Synastry conjunctions to your IC?

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It seems difficult to find information/thoughts about ones planetary conjunctions to another's IC. Anyone have experience or thoughts on let's say a synastry north node contact to the someone elses IC or any other planetary conjunction especially sun, moon, or saturn? Additionally, any thoughts on karmic associations with these aspects? Thanks ahead of time for your input here!
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    when another persons personal planets (or their ascendant for that matter) is conjucunt your Ascendant, Descendant, MC, or IC these are very significant becuase these points mark the starting point of the cardinal signs and are considered some of the most sensitive points in the chart. They deal with real issues that are close to the heart (You, home, your relationships, and your carrer/future).
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      Thank you Simone! - Just read this reply. Getting a bit warmer here...
      • This is a major aspect in synastry. It's harder on the 4th house person than person planet person. The 4th house person wants to protect and be close to personal planet person and may depend on him/her emotionally. 4th is more likely to fall than personal planet. I think there is a major karmic connection here - family of the past. I once had a close friend who had sun and moon in my 4th. Can be hard to let go of this connection, even when it hurts.

        This is common in family synastry.
        • I love that Hermitt. Very well put. In a person I know he is 4th house owner she is Venus...he wants to protect her madly and be close to her. She loves him too, his Moon is in her 5th house, and his ASC is conjunct her 4th house, aspects to the angles are karmic.

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