Synastry: is the Moon the new Venus?

topic posted Tue, October 18, 2011 - 1:38 PM by  MantisReligiosa
I came across this article not too long ago:

This is just the most to the point article I can think of that talks about Moon-Mars aspects between two charts, but I have come across several others.

Thinking a bit about a few people in my own life, I feel this is pretty potent stuff..for instance, I just realized that my long-term "girlfriend" has her Moon tightly trine my Mars, and her Mars loosely square my Moon...our synastry, overall, is not that great.
For one, we have a lot of nasty squares and oppositions to each other's Mercury, and you'd think good Mercury contacts are vital for a long-term relationships, ESPECIALLY a friendship.

Truth is no matter how much we argued over the dumbest things, we keep coming back to each's kind of silly. The mutual fascination must be there, and could just be the Moon-Mars contacts.

My mom and another man I know have their Mars opposite my Moon, and they always manage to hit my sensitive chords, more often than most people, at least.
The great unrequited love of my life had his Mars loosely conjunct my Moon(and Mars, and Jupiter) - I was infatuated with him for over 4 years, in my teens. I kept trying to figure out why I was so into him, because I saw no great synastry there..not by "usual" standards, anyway, he was an Aries Sun with a Cap Moon, close to perhaps my Mars was trining his Moon, as well.
There was only a sextile from my Mars to his Venus, in terms of the famous Mars-Venus contacts, meant to ignite fires.
No Pluto contacts, either.

I also came across some synastry reports for famous couples, and one said Nicole Ritchie and whoever her new bf is have a tight Moon-Mars trine, and that's why they get along(would have no way of seeing for myself, though), plus apparently, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have a Moon-Mars conjunction in their composite chart, which is supposed to show "magnetic animal atraction", in addition to a great sense of unity as a couple.

These are just a few more silly examples I came up with, from the top of my head, but, so far, I've come to sense that Moon-Mars contacts are much more potent and visceral in terms of attraction than Mars-Venus contacts, or even Sun-Mars contacts.
Or maybe just different. Sun-Mars is a hot and dry type of attraction, like just muscle.
Moon-Mars is the whole package..muscle, blood, and all other..ahem, fluids? I guess the picture I'm trying to paint here is that Moon-Mars is more intense because it also involves emotions, plus it's a mix between the 2 genders.

Also, I find it interesting, like the article mentioned it, that there is this different perspective from each gender..that a man's Mars aspecting a woman's Moon is somehow more "natural", but a woman's Mars aspecting a man's Moon might be intimidating/a turn off for the man?

What do you think? Any particular experiences you'd like to share?
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    Re: Synastry: is the Moon the new Venus?

    Wed, October 19, 2011 - 5:02 AM
    Hi Mantis (:

    Interesting article and thoughts by you! And for me it is also seemingly germane, because there is a gemini in my life (who has been in my life for over a year now), who, while I have not yet formally established a partnership with him, it seems likely this may be a natural progression in the future (though I'm still not ready). We are currently very good friends. The attraction is mutual and was instantaneous. And I mean very, very strong - almost unusually so. You know, the 'predestined feeling' type of thing. He is a gemini sun/mars - and these tightly conjunct my moon. Everything I have read about synastry pertaining to the man's sun on the woman's moon rings true (he's definitely the "manly" yang to my yin), and now you have provided me with more food for thought concerning the mars connection. I haven't been able to get him out of my mind as of late...
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    Wed, October 19, 2011 - 11:08 AM
    haven't read the article yet but this is how i think about moon, mars and venus in regards to relationships and sexuality.

    while your venus shows who you will be instantly attracted to, finding someone who connects to your moon will provide a deep emotional bond and understanding. you flirt with, have fun with etc your venus type but you marry your moon type.

    the man i've loved most deeply and intensely (and still miss to this day) was a man i had a moon conjunction with and a compatible mars connection. those two indicators are very, very powerful.
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      Re: Synastry: is the Moon the new Venus?

      Thu, October 20, 2011 - 9:35 AM
      And today the gemini declared what we've both known to be true for some time now... heh.
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        Re: Synastry: is the Moon the new Venus?

        Thu, October 20, 2011 - 10:17 AM
        a moon-mars synastry conjunction is very hot. i can provide a lot of steam sexually but other synastry factors will probably have to be present for there to be a solid romantic connection.

        mars is called the planet of sex but i think that the moon is just as important in a person's sex life. mars is aggressive, so a person will act out their mars if, for example, they're looking for a one night stand. but the moon is an intimate planet and is more about 'lovemaking'. this planet emerges more so when you're in a committed, serious relationship.

        so, in a moon-mars connection, the moon person will be seeking something deeper and more intimate but the mars person will be more interested in the actual act. in my experience, the mars person feels this primal attraction to the moon person. i have a virgo mars and i've always found virgo moons very sexy. for the mars person, the moon individual represents what they actively desire. and there's something essentially seductive about this moon person because it can be sensed, just below the surface. and this kicks the mars' aggressiveness into gear, making them want to 'seduce' the moon in one way or another to uncover this enticing inner self.

        now, from the perspective of the moon person, the mars person is both exciting and a little dangerous. the mars person acts out the inner self that the moon person possesses. when virgo gets angry, it'll nag and criticize petulantly. the virgo moon might keep this internal but the virgo mars expresses this externally much more easily. to the moon person, the mars acts out some of their darkest desires. this can be a big turn on sexually. the mars' expression of the sign's energy is more uninhibited but this can also pose a threat domestically. the moon might find the mars destructive or feel threatened by mars' independence, as the moon often becomes the more dependent one.

        put a male in the moon's perspective with a female as the mars and it can be seen why there might be problems in the relationship, as gender role issues will often arise.
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          Fri, October 21, 2011 - 3:48 PM
          i agree with this. in my case, i had a moon conjunction with my ex and a mars connection but our suns were square. we had an amazing emotional and sexual connection but were very incompatible.

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