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Copyright © 2008 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved.


The marriage calculator program as downloadable from our site is intended for PC users. Neither ourselves nor any of our students ever needed such a program, since marriage calculation is performed faster by heart. It takes a second to know the day of anyone's marriage. What takes perhaps 15 minutes for the non-astrologer, is the calculation of all basic love affairs in one's life. The method is fast as it does not use transits, ephemeris or PC. It also does not require any astrological knowledge. A little manual will explain the method much in the warm and casual way in which astrologers of all times always used in initating the man in the street.


The program is much more than mere marriage calculator, as it schedules all love events as filtereed buy year, It also handles synastry in past and future incarnations, a frequent request from our customers. Relationship synastry charts are karmically progressed towards the next meeting of paralel soul. This meeting can of course happen in this life.

The program predicts the first meeting that has sense.
One can set the timing to the minute in order to locate the right partner even n a crowded urban area.
Divorce flashes red, when the data of the partner is entered. Little clashes such as provoked by a casual Mars square ascendant aspect in a relationship chart are marked orange, as these clashes can be fatal in casual relationships.
A little switch (not implemented yet) can set the type of encounter, thus by 8 one filters sex, but also dangerous types, while by 6 one meets a helpful mate but also pet. 11 is for marriage, 7 for dangerous clashes and so on. 12 is of course the guru.
Upon entering the data, all the loves in one's life are immediately displayed, with flashing marriages. The RTRRT initiate will immediately use Kahuuna Timetrack in order to correct timing, embed animated treasure charts or select partner from his assets in the Personal Cosmic Secretary.
The purpose of the Academic Zodiac was precisely accurate scanning of the natal sky with directions. As Europe never had a zodiac, we had to scan it. It was a twenty minute job and now we have 22 zodiacal stations to work with. The 16 ascendants determine the moment of the first meeting, thus Canis Minor usually stands for an attractive blond person, Hydra are highly seductive and Orion mysterious. Since reality rendering surfaced too easy in an teenage initiate, instant magick became a way of life. We wanted to plan and change the future events, by removing difficult transits ahead before they happen. The many ways in which this is done are copiously documented in our RTRRT literature.
In the case of e.g. An Uranus in the 12th house, one simply discreates Uranus by entering the 12th house and becoming Uranus oneself. COAGVLA ET SOLVE are the base of instant magick.
As anyone can produce instant miracles in real time, we he that our little program will be helpful to RTRRT initiates in planning future ahead. As ever, one can of course perform rituals in the future, without waiting for future to come.
The program is virus-free in its beta version for Windows XP. The Mac version is due in a couple of days. There is a DOS version at request from the Authors and
Initiates can request 1 second ephemerides that will be mailed to them directly from NASA. Traders often use one minute ephemerides for their operations in a tightly streaming market flux. During the decade ahead, timing will win the battle.

One of the simplest calculations that anyone learns first when approaching astrology is marriage calculation. In our rich intercourse with many kinds of people, we have been able to initiate siple folk into the simple art of marriage calculation. The initiation happened through informal talk. Astrologers need ephemeris, pen, paper and some even use the PC for their calculation, but marriage astrology is so simple that it takes a second for everyone to guess the year and month of marriage of any person.


Marriage contacts and business astrology have some affinity especially in cases of a Mercury Jupiter direction. Our program calculates these directions with precision that was never possible with transits. Transits are really the last thing to worry about. Astrologers never needed transits for their calculations, apart from cases when meticulous timing is needed. When we want to know the second of that the event will happen, we use horizontal transits. The horizontal direction is a transit of the real horizon. Contracts, stocks and major financial issues depend on excellent timing of the major Apoheles, Earth co-orbitals and outer guardians in a financial horoscope. A plug in under development calculates such times, enabling lottery gain, stock exchange timing and real estate purchase to the accuracy of milliseconds. The beta version for Linux Debian is downloadable from the site, while the Mac and Windows versions are scheduled for compilation 11 days before the big market crash, as timed for Hydra rising at NYC. The complete version will become available with the next Regulus occultation crossing NYC.

Klaudio Zic

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