Double vertex mars conjunction in synastry

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both conjunction is very close
any thoughts?
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  • Yes, watch your back, because the grammar police are coming to get you.
    • How about sticking to the subject, Johnny?
      I just love it when people try to be smart... :-/

      I don't really know much about the Vertex, except that it works as a "second ascendant", and how it would manifest with Mars, I don't really know. But I do remember reading somewhere that couples with strong Vertex connections between their charts often felt that they were "made for each other". The conjunction is a really strong aspect in any case, and with Mars involved, I'm guessing that it has a really vital and activating influence on both of you. Perhaps there's a strong physical attraction between you?
      • Sorry, Mona, I guess it's too much to expect good grammar from a snow owl. :-)

        From what I understand the vertex conjunct another's personal planet can be an indicator of karmic connection. It needs to be a tight orb, however, like say 2 degrees. When one's personal planet aspects another's vertex, the energy of that planet can activate the vertex. Mars, governing desire, would likely indicate a sexual connection. If two people each have Mars conjunct the other's vertex, that would reinforce the connection. For example, often the person who has their vertex aspected is the one who most strongly feels the connection. In this case, you would both feel something. Still, this is only a moderately strong compatibility factor. I wouldn't get too excited about it unless there are stronger synastry aspects involved.

        Just my two cents and keep in mind that I'm an amateur.
        • I wonder about orbs with this aspect...My Boyfriends Vertex is opposed mine however, both our NNodes are conj his Vertex, my anti-vertex. All this in Cancer
          This is the most compelling realtionship either one of us ever experienced. We are both Mid Age. Many sychronisities surrounded our meeting and got our attention. We have been together 3 years now, although it is difficult to be together because circumstances dictate we live away from one another. Definatly feels fated from the beginning and has had a huge impact on both our lives.

    • Hey

      I have weird vertex aspects with this man i'm nuts about.

      Check this out!

      His vertex exact conjunct my ascendant (his mercury/venus also conjunct exact my asc)!
      his vertex opposing my pluto

      my vertex conjunct his Acsendant 1deg
      my vertex exact conjunct his Uranus

      so basically his vertex is also conjunct my anti vertex and my vertex is conjunct his anti vertex

      Weird or what?!?! LOL
  • Unsu...
    I am quite interested in a particular woman and think she feels the same toward me. As it turns out her Mars in Cancer is conjunct my Vertex by less than one degree in my 8th house (8th h. also ruled by the Moon). My Moon is also in my 8th.
    Additionally, her Moon is conjunct my Sun/Moon midpoint and Suns are trine.
    Anyway, "intrigue" is present but does anyone know of anything else to say about this Vertex/Mars/8th kind of overlay?

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