what's stronger in synastry? conjunct by sign or sextile/trine by orb?

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i'm looking mainly at a mutual eros-venus, eros-psyche, and mars venus contacts between myself and this girl.

what do you think about out-of-orb conjunctions vs within-orb sextiles/trines? which is stronger?

her eros (24 sag) conjuncts my venus (7 sag) by sign only, but it's a conjunction
my eros (20 aqua) trines her venus (21 libra) - much tighter orb but it's a trine

how about mars venus?

her mars (22 sag) conjuncts my venus (7 sag) by sign only
my mars (23 leo) sextiles her venus (21 libra) by orb

which of these pairs of aspects are felt more strongly? who would you say "in theory" burns more for the other?

what about venus pluto conjunctions? (i'm the pluto - orb of 1 degree). it's getting scary how much i'm burning for this girl, and i barely know her. i know she's definitely feeling it too, but it's hard to believe anyone can feel as strongly as i do right now.

to add to things:
our aqua psyches are conjunct (5 degs)
my eros conjuncts her psyche within sign (15 degs)
our eros are sextile by sign (4 degs)
my venus conjuncts her uranus (2 degs)
suns conjunct saturns mutually (2-3 degs)

do any of these count/not count?
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  • In my experience with synastry, I look at the tightest aspect, whether its a conjunction, trine, sextile, square, opposition, or quincunx.

    The tightest aspect is one of the themes in my relationship with this person. It's the tightest bond, it starts the energy flowing & then all the other pieces start to add up.

    I wouldn't really count orbs that are too big, don't really care for ones beyond 2-3 cause they take longer to activate.

    Also, hard aspects create a lot of tension & I've found they are usually indicative of romantic involvement. So a hard aspect of 5 degree orb would be more significant than a trine of 1 degree orb. Trines are great but really lazy in synastry. You have to look at many things in synastry, not just aspects between charts, thought that's a good first step. So check out the tightest & see how that's reflected in your relationship.
    • "The tightest aspect is one of the themes in my relationship with this person. It's the tightest bond, it starts the energy flowing & then all the other pieces start to add up. "

      I totally agree with this, with the exception of outer planets to outer planets. In fact even natally the closest aspect often sets the tone of the chart or person. I agree with Milo that the same is true for synastry too. I also like to keep orbs tight but would give greater leeway for the angles and moon in case the time of birth is not quite accurate.
  • Conjunctions oppositions and squares create more frission which is needed in relationships. Too many trines and everything is a little too "nice". Where's the excitment? We need a bit of frction to keep us interested.

    A bit of mutual reception helps too.
    • my most recent ex and I had all kinds of synastry...

      opposites sun-op-sun, moon-op-moon and mercury-op-mercury...

      I have pluto opp moon
      he has pluto conjunct moon

      as such, his pluto/moon conjuncted my pluto and opposed my moon (the nuclear reaction)

      we also had a saturn/mars conjunction.

      and last, we shared the same rising sign.

      There was much intensity from very beginning to very end. Every day, hour, minute...Very draining.

      This connection made me understand the quote "There is a fine line between love and hate."

      Ultimately, perhaps it was in total, too much energy/activity.

      Makes me wonder if too much synastry is can ruin compatibility.....