Cancer moon and Scorpio moon lovers

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Any one with either a Cancer moon or Scorpio moon in love and/or in a relationship with the other? Is it intense?!?
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  • Boyfriend is a Scorpio sun with a Cancer moon. I have never ever ever ever ever been able to get over this man and Im completely thrilled that now I will never have to. Im a Cancer sun with quite a bit of scorp in my chart.
    • I of the greatest loves of my life was a Pisces Sun w/ a Scorpio Moon.....I had to get over him because we were too young to be having such an intense sexual relationship....we still talk about how intense it was....we will never get back together though.
  • i love scorpio moons.. the mand that i am promised to has one.. they are so passionate .. but its all a secret.. at least they think so.. i find thier hidden passion so hot and so intriguing.... the biggest probelem i seem to find is getting the damn scorpio moons to open up to me...
    • I hear what you're saying. It's equally hard to get Cancer moons to open up as well. I love 'em though, every single Cancer moon woman I've ever met turned out to be extremely soft spoken to the point where I actually had to strain my ears to hear what it is that they were trying to say. It's almost as if they're afraid to talk sometime. They're good people though w/ their in the right place. The hardest part is just getting past the invisible barrier they hold up when you initially meet them but after that, you soon enough realize that they love SO HARD w/ that same-exact intensity Scorpios often give off, that it can border on psychosis(which can take alot of fun out being in a relationship w/ them). And if you've done something wrong in their eyes, they will always remember & remind you about it from now until the end of time. One thing's for certain though, they definitely don't easily give up on any relationship they're in and have an incerdible 6th sense(with a memory to match, heh-heh).
  • hello, new here!

    I have cancer moon and my wife has scorpio moon.

    it's definitely emotionally intense!! Very intense! We have understanding of emotions beyond words. It can be a bit aggressive too in response to the other's emotion, but maybe it's more because her aries mars is square to my cancer moon...
    • Cancer and Scorpio are quite akin to each other in many ways! The pure animal and survival instict of both manifests in different ways but when they get together - boy oh boy! The Scorpio moon is naturally given to posessivness and the Cancer moon clings to it's loved ones, so somewhere along the line they understand each other very well on a 'feeling' level! The Cancer moon with it's beautiful homey nature makes the Scopion feel safe and less prone to jealousy, whereas the Scopions intense loyalty makes the Cancer feel very secure. I have Venus in Scorpio and my boyfriend has Venus in Cancer and I would definitely say we make for an intensely close, psychic and private couple!
      • The Cancer moon with it's beautiful homey nature makes the Scopion feel safe and less prone to jealousy, whereas the Scopions intense loyalty makes the Cancer feel very secure.

        thanx for that!

        love all-ways,
        • Beyond this, Cancer, who carries it's home on it's back, and can work so hard to set up comfortable dwellings, can benefit exceedingly well from Scorpio's shedding of the shell and complete transfiguration.

          Or they can resist like all get up, but then, what human can't?
  • I have a cancer moon and lots of scorpio lovers over the years. I find the relationships unusually intense, and although not always healthy relationships, I find they are difficult to walk away from.
    I've read somewhere that my sun conjunct pluto in my chart may attract scorpios to me.
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    I have a Cancer moon, and I have been with others with Cancer moons, and it usually is intense. I tend to be emotional and intense myself - I have Pluto/ sun conjunction in my first house
  • I don't know if this has anything to do with this post. I think I have really good connection with Scorpio moons in males (I'm a female Cancer moon), but I tend to have problems with jealousy with Scorpio moons for females. It seems like Scorpio moon females get jealous of me and that really annoys me so it causes problems. But there's definitely a really powerful connection underneath that.
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    another cancer moon here... trine mars/ saturn in scorpio

    has not been easy in relationships, since i feel everything so heavily in my chest, and also messes with my thoughts... but cannot express them feelings so easily always
    cancer moon can change moods within minutes, hours.. it all depends.. i can be so happy and an half hour later be so down... it never gets boring though, there are always heavy feelings present.. a problem for me is i cannot be detached.. i just simply cannot, and if someone hurts me i can easily get aggresive and not show it.. but inside is another story

    also my venus is in leo, and in square to mars/saturn, while the moon trines them.... so not always easy in relationships.....

    my girlfriend has venus conjunct pluto... wich is great since i have so much plutonian energy... but my cancer moon inconjunct her sag sun and moon..

    and also gets squares by her mars in libra.. wich i allready dont like anyway :P

    i think it is a far more easier position for a woman to have

    • Reading your post was really wierd Carlo, I am a cancerian with moon in pisces trine mars and saturn in scorp and saturn in scorp squares my venus in leo too. I know exactly how you feel, you can't escape such intense feelings and sometimes they're so intense you get physical pangs. My mood fluctuates all over the place in 24 hours!

      Believe me, it's not an easier position for women to have, it's just as bad...

      good luck, know there's someone else out there who feels things really intensely and don't beat yourself up about not being objective - where would the world be if there were no people with strong feelings to stick up for others and speak out instead of sitting on the fence?
  • I would definitely say so!
    Sounds divine...
    on paper.
    I have a cancer moon and went out with a guy with a scorpio moon.
    Really great friends and wonderful seual relationship BUT he bored me!
    But you know what? It probably would have worked out if he wasn't a Taurus sun.
    I think I would have married the guy if he wasn't so damn boring! He really "got" me but I would yawn and fall asleep when I was around him if we weren't eating or fucking...
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    i have a cancer sun, pisces moon, cancer mars... the scorp women i've fallen for, i've fallen for HARD.
    • I am a scorpio moon and my mom and a good GF are cancer moons...but I have too much Aquarius and uranus energy for a cappy sun. I can be possesive ...but that's only when my "id" is talking...most times i really want freedom and for that...well...I find cancer way too needy. Many good GF with Earthy moons but I like Pisces Moon so far for dating....
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    My love has a pisces sun/cancer moon. He is intense but quietly - it's all in his eyes! He instills a great sense of profundity in me.
    • Cancer moon conj Mars, here. I also have my Venus in Scorpio conj Neptune and Jupiter conj Chiron in Pisces. All of my significant relationships have either water moons or a Venus-Mars connection, or both, (friendships included). Water is extremely prominent in my chart and I tend to relate best on the emotional level with people even though I have a Virgo sun, (8th house).
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        I have a scorpio sun and the last 5 guys that I was really into had sun in cancer. I think scorpio cancer may not be the best match though since both signs have hard shells that they like to retreat into when they are wounded.....makes communication really really difficult, LOL. I think I will move on to tarussian men, see how the opposite sign is ;)

        The 3 most important relationships in my life were with scorpio moon guys, and of course they were really really intense and sexual. I don't find that I'm attracted to guys who aren't passionate
        • I have Moon in Scorpio (and in Cancer too, as I have a Moon/Mars mutual reception) and have been magnetized to Sun in Scorpio men like a moth drawn into a flame. (Excuse the mixed metaphor, but Scorps have by and large consumed me.) I've also been involved with quite a few Pisces Sun men. You'd think that since I'm strong on water and earth, I would've settled down with a Scorp or Pisces long ago...but here's the rub: most of these Scorps and Pisces I've known over the years also have either the Moon, Mars, or both in Leo or Sagittarius, which is utterly foreign to me (I lack fire in my chart, except for a singleton Chiron in Aries). Perhaps my adventurous nature magnetizes the Sag component to me, but there's a lack of consistency/reliability that rubs my water/earth self the wrong way. I do find that the combo of water/fire makes for wonderful lovers. I personally cannot have too much sex or passion.

          Interestingly, of the two men I was involved with who also had the Moon in Scorpio, there wasn't a whole lot of sexual compatibility.
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            They go together...

            Cancer Moon is great for Scorpio... Cause of Moons ability to reflect back.

            Not too much conflict cause the Cancer Moon would prob know what to say at the right moment... psychic bonds are wicked ;) .
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    Pisces sun/Scorpio moon, hey guys! =]

    I find that I'm very difficult in relationships. My sun squares to my moon. I often have trouble expressing what I need. It's like I want them to be on that same intuitive page and just "get it". Because I am very excellent at feeling out situations and more so people.

    Sometimes I'm flexible [mutable] and other times I'm stern and uninviting [fixed]. It's really hard and frustrating. Esp. for others who are personally involved with me.

    I bring out the intensity in many people, to the point that they don't even want to deal with it anymore. People always change when they have gone out with me...they are SO loyal, and so obedient (sorry, but it's true) but for the ODDEST reason, they complain when it's over like they hated everything about me from the start.

    I think my deep ways are enticing, but most people are biting off more than they can chew. I think I need a more simple, easy-going, and accepting sign that won't take my intense moments and qualities SO hard.

    Got any suggestions? hahaha
  • Does seem like a common phenomenon, given the response!

    I have a Scorpio Moon and have many family members and close friends with Cancer Moons (and Cancer most-everything-elses, for that matter, too). I've also had a lot of intense, fairly long-lived, unrequited crushes on Cancer Moon people, as well as nearly being involved with a couple (and another time with a Cancer Venus). There's definitely a strong emotional connection that's very appealing between these two Moon signs. The Cancer Moons I know always tend to back away, though (never have successfully had a romantic relationship with any, for all I've tried), and I'm afraid I've turned the intensity knob up a bit too far, a few times, for some of their more gentle, sweet, delicate emotional sensibilites - unfortunately. I always feel bad after the fact, when it is or is nearly too late. It's like I get really needy and possessive and overly desirous, when all they're trying to do is be nurturing friends. Ick. But I've know several of them to have acted in a HUGELY wishy-washy, faux-nice, teasing manner, as well (or at least come off, to me, as leading me on for a loooong time) - though that could easily be other factors' influences. I swear... I'm over it! Ha. With some, at least. I'm workin' on it. Never can stop loving them as friends, regardless of the outcome, which I'm thankful for. There's just a great unspoken emotional understanding that has helped with getting past some of that BS. Maybe I'll try to move on to hopelessly chasing after Pisces Moons, though. Where they at, anyway??
    • I should modify my description of Cancer Moon emotional sensibilites as "gentle, delicate," etc., actually. Sensitive, certainly, but I've known most to generally come off, on the outside, as tough as effing nails - FAR, FAR tougher than I tend to come off as, the wussy pushover I am. I just know they get hurt and hold onto it, and I can tell when something is up - they are not usually shy about it with people they're close to. Much more emotional assertion, actually, maybe since Cancer's a Cardinal sign (though isn't it supposed to be the most interior, also?). Gah - I'm so confused about Cancer. Anyone understand it? It's so absent from my chart (as obsessed as I am with my Moon). Maybe that's why I surround myself with Cancerian individuals.
    • i have a cancer moon and have been drawn to both scorpio moon (most intense relationship i've had was with scorpio moon) and also scorpio sun.
      unfortunately my cancer moon is not very well supported by the other planets in my chart, it's like square and inconjunct everything else. so i get with people who have similar contradictions, as i think most people do. i have a lot of aquarius/ sag planets, so i get these aquarian scorpio sorts, or a couple of sag with lots of earth (i have a lack of earth).
      but yeah theres something to the cancer scorpio moon combo, it's like whoa, i cant even think of words to describe it.

      lots of heavy cancer people make me feel suffocated, and scorpio well...hmmm i guess the airy fiery part of me tends to get the drivers seat of my life more. i'm drawn to that but at the same time, it makes me feel like i can never have enough elbow room. then i meet someone with lots of sag libra geminii aries, and inevitably some strong uranus aquarius energy, and it's like too free theres hardly a relationship to speak of!
      i think people often find people who have same contradictions....
  • I'm a cancer sun and scorpio moon. AND cancer rising....
    i get jealous. i get clingy. and yes, i am veerryy intense and passionate, and love others who are the same.
    but i tend to flock to air and fire signs...which never works out. but they're so funny, intellectually stimulating and sexy! they're just irresitable! but they don't like my clinginess, and I get jealous with them a lot because theyre so flirtatious
    i would love to date a scorpio or pisces sun with a cancer moon...never tried dating any water signs. i've just never met one who i was interested in....yet!
    • I'm Sagittarius Sun/Cancer Moon. I'm seeing a Cancer Sun/Taurus Moon. All I can say is for some reason we "get" each other. Unspoken communication and understanding. I can be very clingy and loyal and for a Sagittarius that's not supposed to be what we do. When he goes in his shell the Sagittarius Sun in me can back off but when he comes out of the shell the Cancer Moon in me latches right on. I love stability and security!
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        cancer moon and his moon is gemini

        awesome hey
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          water + air = bubble= POP

          • YaMama - if your Cancer Moon is conjunct to his Cancer Sun, then that would probably be the reason why you "get" each other, as you say. Sun is ego, Moon is emotions. A conjunction between these two in synastry would be pretty sweet :)

            I'm a Sagittarius Sun with Scorpio Moon. My two serious relationships have been with Pisces Moons (which were square to my Sun, btw), and though there has been unspoken communication and a strong emotional bond very present in both relationships, I still found them a little too touchy and sensitive at times (probably because of the Sun-Moon square). I'm currently crushing on a man with Cancer Moon, so I've found this thread very interesting. I'll add that he is a Scorpio Sun, conjunct my Scorpio Moon =) If only he would notice me... *sigh*
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              he is scorpio moon/saggi sun/aqua rising. I am pisces sun/cancer moon/scorpio rising.

              I don't know what our relationship is any more. I think he doesn't understand me and he doesn't want to understand me.
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                I am just wondering: if cancer moon and scorpio moon gets alone so well and so intense and passionate, why do they break up in the end??

                The psychotic part of the relationship is ok. I just don't know what he really wants.
                He just doesn't want to open up. Everytime I tried to kick the door open, he raged. If I just sit there quietly and do nothing, it seems to go against my nature.

                I thought saggi is straight forward, but he is totally not. Is the scorpio moon in him so prominent???
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                  miki..have you ever tried looking at a synastry chart of the two of you? I think maybe you are analyzing it too much.. Your mercury placement maybe...(close to critical degree)? Cancer moons are good at 'catching' peoples moods..maybe you need to try this more with him. I'm not too familiar with the scorpio moon person, but i do know a sun fairly well, and when he wants to be left alone..i can feel it. And when he needs company, i can usually feel that too. Maybe he is feeling smothered..scorpios are tricky

                  As cancer moons i think we need to learn trust a bit that the best thing to happen for our growth, will happen, and to not panic and feel so deserted emotionally. I know how much it hurts, I deal with this alot too
                  Your identity a pisces with cancer moon, you are losing yourself too much in him maybe. Take up kickboxing, and put a picture of his head on the bag for when you are feeling loopy? i dunno lol

                  You said "I just dont know what he really wants"...he probably doesnt either, and thats ok. We all feel that way sometimes.
                  What do you mean by 'the psychotic part of the relationship is ok" ?
                  Do you have his birth info?
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    my mercury is in aqua 28.4R degree. Is that close to critical degree? Wow, do I sound that I analize alot? I really do!! I can't help it. I analyze everything, every word, every facial expression. How do I stop? Aren't sensitive people all like this???

                    I catch his mood of wanting to be alone somtimes, but my insecurity would interpret it as "wanting to leave me" or "doesn't feel like talking to me". ha ha
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                      "wanting to leave me" is a little extreme..shut that one down when it happens (thats part of the trust thing right?) ...he will tell you if he wants to leave you....theres a reason hes with you NOW ;)

                      "doesnt feel like talking to me" ...more than likely. Scorps are like this. Let them go in their cave for awhile. ITS OK . He isnt going to disintegrate or blast off into space or anything. :)

                      it was kind of hard to see on your chart, but i just noticed jupiter sitting with merc in that last degree of aquarius as well...woohooo!
                      I have a critical degree merc as well..
                      I know this will sound cliche, but it really does help with overactive minds; I think you need to learn to relax! Learn some meditative/deep breathing/visualization stuff. But also find some physical activity you can do to blow off all that excess stressing your mind is creating.
                      Being super sensitive, we are like sponges... EVERYTHING comes in and will be toxic to you unless you set up some filters.

                      Every little thing he says and does is making you feel ungrounded and lost? You arent getting a sense of security because you are trying to find an emotional solution with your mind/thoughts...which is not the same thing.. Center yourself first so that external things do not toss your equilibrium off so much and make you feel so wrecked

                      I noticed you are a too. Pour that excess cancer moon shrapnel/stress emotion when you feel it coming on, into a song, and write until your moon leaves you alone.(and it WILL...soon enuf) If he keeps putting those walls up, then something is not right on his end. Maybe he doesnt want to talk so much, or is feeling invaded. He might be toying cat/mouse style with you..and you might need to take a break
                      it sux but it does happen :(

                      It seems that cancer moon wants to 'merge' so at times when the other person is unwilling, you need a good transfer/coping mechanism. Something to merge with temporarily that cant break you like people can; music like i was saying or things like that
  • I'm a moon in cancer and the person I'm currently involved with is a moon in scorpio. It's really really hard as the emotional person I am to deal with someone who is so closed off and guarded. I immediately assume that his distance means he doesn't want me. But I can't ever bring up his feelings to him, because he just clams up and pushes me away.

    I don't know what to do because I'm not sure if I can stand not knowing how he feels about me any longer... but I can't exactly force him to tell me either. Any suggestions?

    He's a taurus, moon in scorpio conjunct pluto. eek!
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      Janet, Thanks for the advice.
      Now I am treating as a friend since he seems so afraid of intimacy.
      He accused me for intruding his life by JUST calling him. When I called him, he was like, "aha! I know u are trying to control me! u think I wouldn't know that??"
      ok, he made me feel like a psychotic myself. I didn't do anything, I just called him politely. I feel he is making excuses to leave me.

      About my mercury and Jupiter in aqua at critical degree, I think it really bothers me alot because I seem unable to stop analyzing things. I do it 24/7, especially before I fall asleep. I think I will die sooner than other people for overdraining my brain. I thought it was my cancer moon doing the trick because if I don't analyze things I would get insecure.
      Now I know it is my mercury at critical degree.

      Do you know usually how scorpio mooner and cancer mooner break up? why do they break up?? Who leaves whom first? Do scorpio mooner leave because he/she can't stand cancer moon's insecurity?

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        That sucks he is being that way..I am sorry :(
        Its probably a good thing for you to get away from him then..he sounds kind of like a ______ ;)
        There are probably multiple things in your chart that point to your 'overthinking' things and stressing too much about it...

        As far as the could be millions of things, unique to the two of you and your situation, but i would think that in a general way, it would either be the cancer moon getting fed up with being emotionally isolated and not recieving enough (or any!) reassurance or security, or....
        the scorpio moon getting fed up with being smothered and feeling either untrusted or controlled somehow?

        The amount of messiness would depend on how crazy each of you is :P
        If he is done, then he will just disappear on you, and it will be easy (which is what it sounds like is going on anyway)
        ..Then you wont have to worry about the shadow side of scorp stalking you or something like that. I had a scorp do that to me once. I even moved 4 hours away from him and he wouldnt stop! lol I think it took 6 months or so for it to finally sink in his head that we were done (we only even dated for a month or something too, but he was obsessed). But even then, he withdrew out of a sense of pride, and not because he wanted to. He wouldve kept hunting me .... Thank god that time dulls the memory lol
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          wow, your ex was passionate. And he showed his feeling!!! How come my scorpio moon friend is so secretive and withdrawn? I thought he was very passionate in the beginning. I thought scorpio mooners are loyal.

          why did you leave him? because he was obsessed? or because he didn't give enough security?
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            There are different types of scorps...
            ..Your friend's saggi rising modifies him quite a bit too (would be nice to see his chart and what else hes got going on)
            There just might be some crucial incompatibilities there between you too. One scorp friend of mine is a bigtime womanizer...
            It really does depend on what else is going on in the chart... They are all different
            Most scorps i know have a loyalty problem, and yet the stuff you read says i i dont know...
            Maybe they dont exhibit that until they think they have found 'the one'? who knows

            The one that got freaky on me.......i think he must've had ALOT of pluto influence in his chart...(probably bad aspects/etc going on too, from what i remeber of him) He was passionate, but at the same time he was a huge mystery to everybody. I always knew what he was feeling though, and i think that really pissed him off
            He even looked like the stereotypical pluto descriptions
            In the beginning i really liked him, but soon seen how controlling he was, and he liked to play weird games with me (you dont even want to know lol)
            Also, he tried to make me feel stupid alot so as to elevate himself, and that drove me crazy. I like having deep meaningful conversations with people; but he would take it in a direction that always made him superior. I hated that he didnt respect anything about me... When i started to see his devious side, it actually really scared was like no matter what i wanted, he was going to dig his claws in me and keep me as his trophy (flattering..but also the way he went about it was very freaky) In the short amount of time i hung out with him, he tried to change alot of things about me . I even seen him blackmail people
            He tried to use money at one point towards the end to bribe me (he had a rich family) and told me he was going to kidnap me anyway if i said no and bring me to some island his parents owned

            After that six months or so, he i dont even know where he is now
            Hopefully stranded on that island! lol

            I think that a certain degree of possesiveness is attractive to the cancer moon...but this guy was too much lol
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              All of the synastry charts indicate that there is strong attraction and great understanding of each other, but I feel it is just one-sided. ha ha

              I think my friend probably would like to be a womanizer, but he is really too withdrawn to be one.
              It is cool that you always knew what your ex was feeling. You must have lots of earth elements in you that makes you clear-headed. I think I can x-ray people only when I am not emotionally involved.

              "he tried to change alot of things about me . I even seen him blackmail people "
              my friend would blackmail people, too. He enjoy watching a couple breaking up.

              What is a stereotypical pluto? How do I know if he has pluto influence in his chart? What is your ex's sun, rising and venus?
  • I've got a cancer moon and my boyfriends got a scorpio moon.

    I'm not sure if "intense" is the right word, but we sure do love to cuddle up with one another and load eachother with affection. He's got his venus in scorpio while I've got mines in virgo. Oddly enough we seem to clash really well. I adore his affectionate side!
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    "Any one with either a Cancer moon or Scorpio moon in love and/or in a relationship with the other? "

    Yes. My partner is Cancer moon, Taurus sun, and I'm Scorpio moon, Aquarius sun.

    "Is it intense?!? "

    Sexually - yes, delightfully so.
    Emotionally - in the beginning, very intense, immediate pull. Now, intensity is at a deeper, more authentic, peaceful level, like a tree with strong roots.
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    I'm an Aquarius with a Scorpio Moon. I dated a Leo with a Cancer Moon once.
    I think Moon trines just indicate that two people can understand each other's basic feelings with ease for good or ill, and any circumstantial emotional interaction would be extraneous to the aspect.

    The last woman I dated before finding and marrying my wife was a Leo with the Cancer Moon. I knew this woman for almost 7 years before finally dating her. Our relationship always had a strong chemistry, albiet rather volatile. I always attributed this to her Mars in Gemini in my 7th House accentuating what was already a strong chemistry via our opposite Suns. We really liked each other. There was no sense of competition or general need for dominance. Oddly, with my Scorpio Moon I have a jealous streak, but I never felt especially jealous with the Cancer Moon woman. I was also in a period of my life when I had been around the block in several wild relationships, and didn't imposing any demands on companionship. I took what I got and expected no more. Anyway, after several months of dating her I found that she was the most impossible tempermental person! One day she was ga-ga over me, the next day I was not to even call her because we were "getting too close"!...and then after a few days we'd back to where it all began. The entire relationship seemed to be at the mercy of this. Due to this futile teeter-tottering I eventually let her go. I just stopped contacting her and didn't take her calls. Her Mars in Gemini made her SUCH an agressive talker that I had no hope of sitting her down and trying to get her to look at herself and relax, or have her listen to my feelings about us. I liked her, sure, and there was a powerful charismatic attraction between us...but I was not especially attached. I dealt with her in a cool, calm way. Never really lost my temper with her, although at times I was exhausted with the futility and didn't want to deal with her.

    I have had the most intense arguements and ironing-out of differences with my wife who has a LEO Moon. We got most of this stuff over-with early in our relationship. After we got closer and eventually she got pregant, it was like the storm which tested us just broke and left us on a fairly inhabitable island somewhere with much to enjoy...and also plenty of responsibilities. Our Moons are in a very loose square.

    I think that Cancer Moon with Scorpio Moon doesn't mean the REALATIONSHIP will be intense, but those two signs are predisposed to intense emotions at times. Both have the capacity to be jealous and possessive. Will one make the other react in such a way? I think much depends on other things, and they will simply both have a depth of feeling that seems to familiar to one another. This can cause competition in some cases, like "my deep intense feelings are more important than yours". This is especially true of me and my best friend who shares Moon in Scorpio with me, and being that Cancer and Scorpio are similar one might expect a similar issue could occur with that combination. It didn't between me and my Cancer Moon lady. WHEN the relationship was swinging high, it worked out fairly smoothe...but it was not especially intense or volatile until this woman went through her agressive chameleon-like Mars in Gemini changes.
  • well...since both are water signs and we're dealing with a scorpio it is intense.
    my ex boyfriend was born on the cups of scorpio and sagittarius, and i never met anybody as passionate as him.
    but his new girlfiend ended up being a cancer, and that didn't work out too well? which is weird. they vibrate to a 5-9 sun sign (moon & ascending) pattern.
    but either way, anything with a scorpio whether its sun; moon; or rising, it's bound to be intense.
    he was a little too intense for me though. i'm a sun sign taurus-gemini, with a moon sign aries- taurus and an ascending sagittarius. i'm a tiny bit too flighty for him.
  • I found that cancer moon gets very resentful when scorpio moon has not time for them. But when scorpio moon wants someone to talk, scorpio moon relies on cancer moon for their hospitality and constant help and understanding. Scorpio moon needs some space to think, to take it easy, to relax and stop overthinking about bad things (it creates a lot of anxiety) and I, as a scorpio moon, feel that way... but I hide it when I am around friends or family members... I dont like to say them that I feel overwhelmed because I feel worst. So scorpio moon needs a time to relax and then they will come back much better, with a clear thinking and relaxed. Our need of space is just temporary, scorpio moon dont like to be alone either... they like the security and company of someone.
  • "Any one with either a Cancer moon or Scorpio moon in love and/or in a relationship with the other? "

    Yes. My partner is Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon. I am Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon.

    "Is it intense?!?"

    Emotionally: it's stimulating. I have a lot of Scorpio in my chart - so I act more like a Fixed Air sign than Cardinal. We communicate very well, verbally & non-verbally, & we're both impulsive so we challenge each a little. We can talk about almost anything & I read him really well. To the point where he doesn't have to say anything, & I'll understand what's going through his mind/what he's feeling. I'm not so sure how it his from his perspective.

    Sexually: we haven't had sex yet since we started seeing each other officially. However, we did spontaneously 3 years ago & that was amazing :D
    We were just friends though. As you can see, we've had feelings for each for a long time coming.
    • Yeah, I'll say that the Scorpio Moon sex and telepathy can be amazing, but it sure comes at a high price, if you ask me.
      • Unsu...
        My wife has a Scorpio moon, and can be very dependant at times, which I think is a feature of the sign. I can see how to some this could be hard to deal with, but as a Cancer sun I think my own nature is so whimsical and flighty sometimes that it takes someone with a certain level of external focus to actually force me to stop and smell the roses. Her emotional intensity helps me actually slow down enough to get my constantly changing moods into some kind of focus. I think a key factor as well is having my self centered Taurus moon opposing her very partnership centered Scorpio one. Of course the arguments can get pretty stormy, but they are usually short lived and help clear the air.
  • I have a cancer sun and scorpio moon and had an affair with a girl who had the opposite.. Scorpio Sun, Cancer Moon.

    Sooooo hot.. it could not last.. one of us was bound to get freaked out.. and it wasn't me.

    I have to say it was the deepest and most passionate lovemaking i ever experienced.. on the first date, and within the first 20 minutes we were making out.. and totally all over each other..

    i remember her saying "Well, i had no idea when we agreed to meet that I would spend the next 6 hours attached to your face".

    Scorpio sun women are generally not so easy to get like that.. It usually takes some time. But I usually take 'em apart..


    At least I used to.. over it now.

    The reason sex is powerful for Scorpio (and they are good at it) is the concentrating of energy. Fixed signs are good at holding things and going deeper into them.. rather than starting something new (cardinal) moving them somewhere else (mutable).

    Scorpio moon would affect a lover that way.. by drilling into their emotional body.

    But boy, that opposite Sun/Moon was crazy -- All water too.

    She also had a Libra ascendant and I have Gemini.
    • Unsu...
      I'm an Aries Sun, Cancer Moon, with Scorpio rising... Pisces, and Scorpio Moons seem to be a good fit for me.
      • Unsu...
        I'm a scorpio moon, i never had a relationship with a water moon girl.

        I hope they can handle the intensity. The Earth sign moon girls i've been with could redirect it, but not take it in.
        • My last relationship was with a pises moon guy, and we werent a good match. He is too closed emotionally, but the sex was good. When i tried to make him open up he would get all defensive. I had a lover with a leo sun / cancer moon, and we were a great match, lots of fun and great physical connection. Yeah, i wish i bump into him again
  • I have yet to be with a cancer moon. I'm an aries sun/scorpio moon and have been with a leo sun/scorpio moon. Boy was that intense! It was very passionate, stormy, but INTENSE! lol

    I have been falling the last two years for guys with taurus moons. I think its that whole stability thing and that opposite factor on the astrological wheel that draws me in so easily. I can say that I've truly enjoyed those men though ; )
    • Am I the only Scorpio that thinks Scorps and Cancers are NOT compatiable? In fact I tend to steer clear of Cancers (suns and moons) all together. WAY WAY WAY too much drama with 2 waters signs and I'm not even going to get into my opinion of Cancer drama. My opinion of it is NOT nice.

      I've had Cancer friends and I've been attracted to one Cancer male but he turned me off like a light switch with his emo sensitivity. Seriously I thought I was going to have to buy the boy some Vag cream and give him a Midol and chocolate.

      I've also noticed how Crab moons get offended by absolutely EVERYTHING and are aggresive about holding a grudge or trying to lay a guilt trip on you. LOL The one I dealt with acted like a 5 years old throwing a tantrum over being told THE TRUTH by me. Yeah my "truth" is always harsh but damn...... damn.
      • Well, I have been somewhat restrained, but I have to say, yet again, that the Scorpio Moon is a highly unconscious Moon that drives me nuts. LOL. May God be gracious to them. The sex and telepathy can blow you away, but at the end of the day, you are left with the rubble of whatever peace you had before.
      • Unsu...
        Ow we scorpio moon men can be total emo pussy's as well sometimes, i'm just not afraid to say how i feel, i don't really have anything to hide, and i hate playing defense, but if someone takes advantage of me being open to them they get a taste what being on the offense means.

        The funny thing is that women want guys to open up, but only about how you feel about them or other romantic stuff, not the negative stuff, then you are weak, wich i find to be big turnoff once i smell that they feel that way.

        The difference with scorpio moons and other water moons is that we don't really have a wall, i fucking hate walls anyway, i know enough cancers with walls, yeah walls, once you get trough one you still have to hurdle the other twenty walls.
        • Unsu...
          scorpio moon can't give cancer moon the peace and emotional stability that they desperately need. all water moons have a drama switch that's easily turned on. a lot of
          scorpio moons i've known get off on having the cancer moon person so dependent on them. poor cancer moon due to their nurturing nature tend to take in these wounded
          birds, emotional vampires.

          i'm not for this match. scorpio moon brings out the worst in cancer moon. i found this funny
          dialogue it's oh too typical of the two getting together.

          SCORPIO: I'm sick and tired of all your defensiveness crap! (Takes a swing at CANCER, who dodges.)

          CANCER: I'M defensive? You're the jerk with the stinger! You're every bit as sensitive -- or over-sensitive as I am! (Swings and misses with the club.)

          SCORPIO: You're just like your mother!

          CANCER: Oh you did NOT bring my Mother into this! (Swings and misses with the club)

          SCORPIO: Quit being so damned defensive! (Jabs with the broken bottle, barely missing) Haven't you figured out by now that the whole world isn't against you?

          CANCER: Well, it's not like I'm always using (swings club) sex and (swings again) anger to deflect anyone from really getting to know me!

          SCORPIO: You know what I really, really hate about you? You're a lot like me!

          CANCER: (Pauses, thinking) Y'know... that's probably why we're so drawn to each other.

          SCORPIO: You're right. (Looks CANCER over) And you're hot, baby.

          CANCER: Want to come with me to my place? I just redecorated.

          SCORPIO: Let's go.

        • I like that men open up. I want that in fact. But when they come across as sobbing bobs or worse open up, take it back, go quiet, sulk, disappear, make excuses and then act like it never happen, then blame it on YOU for "pushing"................... HELL no. I don't do that shit. And in my experience that's Cancer's classic passive aggressive behavior.

          A man that can open up and make no apologies for it ... cool beans man ;)

          I know Scorp moons aren't peaches to deal with. All I'm saying is *I* have never thought that Scorps and Cancers are not compatiable. Scorps are way to harsh and they don't like to apologize for who they are and what they say. And at the end of the day Scorps want to cut through the bullshit and call an ace and ace..... not hem ha around it.
          It's not a bad thing we're just really different IMO.

          Or maybe I've been hanging out with my Aries fiance too much. LOL
          • Unsu...
            "I like that men open up. I want that in fact. But when they come across as sobbing bobs or worse open up, take it back, go quiet, sulk, disappear, make excuses and then act like it never happen, then blame it on YOU for "pushing"................... HELL no. I don't do that shit. And in my experience that's Cancer's classic passive aggressive behavior."

            My ex GF was exactly like that (although she was a scorpio sun/venus) but she did blame me for every little piece of information she gave to me, eventhough i already knew most of the stuff she said.

            But i get your point of view now, and you're right, that passive aggresive behavior sucks.
  • I'm a Scorpio Moon and I've had a few big crushes on Cancer Moons, had a brief casual thing with another, and have a lot of good friendships with Cancer Moons. The crushes turned into really amazing platonic friendships with no residual drama from the crush period of time, even though one of the crushes was pretty powerful and turbulent, at the time.

    I feel like Scorpio and Cancer Moons have the ability to understand each other pretty well, since we're very emotional but guarded about letting people see our feelings and vulnerability. I feel sort of protective of many of my Cancer Moon friends (and my sister, who is also a Cancer Moon). I feel very close to them, even when I sometimes don't quite get them. As well as we are able to decipher each other and as much as Scorpio Moons like to feel that they are the most secretive lot, Cancer Moons are so incredibly inverted that they're almost more mysterious, at times. I think Scorpio Moons find that intriguing. I also thing we're good for empathizing with each other and providing a listening ear and support when we're having a hard time with things.

    I've really had pretty positive experiences with Cancer Moons, over all! I'm actually closer to more of them than I am to Cancer Suns, though I have some good Cancer Sun friends, as well (and most of my family members are Cancer Rising people). Now, fellow Scorpio Moons are another matter. They really do bring out the strongest positive and negative feelings in me. But... figures.
    • I felt compelled to post on here again with a correction, because I was taking a tally, the other day, of the Sun/Moon/Ascendant of everyone I've been majorly infatuated with/romantically involved with/sexually involved with (at least, those whose signs I've known), to try to see if there were any significant patterns, and I realized that I'd very much underestimated how attracted I am to Cancer Moons. Of the 17 people whose Moon signs I know, 6 are Cancer Moons, and another girl is a possible 7th (she's either a Cancer or Leo Moon). That's a lotta Cancer Moons, especially considering that there were no more than two of any other Moon sign! And most of them were unrequited crushes, rather than anything that turned romantic or sexual. As I previously posted, most of them turned into lovely, totally platonic friendships.

      [As a side note, I also had a significantly higher-than-average attraction to Leo and Pisces Suns, the most frustrating endings with Taurus Risings, a lot of sexual chemistry with Scorpio Risings, a couple of very momentous 'initiations' with Sagittarius Moons, and I only had repetition in dating by way of two Capricorn Risings and two Aquarius Moons. And - strangely - I have been definitely in love with three people (to the point I was sure it was genuine love and not just infatuation/projection) and they were the only three on my list who had double-anything. One is a double Aries (Cancer Moon), one's a double Scorpio (Leo Sun), and one's a double Aquarius (Virgo Sun). Oh, pattern-identification... Ahem.]
  • I know this is an old thread, but I'm loving reading all the posts. As a Scorpio Moon/Cancer Sun perhaps that explains my schizophrenic relationship with myself.

    I'd like to think Scorpio Moon is not so much obsessive as cautious with real love — when we've let someone in to our hearts or shared secrets, it is so meaningful that it can feel emotionally impossible if the time comes to let go. That said, I see this combination as a pairing of two drama queens — Scorpios have "intrigue" and Cancers have "the pity-party."

    My most emotionally intense relationship (friendship/romantic/back to friendship) has been with a Cancer Moon/Virgo Sun where moon is conjunct my sun. I'm pretty sure we had fights similar to the dialog above. I think there can be a lot of games involved in this pairing, more so on the part of the Cancer Moon person. The nature of the games seems influenced by the sun sign. In this case, I still to this day feel like he's testing me and keeping score on how many emails I send vs. he sends, etc. ... it's hard to describe, but essentially if I'm not measuring up he'll do little drama things to get my attention. Sometimes he attempts covert drama which is quite entertaining — he'll leave me clues on the trail ... right to his pity party! Woe is him, I'm not paying enough attention the little emo Cancer Moon boy.

    Frankly, I'm not sure why I tolerate it — he's the one that rejected the romantic side of our relationship. But, it just goes to the "stickiness" of this pairing and the sheer lunacy of those involved. In this baffling relationship, there has always been a strong sense of understanding each other — and even with all the weirdness that has transpired we can't seem to get rid of each other.

    On the flip side, one of my girlfriends is a Cancer Moon/Scorpio Sun (we balance each other!) and she likes to torture guys by drawing them in, acting aloof and seeing how they react. Mind you a dramatic reaction is a win. ;)
  • I have a very good friend whose Moon is in Cancer . I adore him.
    I have a very boring colleague whose Moon is in Cancer . I avoid him .
    I have a very chatty cheater friend whose Moon is in Cancer . I do not like him .
    I have a very kindhearted friend whose Moon is in Cancer . I love him .

    All are different people . All have different dates of birth .
    All vary so much that I do not look at their MOONS at all .. URRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHH!

    u gotta move in TO . Deep .
    • Red
      offline 6
      Well Wiggie, I would agree with you there to a certain extent. I do believe that Sun and Moon really explains a lot of the persons traits, namely the Ego and ID brain function.

      I still believe that Chinese Astrology will indicate more rightly where the best matches come from as it explains chemistry on a deeper level such as why one cancer moon will be soppy and emotional crying at home over a romance novel whilst another cancer moon is making beautiful music on the influence of some crazy ass drug like LSD.

      I don't do the whole sun or moon sign things as much. I've found that somebody born on the day of the rabbit or pig is bound to have the right chemistry with me; be it lover, friend, neighbour, teacher, student, business partner or whatever.

      Cancer moon and Scorpio moon don't seem like the best pairing just due to the intensity of the scorpio moon.
      If problems arise it's more often the Scorpio moon sparking conflict over jealousy or suspicion with emotions.
      I would say a Scorpio moon is more harmonious with a Libra moon. Off the top of my head I can think of a few people who work with this pairing.
  • Unsu...
    A LOT of people in my life have Scorpio/Cancer rising/moons and DAMN talk about INtense. I'm a Scorpio, but my moon is in Libra so my day-to-day life is constantly fluxing between emotional crisis and feeling even-keeled. When I meet someone with a Scorpio or Cancer moon, I feel heavy and inundated in their energy sometimes, and need to pull back a little. The few men that I've met that have Cancer moons have strong mommy issues and are sometimes touchy, but to be fair I don't know that many.
    • A good friend of mine is a Sco, her husband is a Cancer.-suns that is.

      I will just say that she wears the I am not calling him a baby or anything like that-I have a good mix of Cancer, but she is definitely the more dominant/ call the shots one.
      • Unsu...
        That's true for every hetero marriage I've seen, lol.

        OR ELSE!!!
        • The King rules his castle but..
          The Queen rules the
          • Unsu...
            Groucho Marx said the husband who wishes for the perfect marriage should learn to keep his mouth shut and his checkbook open. My dad taught me the same thing. So did my grampa, come to think of it.... Now that I really think about it, every married man who has gotten me alone for more than two seconds has told me the same thing in so many words... strange...
            • Red
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              To be honest, Marriage doesn't really translate so well in this modern age.

              I aint getting married, that's for sure
              • Never say never.... and
                careful what you ask for....
                • zacklee!
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    I have Moon and Venus in Cancer, Leo Sun. My Moon and Venus in Cancer are squared Uranus in Libra. Does anyone have experience with this temperament?

                    I seem to swing between warm and detached.
                    • Unsu...
                      My best friend is a T-sqaure Moon-Venus-Uranus (different signs, but might be similar) and she does swing between warm and detached. She's a Leo Moon opp Venus square Uranus, Venus in Aqu square Uranus in Scorpio (T-square).

                      She has trouble expressing her feelings to her husband and he has almost broken up with her because of her coldness, but I have tried to help them both via astrology to understand each other better. Her feelings are pretty changeful, like mine (I am a Sag Moon) and she requires freedom like I do but also some type of committment, so we tend to understand each other. She has been happier when he is out of town for a while and she gets a break from him, so there may be a need for personal freedom in a relationship. She went to a therapist who basically told her the same things astrology did. She has legitimate feelings of love for him, but will not be affectionate unless he is first, so I've tried to tell her to just express what she feels and quit expecting that he will reject what she expresses or that she will make herself too vulnerable by being herself.
                      • Unsu...
                        I think honesty and communication are what helps the most there too. I told her to just tell him why she feels like she needs space, rather than being cruel or distant and expecting him to know why. Or when she wants attention, let him know it by expressing those feelings, rather than expecting him to be affectionate just because she is feeling that way. Etc.

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