eros and psyche

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How much do u know?
Any threads in here or links?
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    i know in a synastry chart..with the one person thus far in my life i have loved and been most attracted to ...deeply and cant let go eros is exactly conjunct their mars/asc conjunction in sagittarius in the M***** F****** 12th house.
    .....and that pretty much is creepy. but sometimes im creepy and it totally makes sense.
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      My Eros is in Gemini,in the 9th, and Psyche is in Capricorn, in the 5th.

      Gemini men suck big time! I could never be with a guy that's completely predictable to me-and so friggin' shallow, too.

      If u ask me, this whole asteroid frenzy is weird..just a few days ago I read this article about an asteroid called "Pinocchio" which supposedly shows the area of ur life in which u're most prone to deceiving others about and crap...shouldn't we like...stop with the asteroids already?

      I mean, I would really like to know what these claims are based on, in the first place...just because they found that Pinocchio thingy in less than 10 charts of famous people who happened to hide things in the area shown by this asteroid, doesn't prove it's gonna be the same for all.
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        this guy is not really a sag...he's more an aquarius/capricorn with some gemini libra..
        i also have my psyche in capricorn at 29 degrees in the 12th house, COOL
  • Just a little bit of additional perspective


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      wow, Zane.

      Thanks for the links. Just so happens u touched upon the house of my "psyche"-lol.

      So true love will make me creative, huh? Yeah, that's true. It did the last time, although the feeling was only on my side...
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      "The word 'erotic' comes from Eros, and this is a big factor in the lives of people with close Eros aspects. It is not uncommon to find that a person with a close Eros conjunct Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars is quite promiscuous, or has been for a partof his/her life."

      What about someone with a close Venus-Eros square?
      • Well, Sandra, considering that Eros is the erotic urge, the passion, and Venus is the love and sensual nature, and a square is a difficulty getting both planets to work together due to their differences which often emphasizes BOTH bodies in the nature as the person tries to reconcile the differences....I'd say it can be promiscuous, or at least very strong desires!
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          or maybe it means separation of physical love and spiritual love? I kinda have that feeling..

          Or maybe it's just cuz I have a Gemini Mars and a Pisces Venus?(but they don't make any aspect to one another)
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          Uhmm, Zane,

          Could u tell me what Eros tightly conjunct the Midheaven means?
          • Aha! I have this, too - right on the ol' Midheaven. I've been terribly curious, myself. The best I can guess/I've summed up from readings is that it could bring sexuality into work/the public image, somehow, and in a way relating to the sign of your Eros (holds true for me, I think)... Not much insight here, though!
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              Yeah, I tried to mix the 2 meanings together somehow, as well, but I just can't come through to an accurate answer.

              Love of Career?-no way. Haven't even settled on one.

              Love/sex related career?-most definitely not!

              I have been told I look sexy in a uniform, though.."giggles"
              • Could it be that your public image (not necessarily physically, though maybe...!) just EXUDES 's-e-x?' I don't know if that fits for me as well as my career tying in, but I suppose if my career ties in, my public image does, too, to some extent...

                Also, perhaps bringing in the sign of your Eros/Midheaven would help a bit. Mine is in Aquarius, and my career dealing with sex in unusual and analytical ways makes a lot more sense to me than if I were to just say it relates to sex, generally-speaking.

                I also read somewhere (I believe it was something of Stephen Arroyo's...) that the Midheaven is more of a point of what we admire and strive to be than what we are automatically endowed with (which would be more of the IC or the Ascendant), and so we grow into it as our image more as we age. So could it fit that what you admire/strive for/are growing to resemble relates somehow to your Gem. Midheaven/Eros?
                • Eros at the MC- A subtle sensual pleasure from public notice?
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    I have psyche on the same degree as south node, 7 virgo

                    Eros is same degree as moon, which is 0 aries, first degree of zodiac

                    Having chiron at 0 cap, venus at 0 libra, and bml at 0 cancer has all added up to an interesting incarnation.

                    I can really really feel pluto now, conjuncting chiron etc. etc., and setting off the whole chart.

                    The psyche on the south node thing, i've come to think of as an indication that in past lives i was good at, and relied on partnership, which has totally not been the case this incarnation. Not much for love this time.

                    Moon and eros i don't know. I've never been all that close to my mom........i think we never really bonded perhaps. I was certainly highly sexed as a child though.

                    my charts in my profile, if anyone is interested.
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    eros in sag here, and psyche in aqua

    "Imagine, if you can, silver leaves waving above a pool of gold filled with singing fishes. Twin moons in an alien sky. If you like, I'll show them to you and they will be, I promise you, the dullest part of the journey. Come with me and I will show you sights that you have never dreamed of. Or stay behind, and regret it until your dying day...--William Hartnell as Doctor Who"
    • Eros in Gemini here... I cannot relate to the associated quote -
      "…and the most beautiful words ever spoken, I have not yet said to you." --Nazim Hikmet

      Psyche in Scorpio conj Asc -
      i'm lucky to have found a web page that talks about Psyche,
      and the astrologer used this placement for an example, lol.

      "For example, let’s say your own Psyche astrological placement is in Scorpio, conjunct to your Sun or Ascendant, your Rising Sign. Psyche in Scorpio means your understanding of the soul and the mind involves the attributes of the sign of Scorpio, which is a watery, fixed placement. You might have a very deep need to explore your own psychology, and you could be willing to take that exploration to its furthest levels. Psyche conjunct to your Sun or Ascendant means you incorporate your ideas and beliefs about the soul and mind into the very fabric of your being."

  • Not a whole lot. But I did find a great piece of art that explains a little from
    • PSYCHE IN ARIES: Like the thrill of someone falling madly in love with and pursuing them. They enjoy feeling valued by someone and they find security in hearing this from their lover.

      PSYCHE IN TAURUS: Are the embodiment of sexuality. They like for people to find them attractive. They are also attracted to people who give gifts of love.

      PSYCHE IN GEMINI: Are drawn to powerful personalities that are able to switch between staying home and painting the town. They also enjoy mates who challenge their intellect.

      PSYCHE IN CANCER: Tend to take on nurturing roles, not necessarily with everyone, but definitely with their lover. They will go out of their way to make partner happy.

      PSYCHE IN LEO: Able to discern the best in people and bring that out. They are attracted to charming, good-looking people. They also have a tendency to project onto their partner the way they themselves want to be.

      PSYCHE IN VIRGO: Show their affection to someone who accepts them unconditionally. They are usually concerned about what the lover can bring to the table. Once smitten, they are very generous of their time and resources.

      PSYCHE IN LIBRA: Fascinated by partners with striking looks, possibly to the detriment of other aspects, in order to indulge the fantasy of the relationship. Usually they get wise to this tendency in due time. They treat everyone around them lavishly.

      PSYCHE IN SCORPIO: Tend to be secretive about their true feelings, including sexual feelings. They also tend to be reserved when expressing themselves until they feel absolutely comfortable. Once committed, they take the relationship very seriously and will do anything to keep it going.

      PSYCHE IN SAGITTARIUS: Attracted to someone worldly, ethnically diverse, philosophically-oriented, and free-spirited. They are able to give others the freedom to be who they really are.

      PSYCHE IN CAPRICORN: Attracted to emotionally mature and stable individuals who can also provide an outlet for their romantic fantasy. Sexual intimacy is a longing, and once fulfilled, they feel like they’ve won the prize.

      PSYCHE IN AQUARIUS: Like to put a little bubble around themselves and their lover and bask in the fulfillment of their hopes, wishes, and dreams. They like to be acknowledged for their unique and special qualities and do not like to compete for affection.

      PSYCHE IN PISCES: Seek partners who can express the utmost love and adoration and partners who can help them escape a routine life. They tend to attract attention through illnesses if their needs are not being met to their expectation.
      • I've got both Pscyhe and Eros in Aquarius,both conjunct and both square the Sun. Gotta admit, having them in Aquarius doesn't seem very "sexy." lol
        • Oh, I dunno... I'm just THRILLED that my Eros is in Aquarius, myself! Unconventional sex... sexual innovation... Needed some of that in my chart, I'm sure!
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            my eros is in aries 6th house which has pisces on the cusp... & neptune and mars are conjunct in my third house... i wonder what the heck than means... lol

            on the astrologer tribe, the moderator, allan posted a link to a great article about psyche & eros in relation to anima/animus. you should definitely check it out... not too long ago either, maybe last week :)
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        "PSYCHE IN CAPRICORN: Attracted to emotionally mature and stable individuals who can also provide an outlet for their romantic fantasy. Sexual intimacy is a longing, and once fulfilled, they feel like they’ve won the prize. "

        Heey...that's pretty accurate, actually.LOL
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          "PSYCHE IN AQUARIUS: Like to put a little bubble around themselves and their lover and bask in the fulfillment of their hopes, wishes, and dreams. They like to be acknowledged for their unique and special qualities and do not like to compete for affection. "

          wow, thats so me..
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            eros in cancer the 8th house, conjunct Saturn and Vertex.....This doesn't help this sexual scorpio one bit. At least now I've got some answers, hehe
        • Hey Sandra, you are the prize, especially in uniform, lets say a riverdance outfit

          my psyche is in libra, eros is in scorpio

          I'm currently attracted to someone with eros in libra, psyche in scorpio

          also my venus is in scorpio, mars in sag
          and her venus is in sag and mars in libra

          so far we are dancing around so I'm not sure where it will lead

          any thoughts ?
          • Need more information.
            • Was reading this post and thought id check 2 see if ive got any aspects to my Eros, and to my surprise I found these ones:

              Eros conj Mars (8th H)

              " " Sextile Venus (5th H)

              " " opp Uranus (1st H)

              " " opp Saturn (1st H)

              " " inconjunct ASC (Sco)
              • I made a search to see what all those aspects mean, but there didn't seem to be much about the minor planets in aspects at all. Has anyone been able to find any good ones? If so, please dont hesitate to post the links!