Transiting Uranus: Unstable Economy & Crisis in Consciousness

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Uranus transits can and should be interpreted on many levels. One level addresses the issue of how larger collective shifts -- sociological, political and economic -- interface with our personal day to day lives. The destabilizing economy is probably the best current example of this macro/micro interface and transiting Uranus can cue us in to where the shift is hitting, or about to hit, our fans.

Money is funny. Since the eighties, massive amounts of consciousness have been invested in money; lots of money on the brain in the last 29 years. It is now safe to assume that Collective Consciousness is more or less slam-dunked inside the economy. Keep this in mind. When the economy yoyos up and down, so does whatever consciousness was invested in it. We saw this in spades during the widespread panic attacks of the Great Depression of 1929 (when Uranus just entered Aries).

I think the global economic crisis hits us all on a personal level as a crisis in consciousness. And I see transiting Uranus as a way we can track and map where this crisis in consciousness may be rattling our cages and waking us up to new ways of seeing, being, doing and/or relating in the collective. Our society is waking up to the necessity of reinventing itself from a broken financial system.

URANUS is now at 18 degrees Pisces and moving slowly towards 26 degrees in July 2009, when it goes retrograde. Look to your own charts and see where the transit of Uranus is now. See if you can find any connections between that House, and any planets being aspected, and your own daily life processes involving finances and any crisis in your own consciousness. I see 'crisis in consciousness' as an essential phase for the transformation of consciousness; crisis precedes change.

My IC is 21 Pisces and last summer we were planning to sell our home and move to another city. Well, everyone now knows what happened to the housing market and the diminishing value of domestic real estate. We would simply lose way too much money to sell our home now and we would have even more difficulties getting a bank loan to buy a better one.

This has been a big wake up call for us around what actually constitutes our support system and personal needs for shelter. We are staying put and waking up to the value of what we have, rather than dreaming about what we could have if only this, that or the other were different. There is also a new kind of freedom we're experiencing in this awakening but it has not come without certain upsetting shocks to the system. You know what they say, "The truth will set you free but first it may make you miserable." LOL.

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  • One of the things that has come to me as a surprise is how insulated I have been from the present economy. Mousenesting has peripheral advantages. The key for me was realizing in 2002 that having no debt is itself an asset. When I purchased a car back in April I was told that my credit rating was too good for someone my age, and I am not a kid. I do not like to go shopping, so I seldom purchase anything that I can't find at the grocery store or the pharmacy. I own my own residence, which, even in these times is still worth more than twice what I paid for it, largely due to location. I do not need to pinch pennies because I already have too much stuff and don't want to acquire anymore, so I seldom need to buy anything of consequence, and although I do need to replace a couple of major appliances that have not worked for a number of years, my alternative compensations are ones that I do not find inconvenient, so I just don't bother to make those purchases. If I need a refrigerator, I have three off-site ~ one at the office, another at my mother's house, and, in the winter months, my car keeps things rather cool. I combine keeping my mother company and doing my laundry at her house ~ where there are larger and better machines than my pantry can accommodate ~ on Sundays, which works out better than if I did the clothes at home. Everything I need to deal with is within a 20-mile radius at most, so I only need to get gasoline once every took weeks at most. I don't say that my life is feasible for everyone, especially for people with school-age and younger children, nor for those who are disposed in some other manner than I am, but I am saying that there are some of us who can be rather invisible and immune-ish to the tides of the socio-economic sea.

    Neptune in Libra in the Second House does not explain this to me. Nor does Saturn in Scorpio in the Third House. Venus in Cancer 10th House? Eh, rather loosely it seems to me. But my 12th House Leo Stellium and Virgo rising ~ quite likely. If anything, following my Taurus mother's financial philosophies has had more influence on me than anything, and it hasn't been hard to do since it does speak to my Virgo, whatever it is that she does that rings right to me. We "get along well" financially. I feel rather blessed in this regard. Perhaps Jupiter in Virgo is a good place to look.....
  • The years prior 2004 found me in the financial situation many "sucessful" people are in today. Married with two kids, owning a highly appreciated home, one that we built ourselves and had a relatively small mortgage on. We owned together a sucessful construction company. The real estate value skyrocketed in the 2nd home area of Tahoe where we lived, and we had leveraged our home over and again, to pay credit cards debts and car loans, until the mortgage was far more than originally planned.

    Through the years my husband was always one to spend money, and as our marriage wore on I began to resent being the only one interested in saving money or paying the debts in full, so I too began to spend rather frivously. We also did buy some land as an investment, which was something I wanted to do.

    As Uranus moved through my 7th house (opposing N Uranus and Conj N Venus), I found the frugal values my Depression raised Father taught me re-emerging. No more mall shopping or Costco, I realized I was trying to fill a hole in my soul, and that material goods were not the answer. This coincided with my discovery of Burning Man and the artistic, creative community at large. My husband and I divorced, and he wanted to keep the house. He chose to refinance to do this, paid me for half the house and we paid off the joint accounts as part of the split. I paid him for his share of the land we owned jointly, so I now own this land outright, although there is no structures on the land, so now I must rent. However, I have stayed out of debt! To coin a popular commercial; No credit card debt? Priceless.

    I also no longer watch TV or read popular magazines as I once did regularly.

    Currently, my Boyfriend and I rent a home near my child's school so he can walk to school, and I rarely have to drive more than 2mi to anything I need. I ride my motorcycle when the weather permits, in September I spent $11.00 on gas, filling my tank one time!

    The thing that I am uncomfortable with is that I cannot afford the rent in a home that is adequate for my son and I on a wage that I am able to produce. I feel dependant on my relationship in this aspect, and while I am OK with the situation currently, I desire more financial freedom in my relationship. I enjoyed the value of being able to leave the relationship if it was not serving either of us. But now we have blended our familys and once again I find this a bit constraning. It is a little soon for me to do this again. I know there is a lesson in this for is either to improve my wage earning ability so that I may be financially independent, or get used to the idea of sharing a life and expenses with another.
  • My natal Uranus is in the 10th house conjunct midheaven by 3 degrees. It is currently transiting my 2nd house.

    Uranus is prompting me to not define myself by my personal resources; whether they are what I actually own (property, financial resources, etc) or those who I value (friends in high places, etc). It also redefines my personal value system and in this case it affects how I relate to the cultural and religious system that I grew up with, orthodox Islam in the context of the Malay culture in South East Asia. In many ways I am integrating my interests in astrology and tarot within the monotheistic framework as much as I possibly can.

    Those familiar with my chart would notice the dichotomy between my need to plunge into the depths of the underbelly of the human existence (including mine) with populated 8th house and Scorpio stellium and my need to seek freedom. Uranus conjunct midheaven indicates a catalyst of change; it indicates that I am a natural freedom seeker, this is my highest contribution to the world.

    Uranus in the 2nd house is an indication that I will earn my income in out-of-ordinary ways. I am currently earning some money from doing natal and synastry chart readings of late and this was after I was told by a friend that I should start charging as charts, like books, take some time to be read and interpreted; some insights take some time to develop. I have recently been asked to write horoscope pages in magazines, from media contacts via public relations work that I do on a regular basis. I think this would help supplement my income when it is published in February next year. It could also mean that I would have windfalls or unexpected income; my husband is paying me a sum of money over the next 10 months as part of a divorce settlement. This has not been discussed before in the proceedings until the day of the final settlement.

    Uranus is and will be currently trining my Venus in Scorpio at 21 degrees for some months (Venus in Scorpio is also part of my MC, Uranus and Mars in Scorpio) stellium. Perhaps the 'out-of-ordinary' income will come in more benevolent ways; I am suspecting that giving out my cards during parties this year end season will bring me back some business.

    I am also looking for interesting ways to boost my PR business, and I have just come back from a meeting with potential clients who are in an industry outside of what I am familiar with.
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    Uranus is transiting in H10 for me ... right on my sun and opposed to my Nnode.

    For some time now, I have been pitching in here and there for others to help them in little ways. I can't imagine that my turn to be needing help is long coming with trends the way they look these days.

    I have thought for a few years now that a greater dependence on relationships is the most sure way to survive the current economic trends. A greater emphasis will need to be placed on connections with others. We can no longer ignore the fact that our own individual vitality is integrated closely with the the vitality of those around us - friends, competitors and enemies alike. We can't afford some of the extravagancies of individuality and self definition that we may have once enjoyed.

    Everyone I know who is thriving in this situation is doing so by relying on one another in new ways. Those that I know who are going it on their own without help from others are getting more and more anxious and can see their end coming (or believe so). Islands are sinking and they know it.

    At this time, I wouldn't take any contact, connection or fellow human being for granted.
    I'd also caution any who think it may look as if they are escaping this storm (myself included) to watch out because it could be them next.

    Whether we like it or not, we are in this boat together and I might add that we share this boat. If we sink or float it will be determined I imagine largely on how well we can accept this and act accordingly.
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    Lets see...

    Venus @ 24 Virgo in the 7th House
    Mars @ 23 Cancer in the 6th House

    My money is unstable right now...I'm working only 20 hrs/wk while I go to college but I owe for loans and the deferrment period has been prematurely ended.

    Work keeps me busy enough to forget about other things. Getting enough hours when they offer them and I can work them.

    Anything else I'm missing?
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    I use the Koch house system for transits and transiting Uranus is in my 8th about
    one degree away from (approaching) my 9th cusp and a square to my natal Venus
    in the 5th. I've had some financial shocks but have learned a lot about how to
    respond to them and am moving ahead again, and there's an obvious waking up
    to my natal Uranus going on, especially regarding it's relevance in my chart to
    intimacy and relationships.

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      To add to that, with natal Uranus seemingly so emphasized and being in
      my 4th, I have seen so much about my family of origin, especially what I
      could call 'the uranian matters' that were involved in the family dynamics
      being as they were, and, most recently, in light similar to the topic of the
      thread, the matter that money played in the family dynamics being as
      they were.
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        "crisis in consciousness"

        the transiting uranus on the 9th cusp square to natal venus in the 5th in sagittarius
        sextile to and otherwise setting off the natal 4th uranus in libra

        my mother never wanted to leave her parents. she was about 30 before she did. i
        have always imagined that when my father came along to court her they literally
        rushed her out the door into marriage and locked it behind her. there was always
        a limit to the amount of time they would spend with or talk to her thereafter
        because, as my grandmother one day explained to me, they believed that my
        mother was incapable of maturing mentally doesn't add up, does it? ..they
        believed that she was never going to mature ..and so they treated her like she
        was being forced to mature (and eventually so too would my father) ..they did the
        wrong thing. my mother was abused as a child, not by my grandparents i think
        necessarily, but nonetheless so badly that i think in her lifetime she may never
        have a conscious memory of it. i've lived consciously for 16 years with the scars
        inside myself and those inside other women that have shown me almost
        everything i need to know about what truly happened to her, to know that the
        issue of the abuse remaining unconscious and unaddressed was the real
        reason for the halt in her development. i think this has a lot to do with my
        scorpio moon.

        my father had no idea what he was doing. i think this has everything to do with
        my 5th house venus in sagittarius (and perhaps jupiter). my father had a dream
        about a wife and a family, such a strong dream that he apparently didn't think
        much about who he would have it with, he just wanted to have it was about
        himself, some kind of personal fantasy that probably never did much more than
        keep him from facing the griefs of his own past within himself and keep his
        mind in such a way that he never truly let anyone into his life.

        i knew very early in life that my mother was only there because she had nowhere
        else to go. i remember being a child and trying to find the means within myself to
        motivate her to live on her own. she was capable of working, and before marrying
        my father she had a decent job, but had the kind of casual / unpleased relationship
        to it that a teenager has to high school. i knew her as a person. motherhood was
        not a reality that she could even begin to actually personally relate to. i honestly think
        my dad's romanticism of his own ignorance was to the point of cruelty for having
        married her, and to the point of sadism for having had children with her. his desires
        did not have the first thing to do with who she was.

        my mother hoped that having a man so ardently interested in being with her would
        really mean that he would provide a replacement for the emotional and material
        security that she had lost from no longer being able to be with her parents. she had
        no intention of recalling anything unpleasant from her childhood that she wasnt
        already aware of, but she hoped that married life, being provided for, would provide
        her the opportunity to continue to experience and explore herself, a true search for
        herself without the full responsibilities of adulthood, let alone of being a wife or

        it is hard to see where things would have gone from what they originally set out as
        ..when i was about 4 years old my father suffered a major stroke and discovered
        that he had multiple sclerosis (a condition in which the immune system attacks the
        central nervous system) ..he was no longer able to work. this destroyed any illusion
        between my parents that they loved one another. my mother had come from a strong
        middle-class / upper middle-class background, my father from a deeply blue-collar /
        industrial / military background. unexpected poverty was not the trauma to my father
        that it was to my mother, though it and the prognosis of the disease broke my father's
        idyllic sense of manhood and it's attendant optimism.

        what i did not realize about the family dynamics until recently was that my mother
        could not help resenting my father for the loss of his ability to provide what she hoped
        would replace opportunities to realize and find peace with herself that she had lost
        from having had to leave home. the background she had known had left her with an
        unexplored sense of entitlement. whatever the details of the trauma she had
        encountered as a child, the greatest trauma of her adulthood was being faced with
        the loss of such entitlement and the resulting resentment from not facing it. her own
        family of origin, my father, my sisters and i, the entire world, were perceived as if
        enemies, representations of a loss of a sense of entitlement to the opportunity to
        put a pre-adolescent realization and provision for herself in importance above all
        other social, worldly, and life matters.

        the truth of my parents is that neither of them were ready for marriage, not even
        ready to love someone else intimately in a classically committed manner of
        relationship between two adults, let alone to have children and attempt to be
        parents and care for a family. my mother was greedy for it - my father was afraid
        of it - but what they in fact both needed at that point in their adult lives was an
        exploration of themselves as individuals first and foremost - and a very 'urnainan
        style' of relationship with another, if any at all.

        as transiting uranus from my 8th house closes in on its square to my natal venus'
        sextile to my natal uranus and in it's conjunction to my 9th cusp, i have for about
        two years now seen flurry after flurry of variation of representation of precisely the
        same dynamics of impossible 'not uranian enough' attempts at intimacy and
        expectations of intimacy, both from myself and those i tried to be intimate with.
        transiting uranus is saying 'no more, no more of that.' and one of the things i
        currently feel most certain about is that uranus is also the beckoner out of
        financial struggle into eventual financial success.
  • Also I have just noticed that Uranus will be transiting in the exact opposite degree of my North Node at 26 degrees come July 2009. But transiting Saturn will be riding on my North Node in August, conjunct transiting Sun and Mercury through August and September.

    I think I have already established a sense of orderliness from Saturn coming so close over my North Node, especially in the spirit of the Saturn return. I have made many resolutions that I have already been following through. Virgo rules details and administration and Saturn being in that house is making me mindful of the nitty-gritty work of my business; forms to fill, bills to pay and keeping a constant check on to do lists. Answering Sherpa's question, money is related to crisis in consciousness in my chart by means of me losing money if I am not diligent and meticulous about administration. I have had too many cash leaks from paying late fines and accumulating bills; all of which I could have avoided if I were more diligent on payment deadlines.

    North Node in the 8th house could also indicate my 'destiny' of accumulating money and resources by means of transforming myself (success is inextricably linked to my being in my book) and working diligently in structuring my work (Virgo). Uranus in the 2nd house could disrupt any sense of order, also messing with my cash flow as I attempt to establish regularity and structure over the nextmonths, but Saturn would help me build some resilience with its conjunction with my North Node with the Sun and Mercury come August-September 2009.

    I will be challenged to be fluid enough to roll with the punches in accordance with upcoming changes and at the same time keeping to a core structure and code of ethics at work.
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    Uranus is transiting my 1st house trining my sun, moon, Venus and Saturn...

    There are a few ways this might be impacting my life... On the superficial level, I have been more astrologically obsessed for the past year....

    I have gone through several transitions in housing over the past year, from living in someones RV, Staying with total strangers here and there, living with old friends, sleeping in parks and out of the way places, and at the end of the summer my best freind moved to the town were I have been hanging out after getting a good job, and offered me a shack in her back yard in exchange for house cleaning, child care, and art. At the moment I am 2000 miles away from my shack, staying with my parents for the holiday.

    I probably grossed $1500 this past year in cash money, but most of my survival needs are met through work trade of one kind or another....
    I have had days were I did not eat well, but for the most part I had a great summer and all in all my survival needs were met. For now I have the "Artist in residence" Gig to go back to when I head back to Eugene, Oregon.

    The biggest challenge I have had is in the realm of interpersonal relations with a very Uranian woman that came into my life at the beginning of November. This woman is an Aquarius sun, moon, mercury, and mars with Scorpio rising.... with a kite in her chart. the grand trine is in fire with tail of the kite being Venus in Aries. Pluto in libra at the head of the kite and neptune in sag, and saturn in leo forming the sextiles and shoulders of the trine.... I have Scorpio, sun, moon, mercury, venus and mars in scorpio, with Aquarius rising. My sun falls in her first house and her sun moon and venus fall in my first house. Her Uranus is one degree from my mars.... I am only beging to study and understand astrology, so there is probably a lot that I don't see in our charts.....

    this is our synastry.... I am on the inside she is on the outside

    We had an instant rapport from the moment we met, and she invited me to her studio open house the following weekend. While there I sold a piece of art for $100 and she raked in a few grand after a year of selling notheing.... The following week she offered me a room in her house, and suggested she be my coach and agent. I said not to the room, because I already have a shack.

    The challenges in this relationship are many. I have a very strong sexual attraction to her(her Uranus touching my mars??), and she has a boyfriend.... For me integrity trumps desire, and I don't think she has the same sexual attraction that I have for her. Not to mention the difficult mixture of air and water..... There are also many difficult aspects in our composite charts that make romance seem improbable....

    This relationship seems very fated to me for many reasons, and the challenge I face is keeping a level head about the intense feelings she arouses in me. On the bright side we both inspire each other creatively, and I have been searching for an agent to help me sell my art for a long time....
    • That sounds like a very strong first house placement synastry. It has the 'you light up my life, eyes meeting across the crowded room' feel.
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        <<That sounds like a very strong first house placement synastry. It has the 'you light up my life, eyes meeting across the crowded room' feel.>>

        That is the cruel irony of it all.... She does light up my life, and I want her on so many levels.... but I have been down that road before and it ended in disaster.... Integrity of desire is the way to go... I think that's the lesson here..
        • This is not a synastry tribe, so I am going to make it brief.

          Look out for contacts between personal planets and Saturn; even if difficult and trying, Saturn contacts do challenge the couple to knuckle down and make relationships work for the long run.

          Look out for 4th house occupation; personal planets in house 4 especially if well aspected or in conjunction with planets is an indication that they can live together. This is when one feels nourished and sustained by the other.

          But also above all, apart from synastry contacts, it is also important to understand the person's chart per se. What kind of person is she? And what transits are present in her chart that are making the relationship possible or not for this time that you are meeting in this point of time. You mentioned that she is Uranian. Is she more Uranian or as Uranian as you? This is definitely a point for consideration. Please do also examine where Uranus is transiting in HER chart.

          If you have first house contacts by synastry, it might mean that you would have a strong 1st house composite.
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      Isaac -- From your words, I perceive you to be in a highly creatively active situation with this woman. She inspires you, she turns you on, she lights you up and makes you feel high in her presence (and probably in her absence if you mentally obsess on her in your mind). For all extensive purposes, it seems like you have found a Muse. As a lifelong artist myself, I have come to know the value of these meetings, as well as pretty much everything that can go terribly wrong.

      "One does not marry the Muse without a war."

      If her Saturn squares your Venus, there may be an ongoing frustration in the experience and expression of your love with her. If you confuse her as your mate or wife or girlfriend, it can only end in tears. As the artist that you are, however, it is possible that your relationship with her can become much more than these culturally=defined images which are too small to contain the big transpersonal energies you experience around her.

      She most likely acts as a catalyst for you and as such, will not undergo the changes herself that you undergo as long as you continue relating with her. What she may also catalyze in you is an experience of the real Muse, the Anima, the feral erotic and autonomous Feminine archetype within your own psyche that easily projects outwards onto any woman that somehow resonates with this charged image in you.

      So, if this gal you know triggers the Anima projection then you are halfway through your initiation. To go all the way (and every true artist goes ALL THE WAY), you have only to begin relating with the Anima Herself. Woo her, court her, write a poem or paint a canvas for her. Establish a relationship with the Anima (note: not your Anima but the Anima; she is autonomous) and you relationship with this other gal will transform into something more managable, human and friendly. And your Art will benefit from your new commitment to a powerful force of inspiration that resides within.
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        Wow, this has the feel of a potential breakthrough!!

        By The Anima I am assuming you mean an archetype that represents the charge I am experiencing...
        and your advising I focus my creative energies on this archetype anima as a means of integrating the charge.

        If that's what you mean, it makes a lot of sense to me and I can already feel the potential for resolution....

        I have been obsessing over this for the past two months. My freind left Oregon at the beginning of november to work in ohio for a few months, and I too am visiting family in Ohio now, and I won't see my freind again until mid-febuary. Thankfully this distance has prevented me from doing anything I regret. I was feeling like I ether had to turn my back on the relationship all together or go through a painful disaster that would hurt me, her and her boyfriend..... now I have hope that there is a middle way.....

        Thank you so much Sherpa
    • Issac - Good luck to you on finding who ever is best for you.

      Yes, the first house overlays that you have are compelling. My ex-wife's sun and venus enter my 1st and I always had that feeling of "you light up my life". She on the other hand had my sun in her 11th and well ...I guess a friend ain't so bad - hehe. Noticing here though that her moon enters your 12th and that was the same with my relation. I frequently had the feeling ,"what do you think I'm up to anyway?" feel. That's just my experience as all the various placements temper aspects in different ways for different relationships.

      Good luck on your art and congratulations on getting responses to your synastry thread here..................
  • My IC is 26 degrees Pisces. In precise term Uranus will cross over my IC in mid May. Cross back over in retrograde motion in mid August. One month later transiting Saturn will be conjunct my MC. Uranus transits in direct motion over my IC in early 2010.

    I am planning on not moving homes until at least a year from now. I'm sensing however a bit of antagonism which seems to be brewing on the part of an invester to sell early which makes absolutely no sense for obvious reasons. If I'm right, and I do think that I am, this antagonism may rear it's head by the end of the coming summer.

    Uranus can mean reversals and that can fly either way. Saturn on the mid-heaven can bring what is due to the career and that is either way as well (I do recognize that these transits are also about consciousness). Do to what has been forming for the past six months (finally after many years of work) and what is already on the career calendar for the spring, I feel hopeful for what the Saturn/Uranus transit may bring.

    I know all too well that many things may be in the nap sack of this teamed up transiting pair....
  • Uranus is currently transiting my 8th house and I have recently noticed its effects in relation to Saturn transiting my 2nd and the opposition forming between them.

    As for as the economy and money ......I have lived in a monetry deprivation state for the last 4 years...just making enough to pay bills and save a little but I still live like a student with sparse furniture and haven't been on vacation in 4 years. Thanks to my parents frugal upbringing I have always been loathe to increase my debt so when the trouble in the economy started brewing last year and even this year I must hasn't changed my life that much so far. I agree so much with Sherpa's observations....I saw the coming crisis a few years ago in the economy and remebered I have always believed that it is in human nature to only make changes when forced to. Pro-activity is unfortunately very rare. I do feel sorry for those who have made smart decisions and tried their best and still ended up in fiancial difficulties.

    As for me though this year I realized the effects of Neptune crossing my decendant......many people turned out to not be what they seemed to be....and coinciding with the 2nd house saturn recently I realized that I possess a very different moral value system then some of the people around me. Not that one is better then the other but they influence people's behavior in different ways. Because I am noticing the "uniquness" of me...Uranus in the 8th seems to be changing some of my beliefs around sex and other 8th house issues related to saturn. Uranus and Saturn are both very important planets for me because I am a Capricorn and Uranus rules my Aquarian Des. and natally squares my aquarian venus.

    Interestingly I looked at my solar return for 2009 and I have a kite with saturn in the 11th opposing uranus in the 5th. Saturn is the focal planet with uranus recieving supportive sextiles from moon in the 7th and Sun in the 3rd. As I pondered this I realized I had just had a conversation with a friend/ex who was very...devils advocate let's say (saturn) of my new views on my sex life and what new path I wanted to take. Exactly what this opposition seems to represent for me this year. I am choosing a new path for me (uranus) but I may be called upon to defend it and be disciplined abut it (saturn). We shall see....
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      I would certainly agree with you that Uranus in the 8th can bring much needed
      and liberating realization and clarification regarding sexuality, especially for a
      person with an Aquarius Descendant, and also the realization of an area of
      no-compromise, of something too important that has been compromised too
      many times and the opportunity to be altogether done with the fear that led to
      such compromise before.
    • Coors- we have many of the same transits- 8th Uranus, 2nd Saturn and Neptune 7th. Same story here- except i have increased my debt and I'm paying for it now with Saturn going through the 2nd. I'm really grateful for the stabilizing affect of the Saturn and how it helps me stand my ground with others, esp. with that Neptune across the 7th. I avoid idealistic daydreams abotu people much more and also have more self-control in following their whims. And my ideas about lots of things in the 8th are becoming freer. Saturn in 2nd has also helped me track my finances and have more faith in my ability to control myself. I hope once its done I might have something saved!
  • Uranus has been in my first house for pretty much all of my adult life. It's definitely been a time of exploring my individuality and questioning how that fits with the whole... definitely a lean toward humanitarianism, seeing the whole of humanity, but also of fairly extreme individualism and trying to balance the two, fit them together in some way. Musically, exploring and trying to find what feels true and unique to me. And going through everything from Ayn Rand to Karl Marx.

    It's finally about to move into my 2nd house. I feel good about it. Uranus, to me, has a very exploratory nature. Interesting that it goes retro when it's exactly (within a degree) trine my MC while Venus sits on my IC, Jupiter and Neptune square my IC/MC, and Mercury inconjuncts my MC (all within a degree). This should be interesting.

    Definitely alot of energy focused on the 26th degree for anyone who has planets or major points there.
    • >>"uranus transits tend to coincide with unexpected jolts of uncertainty in our lives"<<

      This really caught my eye because I've been living in complete uncertainly regarding several areas of my life for maybe around the last year, probably longer at a more subtle level.

      Transiting Uranus is squaring my natal 10th house (near 11th house cusp) Venus from the end of my 1st house (about to move into the 2nd). Transiting Saturn is also squaring my natal Venus from my 7th house. My Venus rules my 4th and 9th houses.

      Career, relationships and finances are all suggested as areas of life that would be affected but thankfully, speaking to the topic of this thread, the economy has not yet negatively affected me financially, or those I am closest to. Ironically, I work in an area intimately connected to all of this financial mayhem but I luckily (maybe because I cost so little to keep) still have my job, and so do those I work with closest.

      My complete uncertainty has revolved around my career and my relationship. I will also throw in complete uncertainty about which area of the country I will be living in at this time next year. My current relationship began, and became serious, during this Uranus transit to my Venus. We coincidentally both had an interest in possibly going to law school when we met and we ended up pursuing this interest together, studying for the test, and just recently finishing applying to several schools together. However, right along, I have had a really strong confusion and deep doubt that I actually wanted to pursue this career for many reasons, though it seems the perfect career change for my boyfriend. However, he's really been pressuring me to go too, and I've been more confused because I didn't have a solid career path to follow instead. He is not the type of man who seems to want a stay at home mother for his kids. I think he wants a high powered career woman partner, which isn't going to be me (as I think I define success in terms of using my creativity and helping people); however, that's more about my relationship. As far as my career, part of the reason I'm inspired to write this is because just this week (after finishing up applying to so many law schools), I had a sudden epiphany about a career path I actually think I would like to take instead, one that is in line with who I am, my talents, and probably more conducive to eventually having kids. It's like a glimmer of guiding light from within, after such confusion.

      I am still swimming in a sea of confusion about my relationship and where I'll be living, though. My next step is to figure out how to follow my new direction, but I don't know whether I will be moving to the same place as he will be (which could be anywhere depending where he gets into school). It has been our plan to move somewhere together. However, that's contingent upon us agreeing on the same place. I'm also in a sea of doubt about the relationship itself. Perhaps Saturn squaring my Venus symbolizes this. I remember Sherpa mentioning in a different thread that Venus represents values. I never got that before but that's been some of the source of conflict, and my doubt, in my relationship. I've really had to stand up for certain things I value with him, and demand he treats me like he values me. But the jury is still out on this value question between us (hence my uncertainty). From the beginning of our relationship I knew that we had different political and religious beliefs but I was open to accepting and respecting his, and I thought he was open to accepting and respecting mine. However, lately I don't feel he is respecting and accepting and that is a problem--an unacceptable problem if we were to have children, as I am adamant my kids are going to be raised with my beliefs and values even if they are equally raised with differing ones held by their father. I'm just not sure he can truly live in harmony with me in this way and that's a condition I have to have. I guess it's just another thing I will demand that he values or we will part. I feel like I've had to keep almost testing him regarding different issues in our relationship, mostly revolving around some question of value and worth (whether it's how he's handling a certain question about our future or how he's treating me period). It's kind of exhausting because each time I'm ready to walk away if he refuses. Thankfully he hasn't yet but this issue is another important one that will test the relationship, make or break it, but maybe I'll eventually have more certainty after it does. I noticed a lot of this testing starting when Saturn started to square my Venus.

      Wow, what a push-pull, crazy, uncertain, tension-ridden dance this has been--trans Uranus AND trans Saturn squaring my natal Venus. I think the empty leg of the t-square spills into my 4th house (near 5th house cusp) in Gemini, whatever that means. Maybe I need to stop trying to figure it all out for a while and just give myself up to the uncertainty. I partly say this because I was recently reading (while being sick in bed visiting home for the holidays) Dana Gerhardt's article on the 9th house on It's some of the most enriching material I've read on this house that is so important in my chart (9th house sun, mars, mercury, uranus and n. node) but has always been so mysterious to me. I've always felt a little somehow guilty or 'off' for not being able to pick a solid, linear path through life, and always felt like a little bit of an itinerant wanderer, even if just because of my changing interests. Anyway, now I somehow see a correlation between my packed 9th house and this uncertain Uranian time. I feel like I'm being forced to let go and go with the flow a little (one of the most difficult things for me to do, as I like the feeling of control of a PLAN, or several plans). However, maybe this uncertain time is helping me understand that 9th house part of my chart that has always been so distant to me. Maybe I have to embrace that 9th house explorer nature, the excitement of whatever newness will be and embrace whatever happens. A Uranian lesson could be learning to give in and even embrace uncertainty.

      Sorry for the long post. It's a goal to learn to be more concise.

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