Vedic question about my Progressed Sun conjunct N Node

topic posted Fri, January 13, 2006 - 7:11 AM by  MiamiAstrology
In a few years my progressed Sun will be conjunct my North Node (around 19 of Aries). My astrologer said this was significant and I should research it more. I 'know' that the NN deals with Dharma, but beyond that, not much.

Do any of our Vedic experts have insight into this configuration?
My chart is posted in my photos.

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  • ron,
    i don't have much insight about how a PROGRESSED planet hitting the natal North node would act but if you want to simply infer the vedic interpretation. Rahu means north node. Rahu shows what we are attached to materially, so as to learn more skill with. What we are developing, where we do not have a lot of experience yet - south node is opposite .

    from my book:
    Rahu/Sun natives will strongly project the power of the Sun and thus may appear very confident and charismatic; yet there is usually stress and fear beneath the surface revolving around a lack of confidence. Much of their bravado and dramatic expression is an over compensation for this fear. The true nature of the self is being developed in these natives, thus a large ego can be seen in less evolved types as well as a personality which over estimates its own importance to others. Over time, a person with this placement
    becomes more realistic about their own importance and develops greater understanding of themselves beyond the level of personality.

    you may experience some of this.