Actual way to find the dominant planet?

topic posted Mon, October 18, 2010 - 12:01 PM by  jeska
I took a quiz online which is my ruling planet and it said Jupiter. I tend to see myself as Plutonian/Venus type and a little bit Neptune. When younger I had a Capricorn/Taurus Attitude. I dunno what a Jupiter person is known to be like, but I suppose it's fitting. Jupiter is actually retrograde in my natal on the 7th Cusp. Jupiter and Sagittarius is sprinkled all over my 5, 7th, 9th house AND I am a Gemini Sun.
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    Re: Actual way to find the dominant planet?

    Wed, October 20, 2010 - 11:51 AM
    Thank you jeska :-)

    I tried to find the quiz you were looking for on Facebook,but I couldn't find it for some reason.

    Anyway, at Clairvision Virtual Astrologer website in koch/equal house my dominant planet is Venus, then Mars

    In the Pullen report at in koch/equal house my dominant planet is Mercury with Sun coming in 2nd

    Astrowin also says that Mercury is my most dominant,but says that Jupiter comes in 2nd.

    I feel that even though I do have some Mercurial tendencies(writing,reading,talking with my hands etc) Venus feels more correct for me as far as those two choices go, especially since my Venus is Out of Bounds I wonder if Clairvision accounts for Perigrine, OOB's etc type planets and that's why it's different with them? I know they account for angular planets because,well, they say so.:-)