The Decants

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Does anyone here know of the decants?
My Theory is that the decants aid in whatever sign the planet and and such is located in. For instance a Cancer moon in the second decant (which is scorpio) possesses scorpio qualities. I also believe that besides the moon ruling the sign due to the secondary influence, pluto is also a partial rulership. Which is due to the fact of scorpio's partial rulership over the sign. Anyone care to share their ideas and such to put this into perspective. I have found little on it but all supporting evidence of it. What do you guys think?
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    Sat, April 9, 2011 - 5:25 PM
    1st Decan of Aries (0 to 10 Degrees) - Aries
    2nd Decan of Aries (10 to 20 Degrees) - Leo
    3rd Decan of Aries (20 to 30 Degrees) - Sagittarius

    1st Decan of Taurus (0 to 10 Degrees) - Taurus
    2nd Decan of Taurus( 10 to 20 Degrees) - Virgo
    3rd Decan of Taurus (20 to 30 Degrees) - Capricorn

    1st Decan of Gemini (0 to 10 Degrees) - Gemini
    2nd Decan of Gemini (10 to 20 Degrees) - Libra
    3rd Decan of Gemini (20 to 30 Degrees) - Aquarius

    1st Decan of Cancer (0 to 10 Degrees) - Cancer
    2nd Decan of Cancer (10 to 20 Degrees) - Scorpio
    3rd Decan of Cancer (20 to 30 Degrees) - Pisces

    1st Decan of Leo (0 to 10 Degrees) - Leo
    2nd Decan of Leo (10 to 20 Degrees) - Sagittarius
    3rd Decan of Leo (20 to 30 Degrees) - Aries

    1st Decan of Virgo (0 to 10 Degrees) - Virgo
    2nd Decan of Virgo (10 to 20 Degrees) - Capricorn
    3rd Decan of Virgo (20 to 30 Degrees) - Taurus

    1st Decan of Libra (0 to 10 Degrees) - Libra
    2nd Decan of Libra (10 to 20 Degrees) - Aquarius
    3rd Decan of Libra (20 to 30 Degrees) - Gemini

    1st Decan of Scorpio (0 to 10 Degrees) - Scorpio
    2nd Decan of Scorpio (10 to 20 Degrees) - Pisces
    3rd Decan of Scorpio (20 to 30 Degrees) - Cancer

    1st Decan of Sagittarius (0 to 10 Degrees) - Sagittarius
    2nd Decan of Sagittarius (10 to 20 Degrees) - Aries
    3rd Decan of Sagittarius (20 to 30 Degrees) - Leo

    1st Decan of Capricorn (0 to 10 Degrees) - Capricorn
    2nd Decan of Capricorn (10 to 20 Degrees) - Taurus
    3rd Decan of Capricorn (20 to 30 Degrees) - Virgo

    1st Decan of Aquarius (0 to 10 Degrees) - Aquarius
    2nd Decan of Aquarius (10 to 20 Degrees) - Gemini
    3rd Decan of Aquarius (20 to 30 Degrees) - Libra

    1st Decan of Pisces (0 to 10 Degrees) - Pisces
    2nd Decan of Pisces (10 to 20 Degrees) - Cancer
    3rd Decan of Pisces (20 to 30 Degrees) - Scorpio
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      Sat, April 9, 2011 - 5:52 PM
      Wow, thank you for your hard work, L+P=TLA.

      Although, to be the most exact possible, decans are classified like this

      1st: 0° to 9°59'
      2nd: 10° to 19°59'
      3rd: 20° to 29°59'

      Of course, because there's no such a thing as "degree 30" (the "30th" degree would be 29°... because the "1st" degree would be 0° and not 1°)

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        Sun, April 10, 2011 - 12:02 AM
        This is true. and then the concept of cusps comes into question. Which I believe is best saved for another topic.
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    Sun, April 10, 2011 - 12:04 AM
    So now that we understand the degrees and such. How do you guys feel about my theory. That they have secondary rulership of another sign or planet due to which decent and degree it's located in?
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      Sun, April 10, 2011 - 8:54 AM
      Personally, I don't believe it's about a "2nd rulership" regarding the decanate the planet in question is. If your Venus, for example, is in Scorpio, its dispositor will be Pluto no matter what, regardless if its in degre 2° or 27°... Decanates only add a different "color" to that planet's expression in that specific sign... Cause Venus in Scorpio in the Scorpio decanate will never be the same as if it were in the Cancer decanate...

      But to think of a 2nd ruler would be nuts, and impractical too, cause then you'd have automatically to deal with the double of rulerships in your chart and reading it would become impossible. As far as I know, this decanate thing is only meant to understand you a particular planet's expression better, and it's not mixed with the planet's original ruler, or the aspects it's making, or the house it's in... etcetera. This decanate ruler thing, by the way (you may or may not already know about this), applies to all planets AND rising sign. I don't think it does to the NN or MH, though.
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        Sun, April 10, 2011 - 10:25 AM
        Yeah I knew about what it had applied to. I was surprised to see how it becomes a matter of battle, as to which others say it only affects the sun. This seems just odd, since all planets and angles go through the same loop. I understand what you mean by the secondary rulership. But I wasn't intending it as like Cancer and a secondary Scorpio, in the sense of Scorpio since it's in the second decant. I was more like saying how since Scorpio being the second decant in cancer. It alters the traits of the cancer sign, to traits also known in Scorpio. Now we should also know that the degrees all affect things as well. For instance a Aries in the 1st degree is different then Aries in the 12th degree.
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          Sun, April 10, 2011 - 10:53 AM
          "I was more like saying how since Scorpio being the second decant in cancer. It alters the traits of the cancer sign, to traits also known in Scorpio"

          Oh, okay, yeah, of course. I thought you meant a specific planet had 2 dispositors. Say, Venus in Scorpio -Pluto- and then, IDK, the Moon because it's in degree 27°.

          And, yeah, I basically agree with everything else you said. I'd be wary around the thought of it only influencing the Sun, like yourself... Personally, I don't share that... because of what I've read and seen (and my personal experience).
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            Sun, April 10, 2011 - 9:54 PM
            Yeah sorry I jumbled the words. I didn't pay attention to how I was writing. I have that problem where I think something, and it works in my head, but tends to float out all confusing.

            And yeah I do not understand how someone could think something only applies to one thing. It doesn't make any sense.