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Of the Influence of Chiron

Astrologers have found that in plotting the position of Chiron in a Natal Chart, much can be learned about the psychological makeup of an individual and potential problems they may face in coming to terms with life in general.

Not everyone will be sensitive to the influence of Chiron. As a guide, Melanie Reinhart offers us the following chart precepts to work with, and should two or more be present in a chart, you can feel relatively safe that Chiron's influence will be felt, and that the themes of Chiron by sign and house will resonate and be relevant in the life of the person.

a) Chiron conjunct any of the angles
b) Chiron conjunct or square the Moon's nodes
c) Chiron aspecting many planets, especially the Sun, Moon or Ascendant ruler.
d) Chiron focal according to the "Jones Patterns" of the chart
e) Sagittarius or Virgo on the Midheaven or Ascendant
f) Chiron in either Sagittarius or Virgo
g) A satellitium (stellium) of planets in Sagittarius or Virgo

I have been told many times that i have some deep deep issues within myself that I'm supposed to work on this lifetime. I also have some... well, strange worries, thoughts, etc.

So in looking at letter c. My Chiron has aspects with my sun (trine), my moon (opposition), my mars (opposition), my jupiter (trine), my Uranus (opposition), my Neptune (something that looks like a half trine symbol), and my north node (square).

My Chiron is located in Taurus at 18° 1’30"R in my tenth house.

Any thoughts????
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    Thu, June 30, 2005 - 7:31 AM
    Hi, Rachel,
    Couldn't get online last night...we had a wonderful thunderstorm, and while I love the pure power of such a storm, apparently there was a transformer somewhere that didn't take to kindly to being hit by lightning.

    Anyway, to go over your Chiron:
    Chiron in Tenth: (I have this too, by the way, as well as most of the original Chiron research team, including the astronomer who discovered it) These people drive themselves hard in their own field, often keeping gruelling schedules. yet they are usually known for being vital, alive and hardworking with a single-mindedness of purpose and a hatred of inactivity. When they talk about their purpose they tend to lecture like a preacher. It is not unusual for them to reach a high position in some field without many of the requirements which are normally necessary to do so, such as a high school graduate working at a job usually filled by a college graduate. In any event, they are usually in a position where they just don’t seem to fit in with their co-workers, such as the only non-family member in a family-run business. Even if they chose a field where it is normal to be “different”, they still seem to just not be like anyone else in the field. Thus they are definitely conspicuous and capable of making quite an impact on their profession. They are known for having a “something extra” which makes them stand out as mavericks, or for NOT having something which others in their field have which also makes them stand out. The public knows these people for their willingness to go beyond conventional methods in their careers, even if there is opposition from others, and they often disdain critics. Many have a great charisma. They usually have a fast wit and tend to be known for their self-deprecating humor . They always feel they must have an immediate goal, and if they don’t have one they invent one. Often they find it difficult to concern themselves with long-range goals. They make good crusaders.

    Chiron in Taurus: Values change through time and cultures, but these people have a personal imperative to search for values that will remain when everything around them changes. All typical Taurean things, such as possessions and security, are important, but they have unique viewpoints on them. They feel that nothing must stop them from acquiring what they feel they need to survive, and this includes material security. Many lessons come to them from this area of life, and as they evolve they develop a great deal of concern for the needy. They feel that no one should be deprived of the necessities of life, and no one should become wealthy at the expense of others. The less elevated types may not feel this way, but they are working out problems that will eventually lead them to this attitude. These people often are quite innovative in solving problems in the material world.

    Before I go into the close is each one? I don't give Chiron as large an orb as I do one of the regular planets.

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      Thu, June 30, 2005 - 8:01 AM
      it's trines my sun at 3 degress 46s. Opposes my moon at -1 degrees and 2a. Opposes my Mercury at -7 degrees 17a, trines my jupiter 2 degrees 58s, opposes my Uranus at - 4 degrees and 22s, the funny half sextile sign :-) my Neptune at -1 degree 56s, squares my N. node at 1 degree and 42 a. I forgot to mention it also squares my AC at 7 degrees and 16s and is in conjuction with my MC at 3 degrees and 07a.

      You're totally on when it comes to my work. Every job I have had I didn't have the experience normally required. I've been a make up artist, a lab technician, and a teacher. As one boss told me, I just have this air about me when it comes to work. They believe me when I say, oh, I could do that. hehehe Plus, I just love to work. My husband has a hard time understanding it but I feel better with a full plate. I feel empty without it.
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        Thu, June 30, 2005 - 8:12 AM
        Hi, Rachel,
        OK, I don't really pay attention to Chiron aspects that are beyond 5 degrees with the Sun, Moon, Asc. or MC, or beyond 3 degrees with the other planets. So I'll focus on those in your chart. I also don't pay much attention to semi-sextiles to the outer planets:

        Chiron trine Sun: These people have a unique gift. Unless other features of the chart drastically outweigh this, they have a sense of wonder about life and a love of all the surprises life can bring. This wonder is contagious---they can bring it to other people just by being near them. There is also the ability in most of these people to portray this wonder creatively, through art or writing. This talent is not always tapped, however. There is another side to this aspect. The Sun has a lot to do with self-image and sense of purpose, in addition to creative power. A Chiron trine is always opening up some new aspect of the person for them to develop, or some new world to be explored. In most people, this is seen as fantastic after a while. But for some time, there is an internal fight going on. At a young age they come to a firm conviction about who they are and what they are going to do. The Chiron trine brings these new aspects of the self from areas where the person was sure of having total self-knowledge. If such a person remains entrenched in a confirmed self-image, these new aspects tend either to become repressed [and then work on subconscious levels] or warped to fit in with the self-image that already exists. Once either of these things occurs, the process can snowball, as more insights are likewise repressed or warped. You can see the dangers of continuing this process for long. On the other hand, should a person refuse to explore new worlds that open, because s/he holds on tight to a very limited definition of purpose, the personal world will become less and less fulfilling, less and less realistic. Of course, if such a person can receive help anywhere along this process, the negative can be turned into a positive and bring a real enjoyment of life.

        Chiron oppose Moon: When this aspect expresses positively the people who have it are fighters for the people; but when negative they are fighters against the people, becoming quite defensive. The type of fighting they do depends on the sign and house positions, and, of course, the rest of the chart. In some there is a belief in non-violence, while in others, the opposite extreme prevails. In one way or another, this is the aspect of a real fighter’s instinct. Many can penetrate problems quickly and go straight to the point. There is also a kind of charisma about these natives, and even their enemies can feel its influence. This aspect also seems to produce or bring out a multiplicity of feelings which may overwhelm an individual if s/he lets them. If this does occur the person may begin to dichotomize self, and project his or her own feelings onto others. Then the perception may develop that those ‘others’ are the enemy. Such a person must be guided to recognize the feelings s/he has, realize how many different levels of them s/he is experiencing, and how each emotional incident relates to the next one. For the people who do not let their feelings overwhelm them, this is an unbelievably creative aspect, leading them to experience a multitude of different feelings and moods which they readily integrate into their psyche. Perhaps it is this ability that makes them such capable fighters?

        Chiron trine Jupiter: There is a lot in common between this aspect and the sextile between these two planets. With the trine, it seems initially that it is easier to fall into the negative tendencies, especially the tendency to control or manipulate others. Of course, this is not necessary---and many individuals rise above this trait. But it is a hazard here. Part of the problem lies in the early years of life. The person has experiences---both good and bad---that force revision of the belief system. The experiences come from the most unexpected directions---from areas where s/he assumed s/he knew pretty much all there was to know. These experiences made the person learn much, quickly, about other people, and what makes them tick---and what others believe. S/he frequently gets remarkable insights, too often taking them for granted after a while. In this there is a hazard---by taking insights for granted, s/he tends to feel free to use these insights any way s/he wants. Such a person needs a lot of guidance, at least initially, in using insights to help others. On a more positive note, s/he is able to catch even the smallest nuance of any situation, or of a person’s behavior, and make good use of what is perceived. In the arts, or communication, s/he can use this ability to make others see themselves or some very specific aspect of themselves.

        Chiron conjunct MC: This is like a concentrated form of the description given for Chiron in the 10th house. I have very little to add here, except that these people should choose careers that give them a great deal of freedom and that encourage them to experiment. If you can conceive of the MC as what a person is striving to become---the ‘ego-ideal’, so to speak, then you can understand why this person wants very much to become whole. It is an excellent position for a teacher as well as for any career which encourages people to ‘see the light.'