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Iv been reading the latest 2008 astrolog, & found the article Love Astroids particularly interesting. The writer Pemo Theodore, writes that 'Comparing Mars in one's astro chart & how it relates to certain asteroids or mini planetsgives greater definition as to how Hot & exy you are, in the mating & relating game. Also if any of these asteroids are in high profile in your chart by house/sign or aspect to venus or mars, this will contribute to relating also.This also works for composite charts.

CERES: Very sensual & passionate in lovemaking, with a strong desire to satisfy both desire for oneself & the other. The heat is high & many aids may be important ie, food, oils & luxurious settings. Attachment to one partner is commen, for security & safety, yet extras could be optional. This asteroid can bring jealousy, co-dependency & often controlling behaviour( if one is insecure).

VESTA: mild force of sexual expression, tends toi be focused on the inner & more mental spiritual experience of relating, rather than physical. A strong independant streak, so long as the relationship is not too distant, this could work, yet the attraction could be to one with a similar mission or path in life. Learning the Karma sutra or tantra workshops could appeal.

JUNO: A passionate focus on the partner, with the urge to protect each others vulnerabilities, & a drive for equality in sexual expression. Marriage can be important for these people, due to the need for a guideline or structure& a safe long term solution, for the sexual relationship. This position is great for marriage as the sex life kepps on keeping on, no matter how long they r together. Mutual love is important for them, even betrayals & other partners may not signal the end for these.

PSYCHE: The Physical expression for desire is strong here, yet of a more spiritual nature, which often relates to sexual interplay. This desire instigates relationships, & once connected continues to drive insights & growth throught the sexual relationship. Personal feelings are strongly felt & expressed physically & therefore important to have some kind of committment. Tantric sex, or sharing personal growth training or therapy could be stimulating & life transforming.

SAPPHO: Strong sexual libido, accompanied by poetry, music or dirty talk. Movement or transportation could turn these on, with the back seats of cars not just for teenagers.Sexual expression of fantasies & ideals that are important for each partner, as could a need for variety, with possible experimentation with same sex genders, this placing however does not suggest identity confusuin, just versitality.

EROS: Intense sexual heat & vitality. Any thing which stimulates desire, or touches on fantasy, is easily integrated, such as erotica or other sex aids. This is a regenerating asteroid, when playing the relating game. Overindulgence is possible tho, as the drive of desire can satifaction before other priorities.

CUPIDO: Highly charged sexual tension in one or between two. The drive & attraction so strong that it may be uncontrollable, if not tempered with softer , more loving connections, it could drive one or two to disaster. Overall intense feelings, great, fullfilling sex. Be care about jealousy or envy, & a disregard for partners feelings.

AMOR: This ones has imagination, & subtle innuedos, with romantic aids, producing a deires for physical gratification. One needs to clarify & honour boundaries with this one tho, one maybe exciting or mysterious, rather than just an extension of the self. Soft & gentle lovemaking & fantasies.

APHRODITE: A dynamic drive to mate, & to consummate sexual desire with a specific partner @ certain times. If one has a magnetic or receptive partner, this can be intensly emotonal sex. There is a strong desire to connect with others even if the person is a loner.

BLACK MOON LILITH: A darker & more hidden sexuality, a promise of high levels of sexual satisfactionby allowing hidden self/ fantasies to emerge in sexual expression. This one can take you to the best sex you have ever had, yet vereing toward the more positive energy of this is advised, so treat each other with respect.

CHIRON: Good & comforting sex. Instinctive need to relateto others, due to ones own humanity & vulnerabilities. It can foster safety & promise trust. Tentative exploration of sexuality, authenticity & wholeness can be achieved.The emotional aspect is triggered here, so provides a very wholistic sexual experience.

HYGIEA: Radiates a creative, loving & warm sexualitythat makes you feel better in the long run. Physical touch is very important, & responding to pertners nedds. Driven in the pursuit to make one feel better, regular opportunites for sexual play, consistency & regularity is important to these. Imagination & fantasy is important to, telling one what one needs is importnat, as a hesitancy is noted about speaking or asserting one's need. One needs a significant other with whom one really cares.

PALLAS: Extremely sexual & responsive & sexually caing to partners. Sex is deeply transformative & regenerative & can go through certain cycles. Honour & respect is number one here. Sex & lust could take over in spontaneous busy days & nights. Profundity in sex, & sometimes sexual obsession. Both partners need to contribute, as control dampens the enthusiasm.

ASTRAEA: Balanced sexuality. A time & a place for sex, & part of life with a partner. Imagination brings variety & differenceto sexual play. Make sure this creativity is used & routine is varied, as routine can be where one ends up.

DIANA: Free-flowing, sensitive sexuality, with a strong need for individual expression & freedom. Making love in sheltered natural places in the open will suit diana. Initial shyness, so imagination & sensitivity to understand & cater to physical & emotional vulnerabilities will help. Music or wordscan also be halpful, & ensuring safety.

Im not really sure which asteroids are strong in which houses & signs yet, so that I found hard to interpret, but the aspects to venus & mars were very interesting to me.:)
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Alchemy Elixir
  • Thanx, I've been wanting more info on my Pallas, North Node, June conjunction, which is sextile to Uranus Midheaven,square Mars, trine Venus and opposition Mercury.

    Also wanted to know the connotations to my Eros Mars conjunction.

    Stand back Ladies! Hehe
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    I really love Asteroid Astrology.

    I look at certain asteroids

    here is an asteroid database
    created by Abhi,asteroid astrologer

    he has asteroids grouped in certain categories

    In Linda Goodman forum where I frequent,somebody asked me about asteroids I;d look for synastry in personal relationships

    (3811)- Karma - Karmic connection
    (37452)- Spirit - spiritual connection
    Juno - committed relationships
    (103) Hera - Greek counterpart of Juno
    (77) Frigga - Norse counterpart of Juno
    (42) Isis - Egyptian archetypal wife and mother.
    Ceres - nurturing
    (1108) Demeter - Greek version of Ceres
    (433) Eros - Greek God of Love
    (1221) Amor
    (16) Psyche - Eros' wife
    (763) Cupido - Eros's Roman counterpart
    (499) Venusia
    Aphrodite - Venus' Greek counterpart
    (76) Freia - Venus' Norse counterpart
    (7088) Ishtar - Venus' Babylonian counterpart
    (672) Astarte - Venus' Assyrian counterpart
    (1487) Boda - Spanish for Wedding
    (4386) Lust
    (4950) House - like for living together
    1585) Union
    (306) Unitas - latin for United
    (868) Lova
    (73511) Lovas
    (61342) Lovejoy
    (74) Galatea (statue that Pygmalion made, he fell in love with it, Aphrodite brought it to life and made his wish come true) - object of one's affection
    (1387 Kama) - Indian god of sexual desire

    Greek versions of Romeo and Juliet:
    (14871) Pyramus
    (88) Thisbe
    (an aspect between these 2 in a composite or synastry)

    It works!
    In the composite chart of my girlfriend:
    Pyramus in 25'09 Sagittarius in 7th
    Thisbe in 25'23 Leo in 3rd

    Adulterous Lovers in Arthurian Legends:
    (1966) Tristan
    (211) Isolda
    (an aspect between these 2 in a composite or synastry)

    (2041) Lancelot
    (2483) Guinevere
    (an aspect between these 2 in a composite or synastry)

    If you want to check out children

    (4580) Child
    (5140) Kida

    The Nodes of these asteroids are relevant too. the south node for karmic pastlife connections

    • Interesting that you mention Lancelot & Guinivere, Raymond.

      If you ever check charts out for a love-triangle, check out those two, and add Arthur.
      (You may want to check Merlin find the best way out of the triangle. ;)
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    Very interesting, Alchemy.
    Asteroidal love nuggets of space.

    Peace, Bo
    • Thanks Raymond for your additional information, Iam quite interested in this whole relationship/asteroids thing & parts also, & also how the asteroids & parts affect us also. I looked up alot of the one's you mentioned & had quite an interesting response.:)
      Do you have the asteroid goddess's book, Or the arabian parts one, as the info I have is very limited to a few pages on some info on natal conjunction with a few asteroids & parts & this article I found on asteroids & love.
      My partner & I both have natally our Ishtars conjunct our own sun's they do not aspect each other, but mine is in my 6th house, & his is in his 12th, I find this interesting. ( a bit like 2 halves).
      his galatea is conjunct my venus in my 7th, & my Galatea is conjunct my sun in the 6th & my DC.
      Both our kama's are trine.
      His pyramus is conjunct my venus in the 7th.
      WE have child conjunt child. in 7th & 5th houses.
      His Karma is conjunct my Chiron,& my karma is conjunct his karma.
      I have spirit conjunct ceres.
      I could go on, But I think I need to find more information & look @ it all more, Likes signs & more aspects.
      Thanks again.
      I glad ppl have taken an interest in this post:)
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        there are so many of them... you need a super brain to synthesis.
        they fit perfectly with the age of Aquarius, age of individuality and free knowledge to everyone, but until i find a way to determine which are important in a certain situation and to what extent i can't see how i can really use them in a reliable way.

        it was easier in the old days, when a person was a peasant or a royalty and seven planets were enough to describe the entire human experience
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        I had the Asteroid Goddess report but I don't have it now.

        there are how asteroids work in the synastry and composite chart of my girlfriend and me

        Here is the composite chart of Meghann and me with the asteroids

        Composite Chart:

        Ceres in 12'59 Scorpio
        Uranus in 12'08 Scorpio
        Lovejoy in 15'15 Taurus in 12th
        Amor in 14'01 Taurus in 12th
        Demeter in 14'54 Aries in 11th
        Isis in 15'13 Aries in 11th
        Eris in 13'42 Aries in 11th
        Frigga in 13'17 Aquarius R in 8th
        Lovas in 12'20 Sagittarius in 6th/7th
        Ascendant in 13'35 Gemini
        Psyche in 14'29 Libra in 5th
        Pluto in 14'46 Libra in 5th
        Neptune in 15'31 Sagittarius in 7th
        Juno in 17'20 Sagittarius in 7th
        Midheaven in 16'57 Pisces
        Venus in 17'35 Aquarius in 8th/9th
        Saturn in 18'56 Leo in 2nd/3rd
        (Pluto-Psyche in Libra in 5th trine Ascendant/sextile Neptune-Descendant looks like soulmate relationship)

        Mercury 0'43 Aquarius in 8th
        Lust in 1'59 Aries in 10th
        House in 1'07 Capricorn in 7th
        Moon in 2'17 Capricorn in 7th
        Chiron in 2'27 Taurus in 11th
        Karma in 2'06 Leo in 2nd
        Ishtar in 2'41 Pisces in 9th
        (Moon conjunct House looks good for feeling at home with each other,and Lust squaring that looks like passionate sex behind closed doors..hahhaha)
        (Moon in 7th in a close quincunx Karma looks like a very karmic relationship...especially with Chiron aspecting that)

        Sun in 22'17 Capricorn in 8th
        Unitas in 23'27 Capricorn in 8th
        Astarte in 22'25 Cancer in 2nd
        Aphrodite in 21'21 Pisces in 3rd

        Venusia in 20'56 Sagittarius R in 7th
        North Node in 19'27 Aries in 11th
        (destiny of love)

        Mars in 25'41 Pisces in 10th
        Boda in 25'47 Taurus in 12th
        Pyramus in 25'09 Sagittarius in 7th
        Thisbe in 25'23 Leo in 3rd
        (the Greek version of Romeo Juliet asteroids,Pyramus and Thisbe in a close trine)
        (Mars sextile Boda....looks like opportunity for a wedding)

        Spirit in 8'48 Sagittarius in 6th
        7th house ruler Jupiter in 9'35 Sagittarius in 6th
        Cupido in 8'39 Scorpio in 5th
        Eros in 9'07 Capricorn in 7th
        Galatea in 10'29 Capricorn in 7th
        Kama in 11'33 Capricorn in 7th
        (looks like spiritual,love relationship,object of each other's affections,sexual desire)

        Minor aspects:

        Karma sesquiquadrate Midheaven - '08
        Juno sesquiquadrate Chiron - '08
        Juno sesquiquadrate Karma - '14
        Chiron semisquare Midheaven - '30
        Juno square Midheaven - '20
        (Karma,Juno,Chiron,Midheaven in 8th harmonic syndrome.. a highly karmic committed relationship that involves issues with healing,pain)

        the asteroids,(16)Psyche and (3811)Karma might be involved with karmic,soulmate connections. Psyche means soul.

        In the composite chart of my girlfriend and me

        Psyche in 14'29 Libra in 5th
        conjunct Pluto in 14'46 Libra in 5th
        oppose Eris in 13'42 Aries in 11th
        trine Ascendant in 13'35 Gemini
        sextile Neptune in 15'31 Sagittarius in 7th

        Karma in 2'05 Leo in 2nd
        oppose Mercury in 1'11 Aquarius in 8th
        square Chiron in 2'27 Taurus
        quincunx Moon in 2'17 Capricorn
        sesquiquadrate Juno - '14
        sesquiquadrate Midheaven - '08
        quintile Pluto - '40

        Juno,Chiron,Karma,Midheaven are in 8th harmonic syndrome

        in her chart:
        Moon in 1'24 Scorpio in 7th/8th
        Karma in 00'53 Gemini in 2nd

        in my chart:
        Moon in 3'11 Pisces in 6th
        Karma in 3'18 Libra in 1st

        We both have Moon quincunx Karma less than half a degree,and so our composite has Moon quincunx Karma less than half a degree

        Her Karma in 00'53 Gemini
        trines My Pluto in 00'51 Pluto
        opposes My Neptune in 1'48 Sagittarius

        In the composite chart of my girlfriend and me in regards to children

        Child in 16'37 Cancer in 1st
        trine Midheaven in 16'57 Pisces
        square Pluto in 14'46 Libra in 5th(children)
        square Psyche in 14'29 Libra in 5th(children)
        square Lunar Nodes in 19'27 Aries in 11th/Libra in 5th(Children)
        quincunx Neptune in 15'31 Sagittarius in 7th
        quincunx Juno in 17'19 Sagittarius in 7th

        There is a Yod too:
        5th house ruler(children) Venus in 17'35 Aquarius in 8th/9th
        sextiles Neptune in 15'31 Sagittarius in 7th
        and Juno in 17'19 Sagittarius in 7th
        and Child in 16'37 Cancer quincunxes all that

        Moon in 2'17 Capricorn in 7th
        Kida in 5'39 Capricorn in 7th

        Kida quintile Midheaven - '42


        Her Karma is in 0'53 Gemini
        trine my Child in 0'40 Libra
        trine my Pluto in 0'51 Libra

        A Yod:
        Her Child in 2'34 Taurus
        sextile my Moon in 3'11 Pisces
        and my Karma in 3'18 Libra quincunx all that

        looks like bigtime children karma!

        Lucina for having children

        In Roman mythology, Lucina was the goddess of childbirth. She safeguarded the lives of women in labor. Later, Lucina was an epithet for Juno as ("she who brings children into light"). The name was generally taken to have the sense of "she who brings children into the light" (Latin: lux "light"), but may actually have been derived from lucus ("grove") after a sacred grove of lotus trees on the Esquiline Hill associated with the goddess and tended by the Vestal virgins. The asteroid 146 Lucina is named after the goddess.

        In my synastry with my girlfriend:

        My Lucina in 28'34 Gemini R
        Her Lunar Nodes in 28'25 Gemini/Sagittarius
        Her Pluto in 28'41 Libra R in
        Her Lucina in 28'53 Capricorn
        Her Neptune in 29'14 Sagittarius

        In my composite chart with my girlfriend:

        Ascendant in 13'35 Gemini
        Lucina in 13'43 Aries in 11th
        Eris in 13'42 Aries in 11th
        Hera in 14'43 Aries in 11th
        Pluto in 14'46 Libra in 5th

        I think that asteroid relationship astrology is pretty cool, but I see it as more of a finetuner for indicators that are already there.

        My regular Astrology shows strong relationship stuff. She and I even have the classic relationship Astrology stuff. Our Ascendants in tight opposition and contraparallel. Her Venus trines my Ascendant. My Sun conjunct her Moon-Saturn,and my Moon trines all that.

        Cosmobiology shows it..stuff like my Sun oppose her Ascendant/Node midpoint,my Moon conjunct her Venus/Midheaven midpoint,my Venus conjunct her Moon/Jupiter midpoint,her Sun oppose my Sun/Ascendant midpoint,My Node conjunct her Sun/Jupiter midpoint,and her Midheaven conjunct my Sun/Node midpoint,

        Even Magi Astrology shows it with numerous Romantic Super Romantic Linkages and 2 Sexual Dragons.

        There are so many ways to examine the chemistry between 2 people.
        I don't think that any aspect is the be all,end all.

        So many factors.
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          I've been looking up tons of asteroid placements on, it's fascinating. Most of the ones I've looked up have been in Scorpio and Libra.

          I found this list on another site, if anyone's interested. They're some of the asteroids associated with love and relationships.

          (3811)- Karma - Karmic connection
          (37452)- Spirit - spiritual connection
          Juno - committed relationships
          (103) Hera - Greek counterpart of Juno
          (77) Frigga - Norse counterpart of Juno
          (42) Isis - Egyptian archetypal wife and mother.
          Ceres - nurturing
          (1108) Demeter - Greek version of Ceres
          (433) Eros - Greek God of Love
          (1221) Amor
          (16) Psyche - Eros' wife
          (763) Cupido - Eros's Roman counterpart
          (499) Venusia
          Aphrodite - Venus' Greek counterpart
          (76) Freia - Venus' Norse counterpart
          (7088) Ishtar - Venus' Babylonian counterpart
          (672) Astarte - Venus' Assyrian counterpart
          (1487) Boda - Spanish for Wedding
          (4386) Lust
          (4950) House - r living together
          1585) Union
          (306) Unitas - latin for United
          (868) Lova
          (73511) Lovas
          (61342) Lovejoy
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            Oh it's already been posted. D'oh!
            • i was reading an article on liz taylor and richard burton's love affair in the latest vanity fair magazine. and my goodness, they were together for a decade and it was such a passionate, violent love relationship. i looked at their synastry and it is not the greatest but they have a ton of asteoird activity in their synastry.

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