in the early 1980's which resulted in the 1984 Video Recordings Act, an act that expunged graphic horror films from the market, which certainly explains why Crash caused so much controversy because the Tories were still in power at the time.

          A Labour MP is attempting to ban violent video games after a teenager murdered his best friend. He was obsessed with the video Game Manhunt. But what this politician fails to realise is that Manhunt was an 18 rated video game. This politician wants these video games banned because he fails to realise that the responsibility of this underage teenager in possession of a violent video game stems from the parents buying their child the game. This MP wants to make the country believe that he is doing something he assumes would make the streets safer. Fortunately, the public hasn't fell for it.

          I'm not familiar with the phrase 'it takes a long spoon to sup with the devil' . Perhaps this explains my fearless involvement with things people believe to be dangerous.

          Regarding your last comment about the film about Sade. I didn't know there was a film about him. I suppose I can relate to his life in a way, in the sense that when he was imprisoned for his beliefs he began writing the literature he has become most famous for. I thoroughly enjoy his works. Put the graphic content of his works aside, his writing is beautiful. Did you know his writings were officially banned in Britain until 1983, and that the government tried to blame the Moor murders of the 1960's on his writings in order for his books to remain banned? Sade was a fascinating character. History has unfortunately tarnished him as an evil human being - well, at least to the people who cannot understand him, which includes politicians. Two of my favourite writers are the Sade himself and Aliester Crowley, both very misunderstood individuals. I'm still shocked that Crowley was a Libra.

          I'm sure it will take me awhile to understand every aspect of my chart; but with people like you, Steve, Nancy and Mary (who has deleted her tribe membership, sadly), I am beginning to understand in detail how the planets affect my life. I'm still baffled that 8 rocky bodies and a burning mass of gas and nuclear reactions influence our lives from within.
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            Thanks for your response Pryce - see that not much has cahnged in the UK then. A lot of my students find the way the English langiage has changed because of having to mind our P's and C's utterly hilarious. I am glad for the emergence of the Ms etc etc, but Tom Sharpe satirised this priggishness over language with dwarfs in particular 20 year ago - they become PORGS in the story instead, perhaps forgetting that the euphemism attaches as much stigma as the origianl label.

            What I meant by supping with a long spoon I suppose is about how not to lose ideals in a corrupt world - that is what I liked about Puzo agan, know I keep harping on that. As for Crowley - he did have a Uranus rising in Leo, which has to be where the 'do as thou wilt' comes from. I have an astrology book ofhis actually, which surpisingly has come real gems about certain aspects, he could be empirical when he wanted to be. I even acutally quite enjoyed his invective against artsits and poets he disliked, too.

            Yes, Cronenburg's film was meant for adults. I have not read much Sade myself, but Camilla di Paglia certainly rates him.

            As for being a shadow.....I would love to be able to say I was your evil Doppleganger, but I am certainly not your astrological twin, other than sharing a Jupiter in Scorpio placement.
    • Stellium in the 8th house. Have spent my entire life ignoring the superficial. :)
      • Scorpio Stellium in the 6th house. Does anyone know what this means?
        An explanation would be MUCH appreciated as I'm pretty new to this.
        • actually.....if anyone can explain ANY of this, it'd be awesome.
          I've gotten some explanations, but they're pretty vague.

          Planetary positions
          planet sign degree house motion
          Sun Scorpio 12°03'43 06 direct
          Moon Scorpio 13°47'57 06 direct
          Mercury Scorpio 15°23'09 06 direct
          Venus Virgo 25°31'25 05 direct
          Mars Virgo 22°02'53 05 direct
          Jupiter Sagittarius 13°14'37 07 direct
          Saturn Scorpio 07°49'01 06 direct
          Uranus Sagittarius 07°44'02 07 direct
          Neptune Sagittarius 27°20'17 08 direct
          Pluto Libra 29°58'04 06 direct
          True Node Gemini 16°13'10 01 retrograde
          • Lucky Me - I have 2 Stelliums
            Moon, Venus, Neptune in Scorpio 8th house
            Mercury, Marsw, Jupiter in Sagittarius, 9th house

            My daughter has Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Aquarius, 8th House and
            Mars, Moon, Saturn, and Uranus in Sagittarius, 6th House

            My Mother had Sun, Venus, Mars and Chiron in Gemini 3rd House

            My middle sister has Sun, Mercury, Saturn in Cancer 5th House

            My Grandmother (Maternal) had Sun, Neptune, Jupiter and North Node in Cancer, 10th and
            South Node, Venus and Uranus in Capricorn, 4th House

            And all of us females have Water rising signs.
            My Grandfather (Maternal) had Jupiter, Uranus, Chiron, Mercury, N. Node and Saturn in Sagittarius, 7th house and
            The Sun in the 8th just 3 degrees from a Moon, Mars exact conjunction in the 9th, but all in Capricorn
            And he had Neptune, Pluto and S. Node, Gemini, 1st House

            My grandparents had 15 children, I have 42 first cousins - I'm waiting for all of their birth info... that would be something to study, What you think?

          • Margot ~ check out the Scorpio Stellium tribe & also Pluto Moon tribe ~ both of interest to you, I suspect.....

            love all-ways,
            • I am sooo surprised at the number of 8th house and scorpio stelliums. BY the way, in reply to one of the posts, my stellium is mercury, neptune, moon, venus, and jupiter all in the 5th house and jupiter, venus and moon occupying 14, 15, and 16 degrees of Cap.
              • I guess I have 2 also Mars, Pluto, uranus 10th house Virgo..Ceres & juno 0.03* orb 11th house conj. Mars 1* orb. Mars having a party w/ Pluto's Harem..LOL good thing Pluto is 14* away, busy making war plans w/ Uranus & Pallas 7* orb. Mars All SEXtile w/ my Stelliam in 9th house Sun Mercury, 8th house Venus SEXtile w/ Pluto. Guess I got 3 parties all w/ cell phones..LOL
  • 12th house Scorpio. 4 planets + asc in Scorpio, 3 of which are in the 12th house. Also a 2nd house stellium split over the signs of Sagitarius and Capricorn.
    • Do they let you out in public? :-)
      • 12th house for me in leo. sun, moon, venus and uranus. all are square my 3rd house neptune.

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          no stelliums in my chart but I do have a kite, grand water trine and a mystical septangle.
          • Yvonne - there's an unofficial sub-tribe of kite women here --it would be interesting to see yours, especially if you were the 4th person to have pluto and the moon on the kite's axis.
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              I'll look for the sub tribe and also post my chart on my profile. newbie here.. so bare me pls ;-)
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                I guess I'm one of the kite women here - but there's no official tribe as far as I know!

                - maenad
                • Ok maenad...make one..
                  Sorry been the boss all day...
                  let me try that again..
                  Hey maenad maybe you could start one. sounds like a good idea to me.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
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                    what is a stellium and how do you go about finding yours?
                    my chart is in my pix, maybe someone can help me find our what mine is
                    • t
                      look at your 8th house you have 3 planets cose to each other this is a Stellium.
                      And Wow..Sun, Uranus, Mercury 8th scorpio Sun trine to Rx Jupiter 5th house cancer..
                      Hey cool I was born @ 2:13 too..
                      What that all means?? me just learning.
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                        : ), thx so much dragondaughter
                        • LOL LOL ok..
                          thats funny...
                          I'm the Dad..LOL
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                            rrrr, oops read it wrong, dragon wire, sorry, hehe
                            • wow. i never thought about stelliums til this thread. course im just now starting to "get it" about houses.

                              but so here's what i found

                              If we count planets being quite cuspy in houses, then i have 5 planets and a couple of asteroids in my first house! sheesh! im doomed to be a loudmouth or something.

                              they are:
                              aquarius - mercury, venus
                              pisces - sun, chiron, vesta
                              aries - mars, saturn

                              and then, if i put the aries above back in the 2nd house part of the cusp, i have another stellium in the 2nd house and i'm not exactly clear what that does to me - probably focuses alot of my energy or something. I don't really get how to translate the 2nd house for my brain....

                              aries - mars, saturn, part of fortune, asc. node
                              taurus - moon (& lillith)

                              and then i guess i get to work EVERY thing out in relationships it seems because i have 3 planets and an asteroid in the 7th house:

                              virgo - pluto & uranus & pallas
                              leo - jupiter

                              wow. geez.
                              what stuff to learn....
                              and im really not sure what to do with the information

                              but all stuff i could have told you with out astrology. except now i feel fated to be this way. shit.

                              so, question - does that mean that the other planets that are not in stelliums become a little more insignificant because their pull has a hard time competing with the stelliums?
                              • As I understand it what constitutes a stellium is 3 or more planets in a house or sign.
                                They don’t count asteroids though. I do see a stellium in you 2nd house. Though the moon is far off from the other two.
                                • from what i understood, conjunction might happen in a stellium but not necessarily....

                                  what about planets that are on the cusp enough of a house that the automated chart readers online give you interpretations for both houses?
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                                  Mine are venus 24 degrees libra,mars 17 degrees libra,and pluto 11 degrees libra.All in the 12th house.Zane had a post awhile back on asteroids and out of curiosity I looked up mine and found it interesting that both scorpio and leo were just loaded... at least 5-8,too many to mention off hand,but I found it interesting since it was the last thing I would've expected.I used to not like my libra stellum,but I'm realising it's a good balance and the 12th house emphasis is making more and more sense in my life lately.What I used to see as a burden,I'm looking at differently.
                                • Hmm, then I think I have three stelliums!

                                  Mars , Pluto and Jupiter in Virgo in the 6th house
                                  Uranus, Mercury and Sun in Libra-also in the 6th
                                  Moon, Neptune and Venus in Scorpio in the 7th

                                  Also, my Ascendant, Chiron, and True Node in Aries in the 12th.
                              • oh, see, this is an old post. how much i've learned in these months. how in the world did i get sucked into astrology anyway??

                                anyway, so my stats are there but to clean up my old post here - i have no sign stelliums, only house stelliums:
                                the one in the 2nd with my aries mars/saturn and taurus moon
                                and the one in the 7th house with my leo jupiter and my virgo uranus/pluto.
  • stellium in Gemini

    these are in the 2nd house
    jupiter in gem 5 degrees. 25 minutes
    sun in gem, 10 degrees, 56 minutes

    these are in the 3rd
    mercury in gem 28 degress 48 mintes
    mars in gem 21 degress 40 minutes

    these have plagued me all my life, will someone help me with this.
    • it's 20 degrees not 28
      • My stellium is Scorpio, 9th house:

        Mars: 18 degrees, 34 minutes
        Sun: 12 degrees, 32 minutes
        Mercury: 10 degrees, 56 minutes
        Uranus: 7 degrees, 48 minutes
        North Node: 3 degrees, 36 minutes

        My midheaven is also 29 degrees, 10 minutes Scorpio

        I had no clue I had a 9th house stellium, and SO MUCH Scorpio, until this summer (though I'd been interested in astrology as a child)--after I had already gone back to school for more non-practical learning. I think the 9th house focus really fits for me, though 9th house Scorpio always throws me for a loop, but I love what the combination suggests. I also think it's funny I have Mars in the 9th house, considering it's physical energy (aggression, assertiveness, even your sexual energy) in kind of a mentally focused house.

        I've heard a 9th house focus gives one Sagittarian qualites, no matter what sign is there. I like thinking of Scorpio mixed in with truth seeking and philosophy, though. It's a lovely combination.
        • I have a Virgo Stellium and like Jinx.......I also feel very unvirgoish............

          My planets in Virgo are

          Jupiter and Saturn

          what this means I have no idea?
          • ive got my capricorn share as well.

            uranus + saturn + neptune + asc + venus

            all in capricorn, in the 12th and 1st houses. then youve got mercury and afterwards, the sun, but theyre not closely enough to be conjunct. yet, being generous, you could call it a 6 planets + asc sort of stellium in capricorn/aquarius.

            and i hate it.
  • Sun, Mars, and Saturn in Aquarius in the 6th house. Sun conjunct Mars 5*36, Sun Quincunx Asc2*07. Thats what I see...Alot of Virgo and Aquarius energy...My intuition tells me that there is alot of significance there. I'm still learning alot on this tribe, and it is discussions such as these that make me look to my chart and understand what I'm looking for. Thanks to all.
  • I've got sun, mercury and venus in Aries in the 11th house. Lot of aqua energy going on. I get along with everyone and love to be social.

    Dont know if asteroids couts. I've got saturn (6th), pluto (5th) and vesta in scorpio.

    Five 11th house planets, four 6th house planets. Do they count as stelliums?
  • Oh my!!! I have been wondering about this topic for a long time now but never knew it had a name. I know my Stelliums must mean something. Can anyone interpret for me?

    7th House: Sun in Leo, 03 degrees 20'
    7th House: Mars in Leo, 10 degrees 04'
    7th House: Jupiter in Leo, 09 degrees 18'
    7th House: Pluto in Leo, 25 degrees 42'

    7th House: Mercury in Cancer, 22 degrees 37'
    7th House: Venus in Cancer, 23 degrees 25'
    7th House: Uranus in Cancer, 28 degrees 19'

    9th House: Moon in Scorpio, 08 degrees 29'
    9th House: Saturn in Scorpio, 14 degrees 33'
    9th House: Neptune in Libra, 25 degrees 34'

    Just in case you're curious:
    11th House: Node-Sagittarius, 25 degrees 46'
    7th House: Vertex-Leo, 27degrees 31'
    1st House Eqt Asc-Aquarius, 15 degrees 44'
    07-26-1955 19:06 Seattle, Wa
  • Can anyone explain this configuration for me. I have Mars, Saturn, Pallas and Pluto in Libra and Jupiter in Scorpio all in the 6th house. My 6th house ascendant is 29 Virgo and has the signs Virgo, Libra and Scorpio.
  • I know the posting is old, but I'm looking for more info on my personal Chart. Anything would be appreciated!! I also have a Stellium in Libra. Sun & Asc in Virgo, but don't really feel like one. I think my Piscean moon is more prevalent than the Virgo part...

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0
    Sun Virgo 20.14 Ascendant Virgo 4.06
    Moon Pisces 6.56 II Virgo 27.04
    Mercury Libra 14.30 III Libra 25.25
    Venus Scorpio 0.12 IV Scorpio 28.49
    Mars Leo 6.59 V Capricorn 4.00
    Jupiter Libra 14.08 VI Aquarius 6.15
    Saturn Libra 10.03 VII Pisces 4.06
    Uranus Scorpio 26.44 VIII Pisces 27.04
    Neptune Sagittarius 22.07 IX Aries 25.25
    Pluto Libra 22.58 Midheaven Taurus 28.49
    Lilith Scorpio 28.41 XI Cancer 4.00
    Asc node Leo 0.28 XII Leo 6.15

    Planet Aspect Planet Orb/Value
    Sun Square Neptune 1.53 -82
    Moon Trine Venus 6.44 18
    Moon Opposition Ascendant 2.50 -123
    Mercury Conjunction Jupiter 0.22 501
    Mercury Conjunction Saturn 4.27 347
    Mercury Conjunction Pluto 8.28 55
    Venus Conjunction Pluto 7.14 62
    Venus Sextile Ascendant 3.54 2
    Mars Sextile Saturn 3.04 61
    Jupiter Conjunction Saturn 4.05 277
    Jupiter Conjunction Pluto 8.50 28
    Uranus Opposition Midheaven 2.06 -46
    Neptune Sextile Pluto 0.50 47


    What can you tell about this compatibility chart??

    HIM Aspect ME Orb/Value
    Sun Conjunction Moon 1.40 444
    Sun Opposition Ascendant 1.10 -117
    Moon Opposition Mars 3.01 -85
    Mercury Opposition Sun 2.28 -166
    Venus Trine Sun 1.22 159
    Venus Square Pluto 1.21 -88
    Mars Trine Venus 2.51 69
    Mars Square Uranus 0.38 -110
    Mars Square Midheaven 1.28 -45
    Jupiter Square Venus 0.11 -155
    Jupiter Trine Uranus 3.39 37
    Jupiter Sextile Midheaven 1.33 21
    Uranus Sextile Sun 0.46 86
    Neptune Square Sun 0.04 -158
    Neptune Conjunction Neptune 1.49 73
    Pluto Conjunction Mercury 4.26 68
    Pluto Conjunction Jupiter 4.48 52
    Pluto Conjunction Pluto 4.02 48
    1057 -924 133
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      I know the posting is old, but I'm looking for more info on my personal Chart. Anything would be appreciated!! I also have a Stellium in Libra. Sun & Asc in Virgo, but don't really feel like one. I think my Piscean moon is more prevalent than the Virgo part...

      Hi Twinflame!

      You might get more people's responses if you start your own thread on this but with respect to the stellium - I would guess that interacting with this person in some way transforms your own values (stellium in libra H2) maybe in the sense of a change in the way you think about things and possibly in what you believe. You might be learning a lot from this person or you could possibly learn a lot from this person. It could be read as a change in your ideals or a testing of your true ideals.
    • Unsu...

      I do think that the stellium could potentially become a strong influence that would greatly modify the normal interpretations of virgo sun and ascendant because mercury, the ruler of virgo, is in this stellium.
      Also, the moon is on the descendant in pisces. This means that the ruler of your moon(jupiter) is also in this stellium. (Also - with moon on the descendant in pisces your feelings might be highly effected by the people you are with).

      This person also has their sun activating your sun/moon midpoint AND conjunct your moon(I did the math in my head ... hopefully I didn't mix up some detail in transferring your list of planets onto my notes here). This person might have a strong impact on the kind of person that you "feel like".
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    Libra stellium: Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury, and Saturn in the 8th.
    • Leo stellium: Uranus, Sun, and Pluto. 12th House stellium: Sun, Pluto, and Jupiter.
      • b
        offline 10
        I don't really have any stelliums... I have three planets in Capricorn, Moon, Mars and Neptune... so technically I suppose I do. People seem to view me as being very responsible and tell me the way I carry myself gives them the idea that I am older than I am, even though I have a Gemini Asc. I don't really feel nearly as responsible as people make me out to be, either... so maybe there is something to that about Capricorn stelliums.

        I'm good friends with a woman with a Libra stellium. She makes you feel like gold. People consider her apartment a sanctuary. Any disharmony or show of aggression stresses her out very much. She is incredibly good at social networking.

        I am also friends with an Aries stellium. As an example of how this plays out, when she explained why she is going into the military she said, "Finally I'll get to do what I've always wanted to in life... yell at other people. I thought, hey, I'm good at that."

        I know a man with a Scorpio stellium as well. He is very interested in the ocean and oceanic life... very passionate about those deep waters. When he is upset he becomes very silent and can shoot the scariest death-glare. He exudes sex appeal in whatever he does and married a Taurus.
  • Sun, Mercury, Chiron in Gemini -- Venus in Cancer all in the eighth house. Despite all of the Gemini planets I definitely feel more Scorpionic than anything though. Perhaps that is because the eighth house is a water house and I am a Scorpio rising.

    However, in some sense I am like a Gemini -- curious, agile, child-like at times (though it is rare), and lightening quick when it comes to socializing and communications. Unlike a Gemini though I am very much an intense person and my thirst for knowledge is not on the superficial side. I also tend to have intense relationships -- Venus in the eighth perhaps.
  • "I have 5 planets in my fifth house and three, all within one degree of eachother, practically piled on top of one another, in capricorn."

    Me too, + ASC, and they straddle my 12th and 1st houses. Theyre all in Cap, except my Sun which is in Aqu. Its not conjunct the rest of them, but you can also include it if youre flexible.

    uranus + saturn + neptune + asc + venus + mercury + sun

  • Sun, Mercury and Chiron in the 8th house in Gemini -- Venus is in the 8th too but it's in Cancer. Makes me quite intense for a Gemini -- My rising is Scorpio so having all that energy inconjunct my Rising creates quite a dynamic.
  • I've got a wide stellium in Capricorn: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto ALL in Capricorn in the 9th house, almost at the 10th. I feel like a Capricorn at heart, but sometimes I feel like I get Sagittarian impulses (theoretically due to the stellium being in the 9th house and my Sagittarius North Node). I also think this Cap-stellium, being sometimes described as the loner sign and ruled by the planet of restriction, has created some expansivity issues for me: I often feel like I'm not living the life that I'm meant for or that makes me happy, plus lots of feelings of essential loneliness, despite being surrounded by friends and family, and being judged and misunderstood. Of course, I'm an amateur at all this stuff, so my above hypotheses are probably worth nil =X
    • Damn, scratch that up there. I don't have Pluto in Capricorn. Thank god.
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        I just had a look at your chart based on your info on another thread, you've got one interesting and special chart I gotta say. You're so young too! How did you get into astrology?
        I'm confused though because the chart I'm looking at has all the planets in the 8th house? Are you using another house system than placidus perhaps?

        Remember that the uranus and neptune influence makes your chart not just capricornian but also aquarius and pisces-like! Which I think makes a good balance and dynamic to say the least.
        I also want to add that remember to be a free individual, you are capable of anything and you're not done growing and developing. It's important to remember that astrology is just an alternative perspective of yourself and reality and should be taken lightly.
        • Special chart, huh? How so? That makes me a little nervous, honestly =P I actually don't remember exactly how I got into astrology, though I do know I have always had an inclination towards the metaphysical/spiritual/magickal, as I believe to be evidenced by my Jupiter and Pluto in Scorpio.

          Hmm... I'm pretty sure that information is Placidus-based. (Placidian? lol) I got the info from, which seems to be totally reliable as far as I know, and I got nearly the same results with Koch... Maybe you put in the time or place wrong? Not sure what's up, but I do know I would certainly NOT mind having all my planets in the 8th instead of 9th >_<
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            "Special chart, huh? How so?"

            I haven't seen your chart, but it's rare to have so many planets in one sign. Cardinal signs especially have an impact on their environment and bring change. People with stelliums are supposedly very complex individuals. With so many planets concentrated in one sign, you are basically the epitome of that sign - Capricorn. I knew a Cap Sun/Merc in the 9th and he was very spiritual and philosophical. He loved to travel, was in the peace corps, and had advanced degrees (in business and public health).
            • "I knew a Cap Sun/Merc in the 9th and he was very spiritual and philosophical. He loved to travel..." Sounds exactly like me haha xD And as a matter of fact, I do sometimes find myself behaving as the "eptiome" of Capricorn, though I think I have lots of both Taurean/Venutian and Scorpian tendencies (my ASC and DES respectively). I do kinda like knowing that I don't have to deal witha wide-splayed chart, with all kinds of uneven aspects. And therein lies the proof of my stellium- I loves me a little bit of good CONTROL :)
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      That's one extensive cap stellium. But remember not to inhibit yourself because of preconceptions about your own chart (or yourself). Capricorn is after all a very productive and constructive sign.
    • "Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto ALL in Capricorn in the 9th house, almost at the 10th."

      Unless you're over 200, or less than a year old, you probably DON'T have Pluto in capricorn! lol

      However, that's still a hefty punch that your Cap is throwing there.

      Post us up a chart into your pics.
      You can do this by going to and getting a chart. Then save the image that they generate (as they don't last long) and upload it to your profile pics!

      You need to follow your sun to make the most of your life, whilst making sure to feed the moon at the same time. Post up a pic and someone might be able to get a better handle. One thing though, astrology can be used for whatever you want, but I find it best to use it to help empower your choices so that you use your knowledge to make of your life what you want of it. Don't let your chart limit you!
      • I posted a pic of my chart, including some other points of interest that I know are outside of my understanding, but I still like to know about just for the sake of knowing (figures... South Node in Gemini). And I do know not to let astrology control my perceptions of my identity. It's an axiom of my existence that I define myself only by what I know and feel that I am; I see astrology as more of a personification of the psyche than a direct cause of the patterns of the soul. Then again, show me a beginner who hasn't fallen into the astro-addiction trap... xD
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          Cronus - are you sure you're only 15? Hesus, I love Capricon. LOL They are my favorite. You guys are born old and wise.
          • ^^ teeheehee aww shucks lol well thanks
            Really though, it's a curse and blessing =P
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              Cronus - I'm really curious how transits work for you crazy stellium people. Whatever current planet aspects that stellium sets off every friggin' planet. That's intense. Pluto transiting Capricorn right now in your 9th is one heck of a puberty aspect! No wonder you use words like "axiom."

              Are you planning on going to a top university upon graduation from high school? Your chart totally screams ivy league to me. Your MC ruler (Saturn) in Aquarius also reminds me of the guy I knew... perhaps altruism influencing your career choices. You might be anti-industry, driven, successful, family oriented and a devout Christian. The down side perhaps the typical Capricorn stuff - snobbery, moodiness, melancholy, and not expressing feelings. The snobbery is what always bothered me most, and I don't know if you guys always know that about yourselves. Your biggest problem in life will probably be romance because you Caps have a hard time opening up and trusting people (especially with a Pluto in the 7th - which talks of a possible betrayal that makes you question relationships). But you do tend to eventually settle down comfortably. The good thing about Cap mates are that they improve with age. North node and Pluto in the 7th is interesting because you are here to especially work on personal relationships, though your chart is very much focused on 9th house matters and ambition (which tends towards independence).
              • Damn! I should have recognized the Pluto transit, it explains a lot. I've most def been lately feeling like I need to get out of my house and make my own way; I feel totally capable. Of course, can't drive alone or get a job yet, so that has to wait. Grrr.

                Nearly everything you noted about my chart is spot-on. I do aspire to go to a top university (crossing my fingers for Stanford... Yeah, right.) though my grades tend to be negatively affected by some issues I have with sporadic lack of motivation and nearly permanent state of questioning the validity and importance of a conventional education. Then again, I find it hard to balance between my desire for security, luxury, wealth, etc. and my pull towards following a career that would bring joy (as a musician, it's not very likely that I'll be able to make money off of my talents without a huge bit of luck). As far as an altruist influence, most definitely. One of the things I'd love to do is be a psychiatrist. I love studying the workings of the mind, medicine interests me, and the pay wouldn't be too bad either, so I figured I could just settle for a career in that field for the money/happiness balance.

                "You might be anti-industry, driven, successful, family oriented and a devout Christian. The down side perhaps the typical Capricorn stuff - snobbery, moodiness, melancholy, and not expressing feelings" Most of those are correct. I'm only a little anti-industry, I think, and I'm not successful YET. I will be though. Driven... More like focused. I usually need a kick start, but once I get going I don't back down till I get what I want, be it in career, love, dessert, anything. WAY family oriented- but if you've read my other post, home life right now isn't what I'd love for it to be. That will change in the future. I'll make absolutely certain I have a good, mutually supportive, happy family. Moody, melancholy, not expressing feelings... IN-FREAKIN-DEED. Past few years I've had a large tendency towards depression, even some suicidal thoughts, but it ebbs and flows, and it reminds me I'm alive, so it's all good. Apart from that... snobbery and devout Christian. I recognized the snobbishness a while back, and have learned to keep it in check unless I wanna be a jerk to someone. Then I let it fly. And I was raised Catholic, and later non-denom Christian, and I went through a period of total piety, but after virtually universal persecution for my sexuality, I gave up and adopted my own way of thinking about the world (heard the phrase Anima Mundi? W/e, that's for another time)

                Romance... ouch. I have a heard time trusting people at first, almost neurotically phobic of infidelity. Just last night, I watched a movie where a couple briefly argued over the husband's cheating past, and just listening to it made me feel like my innards had all been clecnched together, as if by some cuckolding fist. I have felt betrayed, as you mentioned, but I already was having trouble with questioning my relationships by that point. It seems like my love life is just plain cursed. Nothing ever goes my way, love falls unrequited, or grows old to the other when it's jsut beginning to blossom for me. Apparently, intimacy is far too much for me to ask of life. "But you do tend to eventually settle down comfortably." I hope so. I've never been into dating out of a serious context... dating around just for fun without thinking about where it will lead is a completely alien idea to me. I pick partners based on their seeming life-long compatibility potential. You mentioned North Node in 7th house, which I've actually somehow never noticed, and it explains a lot about why I place so much weight on my relationships (or lack thereof).

                Wow. Good call. Explaining a lot of this stuff really opened my eyes and showed me some other things I've never really considered before...
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                  Cronus - You are so familiar to me, it makes me nostalgic... Music is more likely to be a hobby for you, as it was for my friend, because of the need for financial security that you mentioned.

                  Well, if you do ever meet a nice girl who is too much like you and not great at expressing her emotions, I hope you give her a chance and keep trying!
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    Yeah, I'm afraid music will end up falling into the background as I make my livelihood. I want to try really hard to break in to the songwriting field, if I can't make it as a singer/performer. Obviously, cranking out some good hits would probably have me set for most of my life =P

                    Er, that would be "if you ever do meet a nice boy". =P But is that what happened to you and this friend?
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                      "Er, that would be "if you ever do meet a nice boy". =P But is that what happened to you and this friend?"

                      LOL Sorry! Nice boy then! Yes, he was the love of my life. Sometimes I wondered if he might have been a closet homosexual/bisexual also, but I will never know. He had female relationships and appeared to be attracted to women, but he was very homophobic (over-compensation?) and the gay friends I had said that he set off their gaydar. But I digress...
                      • Yeah, he sounds pretty closet to me. I've found that by a wide majority, the most vehement homophobes have harbored some curiosities of their own, to say the very least. But trust me, it's never going to be the other boy that doesn't get a chance. Apparently, that's my own niche =P But having been on that side so many times, I know what it's like to be shot down even though you have so much to offer, so I'll have no trouble understanding.
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                          "But trust me, it's never going to be the other boy that doesn't get a chance."

                          That is good to hear, and Capricorn is definitely worth the other boy giving you a chance too. I'm sorry if you have to deal with the unrequited thing, and I can relate. Are you attracted to straight guys too, and that poses the problem of unrequited feelings?

                          What kind of music do you play? This guy loved all types (and knew everything about music!), but I think he mostly focused on bluegrass and jazz.

                          He did try to ask me out three times (we were coworkers), but I just messed things up consistantly - that's my niche. LOL I pissed him off by bailing the first time on a concert outing, and then quit my job. When I came back to work there he hated my guts too much to not notice, then warmed up to me again and tried again... then gave up and moved like 3000 miles away. I don't actually think he was gay (maybe bisexual - but in all honesty men are usually just sexual period), my friends thought every man was gay... If he was gay, he probably wouldn't have been able to resist one of my coworker friends (who was gorgeous and got any man he wanted). And the Cap's eyes glowed only at me, like someone who consumed spice on Arrakis. Maybe I am "masculine" for a woman though... LOL
                          • I'm sorry to hear about that =( I had a relationship that I ruined... I left him when I started becoming religious, then by the time I realized my mistake, he'd gotten a job offer across the country that he, without anyone else to stay behind for, accepted. THat was a little over a year ago, and MUCH more drama has ensued, even to this day, but that's the basis of it all, and it's entirely my fault.

                            I do my very best to keep away from straight guys after my first crush- a TOTALLY straight guy- said he'd kill me if I didn't stop crushing on him. I keep my attractions to heteros in hard check. Except for this one questionable guy right now. I only think he's cute though, though all of his planets before Saturn are in water and earth, so I'm thinking if he WERE, we'd get on very well. But no, the guy I'm interested in currently... I'm not sure about him. I don't know exactly what his deal is. I know he's Sun/Merc Cancer, Moon in Sag, and Venus through Jupiter in Leo, but I don't know what time he was born, so I've no clue on his Ascendant or houses (though judging by his appearance and demeanor, I'd assume Cancer rising, which luckily would put Cap in his 7th house, so I'm REALLY hoping that I'm right about the rising). Oh yeah, and he's got North Node in Capricorn, and his Moon conj. my North Node, so with that in addition to all the quincunxes and (hopefully!) his Cap desc., things would work very well and we could learn a hell of a lot from each other while staying happy. For some reason though, he seems rather opposed to giving me a try. He's in LOVE with his straight ex-homophobe friend, even though he doesn't know he's gay (or bi, as he so fearfully claims. He's not.)., and apparently doesn't want to get attached in high school or even committ in general (has slept around quite a bit in the past apparently). If my Cancer rising guess is right, this would put Uranus in his 7th house, which could be troublesome for my security/loyalty-obsessed self. But for some reason, I feel like I have a chance, and I can't seem to let myself give up on him before he graduates at the end of the year, and find myself constantly dreaming and fawning over him and all the different ways I'd love to be good to him. Oh well...

                            I generally like all kinds of music as well. Just this year have I started falling in love with jazz, though bluegrass is still a taste I've yet to acquire >_< As a pianist, I'm partial to singer-songwriter-pianists, my absolute favorites being Vanessa Carlton, Tori Amos, Regina Spektor, Vienna Teng, Amy Lee of Evanescence, and Alison Sudol/A Fine Frenzy. In general, though, I like music that is well-done. Very VERY little mainstream music earns my respect, though I can appreciate Taylor Swift's ability to write personal yet commercially successful music, and Beyonce's immaculate voice is a not-so-guilty pleasure. I also love foreign music, particularly traditional Frech chansons. I also love any good, well-trained, powerful voice. I recently discovered Lara Fabian, and she's inspired me to at least consider getting some formal voice lessons outside of school chorus =P
                            • Unsu...
                              I guess you and I share the ruining of relationships thing and the other one taking off! It's not fun.

                              That's weird that this other person sounds a lot like me - Sag Moon, Cancer influences. Cancer isn't always as wise as Cap, as it is associated with younger souls vs. old ones. He may not truly know himself yet. With a Sag Moon, he would have a lot of the 9th house type of characteristics like you have (love of travel, education, religion, philosophy, etc.). There is also an inner fear of commitment unless they are given a lot of freedom. Cap and Cancer are opposites, but there is a strong attraction. If his NN is Capricorn, there is likely karmic stuff at work between you, which is very difficult to deal with but also important for growth (for both of you). Even if it doesn't work out between you, you will probably learn a lot about yourself by caring for this person, especially with your natal 7th house Pluto. Just like Cap, Cancer also fears commiting until they are sure of someone - yet when they commit they stick like glue, especially with Leo influences (Leo is a fixed sign and more likely to commit). If he is like me, he may fear his feelings for you and want to run away from them.

                              The Cap liked well-done music too, especially fine arts types (which is my preference). I'm a pianist also... I play classical for the most part though and love sacred music (probably my Sag/Neptune in the 5th).
                              • yeah, I usually keep to the classical to maintain my technique and skill, but I really enjoy playing everything, especially playing and singing together.

                                Hmm, younger soul... I like that idea. It makes me want to get involved with him, and in doing so help him discover himself, thereby enlightening him to how much I care and how much I want to give him. That inner fear of commitment scares me though. I'm very insecure, and would be afraid of him straying away if I gave him too much leash. Maybe I'm weird, but I enjoy the weight that the North Node contacts are bringing in. I know he fears committing until he's sure, but I feel like I've made it rather clear that I'm very interested... maybe I need to amp up the i'm-the-secure-choice-that-you-can-count-on vibes? Cuz if he committed I'd stick just as hard as he did if not more, almost to a fault (Taurus rising). The Leo influences also scare me, though. With all his Leo stuff (incl. Venus) in my 4th house, there's no concern that I'll be able to shower him with love and romance Leo-style (idk why that's such a possibilty for me... Despite my Cap emotional restrictions, I have no trouble being a total Leo about romance), but I'm afraid of either things getting stagnant and him finding something new, which is SO not helped by Sag moon (This is esp. a worry if we were to date while he's in college... God knows he'd need his loving, and when we're cities apart....), or of me pouring myself into him without feeling much in return. Like you metioned, Caps want to be sure of someone- and I will have no trouble at all committing for the rest of time once I know if I can count on him to be ttly loyal and stick around for a long time, if not for good.
                                • Unsu...
                                  "I'm very insecure, and would be afraid of him straying away if I gave him too much leash."

                                  You are way too much like this Cap guy, it's really creepy... I have experience with other Caps too, and my best friend is also a strong Cap. The Cap man and my best friend are very insecure and even possessive and jealous of people (though you don't have the Scorpio jealous stuff that they have). If this Cancer/Sag/Leo guy is like me, I especially didn't trust the Cap because of his on-again-off-again coldness towards me. He would give me the Edward Cullen mood-swing whiplash - interest/disinterest. I know part of it was probably my fault and that he misread me, but as a Cancer-type, I rely very much on my antennae, and Cap is impenetrable at times, to the point where I go insane because I get literally nothing on my radar. There is such a hard, mysterious exterior there, even when it is feeling vulnerable (which I get a hint of, but not enough), and I distrust that and think it means indifference. He would also say things that were like a test or something - I always felt tested and judged. Cap just has a fundamental problem with opening up completely, and there's not really anything you can do about that but just keep trying with the Cancer guy and showing him that you are interested and that you care. If he does like you back, and he probably does (c'mon who wouldn't?) he will eventually surrender to what his feelings are telling him.

                                  Leo isn't always what it seems - it's not all drama queen and that stuff. I have a little Leo in me, and dated a Leo stellium, and they really want what just about everyone wants - someone who is into them back, and respects them and gives them attention. Leo does need a certain level of attention and admiration, but doesn't everyone? The Sag Moon will confuse the heck out of himself, not just you though, as he has two opposing things going on in his dealings with relationships – does he want to commit or be free.
                                  • Unsu...
                                    Oh, and my best friend who is a strong Cap is with a Cancer Sun/ASC too... Weird that.
                                    • "cmon who wouldn't?" =} Made my day.

                                      "The Cap man and my best friend are very insecure and even possessive and jealous of people (though you don't have the Scorpio jealous stuff that they have)." That is exactly me. I am ridiculously, psychotically insecure, jeslous, and possessive. However, I most certainly DO have Scorpio influences- Scorpio on the Descendant. I behave very Scorpiotically in relationship context- when he told me about his sexual history, the idea of someone else having him drove me wild. When I see green, I see red too. My jealousy is absolutely maniacal and insane, to the point of pure, undirected hate. Of course, I also think the passion behind my descendant (with Pluto in the house) would help me open up a bit more once I get in, because like I said, I'll pour on the love and intimacy once I'm securely involved.

                                      I really hope what you said is true (especially him liking me back ^_^). I think his Sagittarian moon conjunct my NN will help temper my Scorpio tendencies, which I believe are bolstered by my deep emotional and psychological insecurities. Of course, the main concern here is being hurt. I know I need to find balance, and grow, which I'm positive he will help me with somehow, but I just don't want him to get bored of me, emotionally distant, and/or end up cheating cuz I'm not right for him >.<
                                      • Unsu...
                                        Seriously though - Cap has the best qualities. But I am probably biased. ;)

                                        OMG, I forgot about the Pluto/Jupiter stuff... what a 'tardo.

                                        Wow, stop being so much like this person. It's really not healthy for me. LOL

                                        Actually, his jealousy was one of the only things that truly convinced me that he cared... probably sad to say. He would get jealous of ANYONE I was close to, regardless of gender or sexual preference. He would get very angry and blow up at a close friend of mine about me. My friend would always ask, "what did you do this time?" I REALLY don't like the maniacal hatred... and I think he left on that dischordant note, which bothers me most of all. I knew him for three years, and I pretty much fell for him the first moment I met him (and hated him at the same time for it - I don't like to fall). The heavens opened, as I say... It's rare to meet a guy who is not only beautiful on the outside, but inside... and also incredibly brilliant and compassionate. He really will always have my heart.

                                        I wish I could slap some sense into the Cancer guy and let him see what I have experienced (I know I wish I could do it over)... But at least you have astrology as a tool to understand him better and deal with his stupidness!

                                        Don't worry about the boredom thing. You will have too many differences to worry about getting bored. And, if anything, Cancer types are the ones who are boring... And we all worry of getting hurt. I know it's scary, but it's a part of love. And we cannot control who we love. That's probably why Cap has such a difficult time with love - they need to feel in control. Sag Moons especially want a partner who is their friend, so they are much more open about their needs and wants. I always told my partner that if he ever wanted to cheat - just tell me first. And I would do the same for him, though I don't think I could ever cheat on someone. Sag Moons share the emotional distance that Caps have, which does make it difficult. But usually the distance is only when hurt - not when bored! Sag is pretty blunt about stuff and will walk away vs. just cheat. Cap is actually more prone to cheating because they have a hard time ending long-term relationships, even when they are bad. Also because they get younger with age, and so more promiscuous (especially in mid-life).
                                        • "Cap is actually more prone to cheating because they have a hard time ending long-term relationships, even when they are bad. Also because they get younger with age, and so more promiscuous (especially in mid-life)." D= Thanks for the warning, I have to make SURE I keep that in check, though I don't think my Scorpio descendant will let it surface too much.

                                          " He would get jealous of ANYONE I was close to, regardless of gender or sexual preference." Story of my life. Even though we're not involved at all, I still get jealous when I see my younger, obnoxious, clueless girlfriends trying to flirt with him, or when the handsy Sagittarian straight guy asks for one of his school-famous massages. But what REALLY gets me is hen he talks about other guys. He was telling me how we wanted to see New Moon, and I made the mistake of jokingly asking if it was for Lautner's abs, which he basically confirmed. That was a bit easier to swallow, since that's an unrealistic celebrity crush, but even when he LAUGHS at a funny joke that his straight crush (obsession) made, I get jealous and want to kill the other guy, but I don't. Only because they're still friends and it would upset him. Otherwise, I want to maim anyone who so much as makes him laugh. I was involved with a very heavily Leonine guy, and the ay he talked about the guys who he was attracted to grinded and eroded me down like crazy, and I'm afraid this guy's (his name is Eli, btw, for communication ease) Leo influences will make him flirty and open to talking about attraction to other guys. I don't even LET myself be attracted to other guys when I'm comitted, so it hurts like hell when Eli TELLS me about that guy he thinks is so effin hot.

                                          "I wish I could slap some sense into the Cancer guy" That would be so nice. If only he could somehow know the extent of my feeling BEFORE we got involved. It would be easy if we were already dating. But in order to be dating, I need to tell him how much I feel, and it turns into infinite regress from there.

                                          "I always told my partner that if he ever wanted to cheat - just tell me first" God, just the idea of perfidy wrenches my gut, but I think I would also like to know ahead of time if he wanted to expand his horizons in such a way- so I could end it right then and there. I don't think I could ever tolerate a cheater, it's more than I can deal with without ruining everything completely. But I know he wants a friend, and we somehow manage to get along and have a lot of fun together, depsite our extensive quincunxing. It's like shredding a tough cheese- It takes a second of conscious effort to set my social wall setting from "lover- withdraw, be shy, and laugh at all his jokes" to "friend- let it all hang out, and just have a good time". But once my mindset is changed, I actually end up making him laugh a lot, which translates to me as making him happy, which feels like a little taste of conquering the world =)
                                          • Unsu...
                                            "... and I'm afraid this guy's (his name is Eli, btw, for communication ease) Leo influences will make him flirty and open to talking about attraction to other guys. I don't even LET myself be attracted to other guys when I'm comitted, so it hurts like hell when Eli TELLS me about that guy he thinks is so effin hot."

                                            LMFAO... Yeah, you guys will be different about this type of stuff. I understand where Eli comes from. I am strong fire like him, plus of course the Sag Moon, and I crush on random people all of the time, but it is meaningless to me and just fun - nothing to act on or think of acting on. I am a crushaholic. BUT there is always THE ONE guy on my mind, meaning the numero uno of my heart at a given moment. People do say I am Saggy-fickle with crushes and the like, but, when it comes to real commitment, I am solid (as you can probably tell by my Miss Havisham-esque obsession with the long-gone Cap, whose name was John). I wish you had Eli's birth time so we could analyze him better... I figured out John's on my own, then finally got his birth time later officially from him. I was only about ten degrees off and had the right ASC, which I was pretty proud of.

                                            If you do get too possessive and jealous, he would probably find that absolutely fascinating at first (Sag thinks people's quirks are just amazing), but get tired of it after a while. Sag can be very tolerant and even adore your faults, but he would need you to trust him.

                                            "I don't think I could ever tolerate a cheater, it's more than I can deal with without ruining everything completely."
                                            I can't tolerate infidelity or sharing partners either, and he honestly probably can't with the Cancer and Leo influences.
                                            • Yeah, having his time of birth would be just so much easier. I did try the guessing, and I'm really hope I'm on it with Cancer ASC (if only because of the 7th house Cap ^_^), but there's really no way to be sure. I looked for a way to get a hold of his birth certificate, but I'm not sure how to do that yet.

                                              "and I crush on random people all of the time, but it is meaningless to me and just fun - nothing to act on or think of acting on" But do you think he'd be one to talk about if we were together? The little mini-crushes I can handle as long as they don't mean anything, but constantly telling me about this guy and that... that would really bear heavy on my fragile Cap ego and jealous Scorpio 7H, you know? Plus there's the flirting, and I'm not sure if he'd be so inclined, but it would absolutely drive me up the wall. I suppose I could grow to get used to those things, but it would be like having a broken arm that heals a little off or uncomfortably.

                                              "Fascinating", huh? I guess that would help me trust him a little mor eearly on, if I felt he wewre fascinated by me lol. But all I know is that whatever happens beteen me and Eli, it's definitely going to be something.... something else.

  • Okay so this thread is a little over 2 years dead, but I've been looking for a stellium general based thread to post in... this one seems really good from what I could gather.

    I've got an Aries stellium (Sun - Mercury - Jupiter - NN) that all sit in the first house...

    With some asteroids: Eris - Pandora - Innanen - Valentine - Osiris - Nephthys - Imhotep (all in Aries & the 1st House)

    I've also got a strong Pisces and Gemini asteroid stelliums in my chart. But also have them aspects in my natal chart as well...

    Pisces: Venus - Ascendent - Anti-Vertex (1st House)
    Asteroids: Cupido - Anteros - Erato - Alma - Boda - Tristan (1st House)

    Gemini: Mars - IC - Chiron (3rd House)
    Asteroids: Varuna - Descartes - Hephaistos - Moira - Eros - Adonis - Pan - Hygeia - Hathor - Euterpe - Kalliope - Hypnos - Podalerios - Giza - Arthur - Kassandra - Erda

    Also have strong asteroid aspects in Virgo...
    Virgo: Vertex - Descendant (7th House)
    Asteroids: Nessus - Asbolus - Penelope - Terpsichore - Spirit - Horus - Kleopatra - Merlin - Isolda (5th / 6th / 7th Houses)
  • Unsu...
    I have sun, mercury, and venus in Sag (and Lilith, if that counts)
    I also have Saturn Uranus, and Neptune in Capricorn

    I feel..... lost. I have the Sag mind, but not the optimism. I feel like a Scorpio at times and my sun is just barely in Sag, (2.12 degrees)
    • Hi sequoia, I'm an early Sagittarius Sun/Mercury too with Venus and Neptune in late Scorpio and I often feel more Scorpio than Sagittarius. I put the "lost" feeling mainly down to having lots of peregrine planets...just out of interest, is yours a nocturnal chart? My stuff is all centred on the IC.

      • Unsu...
        I'm not sure? How would I find out? Excuse my ignorance but Im very limited in my knowledge of astrology. Its always interested me, but Im only now starting to really dive into it, as well as cosmology, and as I was searching for information online, I came across this helpful website.
        A lot of info on the web is confusing because 15 different sites sing you 15 different songs. This one sort of helps sort information out..

        Anways, could you explain what the IC is? And nocturnal charts?
        • The IC is the beginning of the 4th house at the very bottom of your chart, I was born around midnight so my Sun is right down there and my chart is nocturnal - if your Sun is in the bottom half it's nocturnal too. Just curious, what you said about having the mind but not the optimism sounded familiar, and I wondered if it was a Sun dignity thing...some say it would have more dignity in the day.

          • Unsu...
            I don't know the time I was born.. I was adopted and my mother didn't give birth to me in a hospital so there is no paper trail of my birth and I have no contact with her so I don't think I'll ever know it.. Which leaves quite a bit of information lost for me in terms of my chart interpretations right? As far as houses are concerned?

            But you're saying my chart is probably nocturnal. ... that makes sense. I also have the sneaky tricks that Scorpio has. I'm just private and sneaky in general. Also very suspicious and distrustful. .. certainly not happy-go-lucky and jovial.. and if it counts for anything at all, I embody the scorpio woman physically, not sagittarius..
            • I wouldn't want to guess either way on whether it was nocturnal - I was just wondering ;) Sun and Mercury similar to mine piqued my interest (mine's at 3 degrees 31 with Mercury at 8 degrees 57). I just thought maybe if you were a nocturnal Sagittarius it may have the effect of making it a much more internal thing, which is how I am. Maybe Jupiter's position would be a good thing to examine?

              I've only known a couple of other Sagittarians well and neither were exactly optimistic happy go lucky types, and I'm not either...private and closed. Maybe the proximity to Scorpio has an effect, I don't know.

              I think physical appearance is a lot more complicated than just Sun sign, but I bet everyone has differing opinions on that. It's probably a combination of all kinds of things...Ascendant sign and ruler, aspects to the ascendant, Moon, etc etc.

              As for not knowing time of birth, there is still info there to be had even without it, albeit more limited.

              • Unsu...
                My Jupiter is in Leo at 13.33 degrees
                And my Jupiter square s Pluto which is in Scorpio at 18.2 degees

                My mercury is actually pretty secure in Sag, it's my Venus that's @ 8.23 degrees.

                I work with a sag female. She's always smiling and laughing. I've never seen anything gets her down. I also know a male pretty well, he's very philosophical always reading and learning, but also very friendly and has a large group of friends. But then again they don't have cusp birth dates.

                I appreciate your help with some of this Philip :)
  • Unsu...
    Dear Baby,

    It would be helpful to know what 5 planets are so closely conjunct in capricorn, also what is your moon and rising sign....even better than that would be your birth data so we could explore what you are asking and give a much more knowledgeable answer..,.

    • I don't think Baby is still with us, to be honest, Rainbowbright...
      • Unsu...
        i've always considered my mercury, venus, and mars in virgo as a stellium, even though only the mercury and mars are in conjunction. i don't think it has to be a conjunction, per se, because three planets (especially the personal planets) in one sign creates a real focus of that sign's energy. i think i do have a strong virgo energy. i am very orderly, punctual, and thorough. i am a verbal person and really enjoy reading and writing (and i've always been very skilled at the latter). i have a sharp mind and i like analysis. even though i'm not a fan of cold logic, i do find intellectual subjects really stimulating (mostly those that have to do with art or politics or sociology). and good health and hygiene are of paramount importance to me. i've discovered that i can't function if my diet and fitness routine aren't consistent and balanced. i'm really attuned with my physical body and good health is very vital to my sanity and sense of well being.
        • I have a 10th house stellium with my Sun, Venus, Pluto, Moon Mercury and Uranus all in a row. However if I look at the signs it looks like this; Sun, Venus, Pluto, Moon in Virgo and Mercury and Uranus conjunct in Leo. I have Leo on the cusp of my 10th house. I look for professional opportunities to show my generous and understanding spirit and to use diplomacy in managing people, using my leadership qualities, functioning at my best in positions of authority. My profession is a drug and alcohol counsellor in a residential Therapeutic Community (TC). A TC is very different to a run of the mill Residential Rehab. It is a very different dynamic for both the residents and the staff. we are all a part of the community. So this is how I express my Stellium from various thoughts.

          10th house perspective.
          When I look at it from the 10th house you can see that I am very involved with my profession, my Sun Moon, Mercury and Venus are all present there. My role as a staff member is to be a part of the community, to be a role model, a leader, a mentor and to provide a stable foundation for individuals in crisis. I do not live there but it does not stop just because I have gone home for the day, I come back to work and have to catch up on the events of the evening and swing back into step with the community. Leo is a lover of the limelight ( my every word and action is monitored by the residents to either emulate or criticise, I hold educational groups, and facilitate therapeutic groups). Leo is also dramatic and passionate and if you were to watch me hold an educational group you would see this in action, using personal experience, insight and a dramatic flair to keep my audience involved. I feel passionate about my its not work it is a vocation. Uranus (uniqueness) working in a TC brings unique challenges such as how do we wear so many hats with the residents? I go from supervising urinalysis, to educator, to counsellor, to group facilitator to disciplinarian and this could all be in the one day. I know each and every resident and how they function in the world and not for a one hour visit in an office. Pluto(sudden chaos and regeneration ) well every day presents sudden chaos at the TC, the people I work with are in a constant state of chaos and crisis, they are comorbid (mental illness and addiction) so we could look at it from that perspective or how I recouperate my self after a day at work (Virgo = grounded and practical).

          Virgo Stellium
          Sun, Venus, Moon and Pluto in Virgo, Virgo is about providing a service usually in the healing professions. My Sun in Virgo show that I have service oriented ambitions, Moon in Virgo show that it is an instinct to be of assistance, the Moon also relates to the public, Venus in Virgo demonstrates how I value being helpful and Pluto in Virgo is about providing a service from a Universal Welfare perspective. So my Virgo stellium demonstrates how I am driven to provide a service to others.

          Wrapping it all together I am driven to provide a service to others and I am dramatic and passionate about it.
          • Unsu...
            My 3rd house....which is in Aquarius. Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter.
            • "My 3rd house....which is in Aquarius. Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter"


              So glad you haven't left. This is a powerful configuration. You're thoughts are fixed for sure, and you're smart. Care to share if these particulars have any outer planets touching them?
              • Unsu...
                LoL, Why would I leave? Pluto square Mercury and Sun. Uranus trine Jupiter, Mercury and Sextile Sun.
                • TAP,

                  Lot's of astrologer's wonder if it's Pluto or Uranus that pulls people into astrology.

                  I was thinking about mercury conj sun in a fixed sign (in another post), and the certainty that the native feels they're always right. But I wondered what made these folks stick it out with something so uncertain (astrology, not exactly a science, per se)...And I reached a conclusion (or two). I assumed that Uranus or Pluto was involved (I have both, needed to separate them)...So you've got both too. Well, I'm still betting on Pluto.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    I bet it's Pluto too.

                    For me, astrology has been an extra sensory device.
                    A chart gives me information nothing else can give me.

                    (I have sun/uranus and I have pluto aspecting anything but my sun)

  • For Baby:

    "BY the way, in reply to one of the posts, my stellium is mercury, neptune, moon, venus, and jupiter all in the 5th house"

    WOW!! such an interesting house... I want to know if you're an artist, and if U have any children (I dont know your age)... since is the house of self expression and U have the Benefics here... yahoo!!! and is called the house of pleasures, too!!!

    my stellium is on 10th House, with Mercury, Sun and Saturn... Im very worried about my public image and my "success", so I hate that Saturn!!!

    in a few words, Im occassionally successful as a writer but my professional life is a mess... I feel theres a struggle between that Sun and that Saturn...

    I just want to entertain people (midHeaven in Leo)

    my best regards!!!

  • Hello everyone !

    I have:
    Saturn and Uranus (in Sag) and
    Neptune and Moon (in Cap) in the 11th house as well as
    Sun, Venus, and Mars (in Leo) in the 7th house.

    This makes me extremely focused on others and my relationships with them AND on top of this I have heavy aspects to Pluto so it complicates this.
  • does anyone feel like stelliums (especially 4 or more planets) are an indication of past life stuff? i have a friend a stellium (4 planets) in her second house. she has so much monetary abundance this lifetime, she must have been poor in her past life.

    i have a stellium in the 4th in capricorn- moon, neptune, jupiter.
    • I do feel that stelliums among other things are an indicator of past lessons mastered or needed to learn in this lifetime. I have four planets in the 11 house. My North node is in Aries so in past lives I was always working as a half in a relationship since my South Node is in Libra. I think having a stellium in my 7th house reinforces the lessons learned in the past and the stellium in the 11th is trying to teach me now to make "whole connections" with others , real ones while maintaining my independence.
      • thanks! i'm glad my intuition was right on re: stelliums and past lives.
        • Unsu...
          Interesting take on past life karma. I hadn't actually considered that, but it makes sense.

          I have jupiter, uranus, neptune conjunct in sag 1st house, conjunct my jupiter asc. Not entirely sure what I'm to learn from it though ;)
          • perhaps in a past life you spent too much time and energy focused on a relationship with someone (or your relationship to a tribe/community) so this lifetime, you are meant to focus on yourself. with jupiter, uranus, neptune conjunct in the 1st house, i feel like travel for spiritual reasons makes sense to you. like, living in a remote village in africa learning from a shaman.
            • Unsu...
              Eerily spot on with regard to spiritual travel. I have recently felt as if I need to make a decision between having a family of my own and being "of service" to the world somehow, and I'm erring toward the latter. I feel as if I am supposed to be losing myself in order to "serve", if that makes any sense. It's a weird feeling and my ego doesn't like it, and I'm consequently sort of warring with myself. But my current studies are reinforcing this deeper "yen" and I'm envisioning myself in destitute places overseas in a few years, helping medically in some way. I just hope I make the right decision.
              • Nina, your feelings make sense, considering your stellium. How old are you, if you don't mind me asking? I say, do what your heart (or what your stellium!) is telling you now and worry about hubby (or wifey, don't wanna assume you are straight!) and kids later. people are getting married and having babies later and later in life.

                Good luck!
                • Unsu...
                  "Nina, your feelings make sense, considering your stellium. How old are you, if you don't mind me asking?"

                  Sara - sorry for responding so late, as I had totally missed this post. I'm 29 as of next February... So 28 I guess (and jumping ahead of myself). Now I'm confused again about what to do with my life. I sound so flakey and indecisive... But what I seemed so sure about only recently is all unraveling now. God, if there was a drug for clarity I'd be all over it.
  • I have 6 planets in scorpio in the first and twelfth house. Sun moon mercury venus jupiter and pluto.
    • That's quite a chart Cas. I hope you will share a bit more (if you don't mind).

      Which of your parents is the one you fight constantly? That's not my only question, but it's an obvious one given that your Saturn is in the 4th squaring your stellium and I don't buy the 4th/10th house 'usual' interpretation for parents.
      • My dad is the one I fight with constantly. I will share more if you want to know about that in depth.
        • You are only the 2nd triple scorp I ever met but you haven't begun any meaningful returns yet (saturn, Moon progressions, etc.). I'd like to look at your chart a bit more, if you don't mind. I really appreciate you sharing, and if you'd rather do this privately, we can communicate on a PM.

          P.S. You understand why I'm in awe of a triple scorp willing to share info, don't you?
  • Aries and Capricorn stellium here
    1st Stellium
    Sun in Aries (1st House)
    Mercury in Aries (12th House)
    Venus in Aries (12th House)
    Jupiter in Aries (1st House)
    Pluto in Aries (1st House)

    2nd Stellium
    Moon in Capricorn (10th House)
    Mars in Capricorn (10th House)
    Saturn in Aquarius (10th House)
    Uranus in Capricorn (10th House)
    Neptune in Capricorn (11th House)

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