Squares to the Nodal Axis

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I'm confused about them, and it's a big deal for me, since I have 3 planets conjunct one another, all squaring my Nodal Axis(Moon, Mars, Jupiter).

A few sites I've read said squares to the Nodal Axis show lessons you have to learn and incorporate in your personality in order to grow. Other sites, quite the contrary, said they show traits you need to control-things that get in your path to "growth". So, which is it, anyway?

here's the interpretations I got in one free reading:

"Jupiter square North Node (orb: 4°33’)
The North Node stands for destiny and one's future. Its
association with Jupiter points towards the values of this planet in
order to find one's path and solve one's problems. This means the
need of moving out of one's shell, being outgoing and daring,
grasping opportunities while they are at hand. A positive attitude to
life is needed with enthusiasm, optimism and broadmindedness.
Travelling may help, and bring opportunities for inner shifts and

Mars square North Node (orb: 3°59’)
Mars between one's past (South Node) and one's future (North
Node). Indicates the necessity to positively accept challenges in life
and to take an active attitude towards one's destiny. Sitting and
waiting for opportunities is simply not good enough. There is a need
to be outgoing, to not only grasp opportunities but also make them
happen. This is an incarnation to develop will, and to use it.
The square, being an aspect of incarnation and materialisation,
points towards an even greater need to achieve in the world in order
to find oneself.

Moon square North Node (orb: 4°44’)
The North Node points towards destiny. Its association with the
Moon suggest that it is by experiencing the values of the Moon
within oneself that one finds one's destiny. This points towards the
necessity of using one's sensitivity and yin qualities, as well as
imagination and right side of the brain. And also the values of
nurturing and of service rendered to others. It can also mean that
there is a need to connect with the child inside and develop playful
attitudes to life.
This configuration may also manifest in the form of a deep pull for
having children, in particular-but no only!-in a female nativity."
  • You would probably be interested in a chapter in Lee Lehman's book, "Classical Astrology for Modern Living." The chapter is on the nodal cycle, and more specifically, of planets that fall "at the bendings" of the Nodal axis. Any planet squaring the Nodal axis is at the bendings. Lehman says that planets "at the bendings represent critical issues which can change the flow of life. Since most people are resistant to change, the usual response is to build up a rigidity around these planets, which makes the issues represented by them problematic."
    (Lehman, Lee. Classical Astrology for Modern Living. Whitford Press, Atglen, Pa. P. 207).

    I haven't looked at your chart, but I would ask what the Jupiter/Mars/Moon means to you. Jupiter/Mars by itself can mean fortunate action, but it can also mean aggressive action, over-the-top action, and the Moon would certainly add to that. It may speak of trying too hard in situations, feeling that maximum output and all-out effort can conquer anything. It would be a good position for athletes. (Mars conj Jupiter with Moon indicating the public.) It could be a good position for the legal profession. (Jupiter represents legal profession, Mars represents going up against something or someone, the Moon representing groups that must be influenced.)

    What have been the manifestations of transits to that conjunction? In what area(s) of your life did they manifest? Even if someone doesn't have a planet at the bendings of the nodal axis, they will have planets transiting the bending degrees, and that too should provide a clue as to what issues may be problematic.

    Thanks for bringing up this topic. I hadn't thought about the bendings in awhile.

    • "What have been the manifestations of transits to that conjunction? In what area(s) of your life did they manifest? Even if someone doesn't have a planet at the bendings of the nodal axis, they will have planets transiting the bending degrees, and that too should provide a clue as to what issues may be problematic. "

      well, the last saturn square to that stellium about 2 years ago made me absolutely crazy-literrally. But it also pushed me out of a clinical depression and marked the beginning of a transitional period -psychology-wise.

      I generally feel it like a source of energy without a constructive release. Or maybe I just feel it like that because it squares Mercury.
      Right. I should've mentioned that my North Node is in 3 d Pisces, conjunct North Node in 4 d Pisces conjunct Vertex in 5 d Pisces.

      So, anyway, yes, I would definitely say I built "rigidity" around them. I tend to suppress my emotional needs most of the time.

      But, still, knowing about this doesn't exactly help me figure out what I should be doing to release the tension and find a sense of purpose again.
      I'm guessing you could also say that the Nodal Axis and the squaring planet form a T-square, and I've read that T-squares find release in the point opposite the squaring planet.
      This stellium is in 0 d Gemini in my chart, and in the 9th house in Placidus; Mercury in the 6th. But I use whole sign. So, I look at it as 10th squaring 7th which makes a whole lot more sense to me.
      I've had life-long struggles between trying to keep harmony at all costs and please everyone, and following my own ambitions.( I also have Sun in the 7th, regardless of house system. As well as Venus conjunct DC, and in whole sign, Venus in the 7th)
      • You brought up something unrelated to the original post--that your nodal axis was in 3 Pisces/3 Virgo. That is conjoined with the fixed star Fomelhaut, one of the four royal stars of Persia. (In an Ascendant, it can often indicate genius.) I'm always on the lookout for it in a chart, because it's also called the star of alchemy, and can provide the "gift" of turning base matter into gold--not literally of course, but the awful things in life provide a chance for triumph far greater than what you could have achieved otherwise. It also gives an almost mythological life, with an inspiring narrative, though you may be too young to realize it yet.

        Re the Saturn transits to the stellium, follow the themes. What happened when Saturn either conjoined or opposed the stellium, which would have been 7 years before the square that you had 2 years ago.

        • ooops. I meant Mercury is in 3 d Pisces. North Node is in 4. But yes, it's still conjunct Fomalhaut, I guess.

          I've read about Fomalhaut before..apparently Anais Nin had it conjunct her Sun. I showed marks of genius in my early teens,..before I went kinda nuts. I don't really trust myself anymore.

          Well, I do hope for the best and expect the worst, though. lol
        • Unsu...
          My Moon/Neptune squares the north/south nodes (2-5 degree orb). The nodes also trine my DSC in a partile aspect and are close to a conjunction to my 7th ruler Saturn (I give 10 degree orbs in natal for conjunctions usually, though in traditional we usually use a one degree orb for the nodes).

          I tend to give the north node a negative meaning in conjunction aspect with malefics because the north node increases negative or positive things, whereas the south decreases. You normally want the south node in aspect with a malefic.

          I mainly see it as my north node mission in this life has been to work on forming strong bonds with others, and using my Moon/Neptune to understand them and reach out to them, but not only I but they have hindered my efforts to get close to them via coldness/rejection/outer obstacles (as Saturn does). My part of fortune is also in the 7th in a sign of Saturn. 7th house matters have been my greatest challenge in this life, and I usually avoid it all together because of the pain it causes, but at the same time I know that I have probably affected the lives of others as much as they have mine.
  • Mantis: where did you find these interpretations at? Ive got Mercury & Pallas in Taurus 6H opposition Pluto, Juno & BM Lilith 12H T-Square my 3H NN in aquarius at 13'13 (for some reason that specific degree feels very significant to me.) For months Ive been searching for interpretations on these aspects but they all turn out to be in short, vague 1 or 2 sentences about saying inappropriate things at the wrong time (mercury) and about my use of power over others (pluto). Thats cool and all..but that minute amount of info doesn't satisfy me enough.
  • _
    offline 23
    I have aries moon at 11* opposite Mars in libra @ 7* and Saturn in libra @ 15*

    Then the nodes are at 13* cancer/cap suqaring these planets.

    Having the rulers of the nodal signs in opposition and squaring the nodal axis gives a very strong recurring flavour of moon, saturn and mars in my chart. It feels pretty repressive sometimes and also acts as a pressure builder.
    • All this talk of nodes ... my South Node is Scorpio with Neptune, Jupiter, Vertex, asteroid Psyche. North Node Taurus, no planets there.
      But Aquarius is at my Midheaven and so is Venus, Chiron and asteroid Eros which makes a square with my nodal axis as does Uranus in Leo ... Scorpio is intercept ... haven't really been able to figure any of this out, I tend to "feel" my way through it (Pisces sun) which has it's own pitfalls!
      • I'm still trying to understand the energy and meaning of the Nodal aspects myself.

        Pisces-South in the 5th
        Virgo - North in the 11th

        Neptune in the 3rd squares them both. I have a natal Venus-Saturn opposition that conjuncts both nodes.

        I have always brought on some kind of tragedy associated with the 5th house area, unintentionally,but I can blame that partly on a banged up Pluto!. I have my bouts with excessive idealism and I 'over'-romanticize relationships and life in general, some people would say. I suppose that can be linked to the Neptune squares to both Nodes.

        • I would say over-romanticising comes from the Venus conjunction..especially if it's conjunct the North Node.
          • Venus in Pisces in the 5th conjunct the South Node, opposed the North

            Saturn in Virgo in the 11th conjuncts the North Node (although its very wide at 9 degrees)

            • Unsu...

              because nodes are just the intersection of the orbital planes of objects, all objects have Nodes, and not just the Moon. That's why I always use the term "lunar nodes" when referring to the the Moon's Nodes and not just nodes.
              When referring to the Moon's Nodes as just Nodes can imply the lack of understanding that not all objects have nodes.

              astronomers record the nodes of all objects too.

              I am regular user of nodes besides the lunar nodes

              in my regular chart, ecliptic longitude, I have Sun square the lunar nodes

              in my Right Ascension chart, equatorial longitude, I have Mercury square the lunar nodes

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