DUAD / DWAD; People frequently marry people who fit this criteria.

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Hi all, After reading a really interesting article abt "duad" here: ,
i find it amusing yet contradicting with the traditional sun moon mars venus synastry aspect i understood...
Therefore i am here with my queries:

Firstly my DUAD list below:

sun Leo 28 - cancer duad (9th hse sag)
Moon Aries 24 - cap duad (5th hse leo)
Mars Virgo 11 - cap duad (10th hse cap) - *Just 4 this only; A mars in cap men like Nicolas cage is enough 2 kill even just by watching him from TV screen...

asc sag 10.42 - aries duad
node aqu 25.48 - sag duad (3th hse aqu)
vertex pis 26.57 - cap duad (4th hse cancer)

Mer Virgo 24° - gemini duad (10th hse cap)
venus libra 3 - scopio duad (10th hse cap)

2nd thing someone ever told me tat my natal chart reveals a mate with potential sign of "Virgo / gemini / cap"
My chart here if u nd:

After comparing with my DUAD list above... I discover so much of a CAPRICORN... and no single virgo duad...
The surprising part is there's CANCER duad on my sun... couldnt understand why would i even b attracted to a CANCER? (sorry to offend if u r one) which if lets say the other party's sun in cancer it will have bad aspect with my leo sun in synastry? supposedly SUN SUN gd aspect... and the element: one water other fire don match at all in trad astrology...

I hope someone would tell me more abt my duad list & explain the confusing relationships btwn trad astrology aspect and duad....
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  • according to that have to consider the duad by number, as well(the far right column on that table).

    here's what it says: "For a woman the duads of your Sun, Moon, Mars, Ascendant and Nodes are usually the main significators of attraction to the opposite sex. E.g. if a woman has her Sun in Cancer in the Libra duad and the 4th duad (Cancer), she will be instinctively drawn to Libran and Cancerian men, or, to a lesser extent, people with the Moon, Mars, Angles or North Node in Libra or Cancer."

    so, your Sun is in the Cancer Dwad, but also the Pisces duad, by number:

    Then your Sun is in Virgo, Capricorn Dwad but also Leo Duad, by number...this is interesting.

    Ok, there is no different spelling I guess, but I will use "dwad" and "duad" to separate the categories.

    Then, here's what it says about attraction:


    The duads show your instinctive attraction towards a person. The reason why is because these zodiac signs run through the family genes, the person will also attract and be attracted to non-family members with the Sun, Moon, Angles or Nodes in these signs. Therefore: People frequently marry people who fit this criteria.

    For a woman the duads of your Sun, Moon, Mars, Ascendant and Nodes are usually the main significators of attraction to the opposite sex. E.g. if a woman has her Sun in Cancer in the Libra duad and the 4th duad (Cancer), she will be instinctively drawn to Libran and Cancerian men, or, to a lesser extent, people with the Moon, Mars, Angles or North Node in Libra or Cancer.

    For a man, the duads of your Sun, Moon, Venus, Ascendant and Nodes are the main significators of attraction towards the opposite sex. E.g. if a man has his Moon in Taurus in the Taurus duad and 1st (Aries) duad of Taurus his instincts will draw him to women with the Moon or Venus in Taurus or Aries, or to a lesser extent, the Sun, Angles or Nodes in that sign.


    A woman will find a man sexy if he has Mars in the same sign as her Mars duad. E.g. a woman whose Mars is at 1Virgo39 will have Mars in the Virgo duad and 1st (Aries) dwad, so she is likely to find men with Mars in Virgo or Aries sexy.

    A man will find a woman sexy if she has her Venus or Moon in the same sign as his Venus or Moon duad. E.g. a man with his Venus at 16Libra23 in the Aries duad and 7th (Libra) dwad of Libra will find women with Venus in Aries and Venus in Libra quite beautiful. He will also like women with the Moon in Aries or Libra."

    particularly this part right here: "A woman will find a man sexy if he has Mars in the same sign as her Mars duad. E.g. a woman whose Mars is at 1Virgo39 will have Mars in the Virgo duad and 1st (Aries) dwad, so she is likely to find men with Mars in Virgo or Aries sexy."

    so, to answer your question, you will mostly be attracted to men who have Capricorn or Leo Mars signs.

    Though, again, I tend to think that they refer to "archetypes", generally. So, for instance, if your Mars is in the Capricorn and Leo Duad, you may not necessarily fall head over heels for any man with his Mars in Cap, or Mars in Leo, but it may mean you find Leo or Cap traits sexy in a a proud dignified aura, creativity, playfulness, maybe..a "dramatic" look/expression. Or maybe you find seriousness sexy, like Cap would suggest.

    • Thanks a lot for posting explains a lot for me. I have Moon, Mars, Jupiter in the Gemini/Aries Duads, and although I generally find Gemini Suns incredibly, annoyingly superficial and "playfyul", I have definitely always found brains sexy, as well as a touch of androginy.
      I'm not sure I can see the Aries thing, though..I have had a huge crush on an Aries Sun before. Once Never will I fall for that again.
      I generally like the "positive" versions of Aries Suns-positive, optimistic, energetic, courageous, pioneering, but I generally hate aggressive attitudes/behavior, or the typical "rough and rugged" Aries man type, all brutish and unrefined..that's totally unsexy to me.

      I find it funny that my Sun is in Scorpio/Scorpio duads. I don't like Scorpios, usually. The women are everything that can be wrong with a, jealous, possessive, manipulative, ambitious in all the wrong ways, just generally obnoxious.
      The men, although a bit more tame(at least, the ones I've met so far) are still too sex-obssessed and also very manipulative/secretive..just bleah.

      So my Asc is in Virgo, Aries Dwad, and Scoprio Duad(again?)

      Moon, Mars, and Jupiter in Gemini, Gemini Dwad, Aries Duad

      Mercury and North Node in Pisces, Aries Dwad, Taurus Duad

      Venus in Pisces, Virgo Dwad, Libra Duad

      Saturn and Neptune in Capricorn, Taurus Dwad, Leo Duad(this is interesting..)

      Uranus in Capricorn, Pisces Dwad, Gemini Duad(again, interesting..)

      Pluto in Scorpio, Taurus Dwad, Libra Duad(how
  • Just found something freaky in regards to the Duads/Dwads...

    Chiron - Gemini (3rd House / 17.34) (Dwad in Capricorn) (8th House Scorpio)
    Vertex - Virgo (7th House / 26.27) (Dwad in Cancer) (11th House Aquarius)

    My Father is a Scorpio (Cancer Moon) and my Mother is a Capricorn (Aquarius Moon).

    It literally has an "X" mark with the Capricorn Dwad to the Aquarius House and the Cancer Dwad to the Scorpio House.
  • ANYARA-APHORISMS ~ Psychology and Psychiatry ~
    * * * *************
    Pluto in Dwads Quotations by Psychologists and Psychiatrists

    Pluto in Aries-dwad (in Taurus) I must SEARCH FOR BEING if I want to find my real self. But it is not till I fail in this search for intrinsic being that I begin to philosophize. - Karl Jaspers, Pisces

    Pluto: Taurus-dwad (in Leo) Many benefit from [therapy], but it doesn't help everybody and for some it may mean more harm than good. - Ben Furman, Finnish psychiatrist, Libra

    Pluto: Gemini-dwad (in Taurus) Not I, but the poets discovered the unconscious. - Sigmund Freud, Taurus

    Pluto: Cancer-dwad (in Cancer) It is curious how there seems to be an instinctive disgust in Man for his nearest ancestors and elations. If only Darwin could conscientiously have traced man back to the Elephant or the Lion or the Antelope, how much ridicule and prejudice would have been spared to the doctrine of Evolution. - Havelock Ellis, Aquarius

    Pluto: Leo-dwad (in Gemini) ... Our ego does not want to see the things which would destroy it. Its resistance against conquest of the unconscious is a struggle for survival. Only an objective helper, a psychologist, a modern father-confessor, can overcome this resistance. - Fritz Kunkel, Virgo

    Pluto: Virgo-dwad (in Cancer) Formerly, when religion was strong and science weak, men mistook magic for medicine, now, when science is strong and religion weak, men mistake medicine for magic. - Thomas Szasz, Aries

    Pluto: Libra-dwad (in Gemini) Love cures people both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it. - Karl Menninger, Leo

    Pluto: Scorpio-dwad (in Aries) Seek out that particular mental attribute which makes you feel most deeply and vitally alive, along with which comes the inner voice which says, This is the real me, and when you have found that attitude, follow it. - William James, Capricorn

    Pluto: Sagittarius-dwad (in Cancer) I would rather define self as the interiorization of community. - James Hillman

    Pluto: Aquarius-dwad (in Taurus) Science is the tool of the Western mind and with it more doors can be opened than with bare hands. It is part and parcel of our knowledge and obscures our insight only when it holds that the understanding given by it is the only kind there is. - C.G. Jung, Leo

    Pluto: Pisces-dwad (in Gemini) Finding the center of strength within ourselves is in the long run the best contribution we can make to our fellow men. - Rollo May , Taurus
    • ANYARA-ESSAYS ~ Dwads in Synastry ~
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      Soul Mates in Dwads

      ~ Identification in Depths ~

      There comes that mysterious meeting in life when someone acknowledges who we are and what we can be, igniting the circuits of our highest potential. - Rusty Berkus

      We are often attracted to people who manifest in their personalities some characteristics that we have within us without having been able to express them. Those people, by their mere presence, activate our own inner resources, thus unexpressed potentials in our dwad-charts. Often dwads reveal the inner magnetism between people, sometimes even truest soul bonds ever found, but because of their unconscious nature dwads may also reflect projections that can create illusory expectations.

      Any time you see very irrational behavior between two people, look at their dwads, and it may not feel so irrational anymore. You could also look at dwads when your friends - or even your pets - show some strange behavior patterns. If for instance your cat is more attached to one of your friends than to any other, compare your cat's dwads with your friend's dwads, and you'll often know why. The radix may show the behavior, but not necessarily what motivates the outer behavior. Dwads show what drives you from within, and also how you are connected with others beneath the surface.


      If you look seriously and scientifically you'll' see there's a great deal more than you suspected in all this affinity and soul mate craze, for instance. Not that I care much for the words "soul mate" and "affinity" particularly; they have been so VULGARIZED, somehow. The Best People don't use those terms any more. Psychic harmony is the new term. - Don Marquis,

      Dwads often reflect characteristics we meet again and again, in all our relationships, the more so the less we are aware of our own dwads. It's like we were all the time searching for others who reflect what we have deep within, thus our dwads. We somehow instictively feel that in the company of people with strong dwad-aspects to our own charts we will be able to learn more about ourselves. And that really happens, dwads often reflect true psychic harmony, inner similary between people, they sho us those who are our 'soul mates'...

      And perhaps also our 'soul enemies' so to speak. Thus they also show kind of fake soul mates, which we ourselves create by projecting unconsciously our dwads onto others without any true similarity. These fake soul mate contacts can often be recognized because of their compulsive nature, there is fascination, we feel drawn to them even if we do not want to. They somehow overpower us without intending to do so. In true soul mate contacts there is no compulsion, just natural and spontaneous affinity and intense communion.

      Friends who resonate with your dwads express something deep within you. There is usually a strong attraction and mutual identification between people who have either mutual dwad-conjunctions or dwad-radix conjunctions. But there are even other ways dwads can influence your sympathies. Strong dwad-conjunctions on your own dwad-chart often create sympathetic feelings towards the planetary type in question, for instance with Sun-Mars in your dwads, you will have a natural sympathy for Arians or Sun-Mars types in general, with Sun-Pluto in dwads for Scorpions, with Sun-Venus for Taureans or Librans...

      Classical Sun-Moon combinations are often stronger if either Light is in dwads. Especially dwads Sun-Moon combinations can create a very strong and deep mutual identification. For instance Maija Isola, Finnish textile designer, has both her Sun and Moon conjoined with Armi Ratia's corresponding lights in dwads: "I think that I design all my cloths for Armi [Ratia]. She was my public, and she paid... When Armi died, they showed my cloths on television. It felt strange. Which one of us actually died?"

      A Finnish theosophist, Pekka Ervast had a similar synastry with Annie Besant.

      Ervast said that he had a corner in his room where he used to sit and philosophize. On one wall there was a painting with Väinämöinen and Aino (figures in Kalevala, The Finnish national epic), on another wall there was a large picture of Mrs. Besant. "Every morning I greet her with a nod and wish her good morning. I never stopped loving her..."

      Often the radix person admires the dwad person, for instance Peter Sellers' (Virgo) ideal was Stanley Kubrick (dwad-Virgo) and George S. Scott (Libra) admired Bette Davis (dwad-Libra) more than any other actor. It may also go the other way around - dwads admiring the radix but often with mixed feelings: [Edmond Rostand, Aries] is the only man I'm capable of admiring even though I detest him. - Jules Renard (dwad-Aries)


      What a wonderful thing it is to have a good friend. He identifies your innermost desires and spares you the embarrassment of disclosing them to him yourself. - LaFontaine

      When you meet someone with dwad-Sun conjunct your own dwad-Sun, it may feel like you met your inner soul mate, often there is immediate mutual understanding. For instance, Vita Sackville-West, who had this conjunction with her husband, Harold Nicolson, said that her husband understood her in everything.

      People with this conjunction usually have a similar way of expressing their creativity, thus their 'recognize' themselves in each other's creative products. For instance Anais Nin, who had her dwad-Sun in conjunct with Edith Wharton's dwad-Sun, wrote after reading Edith Wharton's book: It appealed to me because it is written exactly as I would like to write ..

      Dwad-Sun conjunctions create intensity, often kind of either-or contacts, indifference is very rare. Because of the unconsciousness involved they can also create strong obsessions as happened, for instance, between Truman Capote and Andy Warhol. Capote and Warhol had their dwad-Suns in conjunction. When Warhol came to New York he used to stand outside Capote's house waiting for Capote to come out. "He nearly drove me crazy", wrote Truman Capote.


      What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies. - Aristotle

      We do not often meet people who resonate with us both on the spiritual and on the soul level, but when we meet such persons, we never forget them. They stay forever in our inner lives, we feel good in remembering them. The more we know such people, the more lovelier we create our own inner world. They are people who share our deepest longings, who find meaning in same things we do... They make us feel more alive than ever. And in their company we really are more alive...

      "A soul mate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are; we can be loved for who we are and not for who we're pretending to be. Each unveils the best part of the other." - Richard Bach

      One strong astrological indication of such a contact is the Sun and Moon conjunctions in dwads mentioned above. Bertrand Russell and Joseph Conrad had this dwad conjunction. In their first meeting the conversation became more and more intimate, says Russell, who had never experienced anything of the kind. They felt like sinking deeper and deeper until each one found the inner fire. They looked at each other, half terrified, half dazed in being together on such an area. The feeling was all-encompassing and as strong as a passionate love. Afterwards Russell was confused and had difficulties in adapting again to daily life.

      If you add Neptune to dwad-contacts, you get deepest inner contacts possible. Carlyle and Tennyson had Sun-Neptune contact both in the radix and in dwads: Carlyle's Sun was on Tennyson's Neptune, Tennyson's dwad-Sun on Carlyle's dwad- Neptune. They used sometimes to sit for hours without a word, they just smoked their pipes. Only their eyes reflected their inner happenings. The first time they spoke was when they thanked each other for a nice evening and agreed to meet again.

      Such rare deep inner encounters are refreshing and spiritually uplifting for both partners, they are able to kindle each other's inner spirit. And also enhance their creative abilities or otherwise support each other's best qualities. But, of course, there are also cases in which such a deep contact may activate indiscriminately every impulse they have deep within, perhaps even the worst qualities, unless they are not aware of what is happening between them. Knowing your own dwads gives you an unique chance to peek into the inner side of your relationships - and to find and to recognize those rare people that really are your soul mates.

      In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit. - Albert Schweitzer