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>NEW MEMBERS< PLEASE READ! When seeking specific chart information it is always a great idea to do a search using the google bar at the top of the tribe page. Be sure to include the keyword 'astrology'. Astronuts has huge archives! Indeed, always feel free to post questions, I just want members to be sure they find all information available!

A message from Astronuts Moderator, Nataqua.

Welcome to the Astrology Tribe
(or Astronuts as we're affectionately referred!)

We welcome all signs and any topics on anything of an astrological bent, from anyone, whether you're a novice or an old pro!

We want everyone to feel welcome here, but given the tribe's popularity and past history with trolling and flaming, we've had to set the tribe as 'moderated' :(
Now luckily it doesn't happen very often that we have to deal with spamming, trolling or personal attacks on others, but it does happen from time to time. With that in mind flaming or insulting others will not be tolerated. One warning will be issued for those who feel compelled to attack others; further assaults will be met with a boot. Same rule applies for spam and any sort of trolling!
The Terms of Use and Code of Conduct will, therefore, be enforced for those who are only here to spoil the party:,Terms.vm,Code.vm

When requesting any sort of astrological reading, please keep in mind that including a link to the chart in question (with chart posted in the tribes photos or your profile) yields best results, both in quality and number of responses. Free charts are available on

Also, in the spirit of keeping things active, fair, and social, we encourage people of all astrological abilities to try and offer their insights and observations when other people ask for help. Too often, the duty of giving free interpretations is left to a few experienced members who can become quite overloaded. By doing your best to help others, you ensure that your questions will be met with the courtesy of many different perspectives.

Dare to be wrong! Oftentimes the beginners can see things that even the most experienced astrologers cannot. A famous physicist once said that he wished he could go back to being a child because he had modes of perception that he no longer had access to at his advanced age, and so beginner input can sometimes be the most useful and insightful.

For those who are interested, a great resource of general questions regarding the art of astrology has been prepared by one of our resident astrologers, Zane Stein. We're happy to recommend his FAQ, and we hope you find it as informative and useful as we have:

Please accept our apologies if you've had to wait too long to be accepted into this tribe, we do our best to click that accept button as soon as we log in ourselves!


Your moderator,

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