What's Your Animal Yoni?

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Vedic astrology or Jyotish has a detailed method for analyzing the compatibility of two people's Moons. It is called the kuta system, and it compares two people's nakshatras (lunar asterisms) to reach a point total. Anything over 20 points is considered fit for marriage.

One factor that is interesting is the animal yoni. There are 27 nakshatras, and each nakshatra corresponds to either the penis or vagina of an animal. The yoni is supposed to tell you something about your sexuality, and even the size and shape of your genitalia. The most compatible combo is a penis and a vagina of the same animal. Animals of the same type (both predators or both ruminants, etc.) are also compatible. There are certain combinations (like cow & tiger or monkey & sheep - can't even picture that second one!) that are especially incompatible. Two vaginas are considered more compatible than two penises.

Without getting into the compatibility part, I am offering to plug your information into my software and tell you your nakshatra and animal yoni. Just post your birth info to the thread if you'd like to know.

David Ray,
Vedic astrologer
& elephant's vagina
posted by:
  • Hi Dave the Mage,

    Don't you think you're taking a few liberties here with these astrological yoni interpretations?

    The term "yoni" is generally considered to be symbolic of the deeper instinctive nature of each Nakshatra, not a literal description of the size or shape of genitalia. The word "yoni" itself is a loose tantric term that refers to the vagina - the male equivalent is "vajra" (thunderbolt)

    Even as it refers to sexual compatibility, it has long been realized that you are not to read the yoni literally for this. It just doesn;t work. Sexual comfortand compatibility has to do with a lot more than yonis.

    I have one of the most incompatible yoni's, the male Tiger - but have rarely had any sort of sexual incompatibility issues with partners - even with a "0" yoni score, which happens a lot with Vishaka.

    As was said, the yoni is mainly used to assess the deeper instinctive nature of the person which is revealed through sex -- but not just through sex -- any intense experiences can show the yoni.

    They're generally classified as "male Tiger" -- "female elephant" -- "male monkey", etc. not "Tiger's penis" - "Elephant vagina", etc.

    Or perhaps this is a new spin you have on it. Is this a new Ernst thing..?
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      Thanks for the different perspective Sam! Yes, I agree the meaning is deeper than the size and shape of your genitalia. Nobody's saying that you have a striped penis!

      I will let people do what they like with the information. I'm not really offering interpretations here. Just offering the service of plugging the information in and spitting out the yoni.

      Now, that didn't sound right...

      :) DR
      • sure dave, but the the "different perspective" is yours. It is not at all conventional. And unless this is based on a new interpretation of sanskrit or something, you are taking quite a liberty here.

        vishaka is a male tiger not the tiger's penis. Aslesha is a male cat not a cat's penis.

        As far as i know you are the only one saying it is literally the genitalia.. which is fine if you want to use this - but people should know this is not a conventional interpretation.

        For many here this forum is there most immediate connection vedic astrology. I wanted to clarify that because most people here are not vedic astrologers or students or heard of this and IMO you are confusing this by calling the yoni (instinctive animal nature) by the genital of the animal.

        Frankly, I don't care if that is your perspective and if you use it, say it or whatever, Have at it. But stating this as a conventional interpretation in a public forum is quite different.

        There is a big difference between the yoni being male monkey (a complete animal) and just the monkey's penis..

        The Yoni is the animal, not its genitalia.
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          Research etiquette is not my strength, so I don't always remember all my sources.

          But this is from Dennis Harness' book on the Nakshatras:

          "Yoni kuta indicates the degree of sexual affinity, sensual desires, and supposedly even the size of sex organs..."

          "For example, a Mula man and an Ardra woman represent the male and female organs of a dog..."

          I didn't think that I made that part up, so I had to check for myself. Whether or not it's actually true is a different story. But I didn't make it up, actually.

          Still, I wasn't just being patronizing when I said I appreciate your comments. I think that even if I knew everything I can't always say everything, so it's always helpful to have different people throw in different facets and perspectives, so that readers can come to their own conclusions.

          • "didn't think that I made that part up, so I had to check for myself. Whether or not it's actually true is a different story. But I didn't make it up, actually. Still, I wasn't just being patronizing when I said I appreciate your comments. "

            I knew that you were sincere. We have been here before, discussing, supporting, testing. Its all good Dave. Thanks for posting this resource. Yes i know it is a tricky one.

            I know (and acknowledge) that a part of yoni kuta is related to sex, because sex is a deeper primal instinct.

            If you notice in the Nakshatra book, when he identifies the yonis for each nakshatra he says - "female cow", "Male cat", "Female lion", etc. - not "cow vagina", "cat penis", "lion vagina", etc. as I said. You are the only one i have ever seen just reduce it simply to a genital association - that is all I am saying. And i think this reduction simplifies a very profound thing.

            You said:
            "There are 27 nakshatras, and each nakshatra corresponds to either the penis or vagina of an animal. The yoni is supposed to tell you something about your sexuality, and even the size and shape of your genitalia. The most compatible combo is a penis and a vagina of the same animal. Animals of the same type (both predators or both ruminants, etc.) are also compatible. There are certain combinations (like cow & tiger or monkey & sheep - can't even picture that second one!) that are especially incompatible. Two vaginas are considered more compatible than two penises. "

            Then identified yourself as "elephant vagina", and others similarly - as just the animals genitals.

            I have felt and seen it work as more of a measure of the capacity and capability of the couple to bond through intense exchanges - sex among them, but also arguing or aggressive actions - dramatic scenarios. If yonis are compatible there is a better likelihood that one persons intensity will not be too harsh for another.

            EXAMPLE: I have felt this myself many times with a rather harsh male tiger yoni. Yet I have been sexually compatible with all my partners. In fact that has been the best and most positive bond for many relationships where the deeper intensity was a miss as i describe. This dynamic is totally different than saying yoni just relates to genital sizes and types.

            Beyond just a tittilating, fun, internet game, I think "you are a cat vagina" is a little hard to fathom anyway. A female Cat is more palatable. That yoni will show a deeper instinctive nature like a female cat - wild at times, yet in general self contained and clean / proper. Also a bit prissy, etc.

            Maybe see if this expanded definition works for you as well. maybe it doesn't and that is OK too.

            BTW - Others should know Dave and i have discussed many things like this before, without it being contentious and aggressive,, so ,.. um, . just chill out! -- We are having a discussion. I knew Dave would not see me as pooping on his thread or being excessively "holy" or ungrateful or whatever. Vedic astrologers discuss these things all the time without Drama..

            I respect Dave a lot and welcome his input and contributions and I'm sure he knows this.
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              Ernst's Kala software describes the yoni factor as being our ability to share intense experiences with one another, which would include sex but also go beyond sex. I like that description. I wasn't trying to diminish it, though I think it does make a fun internet game and there's no need to take it too seriously. It's just information. I trust anyone getting their yoni information will take it to the depth of meaning that's appropriate for them.

              thanks again,
              david ray
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                Thank you Dave:

                as I was born @ 1830 PST, 11 minutes away from being a Pisces, It would appear that I am a Lion Vagina, though, a monkey one would be fine as well...

                More clues.

                Thanks again,

                Lion Vagina
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        Don't you know that no matter what "nice thing" you're trying to do, there are people on this tribe that not only won't like it, and will let you know why they don't.
        I think what your gifting people is "fun and a nice change".

        Don't let the holy and pure get to you.

        • Unsu...

          Daniel -Cappy to cappy-
          'Nice thing " for sure this post is a wonderful contribution to this tribe.
          But -who is to say that Dave is or isn't enlightend?
          I don't remember many prophets, saints or otherwise getting much support from those indoctrinated .
          I think this post is a wonderful opportunity for spiritual awaking -sure the vagina is the whole self as well as our love kit -much like any other body appendage it has several functions and it has such a wonderful capasity on many levels.
          I honestly think Dave brought this topic here in love and respect with the possibility for us to have some fun and become more aware .
          Dave -thanks for gifting me !
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            I say Dave is enlightened and I have a light bulb over my head.
            It is a very nice thing he is doing, being nice is enlightenment.

            I think Kate is Enlightened as well, she always try's to be nice.

            • david, whats your source for info? i seem to get differing info from the internet on different genders for different nakshatras. can you PM me your source, if you "know" its accurate? i know ernst has misinformed in his book , UP as female rather than male.......etc
              it would be nice to have accurate info all in one place.
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                Dennis Harness' book, NAKSHATRAS

                Please do say something when you think an error was made with anybody's animal yoni that I posted. It's definitely possible!

                What are finding that's different? I would trust Dennis' book over "the internet".

                Also, I am using Dhruva Galactic Center ayanamsa, which will give different nakshatras in some cases compared to say, Lahiri ayanamsa.

                David Ray
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                  2 18 66

                  I need a yoni por favor.



                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.

                    Well it's hard to know for sure without the time and location. You are either Sravana nakshatra, which is the monkey vagina nakshatra, or you are the next nakshatra, Dhanishta, which is the lion vagina nakshatra. Probably you are Dhanishta, but if you were born very early in the morning you might be Sravana, but location is going to influence it also. In Seattle, the Moon entered Dhanishta around 8:50am.

  • FJ
    offline 6
    Simple penis & vagina-isms!
    You speak-a my language...
    I also always had a special personal instinct for emphasizing the Moon. I think I am very tuned into my Moon and other people's Moons also.

    I am Feb. 6, 1972 - 2:41AM - Oneonta NY
    My GF is April 16, 1970 - 8:00AM - Marcona, Peru (coordinates: Latitude 15.212S
    Longitude 75.110W)

    This is REALLY wild!
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      Your Moon is in Swati nakshatra, whose animal yoni is a buffalo penis.

      Your girlfriend's nakshatra is Magha, whose yoni is a rat penis.

      BTW, you have a unique chart from a Vedic perspective in that you have two mahaparusa yogas. Maha = great, Parusa = person. These yogas are said to make you an avatar of a planet. You have the Jupiter one, called a hamsa yoga (Jupiter in own sign in angular house), so you are an incarnation of Jupiter. You also have the Venus one, called a malavya yoga (Venus exalted in angular house), so you are also an incarnation of Venus. All these yogas increase your longevity, and give you good qualities of the planets in question. Thought I'd mention it since it's pretty rare for someone to have two of them. You should be able to do a search online to get more info on these.

      • FJ
        offline 6
        T'anks Dave.
        Guess I've got alot of Penis in my relationship! 8-/

        I'm going to look up maharparusa yogas.
        Does my Mars in Aries mean anything much?
        • Unsu...
          Mars in Aries in the 5th is a nice placement too which will make you intelligent, romantic, and lucky in life, but it's not a mahaparusa yoga. The pancha mahaparusa yogas are formed by one of the five visible planets proper (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, & Saturn) being in their own sign (traditional lordships) or exalted, and in an angle (equal sign houses as counted from the Ascendant sign). If the planet in question is in the same sign as the Sun or Moon, it is not considered a mahaparusa yoga. So having Mars in its own sign in the 5th doesn't mean you're an incarnation of Mars. You will have to be content with being a dual avatar of Jupiter and Venus, the two gurus!!

          • FJ
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            Huh! Neat.
            So maybe since my Mars is trine to my Jupiter it makes me like a warrior MONK...but not a warrior, then?

            And what about Mars semi-sextile Venus?
            And the fact that my mahaparusa yogas, Jupiter and Venus are SQUARE?!
            Can that be good?

          • FJ
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            Are Jupiter & Venus considered Gurus more than other planets in Vedic?

            It's funny because I always did (at times) consider myself to be "onto something" beyond that of most people.
            I know it sounds egotistical and I don't blame anyone for stiffening up on that note...but I really have no need lord it around.
            Often I feel liek I've been endowed with something that I didn't ask for which requires alot of responsibility, and I also feel I may not always be up to it...if you get my drift. So I hope that offsets any ideas that I think my shit doesn't stink, etc..'s Vedic astrology that calls me a "Great Person"....but honestly I wouldn't quite go THAT far! =-]

            It's not so much that I think that I'm more deserving of rewards than other people...just that I feek I've actually been privy to an "inside scoop" of the mechanisms of the universe that other's may not neccessarily be privy to....which requires a certain kind of discipline to cart around and dispense to others as teachings... which is difficult to do without eliciting anger and defensive responses from others who have set identities or egos to maintain...because their view of theirselves and of their universe would be fragmented by the knowledge. Does this fit in with what you say about my Jupiter and Venus?
            • FJ
              offline 6

              Is having mahaparusa yogas an astrological representation of Bodhisatva?
              They say that a Bodhisatva is someone who has earned the ability to exist in Nirvana...but who has elected to return to corporeal existence to teach others what he has learned so that more people may ultimately reach Nirvana. I suppose this blends some of the mythical traits of Christ and Buddha together.
              • Unsu...
                Hi FJ,

                Well, you have to look at these yogas in light of how often they occur. Jupiter, for example, is in its own sign or exalted in a quarter of all birth charts (3 out of 12 possible signs), and then out of that 1/4, a third of those people will have Jupiter in an angle from the ascendant (4 out of 12 possible houses). This is where my math skills stop, but you get the idea. It's rare but not THAT rare. It's pretty rare for somebody to have two of them, though.

                Venus and Jupiter are the gurus, or teachers. Jupiter teaches us about philosophy and right behavior, while Venus just teaches us how to get by in the world and have a fun time. Jupiter is said to be guru to the devas (angels), while Venus is guru to the asuras (demons). The devas and asuras are just different parts of our human nature. They are also both benefic planets, also known as saumya or gentle. Having strong benefic planets in angles means that your life is somewhat blessed. Things come to you easily and you don't suffer more than you have to. You allow people to help you and you don't self-sabatoge as much as some of us.

                And yes, having the hamsa and malaavya yogas will give you a certain degree of innate wisdom and perhaps a leg up on the road to enlightenment. But there's lots of levels to the chart, including 16 harmonic or divisional charts, so certainly Jupiter and Venus are misbehaving in some area of your life. Nobody who's incarnating is perfect, not even Jesus!

                I have some text about these yogas from my teacher. It's copyrighted material so I don't want to post it on the tribe. I will send you a private message with that info so you can read more about it.

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    Ha, fun! Dave, I just wanted to say I appreciate you offering all this information, regardless of how well it fits Jyotish "canon" ... and I don't plan to take the information TOO seriously. :D

    Here's mine, if you don't mind, Dave...

    5/26/77, 7:58 AM, Sacramento, CA USA

    And if you don't mind, could you supply my husband's genitals please? (LMAO I wrote it that way on purpose) I'm NOT asking for any interpretation, just curious to see both.

    4/3/71, 8:01 PM, Huntington Beach, CA USA
  • very interesting!
    can you do 4/11/78 and 8/13/77?
    thanks !
    • Unsu...

      I need location and time. The Moon changes nakshatra each day, so depending on the time and place it could be one nakshatra or another.

      • Hi David,

        Have been trying to search for this online but to no avail.

        One birthdate is 9 Oct 1978, Singapore, Singapore 230pm
        The other birthdate is 22 February 1960, Surrey, UK 745pm

        Both our moons are in Sagittarius (if according to Vedic) and our rahu and kethu are also the same if this is of any help.

        Western astro states both moons in Capricorn, with north node in Virgo.
        • Unsu...
          Lady Saber,

          I couldn't find Surrey, UK in my database. Is that a city?

          The first one is Purvashadha, which is a monkey penis.

          Do you know how far apart your Moon's are? If they are close, you may have the same nakshatra and yoni.

          • Unsu...
            I just realized I don't really need the exact location to tell the Moon's nakshatra.

            Yes, you both have the same one!! Two monkey penises!!
            • Thank you David! What a surprise!

              Surrey is a city in England :-) just so you know.

              The Kuta system states that we have a score of 27.5 for marriage, but two penises are not as compatible as two vaginas am I not right lol.
  • lmao!!
    all i keep seeing is elephant penis and dog vagina !lol!
    wat the heck ill ask..
    12:30 am
    jacksonville , florida

    lol this is so weird ...yet i i am curious:p
    thanks 2 whoever answers this
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    Yes we know details like structure and even lingerie, but the aspects determine events, the day of the event is determined by primary or any (300 in number) .
  • Unsu...

    3/20/78 7:28pm
    Baltimore, Md

    • Unsu...

      you are aslesha nakshatra, which is the cat's penis.
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        Hi, David. Are there any free software sites for Vedic astrology?

        I would like to know mine:
        May 13, 1979, 9:33 AM, Sacramento, CA

        Do you have to have the exact place and time of birth for a partner, to find their Animal Yoni?

        Thanks. ;)
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          its seems to me that the animal yoni is determined by what nakshatra your moon is placed in.... so each nakshatra governs a certain range in the astrological signs,,, nakshatra=lunar mansion... so if you know the sign and degree of your moon, then you just match the nakshatra... whether you use vedic or tropical is up to you & both charts are free on :-)

          here is a link to a listing of nakshatra and zodiac sign... didnt read too much on description, so not too sure on how good the site is :-)

          once you have the nakshatra its easy to google the animal and gender
          • Unsu...
            oh yes here is a link with a simple chart with once you figure out your nakshatra that has animal and gender :-)

            • Unsu...
              Thanks!!! 20 degrees Scorpio Moon, according to sidereal.

              I guess I am Jyes(h)tha, a male deer:

              As the eldest, and Indra as the deity, these people are fierce fighters and love a challenge. They are very powerful people and have the ability to rise above circumstances and become a hero. They tend to see life as a battle. Because Jyeshtha means the eldest, these people often hold positions of seniority and authority. There is very powerful sexual potency in this Nakshatra and these natives have a forceful impact on people and may be prone to adultery and illicit sexual encounters. Their sexual desire may cause them to seek fulfillment outside of their primary relationships. The Jyeshtha person can never be held down. They will always rise again to life’s challenges. Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey and Alexander the Great are some examples of Jyeshtha natives.
        • Unsu...

          Yes, usually you need the time and place as the Moon changes nakshatras once each day. But it doesn't have to be the exact time and place necessarily.

          To clarify, I use astrological calculations and concepts taught by Ernst Wilhelm. Ernst is unique among Vedic astrologers in that he uses the tropical zodiac for the 12 signs, but the sidereal zodiac for nakshatras. Nakshatra means "star" so the nakshatras should be calculated sidereally, not tropically. If you use the tropical zodiac for signs, that means the nakshatras gradually move through the zodiac just like the planets, although at a much slower pace. The sidereal placement of nakshatras also depends on your ayanamsa, which is the calculation for calibrating the sidereal zodiac. My teacher uses what is called the dhruva galactic center ayanamsa, which places the galactic center in the middle of Mula nakshatra. Ernst also calculates the nakshatras along the celestial equator rather than the ecliptic. What all this means is that according to my calculations, in some cases I will tell you that you are a different nakshatra and animal yoni than another Vedic astrologer. But in most cases it will be the same no matter who you ask.

          Now if by some chance that didn't bring greater clarity, please ignore everything I just said!

  • Unsu...
    I feel like after revealing so much intimate information about everyone, I should reveal something about myself.

    . . . I'm an elephant's vagina.
    • Re: What's Your Animal Yoni?
      I feel like after revealing so much intimate information about everyone, I should reveal something about myself.

      . . . I'm an elephant's vagina.

  • Namaste sat sri akal

    I need to know my yoni, my mother know but its a tabou so please DR ji help me

    Born 29/03/1985 at 19H52 or 07H52 pm

    in france...

    both tanwad shuk shukria, nandri wanakam
  • The sexual chemistry between a male friend and I is definitely there. This was confirmed when I looked at our compatibility. In the yoni kuta we score 4 out of 4. He is a tiger and I am the hare! What do these animals mean in regards to sexual compatibility?!

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